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wheres veronica from inferno????
Shes the only one i want to watch every1 else is boring as hell...not only that but shes dime if u read this veronica holla
6 messages
03-28-06 09:53 PM
The Gauntlet 2 Discussion 03/20/06
Is this thing not over yet? Tonight is the last men gauntlet...let's find out who goes and who stays. Also, does anyone know if the finale will
14 messages
03-24-06 12:01 PM
Coral's Casting Couch: 02/21/06
Coral previews The Real World Key West! Let's chat about it here. The drama has to continue!
11 messages
03-23-06 08:05 PM
The Real World Key West Episode 2 Discussion: 03-07-06
Will Paula eat or drink anything tonight? Let's talk about the episode here... Who is your favorite so far? I like Queen Ty the best
20 messages
03-20-06 09:56 PM
Is Detroit the next Real World setting? [View All]
Rumor has it they are going to Detroit, situated in the suburb Royal Oak and cast members will work on the Super Bowl.
72 messages
03-20-06 02:14 PM
Official Summary; The Real World Key West Episode 3: You're Not THAT Bad Of A Person!
The Real World Key West continues to churn away with drama only MTV can pull-off. Between Skinny, Slutty and Queeny there is never a dull moment eve
5 messages
03-18-06 11:36 PM
Veronica and Rachel, the lesbians, where are you?
Well, well...well. Look what we've got here. Just like what Hoopz said, you can make the episodes fun and without you, theres nothing on the r
1 messages
03-18-06 10:41 AM
To complete The Austin Season
TO complete what stankgirl just said, Melinda is a skanky #####. How come you guys can't see the skankyness in her! Do you know what s
1 messages
03-18-06 00:20 AM
Hello! I know where The real world austin lived at!
I know where they lived at cuz i was there! trust me if you went there, you would want to stay in the inside pool!
2 messages
03-17-06 10:42 PM
The Gauntlet 2: Episode 03/13/06 Discussion
This is a balance beam challenge and a female gauntlet. Who is safe? Who goes home? Let's chat it up here!
12 messages
03-16-06 08:32 AM
The Real World Key West Episode 3 Discussion: 03/14/06
Queen Ty throws a hissy fit about Slutty and then it all goes downhill from there. They work on opening the tanning salon. Should be a good start to t
8 messages
03-15-06 03:38 PM
Official Summary The Real World Key West Episode 2: Can't We All Just Get Along?
Two episodes in and I have a great deal of hope that this season will be one of the best yet. MTV has put together a group of older peeps and so far t
7 messages
03-14-06 05:59 PM
The Real World Austin Reunion 11/29/05 Discussion
Just wanted to get this posted before I forget all about it! The 1-hour reunion is tonight and should be fun. Let's see how this all pans out.
115 messages
03-10-06 07:15 PM
The Gauntlet 2: 03-06-06 Episode Discussion
Here we go for another week of drama. Tonight is a guy's gauntlet..who goes home? Does Alton remain undefeated? Let's see and chat about it.%0
7 messages
03-09-06 06:10 PM
Real World Key West: Insight on Paula
I understand that a big part of Real World is having other people make judgments on you and come up with their own theories as to who the people are o
0 messages
03-08-06 07:42 PM
Official Summary: The Real World Key West; Episode 1: Can't We All Just Understand Paula
Here we go kiddies…another round of Real World has started and we have a bunch of DAWs to keep up with over the next few months. Before we get to th
11 messages
03-08-06 09:51 AM
David Broom, Msaada Nia
Whatever happened to David Broom of The Real World New Orleans and Msaada Nia of Road Rules Maximum Velocity? Besides being arrested a couple of yea
0 messages
03-07-06 11:44 AM
The Real World Key West Episode 1 Discussion: 02-28-06 [View All]
Let's meet the new idiots and see where this season is going to take us. Looks like drama all around! Let's talk about it here. http%
28 messages
03-07-06 03:31 AM
The Gauntlet 2: 02/27/06 Discussion
Don't kill the messenger here but my online TV Guide says that Beth continues to cause problems with her teammates. Kina also gets upset...let's s
12 messages
03-06-06 03:31 PM
The Gauntlet 2 Complete Elimination List **SPOILER**
The complete list of who went against who, who lost in the gauntlet, who is on the final teams are listed below. DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU D
2 messages
03-05-06 08:23 PM
LOOKING for Copeis of seasons on tape or dvd
I am looking copies of seasons of the real world to purchase that are not for sale. email me at
0 messages
02-28-06 06:03 PM
The Gauntlet 2; Episode 12: 02-20-06
The drama continues...doesn't it always? Let's chat about it here. It is a guy's challenge and wonder who goes home next? http:
18 messages
02-24-06 06:20 PM
Austin Cast Update
Someone at Sucks posted this and I thought you might be interested in what these guys are up to. Johanna talked about binge drinking? Sh
0 messages
02-20-06 08:52 AM
Fresh Blood/Exile Cast
I found this over on Sucks about the cast for the next challenge and didn't see it mentioned here. I don't know if it will be called Fr
10 messages
02-19-06 01:03 PM
The Real World Key West Summaries
Alright guys...I am willing to offer up doing some of the summaries for The Real World Key West but would like some help with 2-3 peeps willing to wor
0 messages
02-19-06 09:22 AM
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