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"Top Spots Pick'Em!"
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Original message

dabo 25344 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-21-12, 10:34 AM (EST)
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"Top Spots Pick'Em!"
LAST EDITED ON 06-21-12 AT 10:53 AM (EST)

Well, next week it's VEGAS! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday shows, three (3), count'em. Over 100 acts hoping for tickets to Newark when America will finally get to start voting. There are only 48 spots for the Newark shows, well and 12 for the youtubies but that's another thing coming.

So, for fun, I've noted 95 of the over 100 acts (listed below), consider this an informal survey. Which acts do you (we) think deserve the top spots, automatically going to Newark from Vegas. Pick, um..., up to 16 acts from the list for the Top Spots!

You don't have to pick that many, of course, and you can pick some in one post, some more in another, and so on. Up to 16.

And the acts are, as determined by me (with some cross-over in talent divisions):

787 Crew
All That! (all male) clogging group
B-Boy Elusive (Josh "Elusive" Vinyard), gymnastic dancer
Boss, (all male) contemporary dance group
Clark Academy Dancers (children)
Elements Dance Cru
Funk Beyond Control, dance crew
The Lisa Clark Dancers
Loyalty Dance Crew
Martial Arts Flying Dance Studio, dance/acrobatics/etc.
Ben Mendoza and the Midnight Circus, dance/gymnastics troupe
The New York Irish Dance Company
Lil Starr (Lilian Rose Silva), 6-year-old dancer
Lindsey Norton, acrobatic dancer
The Scott Brothers, part-popping cartoon-style act (duo)
Stepz (Tyrese Green), dancer
Stick and Move Dance Crew, dancing duo
Street Beatz, dance crew
Turf (Alonzo Jones), dancer/contortionist
The Two Bits (Nancy Abbate and Estee Cooper), dancers
The Untouchables, dance troupe (tweens)
unnamed group, five guys and a girl, dancers?
unnamed prison-striped dancing or miming or something duo

All Beef Patty, female impersonator/singer
The All Ways, rock band
Eric Nikolaidas and Olivia Applegate, guitar accompanist and singer
Big Barry, singer/entertainer
Isaac Bryan Brown; 6-year-old singer/dancer
Charlie C, singer
William Close, musician (creates own instruments)
Jason Cordero, pianist
Burton Cross, grandfather of rap
Sebastian de la Cruz y Mariachi el Charro del Oro, 10 year-old singer with mariachi band
Andrew De Leon, goth falsetto operetic singer
The Distinguished Men of Brass aka D-Mo Brass, marching jazz band
The Emily Ann Band, rock/pop band
Granny G, comedic rapping
Micah Gregorio, 14-year-old singer
Inspire the Fire, singing & dancing troupe (urban glee)
Ivy Rose, all-girl rock band
Nikki Jensen, singer (guitar)
Mary Joyner, singer
Chris La Vrar, rapper
Maurice and Shanice Hayes, father/daughter, street singers
Tim Hockenberry, singer
Luis Meneghin, operetic singer
Alexa and Jorge Narvaez, father (guitar) and 7-year-old daughter, singers
Michael Nejad, innovative musician playing broom and dustpan as flutes
Edon Pinchot, teen singer (keyboards)
Timothy Michael Poe, singer/guitarist
Jake Wesley Rogers, singer/musician
Simply Sergio, operetic singer
Svet, violinist
Ulysses, singer
Wordspit the Illest, backpack pop culture arena rap band
unnamed male singer
unnamed man wearing a hoodie and a cap, singer?
unnamed Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne impersonators
unnamed woman with guitar

All Wheels Sports, stunt team
Amazing Elizabeth, 6-year-old acrobat
American BMX Stunt Team
Aurora Light Painters, light show
Bandaz Brothers, acrobats
Ben Blaque, crossbow marksman
Dave Burleigh, impressionist
Joe Castillo, light and sand artist
Tom Cotter, stand-up comic
Crazeehorse (Donovan & Rebecca), acrobats/aerialists
Cut Throat Freak Show, sideshow gross-out act
Eric Dittelman, mind-reader
Kellan Erskine, comedian
The Flyte Cru, acrobatic slam dunking team
Ganbaatar Contortion, two limber sisters
David Garibaldi and his CMYKs, speed painter with dance
Alesya Gulevich, hula hoop artist
Jonathan Hawley, magician
Horse, stunt act
Spencer Horsman, (world's youngest) escape artist
Jarrett and Raja, magician/concert-pianist act
Summer Lacy, aerialist/gymnast
Lightwire Theater, light show (aruably a dance act but the other light shows this season aren't)
Max the Acrobat, aerialist
Olate Dogs, animal act
Todd Oliver and Irving, ventriloquist with live dog as dummy
John Pizzi, comedian/ventriloquist (digital screen replacing the traditional dummy)
Mike Price, juggler
Taylor Reed, magician
Cristin Sandu, balancing act (gymnast/acrobat)
Serengeti Steve, animal trainer
David "the Bullet" Smith, Jr., human cannonball
Unity in Motion, gymnastics team
Jacob Williams, stand-up comedian
unnamed comedian/impressionist
unnamed drill team

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 my 1 - 3 dabo 06-22-12 1

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dabo 25344 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-22-12, 09:55 AM (EST)
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1. "my 1 - 3"
Yeah, alright, this is tough. The most deserving acts are the acts we most do want to see perform again. And again and again...

But a lot of acts were reduced to highlight reels, or that one moment, or hey you're going to Vegas; and maybe the missing acts were seen backstage or on the street, who knows. There are plenty of acts we need to see from yet! We barely know them.

So, I'll start with three passes to--

01. All That! (all male) clogging group.

02. Lindsey Norton, acrobatic dancer.

03. Turf (Alonzo Jones), dancer/contortionist.

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