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The Real World Denver Episode 4 Discussion 12/13/2006 [View All]
Davis arranges a ski trip for the roomies but only Alex and Stephen attend. Tyrie is all about himself as he dates two girls at once and also almost g
31 messages
12-20-06 07:20 PM
The Real World Episode 3 Discussion 12/06/2006 [View All]
I have waited for this one since the previews last week! Tyrie and Davis get into a shouting match and Tyrie threatens Davis. Let's see what start
47 messages
12-20-06 05:42 PM
"Rob & Big"! This show rules.
Has anyone seen this show yet? I saw it for the first time last week and i was pleasantly surprised. Rob (who's Rob Drydek, a pro skateboarder
15 messages
12-20-06 06:52 AM
The Duel 12/07/06
Who do you think is going home tonight? I wonder what Robin did to ##### off Aneesa so bad?
18 messages
12-17-06 11:43 PM
The Duel Episode 12/14/2006 Discussion
Who will go to the Duel? Let's chat about it here. ds/User_files/42ade5f1273090f5.g
11 messages
12-15-06 09:59 PM
Q & A with Jenn
Just saw this interview with Jenn in a local newspaper where she lives: [ -12-13/news/watercooler.
3 messages
12-14-06 04:04 PM
The Real World Denver Episode 2 Discussion 11/29/2006 [View All]
Let's talk about this week's episode here. I hope everyone hangs around to help analyze these idiots. Colie brings home a groupie to ma
44 messages
12-06-06 08:22 PM
The REAL Hook Up!
If you've been following the new Real World: Denver, I have a scoop that the cameras probably didn't even get! I saw Nashville resident Broo
2 messages
12-06-06 05:12 PM
Do most people this age really act like this?
It seems like the people that are on The Real World, even though most of them are early to mid-20s, act as if they are still in high school or mid
8 messages
12-05-06 08:42 PM
The Real World Denver Episode 1 Discussion 11/22/2006 [View All]
The Real World Denver just feels strange to type but I am sure we will all get used to it. Well, here we go! I hope all the regular po
62 messages
12-05-06 08:40 PM
The Duel Episode 11/30/2006 Discussion
Colie is still trying to convince everyone...oh wait...wrong MTV show. Tonight's challenge takes place on Diem's birthday and the chall
8 messages
12-02-06 09:25 PM
Duel 11/23
Does Kina not have any friend that tell her the makeup has to go? What about the beads and earrings? She freaks me out... How about CT in t
9 messages
11-29-06 04:13 PM
diem & ct?
what's up with ct flirting hard with diem? did they get together on the duel? what about derrick?
9 messages
11-29-06 03:54 PM
The Duel Episode 11/23/2006 Discussion
What will happen next? Let's chat about it here. ds/User_files/42ade5f1273090f5.gif
9 messages
11-29-06 03:44 PM
New Road Rules Season In January!
Click this link! The viewers are in control! 0/23/television.mtv.reut/%0
7 messages
11-29-06 03:42 PM
The Duel Episode 11/16/2006 Discussion
Will CT and Diem's relationship continue to blossom? Will Beth and Nehemiah survive? Let' find out! http://community.realit
7 messages
11-24-06 00:11 AM
The Real World Denver Preview Show Discussion 11/01/2006 [View All]
Tyler and Paula are back to introduce us to the cast members. Let's talk about them here!
33 messages
11-23-06 09:14 PM
The Duel Episode 2 10/19/2006 [View All]
The drama HAS to continue. Let's chat about it here. ds/User_files/42ade5
21 messages
11-12-06 00:26 AM
The Duel Episode 11/09/06 Discussion
The drama continues and you know there will be some cat fights. Let' talk about 'em. ds
10 messages
11-11-06 08:42 PM
The Duel Episode 3 Discussion 10/26/06
Roller Derby? This could be good. Let's chat about it here. ds/User_files/42ade5f12
15 messages
11-05-06 11:13 PM
The Duel Episode 4 Discussion 11/02/2006
Beth the b*tch is back. Let's talk about it! ds/User_files/42ade5f1273090f5.gif%0
7 messages
11-04-06 02:38 AM
Real World Casting
does anyone have any information about this? I saw an article somewhere on this site saying they were taking applications for the next real world,
0 messages
10-27-06 02:48 PM
Has Coral ever won a challenge?
Hey has she ever won a challenge before?
0 messages
10-25-06 02:19 PM
The Duel Episode 1 Discussion: 10-12-2006 [View All]
I almost forgot the show started this today. Let's chat it up. Looks like everyone started out individuals but then they divide into team
26 messages
10-19-06 06:30 PM
I read on Katie Doyle's blog (from Road Rules) that she and Robin were flying to Indiana tonight (10/13/06) for an event. Does anyone kn
0 messages
10-13-06 04:42 PM
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