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WSC3 (PH) Leaving California
Since I've just moved and my scanner isn't up I really didn't have many photos to offer for WSC3. The ones I'm most proud of have yet to be s
4 messages
01-28-04 07:16 PM
There's something very strange about teams. No matter how close you can be, there's always this feeling of isolation, of dependence
J Slice
2 messages
01-27-04 05:23 PM
WSC3(FF) Mistaken Identity
My tube of Blistex looks an awful lot like my tube of Superglue.
7 messages
01-26-04 08:40 PM
WSC3 (FV) Used to
[i]I couldn't get to sleep last night and this kept going around in my head.[/i] I used to what a sad phrase I used t
10 messages
01-26-04 07:44 PM
WSC3 (NF) Spin Cycle
Chris was sitting on my lap across from our friend Betty at a deuce in a dark corner of an already dark Tobacco Road. Chris and Betty were speaking in
probably clueless
3 messages
01-26-04 02:04 PM
WSC3 (PN) A Theft on the Line Solution
[i]So, this is like an East Coast Spoiler thread, huh? Well, here's the [ s/DCForumID31%2
13 messages
01-26-04 01:42 PM
WSC3 (PN) PTB Theme Song
Hi Peeps! Almost through with WSC3 and because of my tumultuous move I've contributed nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zero. I feel so ashamed. Well I
4 messages
01-25-04 08:59 PM
Something a little different from me this time. I borrowed a camera to photo this since it was too large to scan, and I am not happy with the resul
12 messages
01-25-04 07:15 PM
WSC3 (PD) Rudy smirking
As some of you know, I draw a comic, which unfortunately has not made it online yet. At any rate, my favorite guy to draw from the co
J Slice
12 messages
01-25-04 00:14 AM
WSC3(VA) Harrison Ford
I started with a photo and went to work on it with my paint shop pro program to create a painted version of this handsome man. http:/%2
7 messages
01-24-04 01:27 AM
WSC3 (NF) Chinese Food Anniversary
I ate Chinese food for lunch today. What may seem like an ordinary occurrence to most people was anything but in my world. Itís been 19 years sinc
6 messages
01-23-04 11:11 PM
WSC3 (PN): A Theft on the Line
[i]Author's note: It's really hard to write a mystery because you really don't know how obvious the solution is going to be. I mean, it
14 messages
01-23-04 05:16 PM
WSC3-(SS) The Perfect Match
It was a warm spring Saturday in Greenwich Village, crowds of people were out and about running errands, having lunch, dickering with street ven
2 messages
01-23-04 01:00 AM
We want flash fiction, 50-500 words
Founding editor of [i]insolent rudder[/i] Tim Ljunggren has turned the day-to-day operations over to Lisa McMann and Catherine Talley.
16 messages
01-22-04 08:21 PM
Blanket Permission Thread [View All]
Stealing the verbage for this from the great and mighty Sleeeve: This thread has been started to allow people to sign their name if they
51 messages
01-22-04 11:41 AM
WSC3 (FF) You Get Me
[font color=teal]Remember that night you asked how I could stand him, if nobody else possibly could? I replied, "I understand why people
8 messages
01-22-04 11:32 AM
WSC3 (NF) Fool for Love
[font color=blue]I should explain this a bit. I had a friend who was going through something rather ugly, and asked me to put her feelings in
3 messages
01-21-04 08:22 PM
WSC3(SS) Sand, Blowing across the Dunes
As I stand and look out from my chamber window, I notice nothing. Not the beautiful Black columns that at night look as if you are walking among st
3 messages
01-21-04 05:37 PM
WSC3 ( FF) Shopping List
[i]This piece is very important to me. I'd like to dedicate it to Wheezy, who told me that I could write anything, even my Sopping Lis
Drive My Car
17 messages
01-20-04 06:13 PM
WSC3 (FV) We
Preface: please don't laugh at this! I mentioned some stuff I wrote when I was younger in another thread. While looking for my Microsoft Offic
6 messages
01-19-04 05:10 PM
WSC3(FF) Shattered Dreams
The clocks steady ticking reminded me of the nights we would stay up for hours talking, giggling, and planning for how wonderful things would
7 messages
01-19-04 03:25 PM
WSC3 (NF) Devil in the Dishes
[i]From my days working in the Mall. This was written during the October 2003 Graffiti Sprawl at The Writer's Rendez-Vous.[/i] %0
11 messages
01-19-04 01:32 PM
WSC3 (RP) Live and Learn
[b]Live and Learn[/b] My eyes swell My heart breaks My lungs fell My legs skake My
5 messages
01-18-04 11:45 PM
HOPE Behind the popsicle-stick picket fence On the newspaper yard Beside the matchbook car In front of the milk carton house
7 messages
01-18-04 07:53 PM
WSC3(PN) Finding Meemo [View All]
Yes folks, this is certainly a parody. I have included 20 different people from the blanket permission thresd, I wish I could have included them
27 messages
01-17-04 10:51 PM
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