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May 5
Oh why did ANTM get my hopes up that Angelea (or whatever her name is) would finally be going? If it wasn't for that crazy weird judge this s
5 messages
05-12-10 06:00 PM
Casting Models - New TV Show
CASTING NEW TV SHOW ABOUT WORKING MODELS Are you a working model who’s realized modeling is harder and less glamorous than you thought?
0 messages
05-06-10 04:09 PM
April 28
Well the long awaited booting of Alaisa has finally come. I also find it kind of sad/funny, although not unexpected, that Angelea g
7 messages
05-06-10 09:58 AM
tyra banks top model
Hi Tyra I watch your show top model, and I watch your talk show,, Iam very proud of you, and you have come such a long way, I have watc
1 messages
04-26-10 07:00 PM
April 14
carp! It is so obvious that they keep the ones that will cause drama for entertainment. & the new judge? the big guy? has decided t
5 messages
04-19-10 05:09 PM
New Season
I didn't realize this was starting tonite. 1 from Memphis; 1 from Conway, AR but...... the mean girl from last season
11 messages
04-19-10 02:04 AM
April 7th
It was refreshing to have no house drama this week... just Anslee's usual whining. Not much for me to comment on - the photo shoot and re
warp_core breach
6 messages
04-15-10 10:31 AM
Mar. 31st
Yes Anslee, I get it, you're a mom. So am I but I don't feel the need to repeat that fact every two minutes. I am also very impressed with h
warp_core breach
4 messages
04-05-10 02:50 PM
America's Next Top Model Cycle13
I wanted to first say that I believe this cycle all the girls are pretty. Average and Natural beauty, but with the help of the show actually accent
2 messages
03-26-10 02:22 AM
Mar. 24th - Episode 3
Is it me or is there a lot more drama in the house this season than in past seasons? Angelea for all her b!tchiness is the tame one com
warp_core breach
2 messages
03-25-10 12:45 PM
Transgender model this season [View All]
[i]"One of the 14 girls who will compete on the new season of America's Next Top Model – which returns to The CW on September 3 – is trans
26 messages
02-14-10 09:36 AM
New Season-The shortest of the shortest
I surfed upon this last night; didn't realize a new season had started. Wasn't the first episode - maybe the second? One has to w
18 messages
01-06-10 10:05 AM
tyra, i am told i should "go be a model" but i have certain setbacks about the career. what would you say to a woman who likes the camera, but
1 messages
12-17-09 06:28 AM
replacing Ms. J
Tyra, have you took leave of your senses? It is a great mistake to replace Ms.J, with that Simmons woman. Simmons has a hateful, distasteful a
4 messages
12-07-09 05:32 PM
Paulina Fired
Another one bites the dust. I do like Tyra, but do you think she must be hard to work [s]for[/s] with? [i]The reason I w
7 messages
09-17-09 04:20 PM
Allison never stood a chance!!!
As someone else has previously posted, every third season, an african american wins the show. Season 3-Eva, Season 6-Danielle, Season 9-Salesh
1 messages
09-12-09 06:46 PM
Cycle 13 Models Announced
Found pictures of the new models on this blog, haven't seen them on the official site, yet it seems to still be on the last cycle. ht
3 messages
09-12-09 06:32 PM
Tyra hypocrite
I am sick of Tyra saying how she would never pose nude because of her great standards, and then making these poor girls do what she said she would %
7 messages
07-14-09 02:18 PM
America's Next Top Model sign up
How and where do I sign up for the next season of America's Next Top Model? 2007 Picture below (can be updated) %0
2 messages
07-02-09 02:58 PM
Canada's Next Top Model: Season 3
I don't know if anyone else has started this thread in a different location, but I just thought I would see if anyone else is planning
5 messages
07-01-09 07:30 AM
America's Next Top Model: Janice Dickinson Comments on Tyra-Paulina Issue
[b]America's Next Top Model: Janice Dickinson Comments on Tyra-Paulina Issue[/b]
0 messages
06-02-09 08:00 AM
Teyona is ANTM's Rueben Studdard
IMHO, I think Teyona's future comapred to Allison's will go the way of Rueben Studdard and Clay Aiken of American Idol. Clay despite coming in s
5 messages
05-16-09 05:01 PM
April 29th Episode
I wanted Celia to go but knew she wouldn't go because the judges love her fashion sense. I liked Fo but her shoot was pretty bad. %0
warp_core breach
9 messages
05-14-09 12:15 PM
The final 3
Ho hum. Well, actually this whole season has been kind of ho hum, so why should I expect anything different for the end? Share your
7 messages
05-13-09 00:40 AM
April 23
I must be the only one still watching. Natalie looked shocked that she would even be in the bottom two! How dare Tyra even think
4 messages
04-30-09 02:13 PM
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