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Should someone with an eating disorder be allowed to compete?
I think it's very interesting that the people behind the show are letting a contestant with an eating disorder stay in the competition, and lettin
Canada Girl
3 messages
10-07-04 03:37 PM
eating disorder is nothing compared to the rest of her life
HAHA forget the eating disorder, she says shes a CHRISTIAN yet shes a stripper??!!!! wow, horrible. if shes gonna be a whore she
1 messages
10-14-04 06:58 AM
Cassie is no "model"
I'm sorry, but models are supposed to be role models as well. Being a model should mean being proud of your true body and not talking about the n
7 messages
10-15-04 02:04 PM
Does any one know how Yoanna's doing?
hi, i am from england, and i wanted to ask whats happened to Yoanna? i havent seen her in any magasines or adverts, is she doing better i
1 messages
10-16-04 07:09 PM
Where have all the posters gone?
My guess is that everyone who used to post here has gone over to Television Without Pity to comment on this show, since activity here is nil. %0
4 messages
10-18-04 02:29 PM
Cosmetic surgery
I find it ironic that 'reality' tv seems to be increasingly dominated by people who look like they've had cosmetic surgery. Does anybody know wh
2 messages
10-19-04 09:08 AM
Yohanna sighting??
Have you all seen the 'Aqua Drops' commercial? I swear that it is Yohanna in it...but I really can not tell. What does anyone else think?%0
1 messages
10-20-04 02:21 PM
I just want to meet Tocarra. She gives beauty a new meaning. Tocarra if you,re reading this email;I want to send you some pictures. Maybe, we
0 messages
10-21-04 08:27 PM
Tyra not a supermodel?
Is it me or does Tyra have a huge forhead, and small lips. i don't think she is that attractive. also, naimoi cambell is pretty ugly. i don%2
46 messages
10-21-04 11:06 PM
las nights show
Can someonep lease tell me who got eliminated last night i watched the first 15 minutes and fell asleep. Thanx
7 messages
10-22-04 05:18 PM
Roller skates???
C'mon. These girls are just learning how to model and Tyra throws them on roller skates? I just don't think that's fair. Sure, Tyra might
3 messages
10-25-04 11:02 PM
this is all about Tocarra,i don't do big girl but i will do her she is so sexy inside and out i would really love to get to know her i know that w
1 messages
10-26-04 07:59 AM
The Music on ANTM
Quick News The instrumental versions of a girl named jaen’s songs from “Dusk” will once again be featured in this weeks episode of %
a girl named jaen
1 messages
10-27-04 01:37 PM
Tonights Episode
In tonight's episode we see that the girls are put to the test, a physical one. The girls appear to go into a bootcamp scenario, and then immed
2 messages
10-27-04 04:36 PM
I Hated to see Jennipher Go!
That was a really sad ebisode. Jennipher Picture was no that bad! Tyra said, "I am Judging kelly on kelly, if i compare her to other girls,
3 messages
10-27-04 06:51 PM
Who do you want to be the 5 finalist?
1 messages
10-27-04 07:02 PM
The makeovers...
What does everyone think of the girls' makeovers? Ann - I like the new color on her and I'm so glad they fixed her eyebrows. Those b
3 messages
10-28-04 01:08 AM
WHO got eliminated???
I work in the evenings (boo-hoo!) and I can't watch the show. I've checked this site for updates. So, who got eliminated tonight.
2 messages
10-28-04 12:38 PM
Janice - one question WHY?
I really think her face is finally relaxing enough that she actually doesnt look that bad anymore - however - she was not that HOT in her swimsuit or
15 messages
10-28-04 01:19 PM
America's Next Top Model -- JR!!
I think somebody should tell Tyra or somebody that there needs to be an America's Next Top Model, Jr. because what about all the young people in A
4 messages
10-28-04 01:38 PM
Ms. Plastique- Janice's pics
My DH actually has been watching this show and last seasons with me. Surprise, surprise! He told me last night that during both seasons, Janic
3 messages
10-28-04 04:08 PM
Go Tocarra!
She is doing fantastic! I'm sure that the judges decided to keep her in in the beginning to show that they weren't biased against a plus sized m
Canada Girl
8 messages
10-29-04 08:54 AM
Amanda: Boo! Hiss!
I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that she "accidentally" spread the eating disorder story two weeks ago, but accusing Little E
10 messages
10-29-04 02:26 PM
How To Be Eliminated From Becoming America's Next Top Model
1. Make sure Tyra knows modeling is only a stepping stone in your REAL career path. 2. Vomit after each meal. On Mr. Jay. 3.
13 messages
10-29-04 04:58 PM
America's Next Black Model
No black contestants have been eliminated from this show. Assuming a level playing field, with no bias from the judges, the probability of none of
18 messages
10-29-04 08:49 PM
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