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SSC (CW) Destiny Moves On
OK - even my short stories are too long for this thing. But I do have one that can break down into segments and since it's about a redneck who becom
35 messages
06-14-01 08:18 PM
SSC(CW) Crayola Sunsets
Crayola sunsets come from the 64-box, usually. But not from his. No, not from his. He's got the simple set, the eight colors, the box rel
10 messages
06-14-01 08:11 PM
SSC (NF) Lily
[B]LILY[/B] Now first of all, I live in a small southern town and some of us can be, well rather eccentric. It’%
10 messages
06-14-01 07:20 PM
(SSC NF) The Blind Date
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-14-01 AT 05:19 PM (EST)[/font] I guess, in retrospect, it wasn’t such a hot idea to agre
13 messages
06-14-01 06:57 PM
Summer Story Competition
Hi Peeps! It seems like everyone is getting very bored right now. Shakesvivor may or may not see another episode, and even then some people aren%2
21 messages
06-14-01 02:22 AM
SSC All Purpose Permissions Thread
As listed in the rules for the contest here: s/DCForumID6/631.shtml You ma
24 messages
06-13-01 09:59 PM
SSC (PY) Entering Competition
I am entering the contest with my 1000 post. This is a rough draft of a poem I wrote for my Daughter when she was 4 1/2 I decided it needed du
Drive My Car
19 messages
06-13-01 09:17 PM
SSC (PY) "The Mauve World"
[B]The Mauve World[/B] The men in my dream are dancing together while the women drop bricks from above then this
shakes the clown
14 messages
06-13-01 08:41 PM
SSC(CW) Lemon
Lemon. Lemon carved caverns in the fleshy pink parts of my mouth, seeking open sores where it could twist and play, making me wonder what it
14 messages
06-13-01 08:37 PM
WSC(EX) Go Climb a Tree
Looks like there are a few less entries today, so I thought I'd go ahead and post another exercise. If you're like me, you used to
5 messages
01-16-02 09:39 PM
Like Supe's "The Goodbyes," this has been posted here before under the Criminals ID, but... dunno how much time I'll have to write these n
15 messages
01-16-02 09:36 PM
WSC (CW) Meow
Ok, I started this before I read Itzy's wonderful piece. After I read hers, I was like, Oh my, I don't want to come off like I am ripping
7 messages
01-16-02 09:21 PM
WSC (NF): Looking For Abbie Hoffman
This is probably the most developed piece I have on hand. Of course, it's all true (as the category suggests). Enjoy! Looking F
17 messages
01-16-02 08:34 PM
Am feeling rather timid about pressing that old "Post" button! THE STING "No guys, come on. I really gotta go. Shell i
15 messages
01-16-02 08:24 PM
WSC (CW) -
2 January, The Year of our Lord 1997. Williamsburg, Virginia. How she hated him! It was way past time to get over him
11 messages
01-15-02 08:18 PM
WSC(CW): Everything Changes.
Might as well throw my tammy in the ring :) [B] Everything Changes [/B] I used to be a straight A student. I us
7 messages
01-15-02 06:29 PM
WSC (NF)--The Dance
I wanted to submit this and then read the rules for the WSC under the non-fiction category and noticed that sad NF stories were not allowed. (?)
Frau Hexe
11 messages
01-15-02 04:02 AM
WSC(EX) Collecting Dialog
Since I have a few exercises in my own bag of tricks, I thought I might add mine to the mix. This is one that I've found to be fairly successful%2
Frau Hexe
0 messages
01-15-02 03:53 AM
WSC(CW) The Goodbyes
My daughter pads across the kitchen floor lugging the morning paper. It takes her quite some time to climb up to the table, open it up and separate
15 messages
01-15-02 03:37 AM
[b] Snowflake [/b] You ever wonder why someone figured out that no two snowflakes are alike? I mean really,
8 messages
01-14-02 08:30 PM
WSC (PY) My Childhood
[i][u]My Childhood[/u][/i] [i]Chocolate really came from stars, 8 year olds drove all the the cars, T
14 messages
01-14-02 01:53 PM
WSC(CW) "The good deeds of Jacob"
I like to think of myself as a well rounded out man. I've done many things during my 74 years of existence. I've been to different places, met
12 messages
01-14-02 12:28 PM
Winter Story Contest Rules and Information
It's that time again peeps! The Story Competition went so well last year that we are going to do it again. I changed a few rules to make things r
13 messages
01-13-02 10:26 PM
WSC(EX) Family Image
I'm going to label any exercises I post using WSC(EX) just so they're quickly recognizable. These aren't actual entries into the contest and
0 messages
01-12-02 00:09 AM
WSC (CW) The perfect short story in 4 easy steps
Well, I guess someone has to start the contest off. I need to explain this story a little bit. It started off as a joke between a boyfriend and me a
16 messages
01-16-02 11:58 PM
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