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"Mass. and NY family"
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Original message

nazpink 1058 desperate attention whore postings
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12-15-05, 08:48 AM (EST)
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"Mass. and NY family"
First off I want to say that I love Octavia!! She really seems to be a warm and kind person who has good family morals and beliefs. The only problem I can really see with her family is the fact that her son, "Cash flow", seems to have an all about me attitude, but that problem stems from the fact that his father makes it all about him all the time. I think it's great that the father wants to help his son pursue his dream but he also needs to keep in mind that there are other children who need him just as much. All in all they are a good family and there problem, although is serious, is not the worse problem a family can have.

Now for the rich family from Mass. When I saw the behavior of those three girls I found that the only reaction I could have towards them was disgust. It wasn't too long ago that I was once their age and I can honestly say that I never acted like that. The way they swore and talked crap about people especially towards their father but more so towards their sister!!! The biggest disgust was when the father talked about how he wished his daughter's behavior wasn't so crude and how he wished that his daughter Lissa would have better self-esteem, yet when Octavia brought the girls behavior to their attention the father stuck up for them and even placed some of the blame on Lissa about how the girls treat her!!! How is this girl supposed to gather up the self-esteem and courage to defend herself when she has to do it against three girls who live with her and have no support from her parents? It's no wonder this girl feels like crap about herself, the one place people are supposed to always feel safe and loved is at home and she doesn't get to have that right, absolutely shameful. I also thought how Octavia handled telling the girls about their behavior was perfect. She didn't yell at them or point or stand over them she had them in a room that they were comfortable in and sat down with them and spoke in a calm voice and gave pretty clear examples of why she felt the way she did about their treatment of others, it's just too bad that the father didn't want to back her up, but then again daddy doesn't seem to be all that considerate himself and that's probably why these girls act the way they do. I know that the point of this show is for the mom's to trade places and live like each other but to wake the woman up on her first day and give her a list of things to do, then to stand over her and watch!!!! Is there a reason why the father couldn't pick the strawberries or take the vacuum out of the pool himself, the least he could have done was gone about his to do list instead of watching Octavia do all the work.

All in all I feel that the show was entertaining enough to tune in next week and I hope that Octavia can get through to the father of the three bratty girls after all he did want for them to change so he may as well take the advice and help of someone who has a good head on her shoulders.

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 RE: Mass. and NY family hotlipzjoocbooty 12-16-05 1
   RE: Mass. and NY family nazpink 12-16-05 2

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hotlipzjoocbooty 2 desperate attention whore postings
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12-16-05, 02:40 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: Mass. and NY family"
i totally agree. that poor girl!! she looks so sad and lonely. i hope the MA family has some answering to do. i wonder what their friends and family will say about how they allow their children to speak in their home and how they treat lissy. and the disrespect that they have. the sad thing is that the three girls probably laughed as they watched theshow on the air. im sure the mom knows that this goes on, since this is obviously something that goes on regularly. the parents should be ashamed of themselves. luckily, they have the money for the counseling that lissy is going to need after all the tormenting she has been through. lissys best bet is to get her education, and pick a college as far away as she can and move there. her blood sister should stick up for her, not join in the humiliation. mom and dad need to grow a backbone, put their foot down and act like real parents.

if i was octavia, there would be no way in heck i would wash a stitch of his clothes. since he pays the housekeeper, he should have asked her. or maybe one of those disrespectful lazy, cursing, snotty girls could be taught to use a washer and dryer.

mrs MA should know better than to speak so poorly of the home that octavia and her husband have mad for their family. so its not as big as the MA home. SO WHAT. yeah the house is small. home is where the heart is.

i cannot believe shes asked if malcolm x rode the bus. a woman of her age should know at least a little something on that subject. obviously not, though. maybe in her free time she could take a class in us history. but i was wrong of mr NY to just leave her standing by the fence like that. but i dont think she would have wanted to participate. i suppose that with the confines of what octavia calls a mansion, she doesnt need to learn about or be respectful of other peoples cultures.

i realize that the show is edited for content and length, but all the ignorant things that mrs MA said came straight out of her mouth.

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nazpink 1058 desperate attention whore postings
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12-16-05, 07:56 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: Mass. and NY family"
I'm white and from Maine and I still know who Malcolm X is, in fact in junior high I did an independent project of reading his autobiograpy and writing a children's book version on his life, so I could not believe that she would have no clue who the man was considering he was from her time of history. I could understand her feeling a bit uneasy, people don't always speak so well of Harlem, but to actually comment on "I'm the only white person here" and to do it at the store is just making herself out as more of a sore thumb. I also agree with you about the father leaving her alone. I think the father gets so side-tracked with helping his son get started in the entertainment biz but that's something he needs to work on very much.

About the rich girls, I bet their parent's friends are well aware of what those girls do and the lack of the parent's involvement in teaching them manners and respect. It did show the mother coming back and getting a bit upset when telling them how lucky they have it so maybe this will spark a desire in her to straighten them out.

In the end I hope that Octavia should deal with the money like so: Lissa: money to get the hell away from her wicked and ugly souled sisters. Three sisters: money to attend manner classes. Father: a maid to teach him how to clean tables, wash laundry and bend over to pick things up himself. Mother: towards a class on U.S. history. Both Parents: attend a parenting class

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