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"Official Mole 5 Episode 5 Summary: I Am Curious Yellow"
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Silvergirl1 9320 desperate attention whore postings
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07-03-08, 06:16 PM (EST)
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"Official Mole 5 Episode 5 Summary: I Am Curious Yellow"
LAST EDITED ON 07-06-08 AT 06:32 PM (EST)

Note: The subtitle "I am Curious Yellow" was chosen to spice this summary up a bit. I've never seen the 1967 Swedish porn film by the same name. I chose the name in reference to Clay asking for people's birthdays and then throwing a lemon at Paul.

Last time: Read Snidget's summary, where Victoria was executed.

This time:

Craig: Yesterday I had a lot of problems with the altitude and I almost died in the ambulance.

Nicole: Why is it that everyone I pick to be the Mole gets executed, and I don't?

Clay: Thank you, God, for allowing me to make it this far. Thank you for protecting me, keeping me healthy, motivated, strong, and committed.

Paul: This is just a brutal game, and it's only going to get better and better. I promise you that, because slowly but surely I'm working on taking these people off.

Okay, so Paul wants us to think he's The Mole, but as I recall The Mole is never the mouthy loose cannon in the group, although that might make it more exciting than it has been so far this season.

Location: Uspallata, Argentina

Jon greets the players (and the Mole) at a cold remote location known as Uspallata train station. Jon explains that a century ago, when trains came through here, this was a holding area for prisoners being transported. They were chained together in the building behind Jon. This mission is about trust.

The players wind up chained together to the steel bars behind them.

Mission: All for One

Jon: The object is to free yourself from the chains that bind you. Right now you are all chained together in such a way only one of you at a time can reach the cell behind me. Inside the cell is the key to set you free. You must work all for one.

So, every ten minutes the window behind Jon will open up, allowing one player at a time to retreive the key, and possibly a green exemption card. If all players get out before the dawn, and no one takes the exemption, $25,000 will be added to the pot.

Craig tells everyone he needs to get out of the cold, because he's been *coughTheMolecough* sick. He promises not to take the exemption, and he wants the $25,000 to go into the pot.

Mark tells everyone he doesn't trust anyone. They tell him they could be standing there for a loooonnng time.

Everyone agrees to let Craig escape. He unlocks his chain, leaves the card, returns the key, and goes inside. Kristen starts to campaign to be the next up to the window as soon as Craig leaves.

Nicole doesn't want to release anyone.

Kristen finally convinces everyone she is trustworthy. She unlocks herself and leaves.

Paul starts swearing on his daughter's life to be the next to get out. Paul gets his wish, and the editing shows him reaching for the exemption card just before the commercial. After we return to the show, we see Paul faking them out by reaching for the exemption card. He doesn't take it, but really wants it.

Clay is afraid to go because he thinks he's the voice of reason. The remaining players struggle to trust each other not to take the exemption. Mark claims he can't promise not to take the exemption, and he can't even trust himself not to take it. Clay gets the okay to leave, not knowing if Mark will take the exemption.

Mark, Nicole, and Alex are left. Nicole and Alex both promise Mark they will not take the exemption. Mark decides he trusts Nicole, and she leaves.

Nicole joins the table inside.

Mark lets Alex leave, with Alex still being afraid Mark will take the exemption. Mark knew that this one move could change the whole direction of the game.

Mark finally joins everyone else a the dining table, and tells them he has something green in his pocket. He throws a green package of mints on the table. Everyone congratulates Mark for making the better choice, and not taking the exemption.

Total Pot, after adding the $25K: $177,000

Clay is still surprised Mark didn't take the exemption, and is starting to think that maybe Mark is the Mole, and doesn't really need the exemption.

Mark: Walking away from that exemption was hard, but I decided that just getting ahead wasn't enough, because my social game would be destroyed, especially now that we don't have our journals.

Jon brings forth fresh new journals, but Mark is still not appeased. He still wants his old journal back.

The next day the group heads to Mendoza, which, according to Jon, is known as the Napa Valley of Argentina. The players and the Mole oooh and aaah over the majestic scenery as they drive to Mendoza.

The first van is being driven by Paul, and the riders are Clay, Mark, and Craig.

Clay is refreshing his journal, asking everyone else their date of birth. This annoys Paul, who tells him he doesn't have to divulge that information again. Clay and Paul get into an argument. Clay has some good zingers, like "If I'm arguing with myself, does that mean you're going to shut up?"

No such chance. Paul tells him the bible says do not debate, but Clay is a lawyer, who does nothing but debate.

Paul: Your whole life is a hypocrite. It's just, it's just...

Clay, laughing: That's not even a correct sentence.

Alex is enjoying his ride and the view, as he drives Kristen and Nicole in the non-Paul van. Paul and Clay continue to argue, with Paul using profanities and name calling. Clay invites Paul to step outside the van. Clay gives Paul some money, but ultimately throws a lemon at him. Paul wants Clay out of the van. The argument ends when Clay moves to the other van.

Kristen: Clay came over to me and asked me to get into Paul's van.

Paul, to Kristen: I was assaulted with a piece of fruit.

Craig starts singing about being glad not to be talking to Paul right now. Everyone starts singing in Alex's van: We're Paul free, in van number 2.

At breakfast in Mendoza the next morning Paul is still pissed, but Clay has a forgiving heart, with no animosity towards Paul.

Mission: Travellers

Players will form teams of two, and travel 5.5 miles to a statue celebrating Argentina's independence from the Spanish empire. They have 45 minutes to make it to that statue. For every team that makes it there in time, Jon will add $10,000 to the pot, making this mission worth a total of $30,000.

The Twist

This morning at breakfast, unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Jon designated one player to be the transportation captain. The first player to say the word exemption got the job. Craig is the weiner/winner. Suspicious mole like behavior, thinks Alex. Don't worry Alex, you haven't seen anything yet.

As the TC, Craig gets to designate which form of transportation the players will be using on their 5.5 mile trek. If none of the players make it to the statue on time, Craig will receive an exemption, but no money will be added to the pot.

Jon shows Craig the transportation options, which include a motorbike, a donkey, bicycles, stilts, and a llama suit.

Craig wants the exemption, and he wants to make it funny at the same time.

He tells the group he's not going to make it easy for the rest of them. Alex was assigned to wear the Conquistador outfit, paired up with Mark, who would be wearing the scuba outfit. Next Clay would be using the unicycle, with Kristen using the stilts. Last, but not least, Nicole would wear the front of the llama suit, with Paul bringing up the rear. Clay thinks that last assignment is a stroke of genius, almost Shakepearean.

Craig is surprised Mark is not even going to try. He says it's suspicious.

Alex starts putting on his costume, while the others discuss opting out of this mission. They all jump into the vans, complaining about Craig the whole way. They tell Jon they all decided to not complete this mission. Craig points out Mark's molelike behavior again.

Craig gets the exemption, but the others claim Craig did not "earn" the exemption. Clay thinks he might be in a coalition with the Mole, meaning his coalition with Craig.

At dinner Craig confesses he feels guilty, especially since everyone let him get out of the cold first on the previous mission.

Craig: I went from being the guy that everybody likes to the guy that everybody hates.

The rest of the players tell Jon that Craig stooped really low. Craig tells the camera that Paul flies off the handle at the drop of a hat, Mark is paranoid, and Nicole is a psychopath. He thinks he is surrounded by insane people.

Jon changes the subject by asking how much everyone is missing their families. Mark comments that it's been 23 days, and he's never been away from his wife for that long. Paul has resorted to talking to his rotting lemon, making him my prime suspect for being The Mold.

Kristen tells the camera she has a one out of six chance of staying. Okay, that's foreshadowing. Thanks, ABC! What a spoiler! *rolls eyes*

Ten Quiz Questions:

1. Is The Mole?
A. Male
B. Female
C. A piece of rotting citrus fruit

2. In the "All for One" mission, from Jon's perspective, where was The Mole chained (l to r)?
A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. Fourth
E. Fifth
F. Sixth
G. Seventh

3. In "All for One", when did The Mole grab the key?
A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. Fourth
E. Fifth
F. Sixth
G. Seventh

Here Kristen starts talking about her strategy. In other words, she's doomed, but isn't she pretty, sitting there taking that test?

4. Did The Mole get inside of a sleeping bag during the "All for One" mission?
A. Yes
B. No

5. During the "Travelers" mission, what was The Mole wearing?
A. Shorts
B. Pants
C. A lemon peel

6. In "Travelers", what form of transportation was originally assigned to The Mole?
A. Conquistador and Donkey
B. Scuba Gear
C. Unicycle
D. Stilts
E. Llama
F. The Mole was not assigned a form of transportation
G. A citrus juicer

7. Who was The Mole paired with for the "Travelers" mission?
A. Alex
B. Clay
C. Kristen
D. Mark
E. Nicole
F. Paul
G. The Mole was not paired with another player
H. A moldy lemon with a face tattoo

8. At breakfast before the "Travelers" mission, where was The Mole sitting (clockwise from Jon)?
A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. Fourth
E. Fifth
F. Sixth
G. Seventh

9. Has The Mole had an exemption to date?
A. Yes
B. No
C. No, but it just might have an expiration date.

10. Who is The Mole?
A. Alex
B. Clay
C. Craig
D. Kristen
E. Mark
F. Nicole
G. Paul
H. Moldy Lemon face, aka "The Mold"

The players and The Mole all meet again at the Mendoza train station, where Jon announces the pot has $177,000, and reminds everyone that The Mole Craig has an exemption. He is safe, and Craig does a bit of acting by sighing with relief. Again, there is a tie, with the player with the longest time going home. The difference is only one second.

Alex is first up, and his screen is green. Paul, who tends to overact, is next. Then we have pretty Kristen. Oh, no, not the pretty Kristen! Kristen is executed with the red screen.

Kristen tells Jon she is disappointed, and her strategy to focus on one person was flawed.

Nicole: It's completely ironic that I'm the only woman here in a group of men because I'm a professional beyotch, and all I work with all day is women. I will miss Kristen greatly.

Kristen: I'm a gambler, I take risks, and it caught up with me.

Next on The Mole: We'll recap the best moments (as he says best moments, we see skinny Bobby and big Craig without their shirts on. I can't decide who is in worse shape.) in the first 5 weeks, plus never before seen footage. Thank goodness, that will be followed by a brand new episode. Paul tells Nicole she's not too smart for a doctor. Of course, she has a profane comeback. One of the missions involves bungee jumping. I wonder how The Mole will do with that one? This one just might kill him.

Have a happy 4th of July, everyone!

Sorry about all the lemon jokes. I just couldn't help myself. Surfkitten summer sigshop 2008

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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
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07-05-08, 01:48 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Official Mole 5 Episode 5 Summary: I Am Curious Yellow"
Thank you for the summary, Silvergirl. Great job.

The Moldy lemon face is the "Mold"!! ABC got us, I hadn't seen that twist coming.

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mom2bjm 1465 desperate attention whore postings
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07-06-08, 11:09 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: Official Mole 5 Episode 5 Summary: I Am Curious Yellow"
Great review SilverGirl!

Tribe's got me bouncing!

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CTgirl 7073 desperate attention whore postings
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07-06-08, 03:35 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Official Mole 5 Episode 5 Summary: I Am Curious Yellow"
Thanks Silvergirl. Nice job.

And the lemon joke was great! (Especially since ABC and the Mole didn't give you much to work with this week. )

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