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Conferences The Mole Clues & Spoilers Forum (Protected)
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Final Quiz Analysis
I don't think there's anything spoilerish in this post, but if you really are worried, just don't open the thread. A couple of ye
7 messages
02-12-04 06:18 PM
I missed the very end....Was anyone sent home today?PLEASE HELP!
1 messages
02-12-04 03:07 PM
Mark Curry [View All]
[i][b] With the new season of Celebrity Mole I decided to dedicate a thread to each of the contestansts so we can write what we know about t
72 messages
02-12-04 12:31 PM
Mole Suspect List v. 4.5 [View All]
I wanna do it this week!!! :) Anyway... It's a virtual tie this week. Stone Stanley has done a much better job this year in hi
27 messages
02-12-04 11:56 AM
Players' Suspicions
Maybe the key to solving this mystery is the comments that the players make in confessionals. For example: I remember Ananda n
15 messages
02-09-04 07:30 PM
Website: Is this a clue? [View All]
Go to the new ABC mole website, and the header says " ABC's 'Celebrity Mole: Yucatan," Wednesdays 10/9c. Is this
41 messages
02-09-04 11:46 AM
"Eight Legged Freaks" Clue?
WARNING -- BLATANT AND OBVIOUS SPECULATION FORTHCOMING! :) Am I the only one that caught what may have been a "too obvious" clue
1 messages
02-06-04 11:33 PM
Journal 7
who had journal #7? that was the number in the hat ahmad showed before the clucks for bucks game http://community.real
13 messages
02-06-04 01:04 PM
My friend pointed this out to me this morning, and I find it quite interesting... (If this belongs on a Mark board, please freeze it
4 messages
02-05-04 11:15 PM
Episode 5 quiz!
Is the mole male or female? Male Female Was the mole wearing a hat at the beginning of the "Donkey Rally"
5 messages
02-05-04 03:46 PM
Time to VOTE, Molerons!!!
Last week, 8 of our 32 voters managed to identify Keshia as the contestant that was executed from the Mole. Not bad, but let's see if we can do
37 messages
02-05-04 10:27 AM
Episode Clues. Clues just for the viewers...
Every season there are clues that are supposed to help the viewers. In the background while the players are doing confessional there are some interest
1 messages
02-05-04 08:23 AM
2-4-4 Episode leads us to the mole...
Honestly how many people could NOT have answered those questions? Things I noticed: The preview for next week, the last questio
1 messages
02-05-04 08:22 AM
Would the mole put (a lot) money in the pot?
Angie banked a ton during the nose game tonight. Is it possible that ABC is making Mark say "Im going to make everyone think I am the mol
1 messages
02-05-04 08:20 AM
Tracey Gold [View All]
[i][b] With the new season of Celebrity Mole I decided to dedicate a thread to each of the contestansts ao we can write what we know about the
101 messages
02-04-04 05:26 PM
Mole Suspect List v. 4.4 [View All]
1. [b]Tracey[/b] - No reason to switch her this week. Mark told her small buildings in the background, she paints a huge barn. Nice tact
24 messages
02-03-04 06:55 PM
Here is the mole (if you want to know)..........
D-ROD...........the number seven keeps coming up, why? guess who has 7 NBA rebounding titles? he also ate worms, guess what his nickname is..
1 messages
01-31-04 07:25 PM
the number 7
On the picture they were trying to win last night, their was a small number 7 on the golf hole flag. hmmmm
1 messages
01-29-04 03:03 PM
opening montage
last year they showed the mole in the opening montage looking out of the window of a helicopter. Why is Angie the only contestant in this years o
2 messages
01-29-04 02:26 PM
Rodman Spoiler!!!!
I have suspected Dennis Rodman as the Mole since episode 1 and last night I believe I uncovered a spoiler that may prove this. After the te
1 messages
01-29-04 01:52 PM
Episode 4 Quiz
Here's the quiz! Next episode looks like another one where everyone gets drunk. I wish they'd stop asking if the mole is male or female... It%
8 messages
01-29-04 01:23 PM
i can;t tell who the mole is everybody is just trying to make everybody else think they are the mole but you cant tell who is really the mole %
1 messages
01-29-04 12:34 PM
Alright Molerons... Let's VOTE!!!
Another week, another vote thread. Last week, 10 of our 31 voters managed to correctly identify Stephen Baldwin as the player that was eliminated
33 messages
01-29-04 10:01 AM
tennis shoes
I'm in the Tracey FOMO camp. However tonight one of the questions (6) was if the Mole was wearing tennis shoes during the "Still Life" comp
1 messages
01-29-04 08:40 AM
I have seen many clues that lead to angie................ she has journal number 7 and she was born on september 7 she was in bare wit
4 messages
01-29-04 08:38 AM
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