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Did Mickey try to sabotage Marcel
He seemed way too pleased with the lost fish and actually checked the cart and smirked before they pulled away from the prep kitchen. Nah, it didn%
2 messages
02-05-07 01:14 PM
Top Chef Response Show
OK, the finale is over, although I'd wait until 2:00 AM or so EST to post any major spoilers, but with any flood of topics, putting respon
12 messages
02-05-07 02:15 AM
Passion versus talent?
If I have to hear Ilan say one more time that he has more passion about his food than Marcel does, I'm going to scream. Or throw up. Or, quite
5 messages
02-01-07 09:45 AM
Go Ilian
Hawaii, GO KICK SOME A**!
1 messages
02-01-07 03:42 AM
To learn big SPOILER, go to...
If you want to know who won Top Chef, go to What happened was Food and Wine online accidently posted their int
4 messages
01-31-07 05:19 PM
Marcel has fans, at The View
Watching right now The View. While chatting about Reality Shows that Rosie O'Donell and guest co-host for today Wednesday, January 31, 2007,
Palm Tree
1 messages
01-31-07 03:52 PM
Marcel in cartoons?
Do you all remember the Bugs Bunny cartoon with the 2 little cheifs. I call it the "Ala Antwon (sp)" cartoon. Don't you think Marcel has t
3 messages
01-31-07 07:55 AM
Padma is smoking hot & Gail is very attractive as well
I am a late comer to this show, and the hostess on this show, Padma, is certainly smoking hot former model/actress. I Googled her, and much
mocha madness
0 messages
01-29-07 05:52 PM
His food is good but if he wins this competion it will just PROVE you have to bean arregont bastard to be a good chef. At least now Sam has the reconi
8 messages
01-29-07 11:49 AM
who picks the judges?
What a farce! The judges gave the challenge didn't say you had to cook Sam did a great job and got booted Marcel used chemicals and foam what giv
1 messages
01-27-07 09:14 PM
rename the show to Top EVIL Chef
You should at the very least assure everyone has a private room and a key so that they can be safe in their room when then go to sleep, otherwise yo
5 messages
01-27-07 07:24 AM
New Thread....
because we can!!! Okay, so we know someone is going to majorly screw up by being a wise @ss. And I think people are in agreement
6 messages
01-26-07 09:26 AM
Guest judges
I guess it's been pretty well established that we are not too impressed with any of the regular judges except Tom, but what did you think of the g
5 messages
01-25-07 11:24 PM
It's been obvious to me thru out this entire show, that the only people arrogant and "insecure" is everyone BUT Marcel! It's very easy to
1 messages
01-25-07 09:09 PM
The Final Two are a JOKE!
I can't believe that Sam was asked to leave! Obviously the best cook of all, yet they allowed that snake Ilan, YES, ILAN, to stay? Mar
1 messages
01-25-07 07:02 PM
judging sort of
The final of Top chef will be of no interest to me as it has become clear that the results are pre determined. If you are an arrogant self centered bo
4 messages
01-25-07 07:01 PM
The judges
Was it me, or did the judge that was announcig who would stay or go (I forgot he name) but anyhow -- while announcing their names she looked lik
1 messages
01-25-07 01:20 PM
NO Way!!!
I cannot even believe that they took that little RAT over Sam. Good looks aside Sam was by far the better chef through the whole season....Did they ke
1 messages
01-25-07 08:44 AM
Judges are idiots
I can't believe any of those judges would know a top chef if one jumped up and bit any of them in the ***. Tom, the top idiot, is the wor
1 messages
01-25-07 08:42 AM
Marcel is the new object of my disgust with reality TV
I have lost all respect for this show! It was pretty clear to me and all of America that the two finalists should have been Ilan and Sam - they won
4 messages
01-25-07 08:42 AM
Tom C should be Fired!!!
Get a grip! Have some fuchi ng Integrity. You are judging the kitchen and the food. Have some balls buddy. Marcel is a complete player. How does
1 messages
01-25-07 08:40 AM
I declare Ilan WINNER! If your food sucks but the presemtation ig great, who gives a flying #####! Sorry, Bravo we are smarter tha
1 messages
01-25-07 08:40 AM
I smell a rat!!!!!!!
On most reality/game shows, the producers are pretty adamant that the contestants have no connection to anyone who might have influence on the sho
1 messages
01-25-07 08:39 AM
Did they attack Marcel after - or BEFORE they shaved?
Has anyone seen this: /view-of-elia-aboumrads-still-grassy.html Screenshot
8 messages
01-24-07 04:09 PM
It was all a joke yes, it did get kind of crazy for a bit but, you have to admit he does need a haircut.. All in fun, if he was part of the gro
2 messages
01-22-07 06:57 PM
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