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"Message to Barbara Gates"
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cajungal4 2 desperate attention whore postings
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12-11-04, 10:47 AM (EST)
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"Message to Barbara Gates"
> Dear Mrs. Gates,
> I am a resident of Thibodaux, Louisiana. It is a 25
> minute drive from my home to Zam's Swamp Tours.
I understand you wanting to show the vegan lifestyle to the
> people you came into contact with during your visit
> but you failed to understand their way of life. You
> came here thinking that everyone from Louisiana was
> somehow "backward" and needed saving. I am a
> lifelong resident of Louisiana and yes, I have eaten
> alligator, frog legs and turtle meat. I do enjoy fried food on
> occasion. That is not all that is consumed here.
> We also eat steamed veggies, fish, spaghetti, etc. I
> have relatives who have visited from other parts of
> the country and when they come they do want to eat
> "cajun food" and we take them to great restaurants.
> We also eat regular food with them as well. Telling
> an eight year old boy that he was going to die by
> the age of forty broke my heart. My eight year old son
> would have been upset for days. You say you took a
> parenting class? When did they teach you that
> scaring a child was an approved method of teaching a lesson?
> I exercise daily and watch what I eat. I do not own
> a hot tub, Camaro or a motorcycle. There is nothing wrong
if you want to own these items. My husband is an
> attorney and I am a housewife. My children attend a
> private Catholic school and are very well behaved.
> Diana went into your home and respected your way of
> life. Your friends treated her like dirt. They
> lectured her but did not listen to what she had to
> say. There was no winning on her part. Your
> children saw what a good person she is, why couldn't your
> friends see the same? I realize editing plays a
> large role in these shows but you did say some things that
> generalized our great state. We are not backward.
> I have met ZZ and Diana. He does have a beautiful
> laugh. I would not laugh with anyone who told me
> that I was going to die at forty. Diego was a gentleman
> the whole time. I respect his restraint. You
> treated ZZ terribly. You have to give respect to get
> respect..
> Finally, your treatment of your family with regards
> to the money distribution disturbed me. You acted exactly like you
> told them NOT to act. What was wrong with your
> husband having his orchard or the children having
> some money? You did give ZZ his mud boat. I was
> thrilled for him.
> I do not dislike you because I don't know you. I
> disliked your actions and attitude with people who
> were nothing but kind to you. You put them down and
> talked to them as if they were stupid. Do you
> realize that some people live paycheck to paycheck? Have
> you been in a health food store lately? Those products
> will bankrupt you. You then generalized the whole
> state on your "observations." Do you like it when
> other people say that California is full of nuts? I
> know many nice people from California. I realize
> that you can't make general statements based on limited
> views.
> I hope you see that I have not been ugly to you. I
> just wanted to let you know that actions have
> consequences. Lucy and Jack look like wonderful
> kids. Love them and show them that tolerance of different
> cultures rather than bigotry is the way to live.
> Thank you for giving your time to me.
> Proud Louisiana Resident

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Bebo 20880 desperate attention whore postings
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12-13-04, 04:54 PM (EST)
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1. "Locking - duplicate"
There's no need to keep starting new threads about Barbara. Even if she does read these forums, there are plenty of other threads already started about her where this information could be read.

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