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Original message

ITSABOUTTIME 1 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "American Cancer Society Spokesperson"

05-23-06, 02:03 PM (EST)
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LAST EDITED ON 05-23-06 AT 02:51 PM (EST)

*A blonde girl has never won on this show

*A chocolate girl has never won on this show


*Joanie had agreed right away to having her teeth fixed
(but wouldn't you if you had teeth like hers ? I'd be JUMPING at that opportunity! Her teeth were more than just a "flaw", but something that REALLY needed to be corrected ("overlapping" teeth)!

*Danielle actually had a GREAT set of teeth, just something that may be seen as a "flaw" to some people ...However if it made Lauren Hutton one of the biggest supermodels (her "trademark" look, just like with Cindy Crawford's "trademark mole" that she, ALSO was told to remove!), then why couldn't this also work for Danielle as a "trademark look"?

(plus, although Joanie AGREED instantly to have her teeth, but Danielle showed that she STOOD FOR SOMETHING, and showed CONFIDENCE in herself, by not seeing her gap as a "hindering" , plus you have to consider that Danielle WENT ALONG and did what the judges suggested that she should do, showing that although she stood for something, she can still compromise and be obedient!)


*Joanie had the "better manner of speaking", if you will, and did better on the commercial, therefore, many felt that she didn't have to work on her speech...
(although, Joanie spoke somewhat "slow and dragging", in my opinion although her commercial was the best of the 3),...

*...But it's UNREALISTIC for you to expect a person to straight drop, or change, the way they've been speaking all of their lives! (and she showed that she COULD SPEAK grammatically correct, as well as read very well!) ...Now, I see if Tyra AT LEAST provided her with a vocal coach, or something! And still, Danielle did the BEST SHE COULD under such pressure, and STILL showed that she could do a pretty-good comercial (it wasn't so "bad" in my opinion, just not the BEST!)

Plus, although Danielle needed to work on her strong accent, Joanie needed to work on her ability to smile


*The judges made us think that Joanie was the one "more certified to win"...

*However, it was basically TYRA and TWIGGY who felt that Joanie was the better candidate - Twiggy being OBVIOUSLY biased on that more "European" look,
...And if you ask me, I think that Tyra tries TOO HARD to prove to all the viewers that she is not "partial", showing her favor towards the white girls a lil' bit more than the black girls - like last year w/ Nik, OVERLOOKING that she did a better job in the commercial (Nicole SUCKED!), and was the best overall (and they were EQUALLY GOOD on the runway), too busy harping on how Nik took pics at the same angle (which she proved Tyra wrong in the last few pics - but Nicole's body/facial "posing" were pretty much "the same", too!), and how Nicole was more "high fashion" (if that were the case, then WHY even have them compete in the last 2 competitions, if their minds were already set?)

*But I don't think that Nigel and Miss Jay felt that Joanie was more qualified ...So, there was something that HAD TO BE the tie breaker! (perhaps, just not disappointing viewers like they did last season!)


*Danielle did better than Joanie on the first walk down the runway (I didn't even see when she "tripped up" as she said she did!), cuz Joanie kinda "hurried through" with her face continuously looking down..

*Joanie did better than Danielle on the SECOND walk, because she now had a lil' bit more confidence and sass than Danielle, although Danielle didn't necessarily "do bad" on the second walk


*Joanie was never in the bottom 2...

*But to even that out, Danielle showed determination after having a terrible accident in those DEADLY shows, and after catching food poisoning (STILL taking a good pic - even if Joanie's was better!) ...Plus, before the judges, Danielle had a better "presense" (did I spell that right?), and she had a lil' more "poise"...


*Joanie showed the MOST diversity in her pics

*But Danielle was JUST MORE BEAUTIFUL (c'mon, now!), and her pics were still, JUST MORE BEAUTIFUL (IMO)!


Now, as you can OBVIOUSLY see, I am a Danielle supporter, however, I also support Joanie (feeling like they BOTH should've been in the final 2, and are pretty much EQUALLY QUALIFIED, just that Danielle a "lil' bit better -by an inch" - than Joanie...

But like someone said, there were NO "LOSERS" in this competition, and had Joanie (not Jade, though) had won, I really can't say that I'd be "mad", unlike last season, just a lil' disappointed that the person I was rooting for didn't win...

But I have NEVER seen a stronger bond - and in a competition! I REALLY HOPE that these 2 stay friends!

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