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"Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 8"
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michel 10958 desperate attention whore postings
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07-05-12, 12:07 PM (EST)
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"Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 8"
Previously on Survivor; The newly merged Opa Tribe was faced with its first difficult decision...
The next player voted out would be on the jury so that made some people nervous...
The immunity challenge was won in record time:
"Mike wins immunity!"
When Opa arrived at Tribal Council, the decision had been made: The Nachos’ core alliance of Ian, Aras, Mike, Mick and Earl recruited Todd and Jenna to eliminate Dreamz, the person they saw as the leader of the GIA alliance and a challenge threat.

10 are left; who will be voted out next?

The Mastermind

Returning from Tribal Council, Katie and Greg felt betrayed so they stayed away from the shelter for a long time; time to let the anger and the pain go away.

Katie had a confessional: “Mick and Aras got scared and scampered off to greener pastures. I wished them good luck. Between you and me, the 6 of us would have been fine but they didn't have trust. Too bad, I figure someone got in their ear and they might have gotten scared.
I'm wondering if Earl is really playing; haven't seen him trying at all. Or is he someone's pocket vote? If not then it's a good idea anyway I'll save it for my next game. It's like bringing Christine to play. LOL
This is how I perceive of each of them: I tried to "profile" them.
Ringleader: Todd, he just seems like a good fit and I wouldn't be surprised if he approached Mick & Aras either. I would have to pick him as the best one for head of the snake since he is pretty articulate.
Ian seems likeable but I don't know him at all.
I may pay the price of being associated with Dreamz. They might go back to working with me and Greg after they have gotten rid of him but I doubt it.
I'm really very curious about just how Aras, Mick and Jenna (I'm assuming that it was all three) set about - to be impolite but accurate - screwing us.
First thing I did when we got out of Tribal Council was to look back at all the early discussions I had, trying to figure out some things: Jenna, Aras & Mick bailed at the merge, there was no other way it could have happened. They either formed an alliance and grabbed a couple of loose ones (Sandra & Mike and maybe Earl) OR Todd got something going, he's savvy enough.”

Standing in a different spot, away from the shelter, Ian was giving a confessional at the same time, a confessional that Katie would have certainly been surprised to hear.

Ian: Dreamz was just too big of a threat, both for immunity and popularity with the jury members. Fortunately for me, there were two members in Dreamz's alliance who were willing to defect and vote with us. Jenna's vote was key in making sure that Dreamz left. She and Mick are joined at the hip, and they know they can't afford to split their votes.
I think Mick thinks that he's playing the mastermind, but he's not. He's the swing vote, but he's not the mastermind. As long as Aras and Mike both think that I'm going to the finals with them, Mick won't be able to form a majority. He's my next target, but I can't risk voting him out right now since that also risks a number of people flipping: Jenna, Todd, and Earl, all of whom are important to the boot order that I've planned out. A Greg or Katie vote would be ideal for me for the next TC, since that further weakens Mick's chances of flipping, and I know that Mick really wants Sandra out, so we'll just have to wait and see. Maybe Sandra wins the next immunity challenge!

The next morning Ian and Sandra were told to get Tree Mail. Along the way, Ian told Sandra that he’d help her win immunity if he could.
Sandra simply said: “Thanks but my game doesn’t depend on winning immunity.”
“It might this time”
“We’ll see. Who would want to vote ME out?!”

When they came back to the shelter, she read the message:
“You went for the kill
When you didn’t have restriction
But will you have the skill
When it comes to precision?”

Mike said: “I hope it involves shooting at moving targets. I love hunting and, if I had a rifle, I’d go shoot some quails.”

The Challenge

Jeff welcomed them with a “Come on in, guys!
Here we are back at the soccer field.. I’m sure you want to play once more!
This time however, you aren’t going for the longest kick: You will have to get your ball to stop on the target, 25 yards away.”

The players looked at each other and Mick said: “It would be more fun if you were the target!”
Jeff just smiled and went on: “You all have been assigned a random order and Mike will get us started.”

Mike stepped forward, put the ball on the line, took a few steps backwards then went for it, The ball stopped 5 yards short.
Nice going said Jeff.

Ian was the next to go.He looked confident but his kick ended up 10 yards short
The audience gave him a polite golf clap.

It was Sandra’s turn and a guy yelled out: “Hit it like it was Russell’s head”.
“Thanks for the help” answered Sandra as she proceeded to kick to ball and took the lead, a mere 3yards aways from the circle on the ground.

Next was Mick who wasn’t intimidated at all. He stepped forward and kicked the ball just 1 yard away from the target!
He gave Probst a look as if to say “Take that!”

Undaunted, Aras took his turn and was rewarded when his ball stopped inside of Mick’s mark by inches.
“Aras takes the lead” yelled Jiffy.

After a while, we were down to 3 Survivors:

Todd calculates wind speed, inclination of the field, he winds up and kicks the ball 1 foot from the mark!
“Todd is in the lead.”
The group clapped.

Next is Katie and despite a good effort, she sees her ball stop 6 yards away.

Now, only Greg is left. He rolls the ball in his hands for a while and eyes the dot. Putting the ball down, he counts his paces back precisely like a Football kicker. Raising his hand, he moves forward and kicks the ball with his left foot. The ball rolls and rolls and stops…exactly on the dot!

“Greg wins immunity” says Jeff amid cheers from the other players.
The cheering stops when Jeff tells them: “I will see you all tomorrow at Tribal Council where one of you will be going home.”

When Jeff handed Greg the necklace, Mick was first to congratulate him: “Way to go Greg! I wondered if hitting the target was even possible! That immunity necklace looks good on you.”
Mike joined in, adding a shot at Jeff: “Nice job Greg. *we are sure that Greg won this time, right?...just sayin*”
Todd added: “Wow, nice job, Greg! That's impressive. And I still hate soccer.”
Katie, Aras, Ian and the others also joined in congratulating Greg.

Day 24

Mike: “OK i'm getting really nervous now. Dreamz threw my name out as a challenge threat when he left for the jury house. Kinda nice to be thought of as a threat!!! Even though i am soooooooooooo not! That so did not help me or my cause to actually win this game!! so i talked it over with Ian, he encouraged me to not play to win. I wasn’t sure what to do so I was happy to see Sandra take the lead after I had made my kick. i just hope our core group decides to stick with our plan to vote out the other tribe before me.
Going to TC without immunity, I feel a little bit scared, especially after Dreamz's parting shot, but i think i managed to get some damage control done
I only trust my alliance as far as i can throw any of them i guess...i'm trusting Ian the most... i sure as hell hope our alliance is in control! actually, yeah i kinda think we are...i am sure Mick thinks he's in control but i'm hoping to correct him of that notion
With that said, I’m thinking of voting for Sandra. she's too big a threat in this game. The only way i stand any chance at all in this game is to get everyone out cuz i'm the underdog. Then again…”

Mick: “Well, you know I never feel completely safe at TC; especially since the Dreamz vote could come back to bite me.
There is a chance for a pagonging here if things work out right. I trust my alliance, at least one of them. I talked to Mike, Ian and Aras, trying to set up a vote against Sandra. I think that will work to my advantage.”

Ian: Mick's true colors are finally showing. He is pushing hard for a Sandra vote, which I can't allow to happen. Sandra hasn't been part of any alliance since Day 1, which makes her completely not dangerous for me. I tried to convince people to vote for Katie instead, but playing with such a smart set of people, you just never know what they're actually thinking. In a game like this, everyone has their own agenda. No one wants to finish 7th, or 4th, or even 2nd. I trust my alliance, but only to an extent. On the other hand, not one of them should trust me! *laugh* »

Todd: “I think I have an alliance now besides the big one of Ian, Mike, Mick, Earl and Aras. I don't trust Mick at all. I am sure he and Aras are planning something with people not in our alliance, like Jenna. So Ian, Mike and I formed a final 3 alliance. And Ian moved the vote to Katie this time so we could keep Sandra in case we need her vote later. If it were up to me, we'd vote out Mick right now. But the sub alliance is really hesitant to break up the big alliance so soon. I just know Mick is going to do something in the next vote or two and we have to act before he does. We'll see what happens.

Katie: “I knew I was toast as soon as Dreamz went so it's no surprise and I told Greg that voting against Aras was a last gasp to shake things up. I did get him this info before the vote. We’ll see how it works out.”

Aras: “So we've reached the hard part of the game. I had to choose an alliance. Dreamz was pissed and seems to be placing a lot of the blame on Mick and I but I just talked to Greg and Katie telling them that I was asked to join a new alliance after the merge. I couldn't lie to them. Greg is like the legend of Survivor and Katie is just a warm and funny person. If it comes back to bite me, so be it. We are all friends, which is why I compared this game to All-Stars earlier. I have to take their feelings into consideration where I wouldn't so much if they were strangers.
Mick thinks that he has a target on his back. He is right of course, but I assured him that he had nothing to worry about.
I am going to try to get Ian, Mike, Aras and Jenna to vote out Todd next but that is going off script a bit so I don't know if I will be successful.
Mick and I were in both alliances and we've gotten Jenna to flip. Sandra is unaligned and Todd is low man on the totem pole in our alliance because he only came in after the merge.. I am most worried about Todd finding a toe hold somewhere and Mick playing all sides.
Others may not take my feelings into consideration. Mick was not happy when I told him that I wanted to save Greg for a few tribal councils. He is very worried about him winning. But that is my nature, I am sensitive and that will influence the way I play.”

Katie: “It's going to be a chance I get voted out since the alliance rather blew up
I think things will evolve, this is really a common occurrence at merge time. Eventually things will settle down to immunity wins I think.
I still trust my alliance, my F2 that is. My F3 was with Dreamz, our alliance of 6, well that went out the window, LOL, anyway I think if we would have stuck it out I'd have been better off.”

Tribal Council

Jeff got right down to it, asking: “Does anyone feel particularly in danger tonight?”

Katie quickly raised her hand: “Of course I feel like I’m in danger. I'm a major threat. LOL!”

Ian spoke up: “I imagine the votes tonight are going to be split. A number of people have mentioned wanting to vote for Sandra, but she's not a threat at all.”

Jeff then asked: “Did the last vote decide how the rest of the season will go or can things still change?”

Ian was the first to answer: “The votes can still change. Greg just won immunity, and if he keeps winning, then the alliance will have to implode sooner than we all want.”

So Jeff asked: “Do you still trust your alliance?”

Mike said: “It’s our alliance that got us here so we have to trust it.”

Sandra added a counter-point: “I don’t trust anyone.”

With that, Jeff turned to Greg, wanting to know if he was keeping immunity which he was. So Jeff sent them to vote:
When he went to tally the votes he was pleasantly surprised: The votes were indeed split. The majority votes were expected as well as seeing two votes against Aras since that was the way Katie and Greg were voting but the other two were intriguing. Jeff could run with this and the first step was to arrange the ballots nicely in the urn, so he started:


Jeff then took a pause, saying we are tied: Two votes Katie, two votes Aras.
He then made sure his face would show the proper amount of surprise as he said:


This warranted another pause: “Suddenly, we are tied: Two votes Mick, two votes Aras and two votes Katie.”
Having seen Mick’s shocked reaction, he could continue:

The 13 th player voted out of the Greek Islands: Katie. That’s 6 votes, that is enough.
Jeff knew the cameras would be more on Mick than on the departing Katie so he gave her time to pick up her torch and make her way to his podium.
Katie used the time to turn to the players and say: “Good luck everyone! I'm honored to be booted and I promise not to set off the stink bombs planted in your shelter.”
Jeff smiled as he snuffed her torch. He had always enjoyed Katie’s sense of humor. He hadn’t been able to show it during Palau because that season was all about Tom and he knew the editors wouldn’t be able to make much of her story this time either but she made hosting the game more fun.

Jeff then took a stern expression as he faced the 9 remaining Opas: “It would seem that your course is set but be careful: There’s always a bump in the road.”

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1. "RE: Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 8"

Exit, stage right, straight on to Losers Lodge. Passing by the shelters, Katie casually drops a Zippo and ignites the fuses. Bwahahaha.............................

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2. "RE: Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 8"
Am I late? I didn't miss anything did I???
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