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"April 6th Episode"
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warp_core breach 469 desperate attention whore postings
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04-08-11, 12:04 PM (EST)
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"April 6th Episode"
It didn't surprise me that it was actually Brittani and not Alexandria getting ripped a new one by Tyra despite the misleading previews. As much as I don't like Alexandria, she kept her cool and came up smelling like a rose while Brittani looked like the crazy one. Brittani was initially my favourite, but after this week's performance, my opinion of her has changed. Just the mere mention of Alexandria's name is enough to make her extremely pissed. That's a problem. Her attitude was totally unprofessional and embarassing. I also did not like how she brings the other girls into it... "Everybody here..." No, really, just you.

Molly - Isn't much better than Brittani and her often sour attitude turns me off even though she finally got rid of that nasty weave.

Hannah - I still like her... she has now replaced Brittani as my favourite.

Kasia - Still under the radar for me.

Jacqueline - Rocked her picture. It's amazing that someone who has her looks at panel can pull off such great pics. The southern bell thing can still be slightly annoying but she is sweet and she is the only one that stays out of the drama and that's probably because she is truly a nice person. She moves up the favourite list and actually it is close between her and Hannah.

Alexandria - I like how the show edits it to make it look like nasty Alexandria is finally going home and doesn't. I predict she will be around until the end. She looks nasty but takes good photos.

Mikela - Deserved to go after several "just ok" photos. I did not agree with Tyra. Yes, Brittani made a huge mistake but has always had good photos whereas Mikela's remained the same week after week. I think that this was just Tyra getting on her soap-box.

We are far into the season and I still don't see a clear front-runner...

Siggie courtesy of Seana

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grit 4866 desperate attention whore postings
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04-08-11, 04:39 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: April 6th Episode"
I hate that Brittani melted down the way she did but I can totally understand her reaction to Alexandria. Up until this past episode, I haven't seen all that much about Alexandria to love. They've shown her being mean, bossy, fake, and rude. Now imagine that these young, immature girls are stuck in the house with her for weeks. Combine that immaturity and hormones and it's like TNT. We see it almost every season.

The editors didn't manufacture Alexandria's behavior after the show was done in an effort to get us to hate Alexandria. She behaved that way and it was captured on film, every last eyeroll. She'll probably complain that she got a negative edit but they can't give you a negative edit if you don't behave badly.

I think the editing shows that none of the other girls like Alexandria either. They ALL gave her the cold shoulder when she came back from her Ford photo shoot. It's just that Brittani's probably not shy, didn't think about how bad it was to mouth off, and just let loose without thinking of the consequences.

I'm not all that crazy about Molly. Her attitude has been kind of sucky and her pictures are meh.

Hannah is still one of my favorites. I also like Kasia but I'm not sure they're going to have another plus-size winner.

Jacqueline also surprises me. She's so sweet and innocent but she really turns it up when they have their photo shoots.

And as for Alexandria, I don't think her photos are all that wonderful. I still find her grungy-looking and so fake. Yeah, they'll keep her around until the end for the drama and then she'll have a supreme melt-down when she's finally cut. Don't forget - they always edit reality TV shows so that the viewers will like the winner. She's been edited as very unlikeable and I don't see them giving her a redemption edit. She said she was going to change once before and hasn't. I'm not holding my breath waiting for her to become angelic.

I got sliced!

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crs3192 122 desperate attention whore postings
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04-12-11, 10:51 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: April 6th Episode"
I agree with everything you said.

Brittani was wrong for the way she acted. I don't think, however, that Alexandria was completely innocent. It would have been so easy or her to just wait until they left the shoot and THEN confront Brittani about what she overheard. Obviously, they're two young girls, and when one confronts the other, some fireworks are going to go off. Alexandria knew what she was doing and was not innocent in the matter. I really hate that Tyra couldn't see that and couldn't acknowledge that the set was NOT the place to bring up house issues.

Also, I hate that Tyra was incessantly attacking Brittani. Yes, she pulled some bad moves, but that does not give Tyra an excuse to completely trash her in front of all the other girls and the judges! Brittani was sobbing and had a panic attack! She did not need to be told so many times how she was such a bad person, according to Tyra. People make mistakes, and Brittani (I hope) learned her lesson.

In terms of the actual modeling, Brittani is way better than the rest. Hannah and Jacqueline are up there with her. Molly and Kasia are on and off with me. Alexandria is the worst of the remaining crew and I think that it was definitely Mikaela's time. I liked her, but she was so unimpressive.

By the way, I am so annoyed with their choice for Brittani's best picture. Jay was telling her how wonderful she was on set, yet THAT was the picture they chose? Yes, I know they do this every season, many times, but seriously. Tyra needs to stop.

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