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tennis shoes
I'm in the Tracey FOMO camp. However tonight one of the questions (6) was if the Mole was wearing tennis shoes during the "Still Life" comp
1 messages
01-29-04 08:40 AM
I have seen many clues that lead to angie................ she has journal number 7 and she was born on september 7 she was in bare wit
4 messages
01-29-04 08:38 AM
Amount of Money won and lost...
Angie- Lost-$55,000 Won $6,000 Total-$-49,000 Mark- Lost-$12,000 Won-$24,000
Holy Moley
0 messages
01-28-04 04:18 PM
Mole Suspect List v 4.3
since it doesn't seem anyone's started one this week... 1. Dennis (1) - the only one i seriously suspect right now. wasn't remide
13 messages
01-28-04 03:00 PM
Keisha Knight-Pulliam [View All]
[i][b] With the new season of Celebrity Mole I decided to dedicate a thread to each of the contestansts so we can write what we know about th
33 messages
01-28-04 01:05 PM
Ep3 Quiz (Interesting)
Here it is! 1. Is the mole male or female? Male Female [b]2. Who was the mole sitting next to at th
19 messages
01-27-04 01:40 PM
Next Execution
OK, so the Spoiler about the Ball Game is over. Now it's gonna be a lot harder to figure out who's going to be executed this week. We focus a
6 messages
01-27-04 12:35 PM
"The Mole will bury their next victim."
Ahmad said this before one of the commercial breaks. This seemed out of the ordinary for him to say before a break. I was thinking the clue might be %
1 messages
01-26-04 05:44 PM
Dennis Rodman
I think the mole is Dennis. He is so stupid how could he ever pass a test. He doesn't have the brains to remember who sat where, or who was wear
2 messages
01-25-04 00:54 AM
Hidden Coalitions?
Hope I'm not repeating anything already said or posting this in an improper place. If I am, just lock it & redirect me! Anyways, it just s
3 messages
01-23-04 07:21 PM
"Hidden" clue?
After the wrestling challenge, when they are all talking about Stephen being weird about the challenge, you can see this bright green thing behind
4 messages
01-23-04 04:57 PM
Executee Suspect List
Rebel brought up a good point on the suspect list. It could be helpful to look at who the executed player suspected. It could help us eliminate cand
12 messages
01-23-04 04:51 PM
Mole Quotes
If you go to the ABC website, and go to the observation pages, the mole leaves a message about the most recently excecuted player. Next to Ananda
2 messages
01-23-04 10:12 AM
Clue central
<b>This board is for the people who have ideas for clues but dont know who they belong to</b> Clue i have notiesed During "Cluc
1 messages
01-23-04 08:39 AM
Unscientific Post Poll
OK, looking at the posts -- Mark Curry has the most (at least as of this posting) posts in his Moleability. Proof positive that eithe
0 messages
01-22-04 08:39 PM
Mole Clue?
Angie Everhart is the only profile that doesn't list favorite place traveled. CLUE??????
2 messages
01-22-04 04:47 PM
Possible clues found in/on the mole taxi
Lots of discussion inside various FOMO threads, but not one thread tying everything together regarding the van. Even though it may actually be full
7 messages
01-22-04 03:28 PM
Taxi as game spoiler
It's really starting to look as if the taxi's decorations were clues to the games to come. We've had the chicken chase (Carlos and Pepe),
1 messages
01-22-04 03:12 PM
Let's VOTE, Molerons!!!
Last week, no one... that's right, NO ONE (sorry, true... votes added after the episode aired don't count)... managed to successfully id
33 messages
01-22-04 10:50 AM
151 and #7 clues
Maybe 7 is the magic number this year, not 4. 7 letters in "The Mole" 1+5+1=7 (151 was the Mole Taxi #) Someone
1 messages
01-22-04 10:40 AM
Taxi Clue
My husband swears when the executee gets in the taxi and you see the sign "Driver carries less than $30,000 dollars in change" means something
1 messages
01-22-04 10:37 AM
Have they taped the final reunion yet?
Does anyone know if they have gotten together to tape the finale yet? In past seasons they have ended it after the final 3 take the quiz. Then lat
1 messages
01-22-04 09:24 AM
Website Clue Discovered
go to and go to the mole link, this time the message says somthing like this possible clue is different, go directly under the word %2
1 messages
01-20-04 03:06 PM
Episode 2 Clues Thread
In prior Moles, we had a thread where folks would try to accumulate all possible clues from a particular episode. Since there's been some interes
12 messages
01-19-04 10:18 AM
Mole Suspect List v. 4.2
Good episode last night. Lots of suspicious stuff going on last night. Between Stephen's refusal of 50K, and Dennis/Angie's choice to let %2
9 messages
01-16-04 04:02 PM
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