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WSC2 (FF) Quite Unusual
Funny how I often find myself there. [i] And the music played... [/i] [i] And I felt like And I felt like bei
5 messages
01-31-03 08:52 AM
This is acrylic on wood. My boss had a bunch of sample kitchen cabinet doors when he built his home, and I found them interesting to paint on. Unfor
9 messages
01-31-03 08:42 AM
WSC2 (VA) Deadhead
Okay I'm disappointed this category hasn't recieved [i] any [/i] entries thus far! Visual art can be basically anything you want it t
8 messages
01-31-03 08:39 AM
WSC2 Rules
I'm posting the rules a few days before the contest actually begins so that any questions can be answered before the contest is actually underway. T
12 messages
01-30-03 09:03 PM
(IP) Mother's Dog
Mother’s Dog I remember that day in early spring when mother came home from work around the usual supper hour. The day was like any othe
3 messages
01-30-03 06:22 PM
WSC2(FV) Captured
Captured In awe she gazed pleased toward her wanded creation eyes slightly crossed fluttering hand whose spoiler
4 messages
01-30-03 02:02 PM
WSC2 (FV) Silhouettes
This is the first poem I have written in 10 years. I will probably tinker with this some more; however being a total WSC2 DAW I'm posting it anyw
2 messages
01-30-03 01:47 PM
Web site is up. I'll try to update it nightly. :)
5 messages
01-29-03 09:07 PM
WSC2 - One Night (SS)
One Night... by StrongBad I should have seen it coming. I should have opened my eyes to this a long time ago. I guess it was the rose-color
Strong Bad
8 messages
01-29-03 05:00 PM
WSC2(HU) Top ten lines we didn't get to hear in the State of the Union address
(I think I've included enough for both sides that even the fixated "Bush is a moron" propoganda eating liberals should be happy)
4 messages
01-29-03 11:41 AM
WSC2(FV) Free Man
[b]Free Man[/b] Through the window, my possessions fall Landing with a “boom”, “clang” or “slam”
5 messages
01-27-03 03:49 PM
New Year's Day (FV)
It's really late, or early that halfway point at 3 a.m. sky brighter than it should be the mottled pink of frostbitten skin %0
8 messages
01-27-03 02:50 AM
WSC2 (FV) - Joy Ride
Please excuse the 'goofiness' of this entry. It just hit me while taking my rats to school, I wrote it in a few minutes, and never looked bac
10 messages
01-25-03 09:50 PM
WSC2(SS) On a Dark Day
[b]On a Dark Day[/b] When I go back to visit the mountains of my youth, and I see the whipped-cream clou
11 messages
01-25-03 09:45 PM
WSC2 (SS) The New Welfare, Part I
Stava approached the new regime government official. The official was wearing a designer suit and expensive jewelry. She sported a name tag on he
10 messages
01-25-03 09:41 PM
WSC2 (PH) TStreet ds/User_files/3e21b240404193e1.jpg
9 messages
01-25-03 11:22 AM
WSC2(RP) Ode to Wheezy
Preface: I had trouble figuring out where to post this. Persona narrative? Humor? Well I'm here because it is probably the only rhymed vers
17 messages
01-24-03 11:29 PM
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