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"Malone-Brown and Perrin"
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embenefi 1 desperate attention whore postings
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10-13-09, 05:47 PM (EST)
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"Malone-Brown and Perrin"
I have many things to say about this swap but first let me start out by saying I am a white American woman but I agreed with quite a bit of what Abasi said. However, Abasi did a poor job of getting his point across. Yes, there are disenfranchised black youths throughout this country and yes, the judicial system is set up to be another form of racism for black men and women. I can say, though, that Abasi was right in not being color-blind for a day. Being color-blind breeds ignorance, but Abasi went to the extreme in trying to get his point across. Perhaps he was merely having a bad day, as with the butter incident, and maybe Marguerite was a total pain, but I do not want to excuse his actions completely. Furthermore, I understand that Abasi is always black but he should not just be defined by being black. Abasi fills many more roles in society like being a father, husband, friend, community organizer, and many more. Yes, he is filling those roles from a black perspective but I one hundred percent sure that not all whites are out to get him as the editing made it look like. Of course, Abasi will never be white, nor will I ever be black, but by creating close relationships with someone of a different race and skin color you can try to break down those boundaries that have been holding everyone back for centuries. Love is the answer instead of secluding yourself to one racial identity. I did strongly agree with Abasi and LaToya holding on to their cultural identity, which can be done through certain avenues. At one point, Abasi says something to the effect that there if he goes to the market or the community center there should only be black faces to create a community of black people. I do not, however, agree with this statement at all. This could end up being a disaster and similar to the Jim Crow Laws. The flip side of having only black faces in a community is that there will be only white faces in a white community. Integrating the two communities while still holding onto one's cultural identity can be done and this is a huge portion of what was fought for during the Civil Right's Movement. As for LaToya, she is a beautiful woman who is a strong, black woman. I agreed absolutely with what she said at the brunch party with those nasty white women. Bush did hate black people but there was more than just the president that bungled the Katrina disaster. I do believe that the Katrina disaster effected both black and white, but absolutely devastated the black community in New Orleans. I did not agree, however, with reparations. There would be no way to dole out this money. People can look white but still be black. Should they receive reparations as well? Plus, the blood lines are too mixed and difficult to trace back. It is completely feasible, as my family is originally from the south, that I have a black side to my family as well, although I don't know that for sure. Should I qualify as well? There are too many questions to this. Instead, we should rejoice that we beat slavery (not just blacks but whites too) as this was the worst institution we have had here in the United States. Millions of blacks lived and died in deplorable conditions and I am extraordinarily thankful that this slavery, in the traditional sense, has been beat. However, we have a lot of work to do to get this world where it needs to be today, not just black but white as well. Abasi, this was his chance to really show the world how much work needs to be done and because of poor behavior, that was all that was shown instead of the actual message. We all need to work together to get this world to where it needs to be today. Pase, amor, y armonia mis amigos (Peace, love and harmony my friends).

Wow. Sorry if there are any typos. I will not go back and read this as I don't want to edit my thoughts to change them any from my original. Okay, I've said my peace.



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