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"Official Push Nevada Episode 4 Summary: "I didn't do it!""
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magic_star 2400 desperate attention whore postings
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10-06-02, 08:05 PM (EST)
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"Official Push Nevada Episode 4 Summary: "I didn't do it!""
Episode 4 Summary: "I didn't do it!"

Previously On Push Nevada:

Jim received a fax from the Versailles Casino in Push Nevada. A large amount of money was missing from the Casino, sending Jim to the city of Push to investigate. A bible was also found missing from the safe,one called the motherload by Silas Bodnick. Jim later witnissed the murder of Silas Bodnick by a man with a serpent tattoe. When he reported the death to the local sheriff's office they refused to listen and listed it as one of many suicides in the town's history. Men claiming to be in the gaming commission were unable to find the money. A man named Caleb tells Mary he hid the money at DemonHead Flats. Shadrack digs up the money and bible. Jim must get a tattoe to find out who killed Silas. The man's name is Oswald Wilkes. Jim finds it very odd that the Versailles Casino pays out 62% of the time. Jim follows the map of DemonHead Flats that he found on a handkerchief in his car,but instead of leading to the money,it leads to the dead Oswald Wilkes. Officers Dawn and Gaines also happen to be there and they incorrectly charge Jim with the murder of Oswald Wilkes.

Some childhood flashes of Jim are shown and no he didn't look any better then than he does now. Gaines wakes up Jim and tells him his lawyer is there to see him. They remind him that he is being charged with the murder of Oswald Wilkes and that his bail price is $900,000.

He gets up and goes to another room where he finds a strange man that he says isn't his lawyer. Gaines says he is Ivy League attorney Peete Pantiv, but he doesn't fool Jim. The guy doesn't look college educated at all, forget Ivy League. Gaines tells him while he might not be Ivy League educated, he is still the best in town. Still not good enough to convince Jim.

Jimmy decides to use his phone call. He calls the IRS, but is confused when a lady named Merna picks up. She apparently doesn't know how to use a telephone. Her first problem is picking it up. With some hesitation she manages to complete that feat. Her next problem is puting it on her face.*Just slightly move it up, that's all you have to do Merna.* She completely surprises me and the whole world a few seconds later, as she gets it up to her face. She tells(yes she does know how to talk)him Grace is out and Jim finds that very odd since Grace hasn't missed a day in 5 years. She says she was hired when the personell asked her if she could type. Even they have brain damage or they were in desparate need! Jim asks to speak to Ira Glassman. He gets connected fine for now...Jim tells Ira that he needs to get Leon(their lawyer) to come and help him. Ira tells him Leon is all booked up, but says the IRS will get him out...Then comes Merna's third problem. She thinks she hasn't connected Jim to Ira yet. She hangs up the phone thinking she is connecting them when she actually disconnects them. This just shows how much ABC hates the IRS, as they make them look bad with every chance they get.

Story Book Hero

Jim's lawyer Jamanson Jones from the probo office comes in. We can see Dawn watching the Cubs kill the White Sox in the World Series in the background. Jones says he heard the legal system was muddled, but Gaines begs to differ. Agent Jones lets Gaines know that Jim has rights.

Jimbo and Agent Jones go into a little office where Jim tells the story of his time in Push to Jones. Jim expects even a mole from the casino, an enemy of Bodnick, or a corporate competitor to have sent the fax to him. The fake gaming commission guys figgure out that there is a 70% chance Jim is telling the truth.
He tells the rest of his story, then they cleverly figgure out that the woman who set him up doesn't have a handkerchief.

The trucker and his wife Delilah are eating. Once again we see the Cubs killing the Chi Sox in the background. The World Series must have just ended as all of a sudden fans run all over the field and celebrate! It's actually a truck driving show, but does anyone care about that? He looks up at the clock and sees that it is almost 9:15. Despite his hard efforts he just can't get the clock to move any faster.

Next, we go to Sloman's bar. Mr. Sloman's assistant Merrell tells Mary he wishes to see her. He plays a couple of tapes.
Tape 1: Mary-"He gets a million a quarter?"
Tape 2: Mary-"Mexico sounds good, we can get a boat."
Mr. Sloman decides that the books he has been reading lately- about seeing a view from your inferior's perspective and letting them see it from your's- are great. He asks Mary to take his seat, but she doesn't want to participate. When asked what she would say if she were him she says she will get him the money.
He says his heart is blacker than ash and his soul is an insaciable black hole. He asks Merrell to close the door, then Mary is shown crying. Awww now the whole world feels sorry for her.

Jim is told he is being moved to the Vegas Pen. Dawn tells him it is only a 4 hour drive and Gaines responds into the Valley Of Fire. The fake gaming commission guys say good-bye to Jim as the van passes by.

Jim talks to a couple of guys in the van, and they begin playing chess. Jim finds it strange that the man is going after his queen. They respond that they don't care about the king once they get to the pen house. They are only interested in cornering.
The officer stops the van and lets Jim know he made bail. Jim gets the choice to move up front or stay in the back. Anyone want to take a guess of what he does?

When they arrive back at the police station in Push, Dawn gives Jim all his stuff back and tells him he can pick up his car across town. Jim asks for the handkerchief, but she can't find it.

Jones calls Jim and asks him who paid his bail. Both men don't know who paid it. Gaines puts a tracking device on Jim and says they don't want him flying away like Tinkerbell(Reference to Peter Pan).

Grace is shopping for guns when Jim calls. Grace tells him she has been suspended. He asks her to go to Reno and find the bondsman Phineas Cobb to find out who posted his bond. With some hesitation, Grace decides to do it. Grace buys both of the guns.

Jim visits the Funeral coroner/director. She is talking to Oswald when Jim comes in. When he asks to see Oswald she tells him no, and lets him know that Oswald thinks he caused him to die. Jim gets the report of Oswald's death. He notices that everyone in Push decided to die in 1984. She tells him about some of the deaths including one involving Shadrock when his wife cooked pancakes for their kids and forgot to turn the gas off. She lit up a cigarette and the house blew up. The coroner seems to find it funny and makes a joke out of it. Making fun of deaths, what kind of funeral director is she? How sad. Jim asks her if she finds it suspicious and she says everyone has to die sometime. That is everyone but her, she has to keep on aging, so she can annoy people. Jim ends the subject and finds out that Oswald was killed with a shovel by a left-handed person at 10:15. Bingo! Jim was at the Versailles Casino(No pun-intended) at 10:15.

Jim calls Jones and lets him know about the good news. They go over to the Versailles Casino to find Dennis and the video tapes to prove that he was there. Dennis pretends to have Alzheimers and claims to not remember Jim. He takes them to a private area where a lady is shown making a dumbie talk. You know it's sad for ABC when this is the best entertainment of the night! Unfortunately Dennis kicks her out and we're left with the 3 geniuses. Dennis apparently has two personalities. One that was at his cousin's wedding and one that was at the Versailles Casino. Unfortunately for Jim the one that was at his cousin's wedding is operating now. Jim asks to look at the Servalance tapes. Dennis tells them no, but Jones shows him his paper and they go to watch the tapes. Dennis finds this as an opportunity to eat dinner. I think ABC wants to make their viewers hungry, so they wont watch their pathetic shows. Much to the dismay of Jim, the tapes have been doctored and he isn't in any of them. I guess he wont be a tv star...I'm so sad. Jim says they need to find the tapes with him shown, so they leave. The tapes are shown being burned. I guess there went that idea.

Jim heads down a street. Just then the screen flashes on the tv and says be prepared, you will be annoyed by this. I attempt to turn away, but I just can't do it.
Dad 1: *Honk*
Dad 1: *Shuts door*
Kids 1: "Hey dad"
Dad 1: "Hey Sport"
Dad 1-Kids 1: *Hugs*

Awww,how nice. Why couldn't every family be like that. What's so annoying here?

Dad 2: *Honk*
Dad 2: *Shuts Door*
Kids 2: "Hey dad"
Dad 2: "Hey sport"
Dad 2-Kids 2: *Hugs*


Dad 3: *Honk*
Dad 3: *Shuts door*
Kids 3: "Hey dad"
Dad 3: "Hey Sport"
Dad 3-Kids 3: *Hugs*

Wow, this is so annoying. Couldn't ABC give better warnings next time.

Delilah runs out to Jim and screams "I love you,I love you"!
No, but she trys to give him his handkerchief back, but he tells her to keep it. She says she knows he isn't a criminal. Oh how cute. So this means Mary must have planted the map. Bad Mary,bad bad Mary!

Dad 4: *Honk*
Dad 4: *Shuts door*
Kids 4: "Hey dad"
Dad 4: "Hey sport"
Dad 4-Kids 4: *Hugs*

ABC had to remind us one last time that they're the annoying broadcasting company.

Grace arrives at Phineas Cobb's office. She moves her hand over her brand new,greatly designed,one of a kind,highly decorated piece of a junk gun. She tells Cobb she wants to know who bailed out her boss, but oh no that's all they show.You mean I have to wait until next episode to find out who it is?No!!!!!

Next, we go to Sloman's bar. The band is featured, but guess what, there is no trumpet! This is the worst band I've ever seen in my life. Mary is with another guy when Jim arrives. Uh oh this could be battle!*Fight!Fight!Fight!Fight!* Jim scares the other guy off with his horrible smell. Anyone else notice that Jim hasn't bathed the whole week? Mary tells Jim he shouldn't be there. Jim lets her know that she set him up and tells her know that she was in on the secret with Silas's money. Don't you think she already knew that Jim! She says she doesn't know anything about the handkerchief map. When she turns away we see a large bruise on her arm. I'd say that boss is dead. You know those Prufrocks. Jim says he can help her if she helps him.

Mr. Sloman comes in and heads up to his office. Jim ignores the private sign like it said come on in quick! When asked why he came, Jim doesn't seem to care. He tells Sloman that he knows he was connected with the murders of Silas and Oswald, and the theft of $1,045,000 from the Versailles Casino. Mr. Sloman uses the Sharp Shooters Falacy to show what Jim is doing to him. Sloman threatens Jim, then shoves him up against the wall when Jim calls it a hollow threat. Jim reminds Sloman that the pen is mightier than the sword by saying every blow will comeback to him with 10 times as much force.

Mr. Sloman calls the fake gaming commission guys and says he will take care of Prufrock himself. They warn him that Jim may have an ally.

Mary visits Bodnick's grave. She opens it up and finds Silas's body deteriorated and covered with bugs and slime. No just kidding but she does take the money out of it. The fake gaming commission guys decide not to go after her when they see that the bible is not with the money.

Shadrack is shown with the bible. Peter Pan music plays in the background(Reference to clue).

As Jim leaves Sloman's bar he is struck with an electric shock. Someone puts him in the trunk of his car and takes off. A flash of a childhood picture is shown and you can hear someone in the background say you have to die Prufrock. The car stops and Jim is thrown to the ground. He is covered with a cloth on his head. A woman asks him who he is and who he works for. He replys...Jim Prufrock, IRS agent. She asks him again. He replys...Jim Prufrock, Investigative agent for the Internal Revenue Service. She shocks him. She takes off his cloth and we can see that she is Deputy Dawn. She takes out a gun, points it at him, and asks him one more time. Oh the drama!

The Cubs win the World Series!Cubbies Win!Cubbies Win!

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 Kudos to Star! Red Lady 10-06-02 1
 RE: Official Push Nevada Episode 4 ... psychobob 10-06-02 2
 Great Job trigirl 10-07-02 3
 RE: Official Push Nevada Episode 4 ... sherlock 10-07-02 4
 RE: Official Push Nevada Episode 4 ... buckeyegirl 10-08-02 5

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Red Lady 2010 desperate attention whore postings
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10-06-02, 08:38 PM (EST)
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1. "Kudos to Star!"
Hey Star!
Thanks for the "WooHoo" terrific summary!


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psychobob 42 desperate attention whore postings
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10-06-02, 08:48 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Official Push Nevada Episode 4 Summary: "I didn't do it!""
oh wow! great summary! i never noticed the white sox/cubs game in the first place after it changed to a monster truck program. not much of a sports buff here
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trigirl 2844 desperate attention whore postings
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10-07-02, 09:41 AM (EST)
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3. "Great Job"
Some childhood flashes of Jim are shown and no he didn't look any better then than he does now.

Great summary Magic Star...even if T-Mac sucks. Hey...I'm a Raptor fan.

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sherlock 450 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Daytime Soap Guest Star"

10-07-02, 07:40 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: Official Push Nevada Episode 4 Summary: "I didn't do it!""
I didn't watch this episode, but I bet your summary was 100% better. Great job, magic_star!!

Elementary, my dear Watson!

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buckeyegirl 5449 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

10-08-02, 11:38 AM (EST)
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5. "RE: Official Push Nevada Episode 4 Summary: "I didn't do it!""
Great job on the summary! I can only hope that I do half as well as everyone else has done so far when I write mine!

"Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

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