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"AGT Semifinal #2 "
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undercovermonk 21 desperate attention whore postings
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09-03-14, 00:21 AM (EST)
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"AGT Semifinal #2 "
Dabo must be enjoying a Labor Day Hangover. So I'm just gonna post my usual recap. Feel free to post below with your usual stuff.

AGT Semi-finals #2

1. Jonah Smith: Sad to see this guy having to open the show. He is...consistent. Never spectactular always good. I kinda agree with Howard. This wasn't his best performance. Jonah had a great rebuttal though. He knows he is not gonna win and is just trying to promote himself. Good for you sir. I hope he has a great career.

2. Baila Conmigo: Probably my least favorite act still in the competition. They say the kids are their secret weapon and they are right. The adults can't dance which is why they bring the kids out front and center. They will have to really p their game to win me over especially after two straight weeks of beautiful dancing from the Bad Boys of Ballet. What a mess. It wasn't as bad as usual. Holy crap Howie saying what Ive been saying all year. Get rid of the adults. I think we will see these guys in the Americas Choie which means we will see naother mara justine situation.

3. Jaycob Curlee: Wow I am shocked Jacob is not getting a better draw. Kinda tired of his sob story just play man. I hate it when they put the at in the middle of the audience it throws off the acoustics. Good song choice. He did better than usual. Howard right on with his critique. Even admitted that he had vocal issues. No idea what America will think. Mel is right on America likes him so he just has to not be bad. I see him in the Americas choice group.

4. Matt Franco: He and Smoothini will be competing against each other. He has improved each week. I am anxious to see how he does. He is talented but he just isn't as charismatic as the other magicians this year. I don't think he was as good as last time. Not sure where he will place. Will have to see what Smoothini does.

5. Acro Army: I was surprised that they made it through last time. They are facing long odds but these guys could surprise. Wow. WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!!! OH MY GOD NOOOOO! Never ever seen anything as scary as that. Beautiful, exciting, I need to rewind that. They must go on. Note: after rewatching I missed so much. The background guys and gals are doing insane stuff. Seriously They need to go on.

6. Kelly Glover: What? who is getting the sweet spot this week. I would have put my money on Kelly or Jaycob. Maybe it will be Quintavius or Scooby. Either way its a win. I like Kelly but she isn't anything special. Meh. Yawn. She lost some energy as the song went on. Howard was right as usual tonight. Very cruise ship level. With the judges not praising her I think she is done.

7. Wendy Liebman: Howard's wildcard. Howard loves her for some unknown reason. She hasn;t made me laugh once this season. I like comedy I hope she does well but not expecting much. Horrid. Just. Not. Funny. Waste of a spot. No way she goes on with this group.

8. Blue Journey: I loved these guys audition. disliked their quarterfinal performance. Already like the set-up. The shadow dance was amazing. The effects were so far above anything I have seen on this show. I think my votes will go to acro army (they will need my help) but this WAS the act of the night. Way to bounce back.

9. Emil and Darriel: will we get to see Granpa? Aww seriously no Grandpa. Love the song choice. The way they go from rock to beauty is amazing. Well done boys. A singer could be a good idea. Where is Grandpa though. awww now I feel bad. Sorry grandpa you just sit and enjoy your grandsons.

10. Smoothini: America showed the judges that last Howie was right. He can do close-up magic because the camera shows us what he is doing and we vote not the people in Radio City. This guys is so smooth and hilarious. He has such charisma. How did he do that. He is just pun intended...smooth. Howard the people at home voted for him last time. We DID connect.

11. Christian Stoinev and Scooby: The next two acts should have a free pass to the finals as long as they just do what they need to. Scooby is adorable. Yes love me some Kenny Loggins. Uh-oh some issues with Scooby. And now some magic. Is there anything this guy can't do. Mel was right it did feel a bit slow. I would love to see him do some more handbalancing BUT I think America won't care.

12. Quintavius Johnson: I'm so glad this kid is getting the money spot. I am not a fan of kid acts but I would not be upset if he won the whole thing. I love his personality. geeze this kid has an amazing voice. He did a nice slow build. Wow that ending was sick.

Power Rankings:
1. Blue Journey
2. Acro Army
3. Quintavius Johnson
4. Smoothini
5. Emil and Darriel
6. Christian Stoinev & Scooby
7. Jonah Smith
8. Matt Franco
9. Jaycob Curlee
10. Baila Conmigo
11. Kelly Glover
12. Wendy Liebman

How America will vote:
1. Quintavius Johnson
2. Blue Journey
3. Emil and Darriel
4. Christian Stoinev and Scooby

5. Jaycob Curlee
6. Smoothini
7. Acro Army

Which means Jaycob will move on in Americas Vote and Acro Army will be saved by the judges. Hopefully my cynacism is wrong. America does seem to love magic so maybe Jaycob won't make the top 7. Im confident Acro Army will be saved by the judges no matter who they are up against. so my top 3 should be safe.

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 RE: AGT Semifinal #2 dabo 09-03-14 1
 Results! dabo 09-04-14 2
   RE: Results! Agman2 01-25-16 3

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dabo 26942 desperate attention whore postings
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09-03-14, 07:54 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: AGT Semifinal #2 "
Yeah, the need for sleep caught up with me. Seems that AGT back-loaded the strongest acts this week, I fully approve.

01. Jonah Smith, musician. Excellent kick-off for the evening, great song for him.

02. Baila Conmigo, dancers. Now the adults are holding back so as to not outshine the children, no thanks.

03. Jaycob Curlee, singer. Very easy song choice, bored me to tears how little he did with it.

04. Mat Franco, magician. Great showman, ho-hum trick. Good fun, though.

05. Acro Army, acrobats. Fantastic high energy routine that kept building, now we're talking!

06. Kelli Glover, singer. Good fun retro stage performance, could have used a bit more energy for following the army.

07. Wendy Liebman, comedienne (Howard's wild card). Now we know what Heidi considers comedy, monotonous tedium.

08. Blue Journey, dancers. I really did not care for this routine as it seemed more technology than dance, shame.

09. Emil & Dariel, cellists. Great! Excellent song to showcase cello, fantastic staging, loved it!

10. Smoothini, magician. Now that's how you do it, kept the tricks coming, great routine.

11. Christien Stoinev and his dog Scooby and his other dog Scooby, balancer. Amusing for an animal act, disappointing for a balancing act.

12. Quintavious Johnson (12), singer. Knock out performance to finish the evening.

My tops:
Acro Army
Emil & Dariel
Jonah Smith

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dabo 26942 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

09-04-14, 08:48 AM (EST)
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2. "Results!"
And so our Top 12 are complete, and only two weeks remaining this season.

Acro Army KOed Baila Conmigo to grab the seventh spot. YAY!

Then Emil & Dariel strung up Kelli Glover and Wendy Leibman for the eighth spot. YAY! Good-bye eyecandy, but maybe the boys will ask her to sing next week.

Mat Franco then tricked the ninth spot from Jonah Smith (bad night for singers, there goes the best one above the age of 12).

But then Quintavious Johnson blew away Jaycob Curlee for tenth, and yeah singer v. singer that went the right way.

Then it was time for the scrapoogle gypvotes to hand out the eleventh spot, and Blue Journey makes it to the next round!

Leaving the judges to decide the final spot between Smoothini and Christien Stoinev & the Scoobies. For whatever reason Mel and Howard and Howie went for the dogs-balancer.

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Agman2 1606 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Peanut Festival Grand Marshall"

01-25-16, 04:19 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Results!"
Hi Dabo, what 's up with you lately?

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