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Another Logo clue?
Look at the logo on themain Celeb Mole page. Look at Erik, Kathy and Fred. See the order they are standing in? Winner, Loser, and a
4 messages
02-02-03 07:36 PM
the mole is
Get ready to find for real who the mole is Michael isnot married. He is divorced. Why would he pretend to have a reason to be careful, un
8 messages
02-02-03 07:19 AM
I was doing a little investigation on Erik. I was sure that Boatman was the mole. Seeing all the boats led me that way. I did not realize that Erik
1 messages
02-02-03 02:03 AM
Episode 5 Quiz...
Only 19 questions??? That doesn't seem right. Wasn't it 25 in the previous seasons? Anyway, you can use this quiz to make inf
0 messages
02-01-03 07:54 PM
Website Clues
I can't remember if there have been any direct clues on the ABC website for the past seasons of The Mole, but I'm getting really suspicious of t
6 messages
02-01-03 01:56 PM
TV Guide: ep.6 Finale
From TVGuide: [i]The Mole is unmasked as the reality show ends its first celebrity season. "There was so much tension,
4 messages
01-31-03 01:22 PM
Boatman is executed!!!!
28 messages
01-31-03 01:20 PM
Erik clues
I think the Mole has to be Erik. A few things that stand out in my mind are... * In the Baa Baa Black sheep game, the nursery rhyme ends with
2 messages
01-31-03 08:46 AM
some clues about frederique, kathy, and michael:
here's somethings you can add to your lists: For your "Frederique" list: 1)she has a cat named Moliere 2)the sub wa
4 messages
01-31-03 02:19 AM
Erik Clues
Watching tonights episode, i saw several clues. ALL OF THEM told me ERIK! 1. First, Right at the opening, it showed a surfer a
14 messages
01-31-03 01:52 AM
Kathy or Erik
Hey I remember somebody posting that they had a ty po in kathys age and tonight she said that must be a ty po when she had to surf and not only it cou
12 messages
01-31-03 01:13 AM
I love the producers this season!!!!
The bogus clue rocked!!! They didn't tell us to watch for the hidden clue, and they totally snagged almost everyone! Here's hoping thi
14 messages
01-30-03 03:31 PM
Poor ol' fredy
Hey I just thought that this is a little funny that Erik and Kathy are kinda working together that would leave out ( I call her the middle child )
1 messages
01-30-03 08:32 AM
possible clue
i don't remember which exact episode this was in or if someone has already mentioned this possible directs suspicion on frederique %
2 messages
01-30-03 08:28 AM
Opening Sequence Big Clue! [View All]
SPOILER: Don't read if you don't want to know! ...But why would you be reading this forum if you didn't want to know???
29 messages
01-30-03 06:11 AM
Kathy's early interview...
...where she said she had a good time on the show but she "thinks she could have done better".... the Mole???? Man
2 messages
01-30-03 02:07 AM
Random Clues Theory
I have seen people discussing all of the random clues that point to different people as being the mole. It occurred to me that one possible explanati
1 messages
01-30-03 00:37 AM
Who has lost the most money for the team?
Now that this game is wide-open again it might be important to look at the money factor. In another thread, cyclehausen mentioned Bill's famous q
0 messages
01-30-03 00:35 AM
Amount of Money
Okay, we all know that the game is worth a maximum of $250,000. But through the first three episodes, the group has had a chance at $269,0
10 messages
01-29-03 11:14 PM
Hey Molerons It Is Time To Vote
hope I am not stepping on anyones toes by posting this. The Rules 1. Please put the name of your choice for this week's execut
28 messages
01-29-03 11:13 PM
SPOILER: Looky looky proves michael is the mole....
The looky looky game proves it's Michael Boatman. One of the contestants even suggested a different name for the game, but Ahmad said they had to
2 messages
01-28-03 05:32 PM
Michael Clue List
So, since a bunch of us are so stuck on Michael this season, I think we need a thread to compile all this information. Please, feel free to add
20 messages
01-28-03 03:54 PM
Another clue!
Remember, this is a SPOILERS ONLY ZONE! Okay, most of you believe that Michael is the mole. I have yet another clue to support that FACT! Here
2 messages
01-28-03 09:07 AM
Episode 4 Quiz
1.Is the mole male or female? Male Female 2.In the exemption game, did the mole's group answer the math question
2 messages
01-28-03 09:05 AM
Celebrity Mole - Episode 6 Press Release
1 messages
01-28-03 04:11 AM
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