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"Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 7:"
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michel 9636 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

07-03-12, 06:06 PM (EST)
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"Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 7:"
Previously, on Survivor, the Nachos had dominated the pre-merge game, winning 3 of 4 immunity challenges.
They reached the merge with a 8-4 advantage and the 4 remaining Doritos knew they were in trouble.
When it came to the vote however, the Nachos, led by Ian, turned on one of their own and eliminated Danni, one of the few women remaining and a previous winner.
Does this mean that the old tribes are gone and that a new alliance will appear in Opa or was it just a case of having too many Nachos left?

The Editing Thread
Someone made an entry that read:
"Last week, Danni’s elimination had been credited to Todd who was said to have convinced all the old Nachos that Danni was turning on them but this week, his role isn’t even mentioned. I take it to mean that Todd will not profit long from this move. We knew that Ian was leading the majority alliance on the old Nachos but does this make him a villain or a shrewd player? His role is not clearly defined which makes me wonder how his story will end."
That was answered: "Well, we know that ____ wins"
This quickly got a reply: "You're not allowed to post source spoilers in this thread so I'd edit out that comment before anyone sees it."
"Opa. I made the edit."

Let’s Get This Party Started

The Opas were waking up.
It was the morning after their first Tribal Council as a merged tribe.

Mick had a confessional: I got another vote at the last tribal council. Neither alliance knows where the throw away vote comes from; I thought that the alliance members would stick to the planned votes but someone broke rank. I’m thinking that it was Sandra. You have no idea how hard it is to work with 2 big alliances.”

Dreamz: “Well, I’m not going to win. But I knew that as soon as I realized that our alliance had broken. And I’m glad that I came here once more. Love or loathe me, I am different. So, I’m going to gauge success by the number of TCs I’m able to survive. I think two. Three would be a miracle. And I wish that Katie can find a way to make it to the end.”

With that, Jenna and Katie returned with tree mail. The crew had sent those two hoping for a scene after the latest developments but the two women remained quiet.

Jenna read the Tree Mail:
“It used to be fun and games
But you must be curious
what could we have in store
when it's time to get serious”

The challenge:

Jeff greeted the Opas: “Welcome to today’s challenge: Here’s how it works: This is known as a cryptoquote. For those of you who know what this is, then there's no need for me to explain. For those of you who don't, a cryptoquote is a word-based puzzle where one letter represents another. Think of it like "Wheel of Fortune" where you see words or a phrase and you guess the letters. When you get a letter right, that same letter will propagate though the rest of the puzzle. Eventually you'll be able to piece the words together and solve the puzzle.
Put the words together on the board you will each be given and shout out once you've got it.

The Survivors looked at their boards and some gasped. Jeff smiled, thinking they would all be stumped for a while:

But then, Ian shouted: “I have it!”

Jeff had just found a nice spot from which to watch the Survivors suffer but he had to get up much sooner than expected.
Jeff looked at the board and started: “Ian thinks he has it right…” Jeff had trouble containing his smile when he continued: “No, you are missing something. Everyone’s still in it, don’t give up.”
But Jeff realized that Ian had been very close, missing only one word. He thought to himself: “The dream teamers said this would take a while. Those dream teamers are dumbasses.”

Sure enough, it didn’t take long before Mike, who was standing at the board next to Ian, shouted out: “I have it!”

Jeff walked over and looked at Mike’s board intently, not wanting to make the wrong call like he had done once in the Pearl Islands. Many viewers commented back then that it was funny that Jeff’s mistake hadn’t edited out but Jeff knew that it had been one of the editor’s little jokes to make him look foolish. Since then, Jeff always made doubly sure. This time he was certain: The answer was correct. Mike had written: “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”.

Jeff raised his hands and yelled: “That is correct: Mick wins immunity!”
Jeff received a tap on his shoulder from Skupin who was standing right behind him: “Errrrr…Jeff: My name is Mike, not Mick…”
Jeff’s face turned red: He had done it again: Most of the crew was rolling on the ground laughing. Jeff knew this would make it on air. Still, he hardly missed a beat, raising his hands again and saying: “Mike wins immunity.”
(After the Survivors left, Jeff muttered: “I don’t think I can offer Burnett enough money to get that cut out of the show”.)

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 Episode 7: Part 2 michel 07-04-12 2
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 RE: Survivor - The Greek Islands: E... suzzee 07-06-12 3

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krismiss2us 698 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Reality Show Commentator"

07-04-12, 12:18 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 7:"
yeah i finally win something and he credits someone else....story of my life

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michel 9636 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

07-04-12, 01:11 PM (EST)
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2. "Episode 7: Part 2"
Day 22

The tribe returned to camp with everyone congratulating Mike on his win. Mike hung the necklace on the shelter’s wall and he gave us a confessional:

Mike: “I won immunity! See? I knew if I could've stayed longer in Australia I would've rockED! Wow! I came in 2nd on the first IC and this time I won!!! Of course, Ian was behind this one. I was still trying to figure out how to decode the stinkin’ thing when he whispered me the answer. He had one missing word so he told me to go ahead. I'm just glad it wasn't Jenna or Greg that won. I think, though, that there is an underlying strategy going on right now. I noticed tonight again, very few (ok NOBODY) talked before the challenge. Making me wonder if people like Jenna and Greg and Mick are trying to spy on us to deduce who is in with other survivors.”

Ian also had a confessional: “I almost had that challenge! I'm just glad it's Mike who won, though. He and I have been in an alliance since Day 1, and he's one of the very few people I really trust in this game. So, yeah, given that it's not me, I'm very glad he won this.
I think the great thing so far is that I've helped lead my team to victory thus far. I think people respect and appreciate my contributions to the game. Obviously, the line gets blurred now that we're in the individual stage of the game. I'm just hoping that the alliances that I've built stand strong and that people start gunning for the bigger fish first.
I've been working hard to get rid of Dreamz and Greg. Those two are big wildcards who could throw a big wrench into my plans. People have been receptive to the idea of voting out Dreamz, though, so for now, I'm not particularly worried.
Another person who I think can be trouble is Todd. He's smart and very popular among the tribe. If anyone can break my alliances, it will be him.”

The rest of the day was spent doing some odd flirting:
Mike to Jenna; How you doin'?"
Jenna: "Well, I haven't been voted out yet!"
Mike: "OK, So i really need to work on my flirting cuz obviously you didn't catch the joey-ness of my question."
In turn, Jenna asked: "Where's Greg?"
Greg showed up: "I'm no longer passed out in the shelter but am still high sick. You'll have to wait a couple more days for any of the flirtations to ... um be noticeable."
Katie joined in: "Can I get a little of that action? Who wants to go camping with me?"
Mick interrupted: "Are you trying to flirt with my guys?"
Greg replied: "If she is then I'll pitch the tent."
Jenna asked: "You don't mind if I come into your tent, do you?"
That's when the scene cut.

The next day was back to business.

Mick had a confessional that sounded odd, as if taken from different times: “The alliance wants to get rid of Dreamz but/ I think we are overlooking Sandra and since/ she voted against me last time,/ I can’t afford to let her stay in the game. So, I talked with the ex-Doritos to get them to vote against Sandra. I don’t know if it will work but it will/ scare/ Sandra/ and that could get her off my back.”

Mike had another confessional: “I’m not sure if our plan will work but I’m ready for this vote: Let’s get this party started!”

Before going to Tribal Council, Dreamz had the last confessional: “I really don't know what happened. There were always issues. Confusion, mistakes, suspicions. And I had never intended to 'lead' this group. I am not a leader. But Katie, who organized the alliance, was on the other tribe, so I had to lead it from this end. When Mick proposed to eliminate Sandra, only two of the other five members of the alliance said that they intended to vote for Sandra. The other three were charmingly evasive. So I suspect that the vote will either get screwed up or be directed at me.”

Tribal Council

Jeff stood waiting for the members of Opa to enter the Tribal Council set. The first vote after the merge had been somewhat surprising and he hoped to build on that momentum. He knew two opposite alliances would be facing off, knew who was in trouble and he was hoping for some fireworks.

“Let’s start with the last vote: Why Danni, Ian? Wasn’t she in your tribe?”

Ian took his time and started: “We were told that she was trying to form an alliance with some ex-members of Doritos”

“Told by whom?”


“From the Doritos…and you believed him? Couldn’t it have been a ploy to save the Doritos tribe?”

“It could have been” said Ian, “but we don’t think Todd sees it as Doritos versus Nachos anymore.”

That’s when Dreamz interrupted: “Todd isn’t with us anymore. There are no more Doritos left; the bag is empty. Jenna and Todd have jumped ship and found better “arrangements”. On one side, there’s one big group of 7 who are all plotting behind each other’s back, on the other you have Greg, Katie and me and you have Sandra in the middle doing her thing.”

Jeff smiled, pointing that Sandra’s “thing” had earned her the million twice.

Dreamz went on, undeterred: “When I was asked about joining the cross-tribal alliance by Katie, which she called the Greek Islands Association, GIA for short, I talked with the other five members about setting up a system to make sure we’d all make the merge. First, we each identified the members of our own tribe that would vote with us during the pre-merge. Thus reducing the number of variables - does he or she belong with us, or not? The objective was to control our fate until F-6 so, we then developed a composite ranked boot list. Katie’s position in the Nachos tribe wasn’t secure but her tribe kept winning immunity so that kept her safe. Anyway, on the eve of this vote, we had identified Sandra and Todd as safe, non-GIA boots and we should have been all set through F10 and then we’d have the numbers: 6 to 4. I thought that was just about the best that we could hope for if we wanted to reach F-6 intact. But perhaps that wasn't sufficiently secretive for some. Or, perhaps playing by the numbers became too boring. Perhaps the connection between Katie and I was made and I, specifically, became the target. The only reason that I was - and am - pissed is that I put a lot of hours into what is now a structural mess and wish that if three of them intended to begin winging it at F-11, that they had had the courtesy to spare me the hours that I spent during this past week in an effort to keep the - safe - votes coming.
How’s that for a shakwila?!”

Jeff was curious: “Katie, who were those 6 members of the GIA?”

Katie answered: “On Doritos, we had Greg, Dreamz and Jenna and on Nachos, besides me, there was Mick and Aras.”

Jeff observed: “I see all 6 of you here, so you were successful. Where did it go wrong?”

Aras explained: “Katie talked to us during that search for the medallion and of course we said yes but what else could we say? No? That only puts a target on your back. When we got to Nachos Island, we all talked and soon realized that this was a much more solid alliance. We are not plotting behind each other’s back, just playing the game.”

“When you say all, you mean all except Katie, don’t you?”

Mick jumped in: “No, Katie was included because we didn’t target her. She knew that to make the merge she had to be part of the Nachos.”

“So, you were keeping your options open.”

“You could say that.”

“I am saying it.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that though.”

Unable to argue with that logic, Jeff said: "Before we get to the vote, Mike do you wish to keep immunity?
Mike: "I am NOT giving up the necklace."

Jeff told them it was time to vote.

We heard Todd's confessional as he revealed his vote: "Sorry, Dreamz. It was totally a respect vote. Winning challenges puts a target on a Survivor's back. You are a strong competitor and so you had to go."

We also heard Dreamz as he voted against Sandra: "I can't let you skate by once again."

Jeff then read the ballots:


We are tied, three votes Dreamz, three votes Sandra


The 12th person voted out of the Greek Islands and the first member of our jury: Dreamz. That’s 6 votes, that’s enough. Please bring me your torch.

After Dreamz walked away, Jeff turned back to the Opas and said: “It seems that some of you have figured an easy way to make it to the end. The problem is that it’s never quite so easy.”

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suzzee 4300 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Jerry Springer Show Guest"

07-06-12, 04:09 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: Episode 7: Part 2"
Run Katie Run!

Tribe is my HST hookup.

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suzzee 4300 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Jerry Springer Show Guest"

07-06-12, 03:52 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 7:"
Quote gold:Those dream teamers are dumbasses. and

“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain” oh how Dark is my Knight.

“I don’t think I can offer Burnett enough money to get that cut out of the show”.

A Tribe masterpiece

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