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an alternative suggestion
Since no one has the time to make it a competition, why not just have people post what they want to, for the sheer enjoyment of it? %
0 messages
06-07-04 07:00 PM
A Secret World: Living on the 'Down Low"
I truly think it's time that people come clean to their loved ones. This living life on the DL really puts us all at great risk. Wake up people!
0 messages
04-23-04 04:12 PM
The March Issue of [i][|insolent rudder][/i] is here. Six quick stories that can be read in a FLAS
5 messages
03-17-04 06:52 PM
WSC3 Awards [View All]
Gotta get back to my code, so I'll be brief. Thanks to everyone who entered. As always, wonderful stuff! And a special thanks to Sharkie for p
28 messages
03-16-04 07:38 PM
The Ann Lamott Flu
For his midlife crisis, James found Jesus. While friends found women half their age; he found a man about five hundred times his. It was the least
17 messages
02-24-04 03:21 PM
WSC3 Ballot and Links List.
First I want to thank SherpaDave for giving me the opportunity to do this again. Congratulations to all the submitters. All your work is ou
16 messages
02-17-04 07:15 PM
WSC (PY): A Valentines Day Love Story
This poem will need a little prefacing. You see, today is the two year anniversary of my parents' death. My mom had cancer for three years and m
14 messages
02-16-04 01:24 PM
WSC3 (PN) PTB Saga Pt 3 (Superman's Dead)
I don't think this story will ever end! I think I'm up to 14 peeps now which means I have 37 more to go. I was really hoping to make it to Fre
13 messages
02-16-04 01:20 PM
WSC3 (PN) PTB Mini-Series Part II (Going To California)
Okay this is part two of my PTB saga, and in this episode I begin introducing permission thread peeps. The story is silly, it's stupid, it'
9 messages
02-16-04 07:17 AM
WSC3 (PH) - Texas Sunset I
OK, I'll give it a shot..... ds/User_files/3ffc5dc14fb18bab.jpg http:
20 messages
02-11-04 10:49 PM
WSC3(PD) ds/User_files/3ff486cf2615633e.gif Ok Tech, you wanted entries...*gulp*
16 messages
02-11-04 10:46 PM
WSCS (FF) Miriam
~Miriam~ An antique mirror shrouded in gold leaf and pewter hung on the wall, Miriam sighed as she pondered her reflection. The flesh
16 messages
02-10-04 12:49 PM
WSC3 (PN) The Reunion [View All]
Twenty years. I guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun. It seems like just yesterday that I sat in front of my computer at work,
23 messages
02-08-04 08:37 AM
Poor forum...
[i]...looks lonely. Here ya go, discuss:[/i] Then She kicks at my dangling right foot that hangs off the puk
8 messages
02-07-04 09:47 PM
WSC3 (RP) The Blizzard
The Blizzard I place my hands upon my desk and lean back in my chair. I yawn and stretch and crack my neck and count the hou
11 messages
02-05-04 05:47 PM
WSC3 (HU) Top 10 Ways You Know it's -40 Outside
This entry was inspired by the temperature at my house this morning. My ride to work went by quickly today because I was making this list up as I dro
9 messages
02-05-04 05:37 PM
WSC3 (FF) The View
[i]The View[/i] As he proofread the letter for the last time, his right eye drifted away from the screen and caught the sunligh
7 messages
02-05-04 09:38 AM
WSC3 (FF) Bound
Eloise rarely asked for much during the course of our marriage, so when she made the request, I agreed. “Promise me they’ll visit,” she sa
3 messages
02-04-04 04:58 PM
WSC 3 (FF) Chicken Pox and Rock Candy
[b]Chicken Pox and Rock Candy[/b] I heard you died. But thought I'd give you call , maybe leave a message. Since I mea
Drive My Car
8 messages
02-04-04 04:57 PM
My bags are packed...diary day 1
When I told people at the restaurant last night I was going to Tampa, the general reaction was, ‘Have a good trip.’ I met Joey at t
probably clueless
0 messages
02-03-04 06:12 AM
WSC3 (PN) Real OTers of Genius
This is a little something I put together and I’ve included several of you. Ashmo gave me her explicit permission in chat and Dave was my witness%2
9 messages
01-31-04 06:52 PM
WSC- (NF) Shopping List
My story is here ds/DCForumID31/418.shtml But I should have entered it as a
Drive My Car
0 messages
01-31-04 01:01 PM
WSC3 (PD) A little crabby
Still just working with my mouse... ds/User_files/4017fdae5d1585aa.jpg I tr
J Slice
3 messages
01-31-04 03:09 AM
WSC3 (NF) Forgiveness
I saw something beautiful tonight. I try to meet with a friend once a week. One week, he takes a ferry to see me and we drink coffee or beer and tal
10 messages
01-31-04 02:56 AM
Hey Sherps,
What happened to the story competition site? You still point to it on the entrance to this board, but it seems to have been abandoned :( It
1 messages
01-30-04 12:52 PM
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