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Conferences Push, Nevada General Discussion Forum (Protected)
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0 messages
01-10-18 05:00 AM
Worst series ever!
Well may be not. But, I am damb dissapointed. I really had my doubts before this piece of Sh*t show started, but Wildchickencooker wanted t
12 messages
01-15-16 04:34 PM
Ep 5 take
-- Ra, Spinning in geo/helio eccentric orbit ds/User_files/3cdfff3b0561b4c3.jpg http:%2
5 messages
12-11-15 03:01 PM
Do you like this show?
The activity on this board is pretty slow. Does that mean that you don't like this show? It seems to me that by ensuring this show i
15 messages
05-04-15 03:58 PM
I know it's a little late for this, but I realized I have no idea what Push, Nevada was. Was Bebo really involved in it? What was it? %
3 messages
05-04-15 03:48 PM
Cancellation...What you can do about it
ABC, owned by Disney, has cancelled Push. Similaryly they "cancelled" "That Was Then". In Reality, they are moving TWT but
1 messages
03-11-15 12:52 PM
VOTE: What did you think of Push?
Well, its all over folks. We've been bashing and rehashing for a while now and I still don't know if you loved it or hated it. Tell me. %
11 messages
01-05-06 02:26 PM
2 messages
09-29-04 01:06 PM
Interview with a DAW
[i]I'm sitting here at my computer, and I consider it an honor to be able to offer you this exclusive interview with my favorite DAW about her
6 messages
11-30-03 03:06 PM
Does anyone have the series on tape? I enjoyed the show but only got to see half of it. I am willing to pay for the cost of the tapes and
2 messages
08-15-03 05:23 PM
Consolation Prizes
What a rip-off... You'd think that with a contest of such a large scale, that they would give out the old "Too bad, but here ya go" prizes.
5 messages
04-12-03 00:56 AM
The Winner
I am very disappointed that it is not Bebo. I have been hounding ABC with e-mails as to the identity of the winner. Finally they have posted somethi
2 messages
11-12-02 10:07 PM
***Push, Nevada Official Finale Summary*** [View All]
[b]***Disclaimer: This summary isn't the least bit funny. Seriously.***[/b] [font size=3][b]Wha-?!%
22 messages
11-10-02 04:27 AM
A Winner Amongst Us?
It's almost been 72 hours. Have any of you that got through had a phone call?
9 messages
11-10-02 04:11 AM
Did anyone complete the final solve?
I got through! The recording said that the winner will get a call within 72 hours. It would be so awesome if someone from here got the b
19 messages
11-03-02 07:15 PM
well it's thursday. . .
our first week of no push. . . i think up until now i've been in denial. . .just waiting for a new episode to appear. . .for questions to be answer
1 messages
10-31-02 10:38 PM
summary comin'
Femme checked in with me real quick tonight to let me know she's been having some computer issues but plans to have the summary of the finale up by
6 messages
10-31-02 04:37 PM
Finish the story
Anyone daring enough to finish the story of Jim Proofrock and Push Nevada since they left us hanging? http://community.realitytvwor
3 messages
10-31-02 10:18 AM
Problems Calling in Last Night
Did anyone one else have the same problem I had last night? I figured out the code and called in. The voice on the other end of the line said, %
2 messages
10-29-02 12:31 PM
The Official Push, Nevada Episode 6 Summary
"S.O.S." I want to apologize for not having the summary up sooner, and for having it be so long. As there is only one more episod
6 messages
10-26-02 06:06 AM
So are all the literary allusions...
part of the solution or are they just the call signs of pretensious writers? Those I have noticed so far: Jim A. Prufrock - Taken
3 messages
10-24-02 02:09 PM
Summaries [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-19-02 AT 06:05 PM (EST)[/font] OK, "Push, Nevada" is a new kind of show for us -- a %2
48 messages
10-18-02 07:51 PM
Need tape!
Help!! I am apparently VCR incompetent. I need a copy of episode 4 and episode 6. Is anyone willing and able to help me out? Get in touch wit
0 messages
10-18-02 11:45 AM
I saw on ET tonight that tomorrow's Push, Nevada will be the last one. It is the first casuality of the TV season http://communi
19 messages
10-16-02 05:44 PM
Top Five Reasons No One Is Watching "Push, Nevada"
Dave (tapping microphone): Is this thing on? Paul: I don't think you need it, Dave. There aren't many people here. %0
9 messages
10-14-02 07:02 PM
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