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What is wrong with the judges and Ms. Banks. With all due respect and not including the fact of drawing viewers to the show, why do they keep bring
0 messages
05-13-06 06:30 PM
She is a very funny looking person,she will always be broke because of her attitude with people! we know the only reason she is in the top 3 is be
1 messages
05-12-06 09:02 AM
Country V/S Southern Accent. Should Danielle change herself...again? [View All]
Ok people what is with the bash of the country accent. Iím from Chicago so Iím not defending it in that sense but come on. Nnenna (hated to see
Darling Nickey
25 messages
05-12-06 01:02 AM
Not a Jade Hater Post But....Would you boycott if she won
Or would you stay loyal? I think what makes this year different is because you have people who loved Nik or Bre over Nicole but many liked Nicole. Y
Darling Nickey
3 messages
05-11-06 11:02 PM
whats the point in keeping her
i myself loooove danielle and want her to win but every week the judges go on and on about how she wont win due to her accent which i feel is discrimi
3 messages
05-11-06 10:58 PM
Questionable Photo Selection
I think that the "best" photos of Danielle and Sarah were not really their best at all. I'm not a photographer, and of course I didnt see all
0 messages
05-11-06 08:36 PM
Top 4 [View All]
Anyone want to go out on a limb and list their top 4 picks here? I'll start heehee. 4.Jade 3.Furonda( I struggle
27 messages
05-11-06 01:18 PM
Ms. Jay is a Jealous,Vicious Queen [View All]
You know I am soooooo sick of that Hideous Jealous Female wanna be Ms Jay, why is it that she's so disgruntled about being trapped inside of that
26 messages
05-10-06 11:24 PM
I have one comment for jade. I think she does not have a personality for a model. Her opinion about others are very demening and she needs to back off
1 messages
05-10-06 09:43 PM
Southern Accent and Jade
Southern accent should not be frowned upon. Yes, it would be nice for Danielle to improve on her speech. But, the southern accent will not go away
Southern Bell
2 messages
05-10-06 09:42 PM
Jade needs to fade! [View All]
What an absolute wench this chick is. Did she learn nothing from last season from miss egomaniac herself Lisa?!?!?! They kept
42 messages
05-10-06 09:00 PM
Furonda's Website "Don't Even Get Me Started"
Darling Nickey
1 messages
05-10-06 03:51 PM
Jade the Scientist..Yeah right!
I can't believe Jade would talk about something so foreign to how elephants are related to dinosaurs. Pa-LEEZE! Le'ts see.....eleph
5 messages
05-09-06 09:17 PM
Sara:The ideal model
In my opinion Sara is the ideal ANTM. Those lips height and athletic build. I love her.
1 messages
05-09-06 09:14 PM
Is it just me or is this season coming out of left field
From the begining i thought I knew the duds and the winner even those who had staying power but now who knows. Mollie Sue going home so quickly, to
Darling Nickey
1 messages
05-09-06 04:09 PM
Wanna-not be-Ghetto Furronda
Furonda is not pretty to me. In a photo she has some glamour, but on camera she look like she straight from the hood. I mean, frying chicken and
15 messages
05-08-06 02:56 PM
did i love mercedes get booted cause i didnt hear from her in a lomg time.
1 messages
05-08-06 02:52 PM
did anybody c the previews for next week i think danielle got hurt and they rushed her to the hospital. i hope everything is ok because she is doing s
8 messages
05-07-06 06:14 PM
wednesday 3rd February 2006 - tonight's show
TSK!! its sad that furonda got sent home tonight she was an interesting "story line" to follow. however we all must be honest w ith ourselves
11 messages
05-06-06 04:59 AM
I HATE JADE!!!!!!!
If Jade makes it through one more show I am going to scream. I hate her looks and her attitude towards the other girls and to the panel. She
3 messages
05-04-06 08:42 AM
America's Next Top Model 6 - Official Episode 9 Summary - "Foreshadowing 101"
Another week, another fascinating episode of Top Model; an episode that was a showcase for the less-than-subtle techniques employed by the produce
Das Mole
2 messages
05-04-06 02:36 AM
Tyras pics arent too good either. ds/User_files/444009651109b76d.html
6 messages
05-03-06 11:32 PM
I am kind of new here and I don't know what this means, after my screen name it says this 1 desperate attention whore postings DAW Leve
1 messages
05-03-06 09:24 PM
Speaking my mind Jade and other haters
Number one, stop hating on Nenna because of the phone. That girl who keeps saying Nenna is not a nice person because of the phone is dumb. Ho
10 messages
05-03-06 04:40 PM
On Tyra's talk show, she showed us how to do makeup in 5 minutes, she came on the show with no makeup on. Scary(hee hee), s
0 messages
05-03-06 12:37 PM
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