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"Quarterfinal #4"
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Original message

dabo 26434 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

08-19-14, 11:43 PM (EST)
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"Quarterfinal #4"
and last QF this season. 8/19. Pretty enjoyable night, though not a wowzer. I enjoyed it, anyway. Five acts will move on to the semis, which ones is a mystery to me.

01. Bad Boys of Ballet, dance group. Very good, seemed pretty standard to me, but quite watchable.

02. One Voice Children's Choir. Another nice act, a bit less than impressive, but they didn't miss a note and are pretty cute.

03. Jonah Smith, singer. Typical singer guy, but damn good staging I must say.

04. Dom the Bom's Triple Threat, kid with cards. Ho-hum. Good song choice though.

05. Extreme, dance group. Very cool set, picked things up nicely, loved it. Best act of the first five. For what that's worth.

06. Emil & Dariel, rock'n'roll cellists. Sucky song choice in my opinion, but they made the best of it and came through. Pleasing pickup.

07. Nina Burri, contortionist. I could watch her all night, girl got it.

08. Quintavius Johnson (12), singer. Yeah, that was good. Terrible song, but the live audience got into it apparently.

09. Mothmen Dance, dance group. Impressive stuff but it seemed a trick show on wires to me, was there a theme? I got confoosed.

10. Smoothini, magician. Continuing the confusion, it was a bit too hard to follow the trioks, but he kept them coming throughout instead of being a one-trick pony, enjoyable.

11. Jonatan Riquelme, acrobat. Wow! Act of the night! Yeah, the night, for what that's worth. He really stepped it up, loved it.

12. Kelli Glover, singer. Good finish to the night, an excellent singer and I thought she was wonderful tonight. Not to mention being oh so eye-candy.

My top five:
Jonatan Riquelme
Kelli Glover
Nina Burri (eye-candy+)
Bad Boys of Ballet

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 RE: Quarterfinal #4 undercovermonk 08-20-14 1
 Results! dabo 08-21-14 2
 RE: Quarterfinal #4 EJConroy 08-21-14 3
 Hey Hey dabo 08-22-14 4

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undercovermonk 15 desperate attention whore postings
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08-20-14, 01:37 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: Quarterfinal #4"
AGT Quarterfinal #4

Didn't realize that this was the last Quarterfinal. I will be putting my wildcard picks at the bottom of my recap.

1. Bad Boys of Ballet- I wasn't a huge fan of these guys last time and I understand why they were put here at the top of the show. They have some stiff competition but I must say I LOVED IT. This was all about staging and timing. Every move was perfectly together. (PLEASE TAKE NOTES BAILA CONMIGO). The colorful costumes against a monochrome background worked perfectly. Its rare I agree with Mel B and disagree with Howard but that was fun. A great start to the show but with this group and this placing their best shot may be a wildcard pick-up.

2. One Voice Childrens Chrior- These guys should not have made it through this far. If I wanted to hear a bad "Let it Go" cover I would go to youtube. Strike that if I wanted to hear a good cover I would go to youtube if I wanted to hear a bad rendition I would tune into NBC's America's Got Talent. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM AMERICA. Hopefully Quintavius will steal their votes.

3. Jonah Smith: Probably the second best group of the season just a bit below serendip. Can't wait to hear him. Great song choice. HOLY CRAP!!! That was amazing. Howard is right he is the real deal. This guy will get picked up even if he doesn't win. Two acts that deserve my vote already. Not sure how I am going to choose.

4. Dom the bom's Triple Threat: These kids are cute and they are fodder. He was missing all sorts of stuff. He was getting some air on those cards but I don't want to see them in the semi's. Howard was spot on. This is why kid acts should not be allowed. It hinders the judging. Nic having to do his preview while being assaulted by cards was funny though.

5. Extreme: Don't remember these guys. These seemed passionate in their package. WOW!!! There were some crazy stunts. They had one mistake but that was it the rest of the act was perfection. I loved it loved it loved it. What is up with Howard tonight. I usually agree with him but he was just wrong. AGT is making it tough on me.

6. Emil and Dariel: I like these two but they face an uphill climb. Another great intro video. I prefer the passion for art angles to the my dog had cancer type sob stories. oooh I like that they start with a classical sound. but the transition into rock did not work for me. Not my style of music but I thought it was a bit screechy. They could move on but its just not my cup of tea.

7. Nina Bori: I'm not a huge fan of contortion acts but I will give it a go. Another great intro. I am very interested in how the acts pursued their dreams. That is insane and surprisingly beautiful. You can see her ballet background. a bit short and a bit boring but beautiful. I don't think she will make it but her dream has already come true. Howard is right tonight has been surprisingly motivational. Heidi with a good comment about the act being lost on the big stage. Mel B was right that it was too short. Howie being creepy and innapropriate. Thank you Howie your presence on the panel is never missed (sarcasm).

8. Quintavius Johnson: The rare true young talent on the show. Hopefully the nerves won't get to him. I swear the package dominance continues. He starts too early. Live television strikes again. Oooh dangerous song choice. He starts a bit weak. Then he comes off those steps and just starts killing the audience with his high notes. Mara jade take notice. Drop the mic Quintavius. hello semi-finalist number one. I will probably have to throw my votes elsewhere because quintavius won't need my help. I love Quintavius.

9. Mothmen Dance: I like them in the auditions BUT I thought it was bit ameturish. I want to see if they will be a bit more polished. Well I'm not sure what to think. They are creative but not nearly as good dancers as Extreme and Bad Boy's. I think they will go on because they were different as Howard says but I still disagree that technical dancing is boring. They wouldn't get my vote.

10. Smoothini: His audition was some of the best magic I've ever seen. Another great intro. Very interesting life story. WHAT!!! how is he doing this. That's all I have to say. amazing. He doesn't have a lot of polish but the magic is unreal. Howie speaks the truth. The camera could see and that's what matters. I hope.

11. Jonatan Raquelme: Our circus act of the night. I'm not sure how he will top himself from the auditions. WHAT!!! I can not believe he did a handstand. Now here comes the moment of truth. 5 cylinders. Unreal. That was great. But Im not sure how many times I will be able to watch it. He deserves another showing.

12. Kelli Glover: Our AGT sponsored singer of the night. She has some tough competition. another singer helped by a backing track. Too many missed low notes and screechy high notes. Pass. I'm sure America will disagree. Surprising that Mel B actually gave some constructive criticism.

That WAS a great night and I'm sure America will disagree with me.

Power Rankings:
1. Quintavius Johnson
2. Extreme
3. Bad Boys of Ballet
4. Smoothini
5. Jonah Smith
6. Jonaton Riquelme
7. Nina Burri
8. Mothmen Dance
9. Kelli Glover
10. Emil and Dariel
11. Dom the Bom
12. One Voice Childrens Chrior

How America will vote:
1. Quintavius Johnson
2. Kelli Glover
3. Jonaton Riquelme
4. Mothmen Dance

with a judges pick between jonah smith and smoothini. both will make it because someone will save him with a wildcard pick. I expect tears at the injustice of it all. The dancing was unbelieveable. Both badboys and extreme deserve to move on. I will be giving all my vote to extreme because they were just a bit better. Please prove my pessimism wrong America.

My Wildcard picks. Any of my top 5 that didnt make it. Plus on the off chance that all five make it Im providing four more candidates who deserve a second chance.

My Top 8 Wild Card hopefuls:
1. Extreme
2. Bad Boys of Ballet
3. Smoothini
4. Flight Crew Jump Rope
5. Cornell Bhangra
6. Jasmine Flowers
7. Jonah Smith
8. Loop Rawlins

Who the Judges will pick:
Heidi: Adrian Romoff- Heidi is a sucke for the cute kids and he is very memorable.
Howard: Wendy Liebman- For some reason he is in love with her.
Howie: Smoothini- I think he will need saving and Howie will defend him.
Mel B: Acte II- She seemed to love them and I just know that AGT loves to dissapoint me.

Im being a bit of a cynic and certinley Mel could save Bad Boys of Ballet or Howard save Jasmine Flowers or wonder of wonder, miracles of miracles Extreme could make it in and Kelli Glover could go home but I live in a world where Kevin Skinner won this competition and the Chicago Boys didn't even make the finals. Oh well it was a great night of talent and we will have a great semifinal group regardless.

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dabo 26434 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

08-21-14, 00:51 AM (EST)
Click to EMail dabo Click to send private message to dabo Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
2. "Results!"
LAST EDITED ON 08-21-14 AT 00:55 AM (EST)

Well, it was a bad night for my votes this week, but oh well. Nothing to pop a champagne cork over, but no reason to drown my sorrows neither. Lot of young'uns on that stage tonight.

The first three acts Nick called up for judgment were cellists Emil & Dariel, brats Dom the Bom's Triple Threat, and the Extreme dancers. Great, one act I voted for, one I do like but didn't vote for, and the brats. At least those brats aren't going to be begging in front of the judges.

And then Nick announced the act moving on to the semis is the cellists! Say good-bye to Extreme and the Trips.

Next two acts to face judgment, Bad Boys of Ballet and Jonah Smith, both good acts and deserving. Of course, since I voted for the dance group the Jonah Smith band got to move on to the semis.

I'm actually fine with both the acts that have moved on at this point, no really.

Next up, kid singer Quintavius Johnson and the Mothmen Dance group. Didn't vote for either of them. And Quintavius goes ahead in the competition! I'm good, of all the kids on the stage this is the one I actually did like this week. And Mothmen is a pretty stupid name.

The next two acts come up, acrobat Jonatan Riquelme and magician Smoothini. My #1 hope for the week and a pretty decent magician, and of course we have to say good-bye to Jonatan. WHAT! I like Smoothini, not disappointed he is going forward, but I really thought, still do think, Jonatan was the top act this week. Damn me and my cursed votes anyway!

That left two eye-candies and a bunch of kids, two of which would face the judges. And I just know that the One Voice Children's Choir wouldn't still be on the stage if they were going to be eliminated, which eye-candy would be sent home? Contortionist Nina Burri got the pink slip, ARRRRRRGH!

That left singer Kelli Glover to face the judges against all those damned cute kids. Please, judges, throw me a bone here.

And they did! In short order Mel and then Howard and then Howie (yes, Howie the Dope) all voted through Kelli! YAY! Nina was much better eye-candy, but YAY!

Next week, Semis begin!

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EJConroy 4 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "American Cancer Society Spokesperson"

08-21-14, 11:28 PM (EST)
Click to EMail EJConroy Click to send private message to EJConroy Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
3. "RE: Quarterfinal #4"
Quarterfinals are over already? Rats...and I'm late to the game here.

As the seasons whiz by I think I'm turning into an AGT cynic. We kept flipping over to Face Off and the Wil Wheaton Project a lot--and when you're plummeting through Deep Cable, you know you're in trouble. But anyway...

Bad Boys of Ballet, dance group--This was another instance of the overzealous production types getting to an act and removing almost everything that made the act sizzle. That these guys are great dancers still came through, but without the edge and the street that brought the modern to this ballet, it did end up looking like Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" video. You Tube it if it was before your time.

One Voice Children's Choir--Please, no more choirs. Just no more choirs. I don't care how cute they are. If I want cute I'll go to Pet Smart.

Jonah Smith, singer--I have to admit, the guy's an old soul and a foot soldier in the army of classic rock. Refreshing. I'm glad he finally introduced his band, who are no slouches either.

Dom the Bom's Triple Threat, kid with cards--What's happened to society when three kids with playing cards destroying things (and attacking people) gets called entertainment? Seriously, I want to know.

Extreme, dance group--I lived through the '80's. This was kind of an unexciting flashback. Actually, I was in a dance troupe that did some very similar stuff with half the drama and twice the danger. I guess you just never forget getting a tooth knocked out on your seventeenth birthday...

Emil & Dariel, rock'n'roll cellists--"Satisfaction" is a sucky song choice? Get schooled, my friend! This tune turns 50 next year, and the electric cello just made certain it will continue its legacy for future generations. And the look on my dad's face (who was in college when this was a hot new tune) made it all priceless. For other electric cello references, check out Rasputina.

Nina Burri, contortionist--I agree that this is the kind of act AGT should be about. And not only is Nina breathtaking, she came with a great back story. I'm truly sorry she won't be back.

Quintavius Johnson (12), singer--It sounded like a lot of screeching to me, and who knows what puberty will do to this kid's voice.

Mothmen Dance, dance group--Was this like the Mothman legend of West Virginia or were the dancers meant to be light like moths? Either way, it was innovative and I loved it. The head Mothman had some difficulty with his harness, but I think he was also trying things not tried in a dance routine before an audience before. Those 360 degree harnesses are no joke!

Smoothini, magician--He's not at all bad, but something untoward was up with his getting voted into the semis. I was watching at home with the benefit of television cameras and I really didn't see where his act was that amazing. In a bar, I'd stuff a $10 into his cup and hope he would go away.

Jonatan Riquelme, acrobat--Yeah, okay, I get how hard this is, I really do. But it gets a little hard to watch after a few seconds too. After a while I started thinking about hooking up a Star Wars action figure to my Newton's yo-yo and seeing how it compared.

Kelli Glover, singer--Now this lady, I love. I'm with Mel B in that she needs to own her voice and feel her own confidence. And of course, she's beautiful, but it's a beauty forged by a difficult life. I wish her the best.

Not that it matters, but my five picks:
Emil and Dariel (got some satisfaction)
Nina Burri
Mothmen Dance
Kelli Glover

Wage peace!

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dabo 26434 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

08-22-14, 00:51 AM (EST)
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4. "Hey Hey"
I'll be on the road until sometime next week. Anyone can jump in any time and start a thread!
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