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The show in general
Although I think the mole is a great show, I can't help but feel that the shows are a bit of a rip-off. You only know what you are being shown,
1 messages
01-30-03 12:07 PM
Public apology to Beebo
I'm sorry, I certainly didn't mean to imply that thing that upset you! It was a joke, because I replied in the thread too...get it? Anyw
0 messages
01-29-03 11:30 PM
Celebrity Mole:Hawaii Anti-Executee ep3 results/ep4 picks
[h3]The Captain Goes Down With The Ship[/h3] Once again, the loudest person with a lot of airtime and a lot of personality (o
43 messages
01-29-03 11:20 PM
Celebrity Mole: Hawaii PTTE ep.3 results/PTTE changes here
[h3]The Mole Convicts Corbin[/h3] Welcome to week 3, the halfway point of our mole season. So far so good. The season has tur
14 messages
01-29-03 11:16 PM
Can you believe it??? I watched the whole Super Bowl tonight, and I thought "Oh, this is a good chance for ABC to advertise sho
8 messages
01-29-03 11:14 PM
how much do YOU miss AC [View All]
now, i'm no fangirl, but i think it would've been hilarious to see AC in that cowboy hat. his personality just seemed to match the TONE of the
24 messages
01-28-03 09:33 PM
E2 Summary..right on time!
13 messages
01-27-03 01:28 PM
Moleron Popularity List, v.C.3
Well, there are folks on the West Coast who have yet to see this week's episode, so I'll just blabber for a few more seconds.......heeere we g
13 messages
01-26-03 03:55 PM
Celebrity Mole ep.3 Ratings
Here is our weekly update. It is a good thing ABC didn't think to go up against American Idol. From [i]NBC took the
1 messages
01-24-03 01:41 PM
Celebrity Mole:Hawaii PTTE ep2results/post changes here [View All]
[h3][/h3] Well, I would like to thank [b]Jims02[/b] for all of the extra work that he was able to muster for me for t
30 messages
01-23-03 10:15 PM
Celebrity Mole: Hawaii Anti-Executee ep2results/ep3 picks
[h3]4 Syllables, Is An Action, 1 Word....[/h3] Well, well, we all got distracted by the Boatman opening credits spoiler a
39 messages
01-22-03 09:43 PM
Buy your own Mole Journal
Looks like Disney/ABC/Ebay are selling two diffrent kind of Mole Journals: atalog%2
2 messages
01-21-03 08:56 PM
Celebrity Mole vs. Regular Moles [View All]
Now that we have seen the first episode, I was wondering how everyone thought this compared? I am pretty sure that I didn't like it.
25 messages
01-21-03 12:00 PM
Celebrity Mole week 2 ratings
Looks like mole is holding its own: From [i]For the night, NBC averaged a 9.8 rating/15 share. ABC, 8.
10 messages
01-19-03 10:24 PM
Celebrity Mole Ep.#1 Summary-Eeny Meeny Minny Mole
<sung to the tune of the Flintstones theme> [i] Players, meet the Players for the Mole version in Ha-Wa-Ii They are there with Ahm
10 messages
01-19-03 09:37 AM
I suck!
I swear I'll have an episode summary before the third episode comes out...unlike during Mole 2, I am gainfully employed and rather busy!!%0
1 messages
01-18-03 08:35 PM
Bogus Lava Flow and Hawaii misc
hey, your Big Island Mole-watcher here... :-) I have to agree with sittem that the hot lava challenge was awfully bogus, and even %
2 messages
01-17-03 02:57 PM
wagering on the mole
does anyone know if Vegas has a money line on who the mole is? if they dont any ideas where a bet can be made on the show?
4 messages
01-17-03 11:05 AM
Celebrity Mole
It looks like they've done it again. They need to leave the celebrites out of it. They all have to try to upstage the other one. We need real people
1 messages
01-17-03 10:35 AM (Vote For The Mole!!!)
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-01-02 AT 05:12 PM (EST)[/font] Hey everyone! I've found a cool new website dedicated
2 messages
01-17-03 09:33 AM
Moleron Popularity List, v.C.2
Well, I think even folks out in Cali have seen this episode by now, but just in case you taped it or something, don't continue reading this th
7 messages
01-16-03 11:58 PM
A. Cooper Grave Stone
Well, I really don't consider this a 'spoiler' nor a 'hint' or anything, but I did notice durring the charrades/sub/grave digging th
6 messages
01-16-03 06:16 PM
No More Mole Viewing without Baldwin
I never watch the tube and stumbled upon Celeb Mole because of Stephen. Now you have done it. Without Stephen, the thrill is gone. Th
6 messages
01-16-03 01:50 PM
What is a DAW?
And what's with all that desperate whores posting that it says right by the poster's name?
1 messages
01-16-03 11:25 AM
Celebrity Mole: Hawaii, PTTE
Welcome Molerons, hope you all brought your can of “Mole Killer” and have taped over your name on all of your bags and are ready to set sail for
90 messages
01-16-03 02:31 AM
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