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Update on the Girls from ANTM2!
Okay, so the season's now over, and I loved every minute of this guilty pleasure! I just read an article from E!Online giving an
1 messages
03-30-04 11:15 AM
I am convinced that Tyra will not pick a woman of color because she does not want to give up her THRONE!! Mercedes should have won!!How in the
99 messages
03-30-04 05:11 PM
*Guidelines* Posted for your convenience please read!
Please everyone in this forum, take the time to read these. They are so important, and make this community work in a nice orderly fashion. Welcome
3 messages
03-30-04 06:28 PM
Shandi - the Black Sheep of her family
Shandi made several references to the fact that she is the "black sheep" of her family and how her family treats her badly. Since my husband and
1 messages
03-30-04 09:26 PM
aw HELL NAW!!!!!!
first of the hell does mercedes beat yoanna, hands down, in the walk, personality, confidence, and EVERYTHING, and still get bea
58 messages
03-31-04 09:46 AM
I need to watch more ANTM
I read somewhere that ANTM repeats were being aired on Lifetime Television. Is this true? If yes, time and day please. I missed this seasons final
0 messages
03-31-04 01:01 PM
Shandi can not be a spokeperson for any company. A slutty girl looks reflects bad on the product. And a slutty girl that cries on national TV looks ev
21 messages
04-01-04 11:13 AM
Statement on Fairness of Chosen Winner
I just want to state in this forum that I am sick and tired of people claiming racism (for those who have done this here)when a white girl beats o
1 messages
04-01-04 04:04 PM
Winner Up isn't alway bad.....Just ask Clay Aikens
For all who love Mercedes believe that she is going to do well. She has the body, personality and drive. I would actually prefer to see Mercedes o
7 messages
04-12-04 02:43 AM
Your thoughts on the finale.
Ok peeps, let's try to keep the forum in some kind of order! It's amazing that so many newbies show up after the finale and start b!tching
28 messages
04-23-04 03:54 PM
Does anyone know why Mercedes didn't have a chat/chat transcript?
Sounds/looks like sour grapes to me.
3 messages
04-26-04 02:27 PM
Tyra's behavior
After watching last night's episode I came away totally sick to my stomach. I watched this episode as I felt that I could not comment on it if I did
8 messages
05-04-04 04:51 PM
Hollywood Exploits Celebrities
Hollywood Exploits Celebrities such as Tyra Banks giving them the camouflage image that they have control of their own show all of the time while usin
8 messages
05-12-04 00:55 AM
when did the new season begin? last night?...i guess i missed the could someone please tell me? thanx%
1 messages
05-12-04 00:56 AM
yoanna,mercedes,shandi & april
pros & cons:- YOANNA has a very pretty face, but ohh dear... she's only 23 but looks like a 35 year-old woman she has a s
3 messages
05-12-04 06:49 PM
The Runway Ahead
May 11 - UPN will be airing a sort of "where are they now" episode. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! :D%
16 messages
05-15-04 03:43 PM
Tyra & Janice
Are both freaky. They act wierd and stuck up. Janice looks like a freak with her new face lift. This is one show I can't stand so I hardly ever watc
2 messages
05-24-04 05:29 AM
Really really really strange bedfellows. ds/User_files/3f4e5b4328259df7.gif [font size="1/16"]"Any government that woul
10 messages
05-25-04 03:04 PM
Lesbian Mag Seeking Lesbians Who Tried Out for ATM
The magazine would like to speak to any gay/bi women who tried out for ATM. Please drop me a line if you did and wouldn't mind talking about your
0 messages
05-27-04 12:23 PM
Season 1 winner Adrianne is working continuously
Adrianne Curry,winner of ANTM season 1, has been working on so many projects. She was in South Africa for a month doing a multitude of print and r
0 messages
05-27-04 07:58 PM
songs on the show
I heard a song on the show with the lyrics "I can see the hurt in your eyes..." and I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the song or the art
drama queen
0 messages
05-29-04 09:27 PM
How do you apply to be America's Next Top Model?
I was just wondering how do you apply to be america's next top model? I am 6 feet tall and slender with blonde hair and i would love to inter the
2 messages
06-23-04 10:31 AM
Now I remember what I hated most about the first season.
ROBIN! (or Robyn...) i'm sorry...there is "I'm a christian" and then there is "I'm a bible thumper, I am perfect, you
1 messages
06-25-04 02:04 AM
Did Mercedes Get Signed By Anyone?
I KNOW there are always high fashion modeling agencies watching this sort of show. There is NO WAY that Mercedes wasn't noticed by SOMEBODY!!%2
3 messages
06-25-04 02:06 AM
ANTM's Height
I am kind of confused. Why is it they say that you have to be atleast 5'7" to be considered for ANTM, but Janice Dickerson, continously bashed
2 messages
06-25-04 02:00 PM
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