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"Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 13: "
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michel 10958 desperate attention whore postings
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07-11-12, 07:18 PM (EST)
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"Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 13: "
Previously on Survivor, the tribe returned to camp after getting rid of the last member of Dreamz’s alliance so the mood was a bit more relaxed.
The next day however, the game was back on as some realized that their position in the alliance of 5 wasn’t secure.
With Sandra being the only outsider left, she was approached by most members of the alliance, agreeing with suggestions to vote one way or another as long as it wasn’t her. She didn’t even care about keeping secrets, revealing some confidential conversations to others. For one, Aras saw his plans exposed and it created a lot of turmoil in the alliance.

At the immunity challenge, a win by Sandra would have thrown a wrench in the plans of the alliance and, while she came close, Earl won a crucial immunity.

Back in camp, the discussions went on about jury threats and challenge threats and Todd’s name became a hot topic of discussion. Everyone knew he was clever and that he could do well in challenges.

Just before Tribal Council, the players were still undecided: Sandra was too much of a loose canon but Todd had antagonized the jury.
Then Jeff completely threw the players for a loop when he told them that the jury would also be allowed to vote to eliminate someone.
Aras and Sandra pleaded to get rid of the scheming Todd while Mike, Earl and Todd tried to get the jury to eliminate Sandra.
In the end, the jury tipped the scale and eliminated Todd, the player that they felt was responsible for betraying their alliance.
Now, 5 are left and the tension remains high as we enter the last stretch of the game.

I'm a Pretty Smart Guy

Day 33

As the 5 last Opas returned to camp, Aras, Mike and Ian had a chance to chat and, on the surface, the three seemed to come to an understanding.

Aras: “Mike was very good-natured about Todd's blindside but he did ask me why I gave up on the alliance of 5. I got a laugh out of that - I was never really included in his alliance of 5. Ian said Mike kept floating my name to be voted out and Todd wanted me out too until Ian explained to him that I was a valuable member. I just said that I didn't like Todd replacing me in Mike’s Final 3 and thought he was dangerous. Now I don't care if I get voted out, I made a move that changed the game and I'm happy!”

Ian: “I can’t say I am unhappy with how things happened. I had to get rid of Todd at one point, didn’t think it would be this early but he was my biggest rival. Kudos to Aras for getting the job done.”

The third member of the trio wasn’t quite as happy.

Mike: “this last TC really threw me for a loop. Aras threw our alliance of 5 out the window...i mean Earl had offered to sacrifice himself once Sandra was gone...he didn't have to do that and now he's upset and so we have to plot to get Aras out...i've come up with a plan...just gotta get Ian and Sandra on board. then if they do agree we can vote for Aras which makes it four. He would vote for Sandra, probably but i am really beginning to doubt it... i would've been willing to keep Aras to the f4 and then choose between him and Todd until this. i think he knew i was convincing Ian that Todd was the better one to take, so his move was great and well timed...especially since the jury voted with him. now, however we need to get rid of him b/c i really don't think there's any way he will take any of us except Sandra to the end and i just can't have that. i just hope i can get Sandra to agree.”

The interviewer looked incredulously at Mike. He had to ask the question: “Why would Aras take Sandra to the end? Didn’t the last vote show you all that the jury would vote for Sandra to win?”
Mike was surprised by this and could only mumble: “i wasn't too sure but it figures...I think.”

Still unsure, Mike went to Ian and asked him: “Do you think Sandra could win this game?”
Ian was amazed that Mike hadn’t added the numbers: “Of course she could: Sandra AND Earl are huge jury threats.”
Mike still looked as though the numbers were bumping around in his head and hurting him as they did: “So, can we use Sandra to get rid of Aras or do we have to get rid of Sandra right now?”
Ian explained it this way: “If we keep Sandra this round, that means we’ll have both her and Earl in the Final 4. One wins immunity at F3 and we’re done. And what if Jeff lets the jury vote again? It may already be too late to get rid of Sandra.”
Mike, despite his sunburn, suddenly looked quite pale.

Earl and Sandra were asked to go get tree mail. Maybe production hoped the two would engage in late game strategy talks but neither made a suggestion.
Sandra read the message that sounded vaguely familiar:

“See the blind man, shooting at the world
Bullets flying, taking toll
If you’ve been bad, Oh! Lord! I bet you have
And you’ve not been hit by flying lead
You better close your eyes
and bow your head
Wait for the ricochet…”

The Challenge

We saw the Survivors entering the challenge arena wearing some army camouflage outfits complete with a face mask and helmet. Our modern day gladiators were sweating profusely under the mid-day Greek sun.
Jeff was enjoying the sight, especially since he was standing far enough not to smell the Survivors!

“Today, you will play Paintball for immunity!
You will each go to a pre-determined hiding place and, when you hear the siren, you will have to figure out a way to be the last player standing. Once you are hit by someone’s paintball, (or your own if you are clumsy!) then you are out of the challenge.
Any questions?

Mike tried to say something but his mask muffled his question so Jeff continued: “You will now go to your starting positions.”
When the siren sounded, the Survivors all faced the same dilemma: Should they stay hidden or should they go on the offensive?”
Mike was always a man of action so he started moving silently. The problem was that his face mask was getting foggy and he could barely see in front of him. The players had been advised to keep their mask on because a bullet in the eye would be quite dangerous. Still, Mike used his uniform to wipe the inside of his mask…just in time because a figure stood in front of him. Mike shot immediately and hit Ian, forcing his ally to take a seat.
As he was hit, Ian cursed loudly.
The sound attracted Sandra who walked right into Mike’s sight. Such a great opportunity couldn’t be missed so Mike made his second hit.

Only three were left and Mike continued to circle the large wooded area. He had come from the left so he decided to double back. Maybe that way he’d surprise someone that was tracking him. The only problem was that when Earl finally ran into Mike’s tracks, Mike had already turned around so they were each following the same tracks but in opposite directions, moving away from each other. They both soon arrived at the end of Mike’s tracks so they waited a while, trying to see if they could spot their opponent hiding somewhere in the bushes. Each sound made them shoot a bullet but they were practically blinded by their foggy masks. After a while, each decided to continue circling the perimeter.

Mike was walking clock-wise around the perimeter while Earl was going counter-clock-wise so they would eventually circle the whole area and run into each other..if they hadn’t run into Aras’ hiding place first! Aras had found an area with dense vegetation that was nicely decorated by asters. There, he waited, knowing no one could see him but having a great view of a clearing. The angle would be perfect because the shrubs were slightly higher than the clearing. If someone walked into that clearing then Aras wouldn’t miss.

It was hot and Aras had heard Jeff yelling that Ian and Sandra were out of the game so he wondered if he should stay any longer or start hunting. Just then Mike appeared. Softly, Aras whispered to himself: “I’ll get his bacon this time!”
Sure enough, Aras shot Mike in the rear end!
Now, only two were left and Earl was slowly approaching the clearing. Aras spotted him and shot. He should have taken better aim thought because his bullet just missed Earl. Realizing from which direction the shot had come from, Earl tried to look through the thicket. He fired but only caught an aster. Now, Aras had taken the time to adjust his aim and fired again.

Jeff’s voice boomed over the perimeter: “Aras wins immunity!”

Day 36

Aras: “I think the plan is to vote out Sandra but at this point in the game, I don't want Mike going behind my back. I'm not trying to be mean, but I find this rather curious. Mike told me yesterday, "Ian said the jury is in love with Sandra and, if we wanna get her out, now is our best chance...i thought you should know and i didnt know if Ian talked to you...but we gotta get her out, especially since she doesn't have immunity". Then, just now Ian told me that Mike thinks I'm going to take Sandra all the way to the end and that maybe they should vote me out. Clearly Mike is worried about me. Mike is actually a fun man to play against because he's not a drama queen! I thought to myself that it didn't sound like something he would do. I kind of figured that Mike made that up about me and Sandra to make sure Ian would go along with voting Sandra out. This is all rather funny to me considering my brain is only half in the game.”

Tribal Council

Jeff greeted the 5 remaining players and started with his usual politeness: “Please take a seat as we welcome the members of the jury: Dreamz, Katie, Greg, Mick, Jenna and Todd.

Jeff looked at the 5 remaining players and knew it was time to frill each of them, make them sweat before the cote and maybe expose some strategies that had remained hidden. He started quite directly: “Let’s look at what each of you has done up to now and how that relates to your chances of winning this game.

Sandra, you didn’t have an alliance and have been seen as an outsider since day 1 yet now, that turns into your favor, having not backstabbed anyone. The jury’s reactions at all the previous votes tell us that you are their favorite. How do you convince the 4 other players to keep you in the game when you are obviously a threat to win many votes in the end?”

Undaunted, Sandra replied: "I can only do what I do best -- be a vote for anyone as long as it isn't me."

Jeff turned his attention to the winner of Exile Island: “Aras, your play has made some enemies, both on the jury and in members of your own alliance. Does winning immunity only give you a reprieve or do you think you can regain the trust of your allies?”

Aras answered: “Winning immunity gives me a few extra days with which to try to regain the trust of my allies.”

Jeff went on to the “king of Fiji”: “Earl, you have been in the alliance from the start and seem to have let them decide the course of action. Do you think the jury will reward such a game or did you let the alliance make the decisions that you had wanted them to make?”

Earl humbly said: “I have been lucky to be in an alliance. If one person made a suggestion then the others discussed it and agreed or made another suggestion. The majority decided and I was a part of that.”

The Jeff turned to the two remaining non-winners: “Mike and Ian, you two seem to have been together from the start. Do you still trust each other or have you been waiting for this time to strike against the other? Do you see your alliance as something that can help you in the end or is it something the other three would want to break?”

Ian: “While it's true that Mike and I have had an alliance since Day 1, but the same is true for my relationships with Aras and Earl. I don't just trust Mike; I trust all of them equally.”

Mike: “Well, let me tell you. The last time I was here, I got taken out b/c of a stupid fire and this time, well I just knew I could do better, I just needed the chance, i mean, after all i'm a pretty smart guy and i know how to do things around camp, help out, get along with people, make food, make things easier for others, you know? So this second opportunity for me is awesome b/c i'm finally getting a chance for people to see me for who i am and what i can do...”
The grilling went on for nearly an hour, Jeff always enjoying this opportunity to trip up a player that felt too confident or wake another that didn’t see the writing on the wall. Still, despite his warnings, players often made the mistake they had just been discussing. The game was truly fascinating in that respect.

Satisfied that the possibilities had been clearly analysed, Jeff proceeded to the vote, asking Aras forst if he wanted to give the immunity necklace.
Aras: “Oh, I'm keeping the immunity necklace.”

We saw Sandra voting against Earl: “This is my best chance to stay in the game.”
Mike; Sandra you're a great player but if you get any farther I think the jury will let you win and I can't have that. Nothing personal though.

When Jeff returned with the urn, it quickly became evident that Sandra, the biggest jury threat left, had been voted out.

When Sandra approached to set her torch in front of Jeff, she said: “How do I do this?”
Jeff smiled, realizing how many times Sandra had witnessed this moment without actually experiencing it.
Jeff, slowly said his usual: “Sandra, the tribe has spoken.”

After she left, Jeff faced the 4 remaining players: “You started out together on Nachos’ beach 36 days ago and made a pact to get here. Now, the next 2 immunity challenges and 3 Tribal Councils will show that this pact was the good choice for only one of you; the sole survivor.”

It’s the Survivor finale week! The winner of Survivor – The Greek Islands will be revealed this weekend so be sure to join us and don’t forget to attend the Survivor reunion show immediately after the final vote has been read.

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suzzee 5672 desperate attention whore postings
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07-12-12, 10:59 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 13: "
Really? Greek finale and Big Brother all in one week? >thud<

Coolest Siggie Ever thx Tribe! 2008

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michel 10958 desperate attention whore postings
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07-12-12, 04:48 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 13: "
I tried to get this done as quickly as I could. I'll try to end this before Sunday.
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Agman2 701 desperate attention whore postings
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03-02-15, 04:31 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 13: "
Were you able to end it by Sunday? Just asking.
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