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MoleHunters - Online Game
MoleHunters is an online game based on the ABC show, The Mole. But there are a few changes: an unlimited number of players
0 messages
03-07-01 11:19 AM
test jpg "lovable asshole-type" Leif Eriksen
Leif Eriksen
2 messages
03-08-01 05:57 PM
Episodes Wanted!
Like some of you out there, I started watching the show after it had been going for a while. The only episodes I taped were the last two. I would
0 messages
03-08-01 07:26 PM
Charlie and his execution
Ok, If Charlie suspected Kathryn from the start, and he voted for her until his execution, then why was he executed? what does every
5 messages
03-09-01 11:24 AM
Was it just me, or was the last episode a bit disappointing?
Didn't the network promise us an insider view of the mole's activities and "clues"? Well, seeing how Kathryn managed to fool people on th
4 messages
03-09-01 11:31 AM
I DESPERATELY need tapes too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey fellow MOLE fanatics!!! Like some of you others im kicking myself for not taping all the other episodes!! I only have the last two. If a
1 messages
03-09-01 11:33 AM
Favorite Challenge
It seemed in general that the challenges improved with each episode. My favorite was the art museum challenge.
3 messages
03-11-01 08:06 PM
Financial Compensation for the idea
Aside from the "satisfaction of a job well done" does anyone know what type of financial compensation, if any, that Kathryn will receive? %0
Sushi Master
17 messages
03-11-01 09:31 PM
uh.....i think katherine's might be the mole
i had this dream the other nite....and there she was. she fainted in front of a door in some strange village. when they finally revived her, she s
2 messages
03-21-01 02:20 AM

-- 00: AM
Sticking with Wendi
Yes, I know there's an article that claims that the Mole has been revealed to be Wendi. But she was my #1 suspect after the first episode, an
2 messages
04-07-01 05:09 PM
Reality TV Survey
My name is Connie Kuo. I am a student at Indiana University. I would like you to tell me what you think about this web site. Click here for my questio
1 messages
04-08-01 12:44 PM
Anybody know some reality internet mole games that HAVE NOT started yet?
Anybody know some reality internet mole games that HAVE NOT started yet? Please reply if you do know any or e-mail me at
0 messages
04-10-01 03:48 PM
The Mole - Reruns in the Summer?
I wonder if there are any plans to re-run "The Mole" this summer? Since the identity has been revealed, there probably wouldn't be much int
1 messages
04-11-01 03:53 AM
The Mole Got to my VCR
Can anybody help me! My husband and I were out of the house on the night of the final epsisode (I know, mistake number 1). We had a mishap w
4 messages
04-11-01 09:09 AM
Kathryn did a LOUSY job........"editing" was the true mole.
Charlie knew she was the mole from Day 1 Kate knew soon after that. Jim and Steve figured it out by Day 3, reinforced by Steve
shakes the clown
17 messages
06-28-01 06:02 PM
Second Season
I loved the show from the beginning. I can't wait for the second season. My only concern is that the producers tweak the show too much. It's great
6 messages
08-11-01 03:32 PM
The 60 Mole Semi-finalists?
Does anyone know what's going on with the the final auditions for the production of the Mole II? I applied and was told that the 60 semi-finalist
1 messages
08-27-01 11:01 AM
From the producers
This will be [b]the[/b] reality TV show for spoilers... "To enhance the fundamental play-along aspect of The Mole 2, several
1 messages
09-20-01 03:55 PM
Episode One Preview (TV Guide Online)
Official Ep1 preview, from TV Guide Online: [i]There's a new focus along with a new saboteur as the reality spy game kicks off Se
0 messages
09-20-01 05:15 PM
ABC mulls more ``Mole''
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - The next betrayal hasn't yet begun, but ABC already is mulling a third installment of its reality series ``The Mole.
0 messages
09-20-01 05:26 PM
Last Nyte
What happened last nyte?
3 messages
09-23-01 04:00 AM
Rob Nelson's Official Fan site...
Following in BB Autumn's steps, this guy already has his fan site up: http://comm
0 messages
09-25-01 00:47 AM
Ep2 Preview (TV Guide) Contains Ep1 Spoilers
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-21-01 AT 08:04 PM (EST)[/font] Well, it's clear that we're not dealing with Mark Burnett
2 messages
09-25-01 00:51 AM
Apply for Mole 3
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-28-01 AT 01:11 AM (EST)[/font] Yes, that's right... apparently, ABC expects to have such
0 messages
09-28-01 01:11 AM
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