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"What the hell....rank all 14"
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Original message

cyclehausen 1197 desperate attention whore postings
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07-18-02, 09:21 PM (EST)
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"What the hell....rank all 14"
LAST EDITED ON 07-18-02 AT 11:21 PM (EST)

From a suggestion by survivingMole, let's rank all 14 original players on how much we'd like it if They had won the pot.

The 14 players, in (partially projected) order of departure:
Bob, Ali, Lisa, Patrick, Rob, Myra, Elavia, Katie, Darwin, Bribs, Bill, Heather, Dorothy, Al.

Would generally make me upset:

14. Al - I wouldn't give this guy a quarter if he were blind and legless, selling pencils in a sewer.

13. Ali - We didn't see too much of her, but the impression was that she is not too bright and not too humble. Add in the reported hissy fit after her execution, and I'd be happy to see her spending her life as a junior high cafeteria lady.

12. Heather - same problems as Ali, but ranked higher simply by virtue of being a better player (obviously)

11. Bill - Terrible at the games if he is a player, and an obvious mole if the mole. Also generally boring. When he is given sceen time, he creeps me out. Icky, get it away.

10. Myra - she was sweet and very nice, but I can't say she deserved the money because she didn't play the game well at all. Too obviously a straight-up player.

9. Bob - we saw nearly nothing of this guy. The game he did play, he played well. But by the laws of mathematics, zero ranks above negatives, so I place him here.

Would generally make me happy:

8. Patrick - I liked the way he came across on the screen, and although he was also guilty of being too much of a "player-like player", I loved the way he went out with a big in-your-face all-or-nothing bang. If he had pulled it through, I would have laughed with him all the way.

7. Lisa - because she was also nice, and because her job at the AG office is clearly not a good thing in her life.

6. Darwin - Didn't like him too much personality-wise, but he played well, he's sharp as a razor, and I get tickled thinking about him getting to be a stay-at-home dad.

5. Rob - just to read about the mad spending spree that would ensue.

4. Bribs - if we are to believe all the editing, nobody other than Jesus deserves the money more. Plus, he answered my e-mail, and the money would give him a nice backbone so he can be careful and deliberate and produce the next Guernica.

3. Elavia - I just really liked this chick. She played like a hardcore champ, is cool, calm, sly, and just the biggest basass I've seen outside of a gangster film. She's only #3 because I know he life is gonna soar no matter what.

2. Dorothy - Smart, and a great player. Also cool in a really low-key way. Of the remaining 4, she had BETTER win! Plus, she's a starving musician.

1. Katie, oh, Katie! I would love to have seen you win all that cash, to cry and scream and faint in disbelief. Because I know she loves teaching and would keep doing it even if she won. And because when the underdog wins, we all feel good.

But I'm sure you all feel slightly differently......

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malibubarbie 434 desperate attention whore postings
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07-18-02, 10:07 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: What the hell....rank all 14"
I agree, Jesus and Bribs are in the same league.

Stupid People Who Suck And Shouldn't Get Money:

14. Al- although, I think he should get the money so he can go get his teeth fixed and maybe get his glands squeezed so he won't be so greasy.

13. Ali- no personality, and the personality we did see was bad.

12. Heather- the little princess could just pawn her ring. I honestly don't think she should get the money. The only people that like her think she's hot. I don't judge girls, but I don't think she's got an award winning personality. She just seems like she wants to lose all the time.

11. Bill- boring. I would be sooo sleepy if he won.

Smart People Who Rock And Should Get Money:

10. Lisa- seemed like a cool chick. And humble too, I mean, she's a hot dog vender by weekend. That rocks. Hot dog venders are cool.

9. Patrick- while he isn't smart, I think that perhaps it would save me from one day going into an LA night club and seeing him pole dancing for money. I just NEVER EVER want to see him scantily clad again.

8. Bob- Didn't see much of him so I can't dislike him.

7. Myra- she was so sweet. I could see her giving some of the money to charity and spending her life in a nice cottage in the woods with lots of cats.

6. Rob- he needs to start a magic school. Like clown college for the serious.

5. Katie- maybe she could buy some therapy to keep her emotions in control. She lost weight without the money (you go girl!) And she could go buy a nice mansion for her stuffed cow.

4. Darwin- loved the guy. Funny, witty, and gave us great quotes. Haha exemption face. Good times, good times.

3. Dorothy- awesome girl with great strategy. She needs a big ol upper east end penthouse with it's own recording studio.

2. Elavia- cool bad ass cat. I think she really would have gotten it, had she stayed in.

1. Bribs- like Cycle said, in the same league as Jesus. He's just the most genuine sweetie. I can see him flying to Ethiopia to help out with world hunger.

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evanakm 250 desperate attention whore postings
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07-18-02, 10:36 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: What the hell....rank all 14"
Katie: I thought she was the mole, but I'm glad we don't have to deal with her for the whole season.
Lisa: A little condescending.
Bob: He was smart, so I could live with him if he had survived the first execution, but if you think Al is the most smug bastard alive, you are forgetting about Bob.
Heather: She's smart, but full of herself.
Bill: Zzzzzzzzzz
Ali: She seemed like a nice girl on the screen, but nice girls don't fall for a shmoozer like Bob.
Al: Nice enough guy, but gives himself a lot more credit than he deserves.
Myra: Great personality, what else can I say?
Patrick: I was rooting for him. It tears me apart that Katie can survive twice as long as him.
Bribs: Nice guy, you can't hate him.
Darwin: Great guy, and sharp as a tack.
Rob: A guy who is humble yet not boring. A rare combination in reality TV.
Elavia: I just loved her, and I don't see how she got chosen twice as the least favorite.
Dorothy: My favorite, sharp and a player. The strong, silent type.
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Survivorerist 4103 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Jerry Springer Show Guest"

07-19-02, 00:48 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: What the hell....rank all 14"
People who are "less than deserving" in my eyes

14. Bob. Okay, only because I really didn't get to see too much of him.

13. Bill. Don't think that he's done too much in the way of contribution.

12. Patrick. Mainly because of his ripping up the journal. Nobody likes a bad sport.

People who are "moderately deserving" in my eyes

11. Al. Didn't like how he bashed everyone else, esp. Katie with the jelly. But I wouldn't exactly mind him winning since he has played hard and I can respect that.

10. Ali. Sweet enough personality but not sure she played the game super well. The fake-exemption thing during the dress-up game was priceless!

9. Katie. Really began to creep me out with her crying and what-not. But I'm sure she's a really sweet girl.

8. Heather. Love her personality too, but strikes me as a kind of a whack-job. Would like to wish her congrats on the engagement though (whether it still exists or not).

7. Rob. Same as Heather. More of an entertainer than a player. I LMAOed at his blank journal!

Players who are "definitely deserving" in my eyes

6. Lisa. Wow. She had a lot of fun playing, and it showed. Would have loved to see her on longer.

5. Myra. Same as Lisa. After she left, Bill became super-bland but, as a team, the show was a lot more interesting.

Players who make the "Uber Deserving Hall of Fame" in my eyes

4. Darwin. He was an awesome player, and also did pretty well in getting along with everyone.

3. Bribs. There are very few young men like him on shows like this. Watching him was thoroughly enjoyable.

2. Dorothy. Perhaps the second best in my opinion in terms of playing the game. Layed low, and would make me really happy whether she was the winner or the mole.

1. Elavia. She was everything you could ask for in a contestant. She played the game masterfully, had everyone convinced that she was the mole. She shouldn't have taken that bribe, because I'm pretty sure she would've cruised all the way to the winner's circle. Also, if you couldn't tell, I kind of had a little crush on her too


Survivorerist - Oh where oh where did my sig pic go?

(Courtesy of Strider )

"Oh my heck, I'm so very glad that that's over. The 2001-2 television season was, for this sofa spud, cruelly and unusually punishing."
-Antonia Zerbisias, The Toronto Star

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magic_star 2400 desperate attention whore postings
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07-19-02, 12:27 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: What the hell....rank all 14"
I really wouldn't have cared who won out of these people.It's hard to really hate one of these people like you would on survivor.But here is my list...


13.Bob-He didn't play the game great.The only person he focused on was Elavia and that is why he went first.

12.Patrick-I liked him in the first couple of episode,but then I didn't like him after that.

11.Ali-In her two episode she was there I didn't like her.

10.Lisa-Wasn't there long enough to really get to know her and she didn't get much screen time in those 3 episodes either.

9.Al-Sometimes a good guy,but sometimes he isn't.

8.Katie-She could be reaaly annoying at times.

7.Heather-She has always been pretty nice.She never really did anything to make her my favorite though.

6.Myra-She was really sweet.

5.Elavia- I realy liked her.She probaly could have won,but it's nice to see she got $50,000 at least.

4.Dorothy-She is really sweet.Might just be the winner.

3.Rob-He was a really cool guy.I was disappointed to see him go that early.

2.Bill-I'm puting him here,because he can't win the money.I think he could have been a great player if he wasn't the mole.

1.Darwin-He was really nice.Played the game great.He obviously picked the wrong person,but oh well.I liked him alot.

The Cubs win the World Series!Cubbies Win!Cubbies Win!

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blemer 85 desperate attention whore postings
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07-19-02, 03:22 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: What the hell....rank all 14"
LAST EDITED ON 07-19-02 AT 03:26 PM (EST)

14. Bob - We saw very little of this guy. It may have been cute but he didn't have the brains to make it to the second round.
13. Bill - One word: borefest. What a snooze. The guy is so dull and uninteresting. How the hell did he make it this far. He should have been put out of his misery a long time ago.
12. Al - What a dirty monkey. I agree with Cycle's general dislike for this guy. Let him please be the mole.

Moderatly deserving
11. Ali - She barely makes it into this bracket. I did enjoy her costume get-up and general fun for the game though but she didn't have a snowball's chance in hell in this game.
10. Rob - It would have been nice to see this guy win. I generally liked him but he was clueless about playing the game so I place him here.
9. Patrick - I think he may have made it longer if he hadn't went "all eggs" so early on. I would have loved to see the tention between Patrick and everyone for at least a few more episodes.
8. Myra - Nice gal, fun to watch. Loved the pizza game but wasn't in it for the long haul.
7. Heather - She's far to whiny to deserve anything but a kick in the head.

6. Lisa - I am a big Lisa fan. I hated to see her go in episode three. She would have been fun to watch during the game. She was really into it and started strategizing early on.
5. Katie - What a hoot you were Katie. Loved you in the game and i think you were smart enough to make it as far as you did. Plus you held onto an aliance (even though it was with Heather.)
4. Bribs - Cool kid. Had fun playing the game but could take it seriously also. I liked seeing him get a litte less Jesus-like during the night ball game. That was such a joy to watch.
3. Elavia - Calm, collected, sly, smart as a whip. Loved her.
2. Darwin - Wise, witty and observant through the entire game. That's a deserving player.
1. Dorothy- Tops my list cause I want her to win. I'd love to see this girl pull it off. She's been hesitant to trust and form alliances and observant to catch clues. Plus sly enough to throw people off.

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juggdishseuss 73 desperate attention whore postings
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07-19-02, 06:44 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: What the hell....rank all 14"
I've been waiting for this one, great thread!

155. Katie....and we wonder why the education of our youth seems to be in the toilet at times.

13. Al.......without a Katie, this guy would be holding down the 155 spot with no one in the rear-view.

12. Bill.....less personality than my dish sponge.

11. Bob......based on our limited exposure and unlike the previous three, at least he classifies as a human.

10. Heather..she seems to have a genuine knack for this kind of game but seems more two-faced than the others. She doesn't deserve the loot.

9. Myra.....sheer boredom. I never really cared for her brand of silent sit back and watch style of play.

8. Patrick..exact opposite of Myra. He played a little too "Col. Mustard" for my taste but sure gave us a few good moments.

7. Lisa.....had she stayed a little longer, she could have had a real impact on this game--she had bigtime mole possibilites.

6. can you not like the St. Paulies Girl?

5. Darwin...excellent player, great TV personality. I would have had no complaints seeing this guy take the greenback.

4. Elavia...speaking of taking the greenback---she was the person I rooted for up until the time she saw the 50K and split. I was very disappointed to see her take the "mole bait". Having an upper-hand, she could have won a lot more.

3. Rob......sneaky magician. Who really knows how much this guy left with up his sleeves. I think his unwillingness to get information out of anyone ultimately cost him.

2. Bribs....I was looking forward to the possibility of him building a mountain range outside of Austin, Texas. Great guy, great player. Mole killer...almost.

1. Dorothy..if not the winner, I hope she's the mole. Her brain has been putting in overtime. I hope the silent but deadly assassin takes them all down.

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trigirl 2844 desperate attention whore postings
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07-20-02, 11:35 AM (EST)
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7. "RE: What the hell....rank all 14"
Missed the first few episodes. Did they repeat them when they started the show over again?

Bob, Ali, Lisa - no idea who they are

11. Patrick - only saw him being nasty about his journal. I was happy I wasn't going to see more of him.

10. Heather - would you like some cheese with that whine?

9. Al - Cycle has already said it all about this yahoo.

8. Elavia - I always thought she was trying too hard to be mysterious.

7. Myra - seemed nice enough, but a little boring.

6. Bill - Seemed nicer when Myra was still around. Been my mole pick ever since he gave up on the treading water after about 3 seconds. Lame.

5. Rob - Loved his execution 'goodbye'.

4. Katie - She annoyed the heck of of me, but somehow still inspired my support. Go figure.

3. Dorothy - I hope she is the mole. If she isn't, that girl has got to get outside and learn to ride a bike!

2. Darwin - I was sooooo disappointed that Darwin wasn't the mole. He is so smart and witty and I really enjoyed him.

1. Bribs - When have you ever wanted the nice guy NOT to finish last.

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SurvivingMole 45 desperate attention whore postings
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07-20-02, 11:40 AM (EST)
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8. "RE: What the hell....rank all 14"
What the hell cyclehausen! I am not stalking Ali...There is no reason too. I love to send fan mail to people, I have got numerous responses...for example, I have tammy leitner, kim p., big tom, and lisa. I like writing letters so knock it off. I aint stalking anybody.
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xxinvincible 101 desperate attention whore postings
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07-20-02, 03:42 PM (EST)
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9. "RE: What the hell....rank all 14"
14. Al: he just annoys me. I can't stand him.

13. Patrick: He got extremely annoying those last 2 episodes he was in.

12. Bob: Didn't know him.

11. Bill: He is too boring.

10. Katie: She was a little bit annoying, but she can be entertaining at times.

9. Myra: Didn't do too much. She was sweet though.

8. Lisa: Didn't get to know her too much either. She seemed very nice though.

7. Ali: I liked her. I think she just liked the competiton and was a bit disappointed to be executed. But I didn't know her as well.

6. Elavia: We didn't see too much of her. But she seemed cool.

5. Heather: She gets annoying with her obsession with exemptions.

4. Rob: From what we saw, he was pretty funny, but we didn't see a whole heck of a lot of him.

3. Dorothy: She really doesn't do too much. But she is a very smart person.

2. Darwin: He was funny. I liked his sarcastic remarks. He was a very smart and strategic player, and thats what you need to be in a game like this.

1. Bribs: He was really cool. He was nice, he was caring, he was funny, smart and was playing strategically without throwing his morals and values out the window.

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alleyb 98 desperate attention whore postings
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07-20-02, 09:45 PM (EST)
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10. "RE: What the hell....rank all 14"
My list is based mostly on my impressions of how well each player used strategy (which of course has been shown at the editors discretion, so it probably isn't an entirely accurate assessment...but you can only work with what you've been given). And there are a few players that I just really like, and I'm sure some of the remaining players will be more or less impressive to me when I find out more about their take on the game.

14. Bob - Nice guy, but his early voting strategy did him in. Not around long enough to really show any aptitude for the game.

13. Myra - What a nice, sweet woman! If she was the Mole it would have been brilliant, but since she wasn't...she gave no reason for anyone to suspect her. She was a straight up player (a "player-like player," if you will), and this game doesn't bode well for people who can immediately be crossed off the Mole suspect list.

12. Rob - Seemed like a really nice guy, but didn't impress me as having much strategy to either fish out information or mislead other players. Too nice overall, I'm afraid.

11. Ali - Wasn't around long enough to prove herself one way or the other, and obviously her early voting strategy wasn't good enough to keep her in the game. However, her role in the Beer incident and the exemption ruse was a brilliant early strategy to gain suspicion, so she does get some credit despite getting executed so quickly.

10. Patrick - He was just abrasive enough to stir some people up, and if he had made it farther along in the game I think he could have used that to his advantage. But he had trouble developing relationships with anyone below his own age group, which I think kept him from really being able to get a take on the other players. Certainly his coalition with Myra proved to be completely fruitless.

9. Bill - Well, he's still here, which makes him look more like the Mole than anything else. I really don't understand how else he could have made it this far as a player, unless his military training taught him more about how to read people, keep quiet, and subtly lead others in the wrong direction than I realize (or than the show has shown us). I will be disappointed if he is the Mole or if he wins based on what we've seen. He doesn't seem to have developed any relationships with the other remaining players. I do have to give him credit for using his age and ex-military status as reasonable excuses for giving up quickly when treading water and for not wearing the diaper.

8. Katie - Her high emotions certainly would have been a good cover for the Mole, but they weren't a good strategy for a player. Despite all of the talk on the boards, I doubt that anyone in the game suspected her of being the Mole, and again I say this game was not made for a player who can immediately be crossed off the suspect list. However, her coalition with Heather does put her up a notch as she was able to garner some information and managed to stay in the game for quite a while.

7. Al - His early outbursts of anger were either really stupid or brilliant, depending on how much thought he put into them. I don't have much of a sense of his strategy so far, so I have to wonder what has kept him in the game thus far. Is he the Mole? Or did he get really lucky early in the game with some risky test-taking? We'll see. I put no faith in his high blood pressure as a real strategy, although he did allow himself to go last and have to cross the highest rope.

6. Bribs - Who says nice guys finish last? I guess they finish in 5th place according to the Mole. A really nice guy, but again--he did little to really throw suspicion onto himself. He started to show some potential at the end with the tether ball game, but it was too little, too late. His unselfishness would have worked better as the Mole's ploy rather than as a player, but I have to give him credit for the beer incident and fake exemption in the 2nd Ep. along with Ali.

5. Lisa - There was just something I really liked about Lisa. She seemed smart and really looked like she was into playing the game. I was so disappointed and shocked when she got executed...and that I had to wait 6 months to find out how the game progressed, but I digress. I think she took a risk and ran out of luck. She gets this spot more for the potential I think she had for playing the game than anything else.

4. Heather - She was my earliest suspect for being the Mole, mostly for her proclamation at dinner early on about how weird it was that one of them had a secret and wouldn't be able to confide in anyone about being the Mole (seemed like a ploy to throw suspicion off herself at the time). I also found her over-emotional reaction to her bag getting burnt highly suspect. And as the game has progressed she has certainly done plenty of things along the way that make her a good suspect for the Mole. She gets high marks from me for playing a very-Mole like game. If she isn't the Mole, she certainly cast enough suspicion on herself to confuse the other players. If she is the Mole, she has done brilliantly in making small mistakes that are easily explained away, and covered herself with some emotional outbursts that seem very un-Mole like.

3. Darwin - He played a smart game and appeared to really enjoy the challenge of it. He did enough to keep himself suspicious (removing his bunny ears, sabotaging the tether ball game, and generally keeping an air of hidden knowledge), while he pulled as many people into his confidence as possible. I truly wanted to see Darwin make it to the end of the game.

2. Elavia - Oh Elavia. If only you'd realized what a great position you were in!!! You played a brilliant game of casting suspicion on yourself (although I admit it was not terribly subtle), and you could have continued to ride everyone's distrust to the end. AND you had a very valuable coalition partner in Dorothy. Elavia was one of the most interesting personalities on the show, and now that we are down to just 4, I am so sad that she is gone. Hope you enjoy the $50,000!

1. Dorothy - What I have enjoyed most while watching the Mole is seeing Dorothy develop from a quietly suspicious player to a gung-ho manipulator. She has maintained an air of suspicion throughout, and chosen coalition partners along the way who really helped to improve her position in the game. I highly doubt that she is the Mole--she is enjoying the gameplay too much--but I don't think the other players are on to her. She is my favorite personality on the show (smart, goofy, and strategic). I hope she wins!

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Stuefis 78 desperate attention whore postings
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07-21-02, 03:37 PM (EST)
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11. "RE: What the hell....rank all 14"
14. Katie- Have some jelly.
13. Myra- Why was she in the game?
12. Bob- Don't really know the guy.
11. Ali- Stupider than Katie?
10. Elavia- The eyebrows are scary.
9. Lisa- She was okay.
8. Patrick- Still have images of him in Speedo.
7. Al- The mole.
6. Darwin- He was okay.
5. Bill- Non-creepy old guy.
4. Dorothy- Smart.
3. Heather- mmmmm....
2. Bribs- Tried to win the games.
1. Rob- He lives like 5 min from here. And has a great Walken impression.
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pwbk 25 desperate attention whore postings
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07-22-02, 01:41 AM (EST)
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12. "RE: What the hell....rank all 14"
14. Patrick - this dude was a jackass and he played the game all wrong without any morals whatsoever, if he'd won, i would have died

13. Rob - dunno why, but I didn't like this guy

12. Bob - we saw almost nothing of him and that was fine by me

11. Bill - probably just cause I don't want him to be the Mole, but all he ever does is complain about what others do, he also has no emotions

10. Al - he's made it this far, so he must be a little deserving, right?

9. Ali - she obviously sucked at this game, but she was hot so i put her here

8. Darwin - I liked him, but he forgot rule number one, "don't put all your eggs in one basket"

7. Lisa - I thought early on she might be the Mole, but ditched her for Katie a week before she died, she played the game better than some of the people who went farther than her, but my theory is she picked Elavia

6. Myra - she was fun, and it's hard to hate the mother/grandmother type

5. Heather - I still think she's the Mole, but if she's not, she has good suspicions as to who is

4. Bribs - this guy was so honourable that he had a bunch of us Molerons thinking it was him because he never messed anything up, a genius move

3. Dorothy - she is WAY too smart and knows how to make people think she is the Mole, she cost the group a lot of money and I personally believe that the people who died after Elavia left, picked her (or Bill)

2. Elavia - the cast and crews favourite Mole pick, I would have loved to see this girl win it all and I think much of the public thinks she did win, cause she got that wonderful reaction from the cast after she took the bribe

1. Katie - yo will always be my number one girl, you really shone in the spotlight, and you were able to last in a game that you (and many viewers at home) thought you would never last in, the only bad thing is that the damn producers didn't choose you to be the mole and that I couldn't rub that in everyone else's faces.

"In life there are many paths in which you can choose. Which ever one you choose will be the wrong one so have fun and try not to make a total fool of yourself.

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07-22-02, 09:23 AM (EST)
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13. "RE: What the hell....rank all 14"
Hmm, my list, pre-semifinals episode (one of the remaining four may piss me off and lose standing on my list.)

14. Rob - was it just me? He seemed to not really care that he was there. The others thought he was a great guy, but in my opinion, deserving = playing the game for all you're worth.

13. Myra - same as above, she never seemed too into the game.

12. Patrick - Controlling, whiney little freak, but at least he played the game, and did seem to enjoy it (though, maybe a bit too much.)

11. Bob - seemed like a nice guy who really wanted to play, and may have gotten shortchanged for leaving so soon, but nonetheless, he's gotta be low on my list, since I have very little to go by.

10. Bribs - suyper nice guy, but should've taken that exemption. Seems he was riding coattails (Darwin's) a bit too much.

9. Elavia - seemed to enjoy acting suspicious, but bailed when offered the money (no matter how far off the target I knew I was, I never would have taken it, casue that would mean no more playing...)

8. Al - I like this guy, and he's got a lot of passion.

7. Heather - She's getting into the game, but is acting kinda whiney and prima donna about it all. I hope she is the mole; that would redeem the bad acting in my eyes. She's a player, though, and I respect that.

6. Bill - He's playing too, and his strategy is to blow every game. He's either the mole or a lousy player. But, I love his competitive spirit and his involvement in the game.

5. Dorothy - She's cool, and a bit like the underdog. I hope she wins the money out of all the peoples who are left in the game.

4. Lisa - Seemed to LOVE the game and would have been fun to watch picking her way through some of the later brainy challenges the others have done.

3. Ali - Kid at heart and seemed 'made' for this kinda game. Too bad she left so soon. How fun it would be to watch someone like her win the money!

2. Katie - what passion. I'm so sorry she's gone. She was SO into this game and such an underdog. I really wanted her to be the mole or at least win all the money.

1. Darwin - the resident smarty-pants and uber-player from who konws where. This guy got ballsy and got gone, but he shoulda won. He's definitely the 'Kathy' of this Mole season. Shucks.


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