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SSC5 (PH): Cook Island Dreaming Pt I: Aitutaki Lagoon ds/User_files/42ec7ff820782a23.jpg Aitutaki. You think Rarotonga is laid back until y
10 messages
11-17-06 11:49 AM
Looking back ds/DCForumID31/399.shtml I was wrong. All wrong.
Mysterious Jedi
1 messages
01-12-06 03:11 AM
Disgruntled Soul (FV)
It's been a while, but I 'm back with another piece. Again, this is just for fun. What is my purpose? I often ask myself th
1 messages
10-10-05 04:29 PM
SSC5 Winners
Many thanks to everyone who entered and to all who gave feedback and/or voted. It's been a while since I've been the vote tallier, but this is
17 messages
08-26-05 09:17 AM
SSC5 (NF) Death is the easy part [View All]
[i]This is my first time with this competetion, so be gentle. To those of you who've seen it already, thanks for the encouragement.[/i%
22 messages
08-26-05 09:15 AM
SSC5 (FF) If Only Life Were That Simple Again
[b]~If Only Life Were That Simple Again~[/b] Ice crystals formed in my nostrils and then just as quickly disappeared as my la
18 messages
08-26-05 09:14 AM
SSC5 (SS) Johnny's Time
He set his pack down and propped his rifle up next to a post. Silent sentinels surrounding him dutifully watched over the quiet Virginia country side.
5 messages
08-26-05 09:13 AM
SSC5 (HU) Complaint Department
Dear God: I have some complaints I would like to register. Now you have done a great job with the natural world, and I am particularly f
8 messages
08-26-05 08:39 AM
SSC5- (PN) The Hustler
~The Hustler~ The camera rolls… [I]My name is Kay Obrien-fan and I am the host of an exciting all new reality show cal
10 messages
08-26-05 08:37 AM
SSC5 (FV): "Fair Lady, Noble Man"
[b][i]"Fair Lady, Noble Man"[/b] (I) On rocky shore of green isle, Tides ebb and fall with time%2
7 messages
08-26-05 08:35 AM
SSC5 (RP) Woman of Cool and Night
I have not been so easy on you these past days it seems For I have felt ever more like touching, more than in a dream. I hav
3 messages
08-26-05 08:34 AM
SSC5 (PH): Cook Island Dreaming Pt III: Raro, big heart, small government
Rarotonga is the capital of the nation of the Cook Islands. A quick look at the weekly public market, where it all happens ... and the buildings tha
5 messages
08-26-05 08:32 AM
SSC5(PH): Cook Islands Dreaming Pt II: Maori Dancers
Crushers Bar, Aitutaki, as real a place to enjoy Maori dancing as you get, where huge land crabs scuttle through the sandy floor restaurant. No
4 messages
08-26-05 08:31 AM
SSC5(VA) Haunted
Like the majority of my work these days, this originally started out as an example for my students. I haven't worked with sratcboard in quite som
6 messages
08-26-05 08:29 AM
Tribute to OT
I posted this to my blog but since not many visit there or know it exists, I wanted to share it here because there was some healing in the writing o
5 messages
08-11-05 10:55 AM
[b]The Special Place[/b] She sighed with satisfaction. She’d made it to her special place – her hideaway - without being noti
7 messages
08-08-05 05:19 AM
Life Without a Porpoise
Yesterday I loved my job. I watch whales every day, Orcinus Orca to be exact. Alright, so it is a bit more complicated than just watching Killer W
11 messages
08-08-05 02:54 AM
SSC5 (VA): My Rain Forest Garden on the Big Island
For those who've kindly asked how my garden grows here in Hawaii (waves at MandyM)--like a weed, full of weeds, yet I love it. I miss many
6 messages
08-08-05 00:45 AM
SSC5(PH) Sunshows & Rainbows of Hawaii
This is a group of some of favorite rainbow, sunset, sunrise pix that I have taken here in Hawaii and are also on my computer. I have many taken
7 messages
08-07-05 10:39 PM
SSC5 (PN) The Adventure (part 1)
Just so you have a grasp at the lengths I went to in order to finally get this part posted, I had spent hours, yes, litterally hours, working
8 messages
08-07-05 08:57 PM
SSC5 (HU) "Top 10 Changes in American Political Lexicon Attributable to Karl Rove"
[b][u]Top 10 Changes in American Political Lexicon Attributable to Karl Rove[/b][/u] [b]10. Stark, Roving Mad:%
4 messages
08-07-05 07:01 PM
SSC5 (PH) Sun Melting into the Desert
I took this at my parents' house in the desert - this past March. I think this is a great depiction of the scorching Arizona sun melting into the d
6 messages
08-07-05 06:17 PM
SSC5 Official Ballot
Whew! Because there are 56 links in this post, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if I messed at least one of 'em up. If anyone notices a bad li
7 messages
08-07-05 11:42 AM
skin to skin I breathe you in our heat combines our bodies mesh passion takes me higher and higher I collapse against you%
16 messages
08-07-05 11:31 AM
SSC5 (FV) Myth
I know her as a myth. A wind that clears parched dunes. The wellspring reviving a wilted hope. With her I’m returned to the m
3 messages
08-07-05 11:20 AM
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