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Writing Links
Hey, y'all. Over the next week or so, I'm going to try to put together a list of links here to pieces that were written but posted
3 messages
03-19-02 10:50 AM
In honor of our 100th Crime posted (woohoo!), it's about time to post something here, isn't it? Of course, it'd make the most sens
1 messages
06-11-02 04:56 PM
A Dangerous President (FF)
[center]"A Dangerous President"[/center] He'd been fishing and smelled of it. But there was no time to worry about that now, t
7 messages
07-10-02 00:32 AM
SSC2 - I Do Not Know (FV)
I I do I do not I do not know I do not know where I do not know where this I do not know where this poem I do not
Canada Girl
6 messages
07-10-02 00:33 AM
All I Have is Dreams
..All I have is Dreams.. The sappy little boy that I can't help but love He's got it all Everything that I want Those e
10 messages
07-10-02 00:35 AM
Cold, like tendrils of ice circling my shivering body. My senses are dulled of everything, except the pain. Confusion sets in, twisting fate in
10 messages
07-10-02 00:36 AM
SSC2 (NF) Big Red (humor)
[font color=red size=7]Big Red[/font] [b]I'll put first things first, and get started with a little verse.
7 messages
07-10-02 00:38 AM
SSC2(EX) First Line
I'm going to directly quote an exercise from Natalie Goldberg's Wild Mind that I frequently use, and add some comments of my own at the end.%
0 messages
07-11-02 00:58 AM
The Ethics of Essays (RP)
Is it fair that you force me to write? When I'm so tired I'm aching And my pen is shaking And my brain has shut off like a light.
Canada Girl
8 messages
07-12-02 06:24 AM
The Tar Of Life (FV) ds/User_files/3cb38b500713e2be.gif
6 messages
07-12-02 06:36 AM
SSC2-- One Day Soon (FV)
One Day Soon One day soon Iíll forget the color of your eyes. The sound of the voice that made my heart pound will be
8 messages
07-12-02 05:04 PM
The little red rose (RP)
The little red rose Standing proudly on the earth Beginning again the cycle of life The rock has its rebirth Wind blowing th
7 messages
07-12-02 08:22 PM
SSC2 Misery (SS)
This has been in my journal for about 2 years now. Its not very good, I don't expect many to like it, but sometimes, when you have no way of
7 messages
07-12-02 08:46 PM
SSC2- Sing Me Some Blues (SS)
Sing Me Some Blues Gram is sitting in her comfy, avocado-colored, overstuffed chair, wearing her bifocals and working the dail
4 messages
07-12-02 09:26 PM
SCC2 - Tales From the Crib: Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Wonka (FF)
The small child perches happily on the shopping cart, the picture of innocence. His eyes glance around with curiouscity and wonder at the world arou
Canada Girl
6 messages
07-12-02 09:30 PM
SSC2 Official Rules
I'm posting the rules a few days before the contest actually begins so that any questions can be answered before the contest is actually underway. T
4 messages
07-12-02 09:33 PM
It was hot even for August, the kind of oppressive heat that clings to you like a spoiled child. The stale air smelled of Ivory soap and magnolia bl
8 messages
07-12-02 10:09 PM
New Category!
Pepe just suggested the addition of a new category over on a thread in OT and I think it's a great suggestion. Something that's been a part of the
4 messages
07-13-02 09:52 PM
SSC2(VA) - Edgar
Well, since nobody else has entered anything in this category yet, I thought I'd get the ball rolling. Let me state from the outset that I'm N
5 messages
07-15-02 11:19 AM
SSC2 (SS) Proposition in a Diner
disclaimer: this is a tad long... Norm leans back in the hard plastic seat, until it squeals so loud in protest he thinks it might buck
13 messages
07-16-02 03:29 PM
SSC2 (NF) Cut Off
It was a Friday night and I was driving my girlfriends around in my white '64 Falcon. I called my car "Bessie" because she was kind of st
6 messages
07-16-02 04:10 PM
SSC(NF) The Night of the Moonbow.
[i]Well, I don't know if this entry is good or not, but it sure hurt to write it. Doesn't Sherps have a quote in his sig line, somethin
7 messages
07-16-02 04:26 PM
SCC2(PN) "The Justice League of Canadian Super-duper Heroes"
[i]Editorís note - this work contains fictional representations of several SB personalities, all who have given permission via the Personal Na
13 messages
07-17-02 04:45 PM
The New Baby (RP)
*Personal note...I wrote this for my eldest daughter shortly after I had her baby brother to help her feel okay with the jealousy she was feeling at
13 messages
07-18-02 09:49 AM
SSC2 Driven(SS)
[i](Longer than usual for me. Special thanks, as always, to my partners in crime.)[/i] [b]Driven[/b] %0
8 messages
07-18-02 11:45 AM
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