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"Episode 3: The Color of ?"
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Original message

trigirl 2844 desperate attention whore postings
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10-01-02, 02:20 PM (EST)
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"Episode 3: The Color of ?"
Episode 3 may have to be renamed "The Colour of My Puke" because I am not sure how much more I can stomach this show. Anyone else feeling that way?

I digress. Sorry...on with the summary.

We begin with Jimbo doing a recap. "My investigation began...." and we flip through images and scenes with Silas, Mary, Ira Glassman, Mr. Smooth, Snake Arms, Sherrif and Deputy Dimples, fake Nevada Gaming Commission Men (MIB), Caleb and the delightful Tatoo Artist.

Then on to the good stuff. Episode 3 opens with Jimbo getting a nasty piece of artwork from the delightful tattoo artist. Jim's asking him all sorts of questions about Snake Arms and tattoo man is not in the talking mood. He gives Jimbo a belt to bite on for pain and adds "it's laced with peyote" after Jimbo has taken a bite. Drug induced flash. Oh it's Daddy Dearest and Dad takes out a wire coat hanger beats Jimbo and...oh no... that was another movie. This flashback shows what a tender relationship Jimbo had with his Dad as he takes the car lighter and presses it against his flesh as dear-old Dad watches with amusement. "Fearless Jim. We Prufrock's have always been able to handle the heat". Daddy pulls out his monogrammed hankie for Jim. It is monogrammed aPm. Perhaps Alfred Moron Prufrock? More flashbacks as we hear yet again that the heat will kill a man in four hours. Next we see Tattoo Man's face as he tells Jimbo "The man you seek is Oswald Wilkes and his soul is as twisted as the serpent on his arm". Hey I'm not even American and I know this guy is named after two famous assassins...wonder what line of work he is in.

Wakey wakey Jimbo. Back at room 10624A with a nice tattoo "Death and Taxes". A red tattoo...could that be the colour we seek?

Opening Credit Sequence. Hey I missed episode 2…. Which website did they have in the opening credits for it? For episode 3 they used

The next scene opens with Shopping Cart Man picking up cans at the side of the road while the MIB watch him. MIBa takes a sip of orange juice. Could that be the colour we seek? Hey is it commercial time already. What is going on with this Lexus commercial in the middle of my show. Oh...another plot device or shameless product placement. You be the judge. It turns out the MIB all drive matching black Lexus'. Back to Shopping Cart Man who sees the Lexus commercial and realizes that nobody is watching him. He suddenly turns Bionic and starts digging like Steve Austin. Hey what do you know, he finds a bag with $$ and a bible.

Meanwhile Jimbo is off to Silas' funeral, but not before calling Grace to check on the tax returns of Silas, Snake Arms and Mary whats-her-name. No seriously, what is her last name. Jimbo doesn't know so Grace will have to wait for that bit of detective work. Grace is in Jimbo's office and there's a big map of Nevada behind the desk. Grace also informs Jimbo that his ex-wife Darlene would like a key to the house and that she sounded sober.

Hot orange sun. Could that be the colour we seek?

Lots of crying people emerging from Blackwell's Mortuary and Ambulance Services. Including the Trucker and his Hottie wife the playboy wannabe. Jimbo gives Hottie a hankie as Mary passes by giving him a 'look'. Trucker notes that they are not having the burial until the next day as the gravediggers are otherwise detained trying to cremate the body of C-C-Cold C-C-Caleb. Jimbo rushes off to comfort Mary because she is pretty upset about Silas' death, either that or she is upset that the only hat she could find to wear to the funeral was an old frisbee painted black. Jimbo pulls out another hankie...always monogrammed, always pressed he says. Seems Jimbo carries three with him. Flashback to Daddy Dearest "It's the sign of a gentleman and you can never tell when one might come back to you."

There goes Shopping Cart Man right past all the mourners.

Hot orange sun.

Jimbo heads over to his car and notices that his tire is flat. Another flash back...this time it is as if someone is trapped in the trunk of the car. All we can see is the spare tire and jack and hear heavy breathing. The flash back is in red...could that be the colour we seek? Here come Trucker and Hottie to the rescue. Jimbo lies and says he doesn't have a spare so they pick him up. While enjoying his lap dance from Hottie during the drive, Jimbo notices the log sheets for 'Highwater Trucking'. It seems all deliveries are to the Versailles Casino but for ridiculously small shipping prices ($1.25, $3.40, $1.80).

In the next scene we find our hero at the Sherrif's office trying to report the name of the assassin of Silas Bodnick. They don't seem too interested in any information from the peyote loving, tattooed taxman. Upon leaving the Sherrif's office, Jimbo gets a call from Grace who reports that she didn't find a tax return for Silas or Oswald. In fact, she ran **gasp** a C-7, the most serious, exhaustive search on the federal database and found that nobody in Push, Nevada has filed a tax-return in 17 years! Either that or all the records have been removed from the database.

Alas poor Caleb is still defrosting as Shopping Cart Man pays his respects to Silas. Strangely enough, when he leaves Silas' coffin, his bag doesn't have any money in it. He just has the bible.

The MIB are somewhere, doing something. They playback Silas's last phone call "I think this book is more than insurance, I think it could be the motherload". Book …Bible.

Jimbo is now over researching the Push Times archives again. Sees a picture of Oswald at a photo-op with Mr. Sloman at the Versailles. Skims another article about oranges, lot of oranges. Could this be the colour we seek?

Jimbo heads over to Slomans and pumps for information about Mary. The bartender says that apparently Mary has been getting around a lot lately. Her boyfriends include Silas, Job and some wimpy government fella. Then the bartender gives Jimbo some hilarious advice "Don't trust nothing that bleeds for seven days and don't die."

Hot Sun

Off to the Versailles...the Trucker delivering his load.

Hot Sun

Back to room 10624A where Martha is waiting for him. Time to clean up that nasty tattoo with some vinegar and water. Jimbo says his Dad would not be happy about the tattoo. Martha asks when he died...1986 is the reply. Flashback to the trunk again…heavy breathing...Jim was 12 when his Dad died. Martha is being maternal with Jimbo and tells him his father loved him and puts Jim to sleep. She then pulls his hankie out of his hands and compares it to the one she has been using to wash Jimbo. APM and JPA. She says, "you never know when one of them will come back to you." The hankie or a Prufrock man?

More flashbacks of the trunk. Jim's dreaming.

Ira calls. He's not happy with Grace running the **gasp** C-7. Nobody in Carson City has ever run one before. Ira basically tells Jimbo that he is not on an official investigation and if he takes any more personal days he will be fired. Jim says he'll come home. The heavies in Ira's office seem happy with this.

Jimbo heads over to Job's to pick up his car. Oswald follows him and starts putting together a gun. Grace calls and tells Jimbo that she did do the **gasp** C-7 search correctly and by the way she's at his house with Darlene the ex-wife. Darlene wants to smooch with him and play house again. She tells him to come home.

Over to Sloman's where another mystery man is eating an orange. Could this be the colour we seek? Is this Mr. Sloman? Whoever he is, the MIB tell him to call off the intervention as Jimbo has been talking a little too much and it might look suspicious. Mr. Orange calls Oswald and says they need to meet immediately.

Jimbo is off to the Versailles. He spends four hours (thank goodness we get the Bionic version) and stands there making notes. It turns out the Rain Man is counting cards and notes that the Versailles is paying out at 62%. Hard to make any money when you're paying out more than your taking in. Jimbo tells the 'Middle Manager' Jack Stennis that he is going to take the town apart number by number, ledger by ledger brick by brick.

Jimbo gets in his car to leave town. Does this guy leave town every episode or what? We see Mary peering at him from behind a pillar. Gee Mary, you can buy concealer to hide that big shiner you know. Before Jim has left Push he notices that someone put one of his monogrammed hankies in his car and wrote a map on it. Off to Demonhead Flats again, but not before heading to Blackwell's to steal a shovel. The gravediggers are still waiting for Caleb to burn. Jim stops to take a peek and what do you know...poof...Caleb goes up in smoke. The gravediggers need their shovels now.

Using the map, Jimbo find the spot he is to dig. Unlike Shopping Cart Man he doesn't get Bionic powers to dig. Poor Jimbo. Just when he reaches the treasure Sherrif Boyd and Deputy Dimples arrive to retrieve the stolen shovel. Oh well they'll wait for the treasure. Jimbo reaches down to uncover the treasure and alas it is a human arm with a snake tattoo.

Dream - Jim's trapped in a crematorium. Fire.

Jim wakes up in jail with Deputy Dimple reading him the cheeriest rights you have ever heard. He asks what his is being charged with and perky answers "Well murder of course".

Final scene...Silas' burial. Shopping Cart Man and Mary share a knowing look as earth covers the coffin of Silas Bodnick.

...Until next week...

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 RE: Episode 3: The Color of ? Silvergirl1 10-01-02 1
 RE: Episode 3: The Color of ? YumYumsAngel007 10-02-02 2
 RE: Episode 3: The Color of ? Ra_8secs 10-03-02 3
 RE: Episode 3: The Color of ? Red Lady 10-06-02 4

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Silvergirl1 9320 desperate attention whore postings
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10-01-02, 10:34 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Episode 3: The Color of ?"
Good job, girlfriend. Trigirl does the 3rd episode summary. How appropriate.

Thanks for filling in the details. Even though I have it on tape, I find it difficult to pay attention. Maybe I have developed ADD in my old age or this show just sucks.

From the book of Survivor 5:2: Tanya, maybe you couldn't stomach the seafood because it was waaay too Chewy!!!

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YumYumsAngel007 126 desperate attention whore postings
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10-02-02, 07:27 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: Episode 3: The Color of ?"
LAST EDITED ON 10-03-02 AT 07:18 AM (EST)

great summary, trigirl!

Koko was on the porch, trying to catch mosquitos on the screen, the problem being that they were all on the outside. "And you're supposed to be a smart cat," Qwilleran said.

*edited because i can't spell right early in the morning. (ok, i can't spell at all)*

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Ra_8secs 1081 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Politically Incorrect Guest"

10-03-02, 08:29 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: Episode 3: The Color of ?"
LOL, Trigirl. Good job.

I'm having my Tanya-esque moments with the show, too. This intentionally-quirky sultry impending mystery tax murder thing only goes so far.

What was the clue for Episode 2? What was the answer? Please make your answer in the form of a question, says Alex Trebec.

Jeepers, and I have to write Episode #5. Any chance it'll be cancelled by then? Well, at least I admire the production and product placement values.

-- Ra, Spinning in geo/helio eccentric orbit

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Red Lady 2010 desperate attention whore postings
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10-06-02, 01:35 AM (EST)
Click to EMail Red%20Lady Click to send private message to Red%20Lady Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
4. "RE: Episode 3: The Color of ?"
Hee, hee! I see we are all in agreement here...This show bites!
Any takers for ep.8? *crosses fingers*

Good summary for a bad show, TriGirl! WooHoo!!


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