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"The Vegas Week Thread"
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Original message

dabo 25344 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-25-12, 10:23 PM (EST)
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"The Vegas Week Thread"
Hey, it's Vegas week! This is the thread to post anything whatsoever you want about the Vegas shows, so have at it. Haven't seen tonight's show yet so I can't comment, and I suppose it should be reminded that there are spoiler rules on these boards, as in :::

Please refrain posting any spoilers from episodes you've seen on the East Coast until those episodes commence on the West Coast. Since episodes commence at 9PM Eastern that means on the left coast they commence at 9PM Pacific, or midnight Eastern.

Thank you.


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 Vegas Night 1 dabo 06-26-12 1
 Vegas Night 2 dabo 06-27-12 2
   RE: Vegas Night 2 frankz 06-27-12 3
       Advisory!!! dabo 06-27-12 4
           RE: Advisory!!! frankz 06-27-12 5
 Vegas Night 3 dabo 06-28-12 6

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dabo 25344 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-26-12, 08:49 PM (EST)
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1. "Vegas Night 1"
LAST EDITED ON 06-27-12 AT 05:39 PM (EST)

Wow, the singers had a bad night, as did some of the dancers. This may be the year of variety.

Early in the episode we got the first three eliminations:

01. Bandbaz Brothers, acrobats. Don't understand why, they had a good audition and I was looking forward to seeing them again, seeing if they could work out some of their problems.

02. Charlie C, singer. First singer to fall by the wayside, but he seemed like a good singer, better than some who weren't automatically eliminated.

03. Ivy Rose, rock band. No great loss though they were an okay band and rock doesn't need stellar singing.

Then the three automatic tickets to New York (actually Newark):

04. William Close, musician. Much as I liked the earth harp, I think he really should have had to show what else he can bring to the show.

05. David "The Bullet" Smith, human cannonball. Seriously? Not to knock him, what he does is impressive, but how many variations of human cannonball are there?

06. Olate Dogs, animal act. Granted, the best animal act in seven seasons of the show, but again they should have had to show what else they can bring to the show.

Then the performances began:

07. All Wheel Sports, stunt team. Seemed like a good performance but there are an awful lot of them and an awful lot of things going on all at once.

08. American BMX Stunt Team. Much better stunts presentation marred by one very bad fall, unfortunately. The better stunts team but under the circumstances if they move on to the next round American BMX probably should as well.

09. New Guard America, drill team. Very good performance though they do need to tighten up in a few place.

10. Cristin Smith, balancing act. Excellent performance though it was a variation on what he did in his audition, a bit tougher extended the same thing; if he goes to the next round I want him to show more versatility.

11. Ben Blaque, crossbow marksman. Really stepped it up!

12. Mary Joyner, singer. It was okay singing, nothing impressive, kind of disappointing. Nerves got to her.

13. Roxy Doll, singer. See previous.

14. Briana Price, singer. See previous.

15. Cecilia Detweiler, singer. Slightly better than three previous but still defeated by nerves.

16. Luna, singer. Crash and burn, instant elimination.

17. Nikki Jenson, singer. Very nice performance, interesting interpretation by a singer with a unique voice. Any other season she might be in a fight to stay alive but not this year.

18. Funk Beyond Control, dancers. Great performance, loved how they brought more stagemanship to their act.

19. All That!, dancers. Fantastic routine!

20. Loyalty Dance Team. Lacked energy, not as good as their audition.

21. 787 Crew, dancers. Loved it, lot of energy and precision, but unfortunately one misstep led to a nasty collision and fall.

22. Horse, mutant power lack of sensation. I really hate this act even though it gives Sharon hysterical fits. I hope he doesn't go on, only ballbusters can truly "get" any enjoyment from this, and nothing personal, "Horse," but it is a stupid talent.

23. All Beef Patty, female impersonator/singer. Seriously, the best singer of the night.

24. Joe Castillo, sand and light painter. Wonderful presentation, different but still moving theme, best song choice of the night. I don't see much future for this act other than just going from one theme to another, but I'll enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

25. Todd Oliver and Irving, ventriloquist with dog. I lvoe this act, had some better material than before.

26. Light Wire Theater, light show/dancers. Neat variation on the light show, stepped it up a bit from their audition.

27. Aurora Light Painters, light show. Loved it!

28. Simply Sergio, singer. Not feeling well he just didn't perform well.

29. Luiz Meneghin, singer. Good singing, but he seemed much better as a performaer, actually emotive, in his audition.

30. Andrew De Leon, singer. Epic fail, damn shame.

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dabo 25344 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-27-12, 12:49 PM (EST)
Click to EMail dabo Click to send private message to dabo Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
2. "Vegas Night 2"
LAST EDITED ON 06-27-12 AT 05:41 PM (EST)

Variety continues to shine, though the singers had a better night. Only one real dance act tonight? What happened to the four stellar solo dancers???

Performing tonight were:

31. Eric Dittelman, mind reader. Okay, that was a neat trick, no idea how he managed that one. Good job!

32. Taylor Reed, magician. Not a good edit but he stepped it up by doing the same trick but bigger, helicopter rather than motorcycle.

33. Justin Rivera, magician. Simple trick, blew the execution.

34. Spencer Horsman, escape artist. Excellent execution of water escape, the props this time looked even more real than the prop from the audition. I don't believe those locks were really locks, honestly, but they sure looked real.

35. Eric & Olivia, accompanist and singer. She's wonderful, loved her song choice, very moving. He's a prop.

36. Maurice & Shanice Hayes, singers. They both have great voices and mix well, though she is clearly the powerhouse of the act.

37. Jorge & Alexa Narvaez, dad and 7-year-old singer. Good singing, didn't play to the audience (camera) but to each other this time, not engaging.

38. Jacob Williams, comedian. Good material but it needed more honing in front of audiences.

39. Sammy Obeid, comedian. Seen only in a snippet but it was one good joke.

40. Dave Burleigh, comedian. Loved the Walken impersonation, second only to Nicholson in most impersonated category these days.

41. Kellen Erskine, comedian. He has potential but needs to work on his delivery.

42. Tom Cotter, comedian. Very funny and kept it going.

43. Frank Roche, comedian. Flop, instant elimination, so long.

44. Sebastian "El Charro de Oro", 10-year-old singer with mariachi band. Wow oh wow, this kid really hits it big; the band is damn good too.

45. Isaac Brown, 6-year-old singer-dancer. Cute as the dickens, did a nice job for a 6-year-old.

46. The Untouchables, 8- to 13-year-old dancers. Hokeysmokes! these kids are sharp, excellent presentation.

47. Amazing Elizabeth, 6-year-old aerialist. Incredible talent, stepped it up slightly from her audition, but seems to be in her own world, no engagement.

48. Edon, 14-year-old singer (piano). Great voice, great playing, touching performance.

49. Ulysses, singer. I thought it was a good song choice despite what Howie said, at least it was a hit song not just a TV show theme song, needs to expand his limited niche to include movie theme songs.

50. Daniel Park, singer (guitar). Great presentation in the snippet we got to see.

51. Jake Wesley Rogers, 15-year-old singer (piano). Good voice and playing, needs to work on presentation but he's getting there.

52. Tim Poe, singer. Does have talent but why he even bothered to show up in Vegas, well let's just say brain damaged and leave it at that.

53. Tim Hockenberry, singer (piano). Great great talent, loved it, though he seemed to hit a glitch right at the end.

Then the judges went and bickered, followed by a confusing montage of good news/bad news. Condensing it for all of you (Is anybody out there?):

Joining William Close, Olate Dogs and David "The Bullet" Smith with tickets to New York Newark!...

787 Crew
All Beef Patty
All That!
All Wheel Sports
American BMX Stunt Team
Aurora Light Painters
Ben Blaque
Cristin Sandu
Eric and Olivia
Eric Dittelman
Horse (well fr'crud)
Jacob Williams
Jake Wesley Rogers
Joe Castillo
Light Wire Theater
Nikki Jensen
Sebastian "El Charro de Oro"
Shanice and Maurice Hayes (good, they changed the billing so she's first)
Spencer Horsman
Tim Hockenberry
Todd Oliver and Irving
Tom Cotter
The Untouchables

Say good-bye to (presumably) all of:

Amazing Elizabeth, Andrew De Leon (hope he comes back next year), Briana Price, Cecilia Detweiler, Daniel Park, Dave Burleigh, Funk Beyond Control (wha?), Isaac Brown (cya kid), Jorge & Alexa Narvaez, Justin Rivera, Kellan Erskine, Loyalty Dance Team, Luiz Meneghin, Mary Joyner, New Guard America (blast it, I thought they should go on), Roxy Doll, Sammy Obeid, Simply Sergio, Taylor Reed (that was a surprise), and (good riddance) Tim Poe.

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frankz 1210 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Politically Incorrect Guest"

06-27-12, 03:36 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Vegas Night 2"
52. Tim Poe, singer.
Howard said on his radio show today that Vegas was taped before the lies came out. They eliminated him strictly on performance.
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dabo 25344 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-27-12, 04:06 PM (EST)
Click to EMail dabo Click to send private message to dabo Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
4. "Advisory!!!"
Thanks. I knew the auditions were taped long ago but hadn't bothered to look up when the Vegas shows were recorded. They obviously edited Poe down, though, to the minimum exposure level, showing only what little they needed to show.

Anyway, ADVISORY TO ALL: Tonight's program will run two hours. Shouldn't run longer since it isn't live, but you never know as it would only eat into some local news time.

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frankz 1210 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Politically Incorrect Guest"

06-27-12, 05:31 PM (EST)
Click to EMail frankz Click to send private message to frankz Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
5. "RE: Advisory!!!"
Well see, thatís why you need to subscribe to Sirius.
Ok, Iíll handle that part.
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dabo 25344 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-28-12, 11:24 PM (EST)
Click to EMail dabo Click to send private message to dabo Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
6. "Vegas Night 3"
And so the stand-bys took the stage to battle it out for the 20 remaining spots in the Top 48.

54. Hawley Magic, magician. Neat levitation, simple trick but done with a lot of style.

55. Giani, magician. Simple trick, takes about half a second to figure it out.

56. Jarrett & Raja, magician & musician. Seemed a basic routine but then they pulled off a big surprise, excellent!

57. The All Ways, rock band. Good set, a little choppy but better than their audition.

58. Wordspit, the Illest!, something band. Unique, good, left me wanting more.

59. The HillBenders, bluegrass band. All hat no cattle.

60. Dillon Haven and Friends, 12-year-old singer oldies band. The kid's okay, band is the bare basics, it has potential.

61. Emily Anne Band, pop band. Weak singing but good for them for bluffing their way through with strong presentation. Hey, it's Vegas, bluffing is a legitimate strategy.

62. The Distinguished Men of Brass (D-Mo Brass), marching jazz band. Love these guys, much improved over their audition.

63. LionDanceMe, dancers/acrobats. Impressive.

64. Cliff's Demo Team, martial arts team. Ho and oh yeah hum.

65. Kota Sports, stunts team. Pretty good, toy scooters are more appropriate for the indoor stage than bikes and cycles.

66. Serengeti Steve, animal trainer. Gross and not my thing.

Judge Fight! Judge Fight! Judge Fight!

67. Lil Babywockee, 6-year-old dancer. Okay for a 6-year-old, she should get better over the next few years.

68. Lil Starr, 6-year-old dancer. Didn't we just see that? Actually, I loved this one, cute, good theme, wonderful tapping.

69. Danielle Stallings, 14-year-old singer. Best solo female singer yet.

70. The Cos Fam, kid dancers. Seemed pretty sharp but needed to step it up just a little bit more.

71. Tevin McGuire, 13-year-old singer. Nice voice, nothing special.

72. Unity in Motion, kid dancers. Had some mistakes but kept going to the end.

73. The Williams Bruthas, kid dancers. Took their time, did a good job, missed a beat here and there.

74. Summer Lacy, aerialist. Excellent!

75. Ben Mendoza Circus, acrobats/gymnasts. Very busy, lacked focus, technically good individually but a bad group performance.

76. Donovan & Rebecca, gymnasts. Wow!

Note to producers, editors, anyone who will listen: Cut it out with the cutaways during visually oriented acts, we need to see the performances not Howie, Howard, Sharon, the audience, Nick, the others back stage, damn it! CUT * IT * OUT!

77. Rob Hayes, rapper. Okay I suppose. Bad edit.

78. The Rhymatist, rapper. See previous.

79. Svet, rapper. Aw, man! He should stick with the fiddle. Bad edit.

80. Granny G, comedy rapper. Well, it was funny, what we got to see of it.

81. Burton Crane, novelty rapper. Not as catchy as What You Gonna Do.

82. Battle Born, dancers. Energetic but bad edit.

83. Old Shoes New Shoes, dancers. Some nice old school tap.

84. Lisa Clark Dancers, teen dancers. Kinda strange routine but done well.

85. The Scott Brothers, dancers. Liked it, engaging despite a bad edit.

86. Inspire the Fire, glee group. Enjoyable performance but there were times when they should have pushed it up just one more notch, sold it, and they never did.

87. David Garibaldi and His CMYK's. Pretty cool.

88. John Pizzi, virtual ventriloquist. Live people as ventriloquist dummies, with screens over their faces so you can't see them move their mouths, yeah that's a stellar idea! What was he thinking?

89. Michael Nejad, musician. Very good, may have miffed it slightly in one spot.

90. Mike Price, aka Rock Star Juggler Mike Price, juggler. Great! Loved the blacklight juggling in the dark, very impressive. Needs to shed the stupid pretentious rock star nonsense.

91. The Two Bits, dancers. Old school tap again, they're in great shape for their ages.

92. Big Barry, entertainer. He's wrecked singing twice now, next time I hope he wrecks mime, or dance, or trapeze, anything please just don't let him sing again!

93. Lindsey Norton, 17-year-old dancer/gymnast. Wow! Great floor routine.

94. Elusive, acrobatic dancer. Very energetic, lot of handstands, but something seemed off. Oh, right, I remember now, bad edit!

95. Steps, dancer/contortionist. I thought it was a very impressive routine. Wish they'd get the message and cut it out with the cutaways already.

96. Turf, dancer/contortionist. Damn those damned damn cutaways! First, though, Wow! That was some extreme contortion. Second, disappointing, where was the dance? Guy has some knock your socks off jawdropper dance moves, we saw him practicing some early in the program, where were they? He should do more dance not less. And put on some clothes.

Then having seen all 150 acts, I guess, the judges went to secret judges chambers to decide which acts would get the 20 spots, and fight amongst themseves, be egotists, hog some camera time, you know, because they don't get enough during those damned cutaways.

Finally they announced the yesses and noses. Joining the Top 48:

The All Ways, Big Barry (yeah, we were all shocked), Danielle Stallings, David Garibaldi and His CMKY's, The Distinguished Men of Brass, Donovan & Rebecca, Elusive, Hawley Magic, Inspire the Fire, Jarret & Raja, Lil Starr, Lindsey Norton, LionDanceMe, Lisa Clark Dancers, Michael Nejad, Mike Rock Star Price, The Scott Brothers, Turf, Unity in Motion, Wordspit the Illest!

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