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Battle of the Sexes PTTE/ Week 3 Results
For the Rules please go to this link: ds/DCForumID50/350.shtml Welcome bac
0 messages
10-27-04 03:33 PM
Official Summary Real World Philly; Episode 7: Queer As Folk, MTV Style!
Last we saw our little idiots, well, you all know how I HATE recaps and I am not gonna do one here! The show starts with Puppies, W
10 messages
10-28-04 11:33 AM
I understand that she's a little annoying with her opinions and everything, but (how can I say this without sounding shallow?) She is Hot!
7 messages
10-28-04 11:36 AM
Real World Philly - 10/26/04
Let's get a discussion going! I'll start... 1. Landon, you drunk. Get a hold of yourself. 2. Shavonda, so let me figure
14 messages
10-28-04 12:32 PM
Harsh Krieger's song "Change" is featured on this week's episode of The Real World Philadelphia. This is the second time this season a Harsh
2 messages
10-28-04 01:22 PM
Playboy has Road Rules: South Pacific's Cara Zavaleta
Did you guys hear that Cara Zavaleta is Playboy's Miss November 2004? I hear her pictorial looks great. The issue just came out......
3 messages
10-29-04 11:09 AM
Is it just me ...
or (as I sit here watching a marathon Real World) is anyone else annoyed at the number of times Karamo refers to "my boy" ...geeeshhh
1 messages
10-30-04 03:03 PM
News from Vandy - could be of interest to MJ
Remember at the beginning of the season when MJ was acting like he had never seen a black person or a gay person in his life? Said something like %2
Rockytop Chick
4 messages
11-01-04 04:36 PM
Battle of the sexes 2; 10/25/2004
They get half nekkid and rub each other and ice! This could be erotic! Let's chat about it! http://community.reali
36 messages
11-01-04 05:12 PM
Real World Episode 8 Official Summary - Male Nudity Sucks
Real World Episode 8 Hi, my name is, well, letís call me Skyler. I know at least three Skylers at my school, so itís not like I
6 messages
11-01-04 09:20 PM
vintage photo of Jisela in her foreign land?
WARNING: BOOBS .jpg she has her smile, eyes, and butt. and only a promiscu
Schnipp Dogg
4 messages
11-02-04 04:59 PM
RW/RR Battle of the Sexes 2 PTTE
Welcome to PTTE or Picks 'Til The End. By the way, I'm Cactus and I'll be your host for this season. Now let's get to the rules.
25 messages
11-02-04 06:04 PM
RW/RR Battle Of The Sexes : Some Songs??
hi, im new here and im a RW/RR Challenge freak! i love these shows. i was wondering if someone here could help me find these songs: %0
2 messages
11-02-04 06:43 PM
Karamo and MJ
Hi, there! Please accept my apology for bothering you like this. My name is Jay Park. Iím a grad student (communication major) a
0 messages
11-03-04 03:19 AM
Do the girls ever win?? **Spoiler**
If anyone has the answer to when the girls win a challenge, can you post it here(or post a link)??? I've heard they do win 1 or 2. I was
0 messages
11-03-04 02:02 PM
Battle of the sexes 2: 11/01/2004
Here we go...let's some cow wanna? Will the young peeps decide to take over and get rid of the old farts? Let's find o
16 messages
11-04-04 11:20 AM
Next Challenge: Naughty vs. Nice - you decide
MTV is letting the fans vote to help determine the teams for the next Challenge. It's the Naughties versus the Nicies, all for our viewing pleasu
7 messages
11-06-04 01:29 PM
Have you Voted for The Miz????
Have you voted for Mike (Miz) for the WWE Tough Enough Competition? Has anyone seen the show? I might have to tune in just to chec
0 messages
11-08-04 02:08 PM
battle of the sexes-one big commercial?
Sometimes when I watch the show, I feel that the show is just one long commercial to promote products... It's especially bad when they incorporat
2 messages
11-08-04 09:25 PM
Next RW/RR Challenge Announced
Naughty vs. Nice and the fans get to pick the teams. Choose between 60 past RW & RR players to determine the teams. For the first time it will NOT b
3 messages
11-09-04 03:37 PM
Real World Philly Episode 9: Official RTVW Summary
[h4]Real World Philly: Episode 9 Offical Summary: Lies, Drunks, and Puke, Oh My![/h4] We begin tonight's episode wi
Mon Cherie
7 messages
11-10-04 02:25 PM
Real World Philly Episode 9:: 11/02
The saga continues! Let's chat it up! ds/User_files/3fc56f1e690a24e1.j
28 messages
11-10-04 02:32 PM
Mallory the Model
She looks great! I always thought she could be a model. s/html/homepage.html
8 messages
11-10-04 10:15 PM
Real World Philly; Episode 10: 11-09-04
Will Landon make Shavanda jealous? Will the missing Willie be found? Is Karamo wearing his Tims? I.CAN'T.WAIT! Let's
37 messages
11-11-04 12:31 PM
We don't give the RW/RR challengers enough credit...
I mean, what other group of people could compete in a reality show and a sport at the same time?
2 messages
11-15-04 08:33 AM
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