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Conferences Temptation Island Everything (Protected)
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When is temptation Island due to return...does anyone know?????????
4 messages
01-02-19 12:49 PM
Oh My Gosh!
New to the Website. I can't believe there are others out there who liked this show! I'm kind of embarrassed to admit it but I am a Reality TV n
1 messages
12-09-15 12:05 PM
Does anyone know where to find legal downloadable episodes? Hulu used to let you buy episodes and no longer does. Any suggestions?
2 messages
12-08-15 03:22 PM
The sexiest single male on the show is named Johnny. On his profile made my, they say his name is lisa and that he is a bartender,
3 messages
04-06-15 02:16 PM
Ready for the Next Temptation Island !!!!
Hey, Is anyone else out there ready for the next Temtation Island?? I'm Ready to watch and Participate!!!!
Drama Mama
5 messages
04-06-15 02:14 PM
Photos Of All The Single Women Posted...
Just a head's up that we've finished creating the images of the thirteen single women, along with their profiles. The information is
2 messages
03-06-15 07:06 PM
Island Girl to Join PPW
Temptation Island Girl to join She will fight a Famous Pon Star.
0 messages
02-04-06 01:20 PM
got a ? about which male cheated?Billy?
Was it Billy that fooled around and had the big CONNECTION WITH THE PENTHOUSE PET? then he dropped her like she was a piece of crap? I could of
1 messages
12-10-05 06:28 PM
Does anyone know when Temptation Island comes back on for another Season???
The last Season I saw was with Dave (and his man boobs) and Charla. When will the next season start??
5 messages
06-03-05 04:27 PM
temptation island
I'd love to see temptation island all seasons. Does anyone can help me please? Thanks a lot Joanne
1 messages
03-30-05 07:05 PM
Help! Can I get a copy of these episodes???
Is there anyone that can help me get tapes of TI3? I am desperate to see what happened. I watched the first couple and was unable to keep up. I dont
1 messages
03-30-05 03:10 PM
need tape for ti uk..........
need the tape...any one please i'm dying to see it......
3 messages
12-30-04 02:56 PM
It's gonna be good!
I was worried that all this time would make my love of TI fade. Nope! It's as aweful as I remembered and I'm loving ever second. We b
Canada Girl
12 messages
01-23-04 08:26 AM
Eric and Kristin update
I was watching VH1's Big in '03 awards tonight and they had a segment of reality tv stars, where Kathy Griffin introduced the casts of several r
0 messages
12-03-03 07:05 PM
Official TI3 Ep. 4 Summary: "I Know He Likes Nice Girls"
NOTE: This summary still needs a final edit, but I have to post the preliminary version now. [center][font size="4"][b
15 messages
10-06-03 06:40 PM
TI Ep 6 Summary : I donít remember, I just talk
[b]Temptation Island Episode 5 Summary : ďI donít remember, I just talkĒ[/b] Ah, yes. Welcome back to the wonde
7 messages
10-06-03 06:39 PM
Official TI3 Ep. 6 Summary - "The Last Lap of Temptation"
WARNING: Extremely long summary for an extremely dull episode. (Doesn't quite make sense somehow, does it?) "This epis
4 messages
10-06-03 09:49 AM
Theories on Jerome's misshapen head...
1192.49 in reply to 1192.44 Ok, let's break this down for the "he so fiiine don't be hatin!" crowd: 1. He has somet
5 messages
10-02-03 03:25 PM
Mark Walberg on House Rules
With so many shows to tape and watch, you’d think I’d take my wife’s advice and turn off the TV, but I just ca
0 messages
10-02-03 12:24 PM
Summaries [View All]
With another season of Temptation Island starting at the end of the month, we need some [
31 messages
10-01-03 10:07 PM
Anyone else think micheal is totally unattractive and a total pig? He makes the show almost unbearable to watch...why would girls fight over him?
8 messages
10-01-03 01:08 AM
thoughts on the finale?
i only saw the final bonfires...LMAO at Michael trying to make himself the victim...felt sorry for Jason...and found Stephanie and Anthony to be the m
5 messages
09-30-03 10:49 PM
Eric is a pimp
If I had a girlfriend as stunningly beautiful and loyal as Kristen I'd be running to the altar. Yet at the end of the show it said they have no plan
2 messages
09-30-03 04:48 PM
Raise Your Hand if you want your two hours back!
HOLY CRAP that was boring! Seriously, horribly boring. Except that last tidbit about Stephanie, which rocked. Way to go Jeff! I'm actually k
Canada Girl
4 messages
09-30-03 04:40 PM
Is temptation this dull?
I didn't watch either of the other two Temptation Islands, so help me out here: Were they as dull as TI3? Not a lot of temptation has bee
3 messages
09-29-03 08:38 PM
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