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Conferences Spoiler Island Fantasy Game Forum (Protected)
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CBS tallied points incorrectly
Ian didnt get the "First questioned at tribal council" points (40 points) in episode 11. CBS gave it to Stephenie which is in correct. How doe
volyfrog (Guest)
1 messages
04-29-05 12:08 PM
Cant get in game...Help it's 1:35 p.m.
Cant get in. Just says, session times out...HELP
anninvt2002 (Guest)
9 messages
04-27-05 01:41 PM
Palau Episode 9 poll
When can we get in to edit our picks?
2 messages
04-12-05 08:00 PM
Palau Episode 5 poll
Just wondering when it will be set up to take picks. The note says Saturday (March 12th) but I still can't edit my picks. Thank you.
3 messages
03-14-05 12:12 PM
Final 2 poll results
Hi Webby, Were there new instructions on the F2 poll that I missed? In the past the last poll asked for the name of the winner. I voted Chr
3 messages
12-15-04 03:18 AM
I can't believe it
With 3 weeks to go I can't believe that I am still in first place and a head of the many people aound here who do this stuff so much better than me.
1 messages
12-03-04 09:38 AM
locked out
i am locked out now, many hours before deadline
jed (Guest)
5 messages
11-25-04 05:14 AM
Ep 10 RC
Webby, From the previews we know the RC is done in teams and there are four winners. How will it be scored? If you choose any one of
1 messages
11-18-04 06:22 PM
IC winner "Lopevi" scored wrong on Episode 5
Just a heads up that you've made an error- Lopevi did win Immunity tonight- Episode 5 sending Yasur to TC It seems that you%
Lexie (Guest)
1 messages
10-15-04 02:01 PM
Reward Challenge
Just a heads up that you've made an error with the Reward Challenge too. Lopevi won Reward on Episode 5 It looks like the Rewa
ksid1240 (Guest)
2 messages
10-15-04 02:01 PM
RE: scoring
myself and others got the reward and imunity right but only recieved 250 points for game 5.
korkyp (Guest)
1 messages
10-15-04 02:00 PM
week 5 picks
I seem to be unable to make my picks for week 5. Is it a problem with my computer or is there a delay in the game?
1 messages
10-11-04 10:06 AM
Two boots questions
Since it seems apparent that the next episode will have two boots, will the game be adjusted to allow us to pick two boots? Or if not, if we ca
3 messages
09-26-04 03:52 PM
private league play doesn't show my name in the leaderboard
I don't know what I have done wrong. I created a private league that people are able to join, but the leaderboard does not show me. I have tried l
maibram (Guest)
1 messages
09-17-04 04:04 PM
When does the game start
When does Spoiler Island get started? And how do I make sure I get in? ds/User_files%
3 messages
09-10-04 02:23 AM
Congratulations and thanks
A big congratulations to Brownroach for stellar spoiling this season, and to all the rest of you who did a better job on picking the winner than I d
8 messages
08-10-04 02:25 PM
Episode 10 game picks?
So how is this going to work? Since the game has already been switched over to individual challenges, but the RC is going to be tribal, will th
5 messages
07-14-04 08:53 PM
Last nights scores do not appear to have been added to the totals. ds/User_files/
1 messages
05-09-04 11:51 AM
Ep 11 Reward Challenge
Shouldn't points be given to the winning team who got the reward of the ponchos? Rob ShiiAnn Amber Alicia [
2 messages
04-24-04 09:38 AM
Survivor episode 8
Does anyone know who are friends outside the game?
0 messages
03-24-04 10:27 AM
Ep8 pick poll will not open until Friday evening
Hello, I've noted it on the login page, but thought it to be worth a mention here as well... Since we've not sure whether they'll
0 messages
03-11-04 01:58 PM
How long
How much longer before the game is opened up again?
6 messages
03-11-04 12:06 PM
please clarify
In the event that in one episode, one player quits and one player is voted off in the same episode, which would count as the correct answer?%
2 messages
03-03-04 11:06 PM
Point system
The name of my fantasy team is the name listed on this e-mail. I am confused. I had Rupert catching fish for x-tra points. He did catch a fish as d
Tessab (Guest)
1 messages
02-09-04 04:30 PM
I'm Number One, I'm Number One!!!!
Well, one week down, and I'm tied for first!!! What's that? So are 235 other people??? No, that can't be.... But, I...
1 messages
02-05-04 06:33 PM
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