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Toccara's behavior was appalling this week
I've read the posts in support of her and I have to say I totally disagree. What was with that hysterical scream she let out when she accidentally g
21 messages
11-18-04 01:09 PM
Toccara should stay and Ann should be gone. Toccara did a much better job than Ann. Toccara should have had clothes that fit her. Not every top mod
3 messages
11-18-04 01:31 PM
Last nights show
I can't believe that YaYa did not get sent home on last nights show. There was nothing great about either of the commercials she did. Spitting out
5 messages
11-18-04 05:44 PM
( Tacara) Big an Black and loving it
I am so made with the judges for dicing miss thang (Tacara) just b/c she doesn’t entertain them on one occasion. They have taken all of her sp
13 messages
11-21-04 01:58 PM
Judges Already Have Their Favourites Picked Out !
Judges already have their favorites picked out. week after week, some one who only screwed up ONCE keep getting eliminated. Tocarra then georgo
1 messages
11-21-04 02:03 PM
Amanda Got a Wrong Makeover
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-21-04 AT 10:26 PM (EST)[/font] Hey People, is it just me or do u guys think amanda got a wro
12 messages
11-24-04 10:24 AM
Tocara Was Cheated
I feel as though Tocara was cheated from the show because she was Big Black and beautiful. Tyra Banks with her Fake Behind should have not let all tha
7 messages
11-24-04 12:36 PM
Who will be in the Finales
I was just wondering, who you belive and should belive to stay in the 3 finalist
8 messages
11-24-04 11:47 PM
They were downright inhumane to Nicole last night.
There's only six girls left, and Nicole's name is forgotten TWICE? Once by Tyra and once by the superannuated drama coach. I suspect this wa
8 messages
11-25-04 03:39 AM
Elimination time (nov24th)
This thread is meant to pick who you will think would be eliminated nov 24th. You have untill 7:30 ct to decide. I will lock the threa
8 messages
11-25-04 01:04 PM
Rate the final 5
Okay so most of us don't agree on this final 5, anyhow, rate them from worst to best: 5 - Anne - She has been nothing but consistan
1 messages
11-27-04 05:23 PM
Did anyone read what Cassie said in next weeks TV Guide about "digressing" to playing Red Rover. I'm suprised to hear that she's a student co
3 messages
11-29-04 06:26 PM
The I hate MISS Tyra Thread
Okay... has anyone else noticed how MISS Tyra prances around every photo shoot and tells all the girls exactly how they should pose and act (stick y
36 messages
12-02-04 08:28 AM
Ann the Hypocrite
I have to agree Ms. Eva is madd spunky and out spoken but you have to love her i find her real. She is like i like you but the truth is this is compe
1 messages
12-02-04 07:16 PM
The Best picture so far this season??
Okay what do you guys think is the best picture so far this season? Here's what first came to my mind: TOCCARA'S jamacan
0 messages
12-02-04 10:28 PM
Finale Tickets?
I believe the finale is in Los Angeles, anyone have any more info?
0 messages
12-03-04 03:27 AM
ALL YAYA FANS CHECK OUT YAYA'S SITE @ iight and dont forget to sign the geustbook!!
0 messages
12-04-04 11:52 AM
Tyra is showing her true colours more and more!
Did you guys notice the comment Tyra made concerning Eva during the last show? First, she lead Eva to think that she could show her emotions to he
2 messages
12-05-04 05:20 AM
Tonights episode
Tonights Top Model Episode was good. The one thing that had me thinking is: Why they tried to blame eva? they all jumped on her at once. It wasn%2
8 messages
12-06-04 01:53 PM
Camille from Top Model 2 has a Web Site...ARGH!!!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-07-04 AT 03:49 PM (EST)[/font] That was one girl, I couldn't stand!!! Looks like she
Glitter Girl
2 messages
12-08-04 03:26 AM
Why is Anne still here??
Okay after watching this show from the begining (and all three seasons I might add), all I can think of is: WHY IS ANNE STILL AROUND??%
7 messages
12-08-04 06:36 PM
I pray that Eva does not let that sore loser, Ann, get her down. Eva is such a beautiful girl and deserves to be there. If Ann considers herself
0 messages
12-09-04 01:34 PM
competition not freindship
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-09-04 AT 06:52 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
1 messages
12-09-04 06:03 PM
Spoiler--4th place revealed
Well, I often read about ANTM at Television Without Pity. I don't like to post there because the moderators are seriously b!tchy, but they ha
4 messages
12-09-04 06:05 PM
Is Eva really an Actress?
I got it from word of mouth, then I had to check it out myself, but I was told that Eva was in a movie, or a mini-series called The Walk? Is t
7 messages
12-10-04 10:20 PM
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