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Dark Horse?
Ok, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that I think Joanie may be our dark horse this year. I am a fan and have liked her looks since the be
8 messages
05-02-06 11:26 AM
The Worst ANTM Contestant Ever......Your Choice!
For me it would have to be Michelle Cycle 4 (why was she there) Cassandra Cycle 5 (It's just hair) %0
Darling Nickey
8 messages
05-02-06 11:19 AM
Nnenna Not So Bright?
OK I like Nnenna, I have been her biggest fan since day one, HOWEVER, she is starting to show that she is not that bright in the common sense ar
14 messages
05-01-06 06:49 PM
I am willing to bet that Sara (6th) is the next to go. I was rooting for her early on but she doesnt connect well with the camera. I wa
12 messages
05-01-06 03:40 PM
Nnenna what were U thinking
Nnenna the guy was not a famous actor, you were not acting in a love scene, so why o why would you let him do that to you? you could h
18 messages
05-01-06 01:53 PM
Hehe, good one, guys...
I just realized...and I thought this was kinda "cute"... I realized that the episode started off with Jade, Furonda, and Nnenna re-
Das Mole
4 messages
04-28-06 05:45 PM
nenna is so ugly [View All]
why does everybody love nenna because she she has such a sad story to tell well guess wat everybody has probllems but that doesnt make them as pretty
23 messages
04-27-06 05:27 PM
YaYa in a Movie
Hey all, I am new here and I am so glad I found this site, since there are NO message boards on the ANTM website, so anyways this is the first c
2 messages
04-27-06 08:00 AM
who got voted out
I missed the end, can anyone tell me who got kicked off tonight? Thanks so much.
2 messages
04-27-06 06:29 AM
Tonights Episode
This came from Yahoo TV about tonights episode. I soooooooo hope Jade and Nenna for that fact is in the losing group, I would love to see them pamp
0 messages
04-26-06 07:04 PM
Tyra Stop judging everyone's personality
I don't know about you guys but I had enough of Tyra giving her criticism to others about being sincere. On ANTM as well as her talk show she is a b
7 messages
04-26-06 06:02 PM
Jade is unreal
Jade is so fake. She thinks that she has modeling down and they should just go ahead and pick her already. She is not ready for the modeling industry
1 messages
04-26-06 04:40 PM
Not so quiet Nenna
Nenna has everbody fooled. All she has is a gorgeous smile and a background that could win everyone over. Everybody has a sad story they could tell.
1 messages
04-26-06 04:39 PM
2 messages
04-26-06 12:32 PM
Alright, so...she started off as the token bee-yotch of the season, but I have to admit...her photo this last week was pretty damn fierce. Even th
Das Mole
5 messages
04-26-06 00:13 AM
Who do you think..
who d'u think is the next to go? and the 3 finals? i think sara is gonna be the next one out, or unfortunately Danielle (cuz they
1 messages
04-25-06 08:25 AM
Tyra Unethical?
I'm really concerned that Joanie wasn't fully advised when she got her teeth fixed. Her teeth were not straight - a problem usually fixed by brac
12 messages
04-24-06 11:50 PM
Please help explain the elimination process!
My girlfriend and I are having a dispute over ANTM. She says that the order in which Tyra calls the girls out is their "rank" for that episode. So
5 messages
04-24-06 07:48 AM
Black and White Photos
The black and white photos of the models crying were fantastic. The show has shot black and whites before on another cycle. Can anybody recall which c
6 messages
04-23-06 05:58 PM
Big deal about the TEETH!!!
It was great to see ANTM actually give the girls something positive to look back on in the event that they don't win. The makeovers were good if the
19 messages
04-23-06 05:12 AM
Jade gets away with props
This might get blocked because it might have been bought up before but.... when it comes to Jade she always uses props to make a good photo
7 messages
04-22-06 11:32 PM
i dont think danielle should close the gap simply because she loves it so much, besides everyone that tyra gives UNWANTED haircuts and colors to end
1 messages
04-22-06 11:25 PM
Nnenna a baby doll???
What were those guys thinking? Nnenna is a beautiful woman, but she is kind of androgynous and absolutely nothing like a baby doll. She looked rid
10 messages
04-22-06 10:07 AM
Anybody catch Mercedes in the Payless ad during this week's show?
I'm pretty sure it was her anyway... (runner-up from cycle 2, was it?)
8 messages
04-22-06 08:39 AM
I think this trip will be the best yet. fashion wise its off the beaten path and I think the girls would learn something out of the ordinary. %0
0 messages
04-21-06 10:04 PM
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