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SSC3 (PH) Reach For The Sky
Thought I should enter a photo! Hope everyone is having fun :-) Enjoy! [center]http://community.realitytvworl
4 messages
08-19-03 05:13 PM
SSC3 (PH) Back to nature ds/User_files/3f3991414b8eb2ab.jpg ds%
7 messages
08-19-03 12:39 PM
SSC3 (FV) Unwanted
[center]The shiny penny depresses the broken glass under the stone. For the glass knows the penny will be picked up
6 messages
08-19-03 12:27 PM
SS3 (RP) Why Do I Despise You?
Why do I despise you? Let me list the whys: I despise the fact your always in my way, and no matter what I say or do y
8 messages
08-19-03 12:25 PM
SSC3 (NF) Paperclip Money and Lawnchair Spaceships
[b][center]Paperclip Money and Lawnchair Spaceships[/b][/center] I used to hate going to my maternal grandparents%
Mon Cherie
7 messages
08-19-03 12:23 PM
SSC3(RP) Love Storm
Don’t let dark clouds disturb you nor violent currents on the sea. When waves seem to crash in on you, think not of them, b
9 messages
08-19-03 12:14 PM
SSC3 (PH) Lilly
Seeing Breezy's stunning butterfly picture gave me the courage to post my picture. ds/
Schnookie Palookie
8 messages
08-19-03 12:12 PM
SSC3 (PH) Butterfly
Picture taken at the butterfly house on Mackinac Island. ds/User_files/3f3118f27d5bba18
8 messages
08-19-03 12:10 PM
SSC3 (FF) Manic Tides
[font color="teal"] I stand outside under the awning, hovering in the doorway to avoid the persistent drops that are sloshing down. I
3 messages
08-19-03 12:09 PM
SSC3 The Last Game (FF)
Almost against my will I found myself standing in an impossibly dingy corner of the ancient sub shop. The grimy dark green walls were the color I reme
13 messages
08-19-03 12:04 PM
I Love the View From Here (PH)
Took my new digital camera out for a spin the other day. This is what I came up with. ds/
6 messages
08-19-03 11:22 AM
SSC3 (FF) Pink Quilt
“Come…… and talk of all the things we did today” Sean, still in his dark blue business suit sat by himself at the kitchen table, chin cupp
probably clueless
4 messages
08-19-03 05:02 AM
SSC3 Persona Blanket Permission Thread [View All]
With the 3rd annual Summer Story Competition starting next month, I thought we needed to start a blanket permissions thread. Following are the stand
33 messages
08-19-03 00:13 AM
SSC3 (RP) Dentist Visit
Mrs. Simth, come on in How are you doing? How have you been? Time for you bi-annual check up I see. Have a seat in the chair, a
10 messages
08-12-03 02:49 PM
SSC3 (RP) - Light Pollution
Light Pollution Sitting outside looking at the night I began to notice it was too bright To notice the usual typical sight%
3 messages
08-12-03 02:04 PM
SuperToilet vs. Butterman!
Shamelessly promoting my 9 year old son here...not an entry in the competition, but thought some might enjoy...he keeps asking if Superman has read
12 messages
08-11-03 11:41 PM
I've just completed a piece that I like a lot, but I'm still looking for feedback (if you have even the tiniest suggestions, I'll take '
4 messages
08-06-03 09:36 PM
SSC3 (FV) Enter
[font size="1"][i]I posted this on Writers Rendez-Vous but thought I'd put it here to share with more people.[/i][/font]%0
4 messages
08-06-03 08:57 AM
Throwing Hamburgers at the Moon
Sam and Eric had been best friends since they were four. Their next-door neighborliness had seen them through many backyard wars, cowboys and India
6 messages
08-04-03 06:17 PM
SSC3 - Reflections (VA)
Since I am in the process of packing for a move in a few weeks I won't be as prolific as I was last Winter. Unfortunately I don't have much to en
5 messages
08-04-03 06:07 PM
I'm Throwing My Vote Away
My first ever poem on here that I wrote in five minutes while being bored at goes.... Title: I'm Throwing My Vo
1 messages
08-04-03 05:52 PM
SSC3 (VA) - Alien if ~ cq [|http://- ommunity.reali
3 messages
08-04-03 00:01 AM
Question for Sherps
Dave, When do you plan on starting the Summer Story Competition? "Believe in Yourself" You too can cause forest fi
6 messages
06-23-03 10:15 AM
Another one I could use feedback on. It's still very first draft, so I'm probably looking more for large issues than for nits (although I'll
0 messages
04-28-03 04:17 PM
What is
What is this particular forum please. I gather you all write and there is a competition but just curious about a more indepth type answer. %
3 messages
04-24-03 05:51 PM
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