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Why She Married Him
[b]This is from my blog--today is my 10 year anniversary and I was feeling all nostalgic and verbose.[/b] Once upon a time, in
8 messages
01-04-03 05:11 PM
Persona Narrative Permission Thread
If I'm not mistaken, there was a thread made available last year that people could give permission to have their persona's used in a story.%0
1 messages
01-08-03 03:43 PM
WSC2 'Persona Narrative' Blanket Permission Thread
With the 2nd annual Winter Story Competition starting on January 1st of 2003, I thought we needed to start a blanket permissions thread. I borrowed
42 messages
01-14-03 11:07 PM
WSC2(NF) Christmas at Gram's
[b]Christmas at Gram’s[/b] Every year we prepare for the big event like this: “Ok, kids, come ov
11 messages
01-23-03 08:06 PM
WSC2(SS) French Toast a la William James
Find the bread it should be in a predictable place why can’t I figure out a place to keep bread. What kind of bread am I going to use this time I l
12 messages
01-23-03 08:16 PM
WSC2(NF) Mexican Adventures (Parts 1 and 2)
[b]Chubascos (Mexican Adventures, Part 1)[/b] Wilberth was the first to approach us in his crisp white uniform and green a
9 messages
01-23-03 08:19 PM
WSC2(RP) The humblest
[b]The humblest[/b] In thought, by time We knew him well In drowning sun And crest of wave, Until
11 messages
01-23-03 08:32 PM
WSC2(SS) The Kind-Hearted Woman
~~~ The Kind-Hearted Woman ~~~~ We live on Maple Street in a large brick house that Papa built the year after he married Mama
9 messages
01-23-03 08:41 PM
Guitar Rain
I haven't posted a new story here in quite a while, even though I have lots of relatively new stuff on the Criminals site, so I thought I'd sh
12 messages
01-23-03 08:45 PM
WSC2 (PH) "The Road"
My first entry! Yay for me! Okay I guess a little background is in order. I have dabbled with photography since I was a teen. I've never tak
16 messages
01-23-03 08:48 PM
WSC2 (PH) - Shadows ds/User_files/3e1d18350eff977b.html Last SC I posted my home screensaver, this one is
5 messages
01-23-03 08:51 PM
WSC2 (HU) TTL: Top Ten Ways to have a Safe Ski Trip
Top Ten Ways to have a Safe Ski Trip 10. Never take ski lessons from anyone whose nickname is “Mad dog”. 9. Remember my mott
6 messages
01-23-03 08:54 PM
(PN) As My World Turns
I know its been a while, and I was going to try to do a HUGE episode for everyone, but it got too much. So here is a new installment..... %0
12 messages
01-23-03 08:58 PM
WSC2 (RP) Bondage
This is a fairly dark poem. It is probably the darkest piece that I have ever written. It is not indicitive of my other writings, as I don't ofte
9 messages
01-23-03 09:14 PM
WSC2 (PH) Ice Age
Okay I wasn't really sure what other photo to enter, especially considering I have about 6 rolls of film yet to be developed; so I just picked o
10 messages
01-23-03 09:19 PM
WSC2 (FV) Harmony
The song The love It shares Living in harmony It magnifies the world so well Too true
11 messages
01-23-03 09:28 PM
The Ski Trip (HU)
The Ski Trip In the days of my youth, foolish as I was, most of my thoughts and energy were spent in a generally fruitless pursuit of m
6 messages
01-23-03 11:00 PM
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