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Is anybody else SICK of Heather? I guess she's pretty, but I don't think that she's the upstoppable beauty that they seem to tag her as on
my thoughts
17 messages
11-28-07 04:53 PM
11/21 Challenge
I know I couldn't have done the "flying challenge" on this episode! I was a bit surprised that Bianca freaked out so bad and that Heather was
5 messages
11-27-07 09:40 PM
Meeting ANTM contestants
Have you or anyone you know ever met a contestant on ANTM? I really want to meet someone in this cycle or a previous cycle. It's probably impossib
3 messages
11-22-07 10:11 PM
This season
Every season has it's mean girl and Bianca wins hands down in this one. No matter what anyone thinks of Heather, no one needs to be treated this w
2 messages
11-22-07 01:23 AM
Tyra The Hipocrate
newbie here! i think it would be fun to post all of Tyra's hipocratical advice from all of the cycle's. i'll go first:
0 messages
11-21-07 08:00 AM
11/7 episode
I think its safe to classify Bianca as this season's biggest cutthroat *****. Sure, if i was heather i wouldn't want people to treat m
9 messages
11-18-07 10:23 PM
I missed all but elimination
I missed everything but the elimination last night but judging from Bianca's smug look with Heather being in the bottom 3 there was drama. Anyone w
2 messages
11-15-07 02:26 PM
Tomorrow's elimination
Who do you think will be eliminated tomorrow? I have a feeling it might be Ambreal, she made it through last week but it was a music video. She mi
0 messages
11-13-07 01:51 PM
on ebony's quitting
what's with all the girls this season who dont want to be models??? i have to say i disliked her from the beginning. she always seemed to thin
16 messages
11-08-07 11:36 AM
Next Top Model's judges.........................
Ok, we have WOMEN who are judged on looks, style, posture, attitude, grace, and many other aspects that are supposed to combine to create
9 messages
11-08-07 03:31 AM
america's next top model
how and where do i sign up for the next season of americ's next top model?
1 messages
11-03-07 09:34 PM
Cycle 11
Does anyone know about casting calls and registration for cycle 11? Please email me, thank you!
1 messages
11-03-07 04:10 PM
casting calls & registration
hey does anybody know when top models having another casting call and how you get a registration form or what website ? if so, e-mail me @kee_fe
1 messages
11-01-07 02:55 PM
12 messages
11-01-07 02:17 AM
I Would Love To See...
America's Next Top Model All-Star Beeyotches. Think of it. Camille, Robyn, Renee, Jade...all in one house, in one season.%
10 messages
10-29-07 10:36 AM
Your opinions on the makeovers this week?
I just wanted to know what was everyone's opinion on the makeovers this week? I love them!! I love Saleisha's new hairstyle. I always wanted
17 messages
10-26-07 01:20 PM
Caridee on Gossip Girl
Did anyone else see this? She was some guy's girlfriend. She basically said nothing and just stood there and smiled. I still don't li
3 messages
10-26-07 09:30 AM
Tyson (the model) is the guest star on the show
I think thats who they were drooling over lol. If not then oh well lol.
0 messages
10-24-07 00:47 AM
1 question
ok i have 1 question is it ok to have a tatoo or a belly piercing and i mean still model because im like so confused because i wanna be a model but a
9 messages
10-21-07 03:58 PM
What does everyone expect in Cycle 9?
I really hope ANTM goes in another direction because it is soooo boring now. The girls last season were some of the WORST contestants in ANTM history
13 messages
10-15-07 11:47 AM
Does anyone else want Bianca gone?
What a mean spirited child this girl is! She first goes off on Lisa, judging her for being an exotic dancer and then implying that Lisa won't w
5 messages
10-13-07 07:38 PM
Who do we like/Not like in Cycle 9!? [View All]
I totally love Heather and Chantal. Heather tugs at my heart because she has Aspergers and is so awkward. (She needs to correct her posture though
26 messages
10-13-07 07:32 PM
forgotten butterflies
I am very interested in an America's Next Top Model and I am wondering why they don't do an over 30's or 40's competition. I am a mother of 4
1 messages
10-10-07 11:17 PM
America's Next Top Model
A very special thanks to Ms. Tyra for giving other young women an opportunity to grace the fashion industry with the beauty, talent and personality.
0 messages
10-02-07 12:42 PM
Tyra's smoking shot
It was quick, but did Tyra's photo of her smoking (you know, when they always have to show Tyra doing the same setup as the girls, only with
1 messages
10-01-07 02:17 PM
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