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"From the ZBC - The Amazing Race: Expedition Preview"
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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
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02-12-08, 10:59 AM (EST)
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"From the ZBC - The Amazing Race: Expedition Preview" Season Preview: The Amazing Race

What's so big about this season? CBS Isn't Telling

The drawn-out Writer's Guild strike meant that a lot of reality shows dominated prime-time television. This fall, most of those shows are history, but several remain, including a few classics - for example, Survivor is coming off one of its most improbable seasons ever, and a 17th season will air in China this fall with all-new castaways and a new experiment with the immunity idol.

After the continued success of The Amazing Race, producer Jerry Bruckheimer has green-lighted the show's biggest project yet, called The Amazing Race: Expedition. Little is known about the actual project except for a few things said during the last Survivor reunion, including that there would be twelve teams of two taking off from "one of the Americas' natural wonders." Early speculation is that Yellowstone Park is the site of the initial take-off, as many frantic people were spotted in Cheyenne, Wyoming looking for flights to Europe.

Speculation of the identities of the "familiar faces" promised by host Phil Keoghan has turned up no names; no one from the show has confirmed or denied the inclusion of anyone thought to be part of the upcoming season. The familiar face is thought to be a member of the Survivor: All-Stars II cast; however, every member of the cast had an alibi for why they were not included, the majority of whom simply saying, "I was never asked."

To preview the upcoming season of The Amazing Race and to discuss the potential identities of any "familiar faces" who took the challenge, we talked to host Phil Keoghan. Tell us about what makes this season different from past seasons. The name changed for the first time since All-Stars, and with a name like "Expedition," there has to be a lot of adventure involved.
Phil Keoghan: The biggest difference between this season and past seasons is the distances traveled, the new locations, and the fact that this is the first show along with Boston Rob's new show to visit all seven continents. The Amazing Race will go to Antarctica. The name "Expedition" still sounds an awful lot like we can expect a lot of very tough, very physical tasks.
Phil Keoghan: That's absolutely true. Many of the tasks involve sports and athletics, and the teams are some of the most athletic and in shape that I've seen. The twelve teams that start out the race include former competitive cyclists, a former collegiate athlete, a police officer, and the first contestants in the history of the show from outside the contiguous 48 states. Can you tell us a little about the show and its format? The game has undergone several changes, some of which have been widely panned while others were enjoyed.
Phil Keoghan: We brought back the Fast Forward in full force this season. For several seasons, it was rarely in use, but with the locations we scouted, there were a lot of opportunities for the Fast Forward. Teams needed a chance to catch up and get back in the Race. Also, we changed how the U-Turn works and the way the non-elimination leg works. We have to ask; you said something about the presence of "familiar faces" on the Race. Is anyone we know about taking the trip around the world, or are we just in for a cameo like Kevin and Drew in the Family season?
Phil Keoghan: I'm not coughing that information up so easily, you know. Come on now. Everyone's buzzing about the possibility of a star on the journey. It has to be someone we know.
Phil Keoghan: Well, I can tell you who it's not. We have plenty of Survivors we didn't ask, and we have a few who turned us down. We asked Danni from All-Stars, but she said she didn't want to be an automatic villain. She pushed us to ask Charlie, and we did, but we weren't expecting much. After all, his new wife is pregnant. From reading into that, it looks like Danni's excuse is pretty shaky; she did redeem herself at the Survivor reunion.
Phil Keoghan: Still, it's a little like Charlie's situation. Charlie didn't want to leave Paula for a month and change to run around the world. After seeing the way Danni acted around Derek, there's no way I saw her wanting to leave him for the Race. Wouldn't Danni want to run the Race with Derek? They are, after all, reality TV's sweethearts.
Phil Keoghan: All I know is that Danni turned us down regardless of whether Derek was involved, and she said she was helping Derek train for his upcoming senior season. Tell us a little about the other teams. If there's one familiar team you won't tell us about, that leaves eleven other teams that are brand new.
Phil Keoghan: The teams this season have a lot of conflict among them, but that doesn't stop them from being competitive. I saw how well even the most conflict-riddled teams worked together. We have a few new combinations of teams that are never-before-seen; some of the combinations, like the dating couple, the family pairs, and the married couple, but there are a few new types of teams. A father is coming on the show with the guy his only daughter is engaged to. They work well together, but they definitely don't get along. Before the twelfth season, the viewers thought there would be no non-elimination legs, and people were a little upset to see that they were still around.
Phil Keoghan: They're around this time; I'll come out and say it. There are non-eliminations, but one of the things we did was to scatter them and make them a little more random. They're still pre-determined, of course, but they're not bunched toward the end of the race. Is there still a penalty for finishing last in a non-elimination?
Phil Keoghan: Of course there is. It's different from the Speed Bump, but it still hurts. I'll leave it at that. Are there any major rules changes besides the non-elimination rule and the re-doing of the U-Turn?
Phil Keoghan: For this season, teams are not allowed to beg. All the money they get comes from us, and if they don't budget, they're in big trouble. Teams get themselves in trouble with that a couple of times. How does the U-Turn work this time?
Phil Keoghan: Before, teams that completed the Detour were able to force teams behind them to complete the U-Turn. In this case, teams play the U-Turn at the beginning of the leg, and no team can be U-Turned more than once. Is there anything in this season that happens that's out of the ordinary?
Phil Keoghan: The season starts in a way that's never been seen before. The twelve teams will have no idea what hit them. Again, I'll leave it at that. Some of the time, a really cryptic preview of a seasonís big event has led up to some pretty major events. In Fiji, they promised a "decision that would have all of America talking," and it led up to Dreamz keeping immunity after his promise to give it up. In All-Stars II, they promised the "dirtiest trick in Survivor history," and it led up to Danni going so far as to lie about a sexual relationship, getting the beloved Charlie voted out. Is there any message you can give us like that?
Phil Keoghan: The season will end in another way that has never been seen before. One contestant will employ a strategic move that has never been attempted. You'll see how it plays out. I've heard reports of something potentially Earth-shattering happening this season. The rumor is that several contestants came back almost traumatized. Can you tell us what happened?
Phil Keoghan: Something like that does happen. No, I'm not going to tell you what. I will say this, however - it's going to have America, and probably a good chunk of the world, buzzing. Last two questions. When does the show begin, and where are we opening?
Phil Keoghan: We open with a 90-minute premiere on Sunday, September 7, and the show moves to Wednesdays on September 10. As for the starting line, we're opening for the first time outside the country. That's all I can say. Phil, thanks for talking to us, and we look forward to seeing the show.
Phil Keoghan: Thanks for having me.

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 The Amazing Race: Expedition Blog Colonel Zoidberg 02-12-08 2
 The Amazing Race: Expedition Cast B... Colonel Zoidberg 02-12-08 3
 The Amazing Race: Expedition Bios C... Colonel Zoidberg 02-12-08 4
 The Amazing Race: Expedition Bios C... Colonel Zoidberg 02-12-08 5
 The Amazing Race: Expedition Bios C... Colonel Zoidberg 02-12-08 6

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
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02-12-08, 11:00 AM (EST)
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1. "The Amazing Race: Expedition Cast Announcement"
Cast Announcement

After months of anticipation, the cast of The Amazing Race: Expedition, said to be the biggest Amazing Race project ever, has announced the twelve two-person teams who will be taking part in the adventure. The 90-minute premiere is scheduled for Sunday, September 7, 2008, and will be the first season of the long-running show to depart from outside the United States, according to a interview with host Phil Keoghan.

Like all seasons before it, the members of each team have a pre-existing relationship; although many standard pairs, such as the family teams and the couples, are on the show, there are a couple of pairings never before seen on the Race. There are three dating teams, including one who describe themselves as exes; one of those teams is only the second lesbian couple to run the Amazing Race - Kate Lewis and Pat Hendrickson of season 12 were the first. In another second for the show, something that was also done only in season 12, one of the dating teams is an interracial couple.

The two new combinations of teams include a high school teacher and one of her former students as well as a father and his future son-in-law. Both of these teams described their relationship, at least at one point in time, as "difficult". Another unique addition to the cast is two members of the Washington Redskins' famed "Hogettes," a group of male fans who wear dresses and pig snouts to Redskins games.

The diversity of the cast is seen as "refreshing" by some who have previewed the show; not only is there ethnic diversity (one team is from Hawaii; another is from eastern Europe,) but there is a great deal of geographic diversity. Of the 24 contestants, only four hail from California; no other state claims more than one team, and the first contestant to call Canada home is in the cast.

Notably absent from the list is a "familiar face" said to be taking part in the Race. All twelve teams have two never-before-seen-on-TV players. This has fueled speculation that the twelve teams are not alone, although there has been no definitive proof thus far.

The upcoming season will be longer than most previous seasons, with 16 episodes scheduled; with 12 teams competing, this would mean that six legs will be non-elimination - two more than even a standard 13-leg, 11-team season. This did not come up in the interview with Keoghan.

Also not brought up in Keoghan's interview was the true length of the Race - this will be the first season to surpass 50,000 miles traveled and to step foot on all seven continents. Upcoming blockbuster reality show Tontine, hosted by Rob Mariano of Survivor fame, will travel to all seven continents as well and will air this fall.

After the Sunday premiere, CBS will place The Amazing Race in its new time slot, Wednesday at 8:00 ET/7:00 CT, starting September 10. The finale is scheduled for Wednesday, December 17, and will be two hours long.

The 12 teams who will take part in The Amazing Race: Expedition, along with their CBS-supplied information, are:

"College friends" Alex Vladikov and Elena Mendeleeva

Alex is a 24-year-old graduate student from Knoxville, TN who hails from St. Petersburg, Russia. Elena is a 21-year-old undergraduate student from Knoxville, TN who hails from Sofia, Bulgaria.

CBS says: This is arguably the hardest-working team on the Race. Both players say they know what it's like to be with nothing, and both are willing to sacrifice whatever they have to in order to win.

"Dating Couple" Bobby Kingsford and Caroline Clarkson

Bobby is a 25-year-old struggling actor, and Caroline is a 26-year-old marketing professional. Both hail from Cherry Hills Village, CO.

CBS says: Bobby has a lot to prove on the Race. Caroline says she does all the work in the relationship, and how well this team does will depend on how much Bobby can handle.

"Teacher and Former Student" Carrie Burnside and Dana Quinn

Carrie is a 37-year-old high school teacher from Oakland, CA, and Dana is a 22-year-old law student from Stanford, CA.

CBS says: Carrie sees herself as the "cool teacher," and Dana sees herself as a fun-loving blonde. Make no mistake; these ladies are competitive, fierce, and tough as nails.

"Married Cyclists" Debra and Bob Newman

Debra is a 55-year-old retired cyclist from Athens, GA who hails from Austin, TX. Bob is a 56-year-old competitive cyclist from Athens, GA who hails from Macon, GA.

CBS says: Seventeen years away from competition has been too long for this couple. They may be the oldest team in the crowd, but don't let their age fool you; they're in better shape than some of the younger teams.

"Ravers" Hayley Masterson and Alexis Steel

Hayley is a 27-year-old court reporter, and Alexis is a 28-year-old police officer. Both hail from Tampa, FL.

CBS says: This team believes they will be the first all-female team to win, and for good reason. They're strong, independent, and know how to get things done.

"Married Parents" Jeffrey and Bryan Masters

Jeffrey is a 30-year-old homemaker, and Bryan is a 30-year-old construction company vice president. Both hail from New Albany, OH.

CBS says: This team got ahead in life by making smart decisions and working hard. Their philosophy on the Race is no different, and in their eyes, victory is all but guaranteed.

"Sisters" Leilani and Kea Kamanu

Leilani is a 21-year-old rancher from Maunaloa, HI, and Kea is a 23-year-old limousine driver from Honolulu, HI who hails from Maunaloa, HI.

CBS says: Philosophically, these sisters couldn't be more different, but strategically, they think alike and are very sharp. Don't let their lack of travel experience fool you; they are hungry for this adventure and look to make the most of it.

"Father and Future Son-In-Law" Ray Nabors and Jamal Washington

Ray is a 44-year-old prison guard, and Jamal is a 21-year-old blackjack dealer. Both hail from Biloxi, MS.

CBS says: These two people flat-out don't like each other, but they're willing to work together not only to fix their relationship, but to win the grand prize. They play with honor, but they play hard, too.

"Hogettes" Reggie McGowan and Dan August

Reggie is a 41-year-old supermarket manager from Arlington, VA. Dan is a 45-year-old TV cameraman from Baltimore, MD.

CBS says: Yes, they wear dresses, they're fanatically dedicated to their football team, and they have a soft spot for kids. They're as competitive and as driven to win as their beloved Redskins, however, and they'll run over anyone who stands in their way.

"Ex-Girlfriends" Allison "Spike" Blades and Jennifer Ellsworth

Spike is a 26-year-old bar manager, and Jennifer is a 25-year-old mayoral aide. Both hail from Seattle, WA.

CBS says: This is an odd couple if we've ever seen one. Book-smart Jennifer's strengths should complement the street-smart Spike very well, and if they can put aside their difference, they'll be extremely tough to stop.

"Father and Son" Steve and Darius Brooks

Steve is a 48-year-old writer from Winnipeg, MB, Canada who hails from Hitchcock, SD. Darius is a 27-year-old restaurant manager from Hitchcock, SD.

CBS says: These former best friends are looking to mend their relationship. From the outside, they look like a dark horse, but Steve's experience could pull them through.

"Dating Couple" Tina Cameron and Jim Nolan

Tina is a 29-year-old medical resident, and Jim is a 22-year-old collegiate football coach. Both hail from University Park, CA.

CBS says: Jim was looking to play in the NFL before a devastating ACL injury. He says he's recovered and has the best teammate he could ask for. The polished Tina should be a good complement for the rough Jim.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
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02-12-08, 11:04 AM (EST)
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2. "The Amazing Race: Expedition Blog"
Blog Entry, 09/05/2008
Authored by: Dr. Rage

I couldn't believe my luck when, this past January, I got my claws on the cast list for Survivor: All-Stars II. Granted, it did me no good in predicting the boot order (a past winner in the final four? Come on; that's impossible.) But, I had it and no one else did. So I figured I'd try the same thing this season for TAR Expedition, and maybe I'll get lucky.

No such luck. I found out the cast list when everyone else did.

And let me just say...the producers are, as usual, big fat liars. There are no "familiar faces" among the crowd. Which, under normal circumstances, is fine; twelve all-new teams should be enough. But I don't get this round of teams one bit.

First off, who named these people? I'd be as angry as Jeffrey looks, too, if my name were Jeffrey and I were, as she quite obviously is, female. It's as if the TAR producers are so capable of finding the odd person who was named in the wrong gender - first, the two female-named heterosexual married couple known to you and me as Meredith and Gretchen, and now, to balance things, the two male-named heterosexual couple.

And while we're on the subject - who or what is that creature running around the world with the conservative mayoral aide? Is it woman, or is it man? And what does he/she/it not have pierced? You know, she'd be kind of attractive and very warm and inviting but for the piercings...and the tattoos...and the wifebeater...and the skulls and chains...and the boots...and the buzz cut, dyed bright red...and the name...seriously. Spike? Was that the best she could do? Paired with her last name, I'm pretty sure that if I touched her, I'd bleed to death, and the piercings only confirm it.

Now that I have her out of my system...damnit, be gone, damned Spike...our other future breakdown team looks to be Ray and Jamal. I'm sure one of these people will snap and kill the other one at some point, but the question is if Ray does it over Jamal's stupidity or if Jamal does it over Ray's constant needling of him.

And another thing - this is a race around the world, not a quit-smoking self-help program. I watched the interviews, and instead of sending them to Algeria, why not lock Spike and Jamal in a closet and deprive them of cigarettes for about a month? What happened the last time we let a crazed smoker on a show like this? That's right, the Psychotic Leprechaun from Exile Island. Let's not repeat that mistake, people.

Now for the good news - the eye candy. Let's just say this much - the more they show Tina on my screen, the better. I didn't even look at her bio or anything; all I know is that she could be a model. She could be in movies or something. And I'd pay to watch - again and again. She is...sorry, lost my concentration. Thinking too much about Tina. Wanting to lock Jim in a trunk and drive him to Mexico and leave him there. Lucky bald bastard. Won a national championship and got to go out with Tina.

And if they're not showing Tina I can always get my fill of Carrie and Dana. Come on, a teacher and her former student? I wish I had teachers like Carrie. Or classmates like Dana...even if I know there's got to be something more going on between them than the standard "We're just good friends and stayed in touch after Dana left for college." Boyfriend with leukemia my left foot.

Then there's the standard fare of "My (insert family member here) is gay, and although I don't like their decision, I still love them" team of Steve and Darius. I knew there was something off about this team once I saw that Steve lets his son call him "Rooster." Even if that were my given name, I wouldn't let anyone use it.

It looks like we have Expedition's answer to TAR6's Adam and Rebecca as well. Bobby and Caroline are the less-seen team where the lady does all the work and the guy sits back and complains because he needs a diaper change. Not that there are too many teams where it's the other way around, either, although with regard to the team whose name shall not be uttered...well, let's just say that one certain member of that team needed more than a diaper change.

The token older players are still here, too, and from the looks of things, Debra and Bob may give the likes of Teri and Ian a run for their money. Also new to this season is the first team to hail from Hawaii, and predictably, there's a lot of conflict between this family pair. Looking at them, I'd say they're doomed from the onset.

I've also never seen a team so hopped up on girl power as Hayley and Alexis. OK, we get it, you're a couple of man-hating feminists who opened a club where men presumably aren't allowed. Have fun with that. I'll just be over here rooting for one of the other eleven teams. On the other hand, I'm sure there are plenty of teenage boys who may have a few inappropriate fantasies about these girls.

The only teams I haven't covered so far are the students and the Hogettes. Maybe their stories will be interesting enough to cover at some point; right now, they just look like two hard-luck teams CBS is going to milk for all they're worth. Alex and Elena look like an eastern European version of David and Mary, a team that's hardly cut out for the Amazing Race but is easy to package because of all their adversity. Reggie and Dan look like the kind of team that doesn't have a prayer of winning but is just about guaranteed a nice public speaking tour for some charity or cause after the show airs.

My prediction? None of these teams wins. Some of them get a few nice prizes, like the proverbial el cheapo 5-day trip to Hoboken, New Jersey or wherever, or a brand new set of Pilates balls; I don't know. But the $1 million will go to whatever team crosses the finish line first, and I can think of a dozen reasons why every one of these teams won't win. Coming up with reasons why they will is a lot harder.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
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02-12-08, 11:05 AM (EST)
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3. "The Amazing Race: Expedition Cast Bios"

Tina Cameron, 29
Medical resident
University Park, CA

Jim Nolan, 22
Collegiate football coach
University Park, CA

Tina and Jim have been friends for four years and have dated for the past two. They still view themselves as "best friends" and that their competitive drives and desires to succeed have gotten in the way of having a more romantic relationship.

Tina graduated from the University of Southern California among the top 5% in her pre-med class and went on to attend medical school, where she again graduated near the top. After what she describes as a "difficult childhood," she decided to become a pediatrician and is nearing the end of her residency.

Jim played for the USC Trojans during his freshman and sophomore years, but his football career was ended when he was shot in the knee on his way back from a restaurant. The bullet shattered his kneecap and damaged tendons, and at this point, he abandoned a potential playing career and decided to become a coach. It was at this time when he and Tina decided to start dating; Jim describes her as "the most caring woman I've ever met."

Both Tina and Jim hope to win the $1 million in order to pay off debts and travel, although neither plans to stop working. The two have no plans for marriage, but despite criticism from outsiders over their difference in age and race, they say they're just like any other couple.

Teacher and Former Student

Carrie Burnside, 37
High school teacher
Oakland, CA

Dana Quinn, 22
College student
Stanford, CA

Carrie and Dana have been close friends since Dana graduated from East Palo Alto Academy, where Carrie still works as a 12th-grade English teacher. Dana was one of Carrie's advanced students as well as one of her best, helping both teacher and student to overcome what they describe as "a bad first impression of each other."

Carrie has been teaching English since graduating from San Francisco State University; she enjoys teaching seniors and describes herself as the "cool" teacher, often maintaining friendships with her students after graduation. Since her husband of 10 years left her, she has gotten her life back on track and has given a bone marrow transplant to Rex, her current boyfriend of almost two years, who has been diagnosed with leukemia.

Dana graduated with honors from Stanford University with a major in English and intends to start at Stanford Law School in the fall. She likes to joke that she's a real-life Elle Woods, the lead character from the "Legally Blonde" movies. She feels that she has overcome a perception of her as a "dumb blonde" or a "bimbo," an impression many people see proven wrong upon talking with her.

Carrie has always been a big fan of the show and originally applied with Rex before his illness; Dana stepped in to help her friend. Carrie wants to buy a house and pay the outstanding medical bills from Rex's transplant. Dana, on the other hand, when asked about the money, quipped, "Oh, Carrie can have it all; I'm just here for the adventure."

Father and Future Son-In-Law

Ray Nabors, 44
Prison guard
Biloxi, MS

Jamal Washington, 21
Blackjack dealer
Biloxi, MS

Ray and Jamal are future in-laws who describe their relationship as "not great." Ray is a strict disciplinarian who works as a state prison guard, and he sees Jamal as someone who has not realized his full potential.

Ray has lived in Mississippi all his life, and he takes pride in his background - he was raised by his grandmother and had "almost nothing" growing up. He learned to become a police officer and later settled into a position as a prison guard hoping to help "straighten out" convicts.

Jamal moved to Biloxi from Oxford, Missisippi, after attending the University of Mississippi for two years. He states that his lack of money led him to leave school, although Taylor, his fiancee and Ray's daughter, graduated. His biggest pre-Race accomplishment was giving up smoking, something he said he "had to give up if I wanted to keep Taylor around."

Both Ray and Jamal say that the potential $1 million prize would be extremely valuable, but Ray agreed to go on the Race with Jamal as a test of how well being family will work. Ray smiles and says, "Who knows? We might end up being friends."

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
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02-12-08, 11:07 AM (EST)
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4. "The Amazing Race: Expedition Bios Continued"
College friends

Alex Vladikov, 24
Graduate student
Knoxville, TN

Elena Mendeleeva, 21
College student
Knoxville, TN

Alex and Elena are both exchange students at the University of Tennessee and have been friends since Elena's arrival her freshman year. The two have often considered dating but have never gone through with it, a fact that has motivated them to go on the Race together.

Alex was born in modern-day St. Petersburg, Russia during the end days of the Soviet Union, when the city was still known as Leningrad. In a newly opened-up Russia, Alex was free to study engineering, a passion he still has today as a graduate student.

Elena was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, and attended Sofia University for two year before coming to the U.S. to study business. She latched onto Alex almost immediately, having met him at a social gathering, and the two often chat privately in Russian, her second language. She is also semi-fluent in Czech.

The two are looking to take their relationship to the next level and see parts of the world they have only heard about. Alex initially tried out for "Survivor: Cook Islands" but did not make the cut.


Allison "Spike" Blades, 26
Bar manager
Seattle, WA

Jennifer Ellsworth, 25
Mayoral aide
Seattle, WA

Spike and Jennifer have dated consistently until their recent breakup, which Jennifer states "was my idea; I have to get my life in order." The two agreed to go on the Race as a means of trying to mend their relationship, over which there are sharp philosophical differences.

Spike left home at 17 and got her GED soon after. She spent four years living in public housing and working odd jobs to get by until falling in with an independent punk rock movement. At 21, she became part of the staff at a musicians' bar, immersing herself in the culture, and beginning her first relationship with Jennifer, then a student at Seattle University, shortly after telling her new friends she was gay.

Jennifer graduated from Seattle University and has since worked for the mayor of Seattle's office. Her biggest struggle has been her relationship with Spike, for whom she left her high-school sweetheart, and the conflict between her buttoned-up mayoral job and the underground punk-rock lifestyle Spike embraces.

In addition to hoping to win back Jennifer, Spike is trying to kick a four-pack-a-day smoking habit that has been a point of contention with non-smoker Jennifer since day one. Spike also hopes to get a friend's band noticed as well as create more attention for the independent music industry.


Reggie McGowan, 41
Supermarket manager
Arlington, VA

Dan August, 45
TV cameraman
Baltimore, MD

Reggie and Dan are former co-workers, close friends, die-hard Washington Redskins fans, and the newest members of the famous Hogettes, a group of male fans who dress in women's clothing and wear pig snouts at Redskins games. Both are active in philanthropic work and have contributed time to the Children's Miracle Network.

Reggie helped to hire Dan ten years ago at the supermarket he manages; since then, the two have been close friends. Reggie got involved with the Hogettes when his son Joe, named after Redskins coach Joe Gibbs, was diagnosed with leukemia four years ago (he is presently in remission.) Young Joe's survival has inspired Reggie to escape from his time-consuming job and involve himself in the lives of others.

Dan presently works as a TV cameraman for WBAL in Baltimore, having left his previous job working with Reggie. He was recruited as a Hogette by founding member Michael Torbert after Torbert heard about Reggie's son's survival and Dan's desire to get involved with the community.

Both Reggie and Dan have pledged a percentage of their show winnings to the Children's Miracle Network and Ronald McDonald House; however, Dan added, "The rest of the money is going for Redskins tickets."

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

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5. "The Amazing Race: Expedition Bios Continued"
Married Parents

Jeffrey Masters, 30
New Albany, OH

Bryan Masters Jr., 30
Construction Company VP
New Albany, OH

Jeffrey and Bryan have been married for 10 years and have three children together. Bryan describes the couple as "college sweethearts," having met at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Bryan has a very busy life, heading a division of his father's construction company, a position that requires a great deal of intra-state travel but, as he puts it, "hasn't given me a chance for a real vacation in seven years."

Jeffrey grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and was described as "ambitious and precocious," having wanted to be the first female President and having graduated second in her high school class. However, upon meeting Bryan, she changed plans and has settled into life as a wife, mother, and active community speaker.

Bryan graduated summa cum laude from Miami University and settled into a position at Masters Construction, a Columbus-based firm owned by his father, Bryan Sr. He has risen to the rank of Vice President of Operations and is seen by all as being on the fast track to succeeding his father as the president of the company. He is described as fierce, competitive, and cut-throat.

Both Jeffrey and Bryan hope to grow closer again as a couple and have emphatically stated that they hope to buy land in rural Ohio if they win. Bryan jokes that he hopes to "own the state of Ohio soon."


Leilani Kamanu, 21
Maunaloa, HI

Kea Kamanu, 23
Limousine driver
Honolulu, HI

Leilani and Kea were each other's biggest rivals growing up in the tiny Hawaiian village of Maunaloa on the island of Moloka'i. Leilani has always been proud of her traditional Hawaiian heritage and her life in the small village, while Kea has longed for the big city.

Leilani has worked all her life as a rancher within a mostly self-sufficient family and village. She has raised cattle, chickens, and crops all her life, and she considers it a very honest way of life. She has often been mistaken for someone who enjoys being sheltered and isolated; however, Leilani loves adventure as much as anyone.

After she finished school, Kea has struggled to make her way in the big city of Honolulu, being forced to drop out of the University of Hawaii for financial reasons and settle into a steady job as a limousine driver. She enjoys the fast pace of Honolulu but longs for Las Vegas, where she hopes there are more opportunities for her.

Both sisters have hinted that they are not interested in the prizes offered by the Amazing Race, but they have both looked forward to their first trip outside the Hawaiian Islands, and they want to go as far as they can. Leilani hopes to gain a greater understanding of her big sister's decision to head to the big city, and Kea hopes to show her sister "a side of the world she could never see otherwise."


Hayley Masterson, 27
Court reporter
Tampa, FL

Alexis Steel, 28
Police officer
Tampa, FL

Hayley and Alexis have been friends since high school, and both women live by the motto "Girls can do anything." In addition to their normal jobs, both Hayley and Alexis help with the operation of Eris, a close friend's rave club in their adoptive hometown of Tampa.

Hayley has worked since she was 15, putting herself through college by working as a tutor after being passed over for an all-inclusive scholarship. She got a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Florida. Ever since then, she has prided herself on being hard-working, independent, and hard-nosed.

Alexis grew up in Pensacola, Florida and was raised by her mother, Diane, with whom she is still close. She became a police officer because she "wanted to make a difference for women in bad situations." She helped found Eris, her close friend's rave club, and is proud of maintaining its drug-free, female-friendly reputation.

Hayley and Alexis have expressed a desire to be the first all-female team to win the Race, though if they do win, they have no desire to quit their jobs. They hope to pay off debts and do some traveling, but their fast-paced lifestyle suits them very well.

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DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

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6. "The Amazing Race: Expedition Bios Continued"

Bobby Kingsford, 25
Cherry Hills Village, CO

Caroline Clarkson, 26
Marketing professional
Cherry Hills Village, CO

Bobby and Caroline have been dating for over three years and have considered taking "the next step," but because of Caroline's busy schedule and Bobby's attempts to find work as an actor, the two have found little chance to do so.

Bobby had lived in the Denver area for most of his life with a brief stint in Hollywood where he tried to get established as an actor. He returned home after meeting Caroline in Los Angeles, who has supported him and his aspiring career since the beginning of their relationship.

Caroline graduated from the University of California-Los Angeles with a bachelor's degree in marketing and moved to Bobby's hometown after securing a fast-paced position. She says that her job leaves her with little time to herself, and with Bobby's struggles to bring in money, she is often at odds with him over how she uses her downtime.

Caroline says that she hopes to "break Bobby of his stubborn insistence on being an actor and settle him down" as well as take a much-needed vacation. Neither Bobby nor Caroline has been outside the country, and except for his time in Hollywood, Bobby has never left Colorado.

Married Cyclists

Debra Newman, 55
Retired competitive cyclist
Athens, GA

Bob Newman, 56
Retired competitive cyclist
Athens, GA

Debra and Bob competed in road cycling races for 17 years and retired to open a bicycle shop in their hometown of Athens, Georgia. They have been married for 35 years and describe their relationship as "perfect."

Debra grew up in Austin, Texas and got into cycling from a young age, winning her first competition at 15. She turned pro at 22 upon leaving school and marrying Bob, retiring at 38 with four career wins. She helps operate Bob's bicycle shop and trains competitive cyclists on and around the University of Georgia campus.

Bob grew up in Macon, Georgia, and met Debra as the two attended the University of Georgia. He turned pro at 22 upon leaving school, and his first professional race began four days after their wedding. He retired at 39 with eight career wins and opened a bicycle shop in Athens, which he still owns.

Debra and Bob are described as "fierce competitors" and, aside from winning, describe their reason for going on the Race as wanting to "see more of the world without worrying about mountains and endurance...well, mountains, anyway."

Father and Son

Steve "Rooster" Brooks, 48
Winnipeg, MB

Darius Brooks, 27
Restaurant manager
Hitchcock, SD

Steve and Darius were inseparable until five years ago, when Steve left their home in South Dakota to move to Winnipeg and pursue a career as a novelist. The two fought bitterly, once going for over a year without speaking, and decided to go on the Race together to work out their differences.

Steve ran a small breakfast restaurant in rural South Dakota for 15 years, a job now held by his son. He lost his wife, April, in 2002, and in 2003 he moved to Winnipeg and came out as gay. He is presently single and working on a novel; he earns money by performing odd tasks and freelance writing.

Darius has been involved in his father's restaurant since he was 12 and has been the manager for five years. At 23, he married his high school sweetheart, Lana, and the couple had a child, Michael, in 2006. He describes his relationship with his father as "difficult" and stated that he was "very upset" when his father told him he was gay.

Steve and Darius originally applied for the second Amazing Race, but after Steve's wife died, they withdrew their application. Both see the Race as a chance to see the world and put their differences behind them.

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