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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 14 - "So What Could Be Bigger Than the Car?""
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Original message

Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

08-20-07, 08:07 AM (EST)
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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 14 - "So What Could Be Bigger Than the Car?""

Survivor Live Excerpts: Terry Deitz

The screen shows Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca, hosts of Survivor Live, on a faux jungle background with a Survivor: All-Stars II logo.

Dalton: Helloooo again, Survivor fans, and welcome to another edition of Survivor Live. I'm your host, Dalton Ross, and with me as always is the lovely Jenna Morasca.

Jenna: Last night's episode was the long-awaited family visit, and for the first time in the show's history, someone who was potentially unwanted arrived for a Survivor. Thankfully, it turned out well.

Dalton: At the same time, a Survivor was separating himself from the rest of the tribe, and he paid the price for it while the others worked as a team to get him out.

Jenna: And joining us today is Terry Deitz, the castaway who was cast aside.

The camera zooms back to show Dalton and Jenna as well as Terry, who is wearing a white button-down shirt with brown and yellow mini-stripes and a pair of black slacks.

Dalton: Welcome to the show, Terry.

Terry: Thanks for having me.

Jenna: Terry, you seemed like a lock to get to the end just because everyone thought they could beat you. What changed everyone's attitude and got them to vote you out?

Terry: I found out when I watched the show. Charlie, Danni, and Paula are a secret alliance, Cirie's with Charlie and Danni, and Ozzy had immunity, so I was the logical choice.

Dalton: I assume you didn't find the idol because Cirie found it.

Terry: Cirie didn't find it. Ozzy found it right away and didn't say anything, and Ozzy played it on Cirie's behalf when he figured out that's who I was voting for.

Jenna: Ozzy said he wanted to get Charlie out. Why didn't he ask you to vote for Charlie and then play the idol on your behalf?

Terry: He didn't really intend to vote Charlie out, because if he did, he was probably next the minute he lost immunity. And going against me and Danni, he didn't trust his ability to win three more challenges.

Dalton: What was your reaction to finding out that, not only are Charlie and Danni in a hidden alliance with Paula, but they're not really a couple?

Terry: The part about Paula being in a secret alliance with them was no shock at all. Paula's playing a very interesting game. Seeing her in an alliance with Charlie and Danni explains why she kept voting for me instead of Danni.

Jenna: Did anyone out there have a reason to believe Charlie and Danni were not really a couple?

Terry: At the beginning, we kind of all suspected Charlie and Paula were a couple, but when Charlie started hanging all over Danni, we were pretty sure they were over and done. When I found out that they were just acting, I felt pretty stupid for not figuring it out before.

Dalton: If you had figured it out, do you think it would have helped to expose them?

Terry: I doubt it. No one else would have believed me, and I think I would have been voted out faster.

Jenna: So your only hope at that point was probably the idol?

Terry: And Ozzy did a great job of finding it and covering it back up. I got nowhere looking for it.

Dalton: Jeff Probst has talked a lot about a dirty trick that's played this season--

Terry: Passing the idol wasn't it. Charlie and Danni's ploy to get Twila out wasn't it.

Jenna: Has it happened?

Terry: No. I know what it is, and it's a good one as far as dirty tricks go. The fallout from it was insane.

The Show Begins - air date 05/15/2008

The camera shows an overview of the Gambier Islands; the camera shot appears to move quickly.

Jeff (voice-over): Previously on Survivor...despite Cirie being pleased with Charlie and Danni, Charlie was prepared to cut her throat.

(confessional) Charlie: I could take Cirie to the end, yes. But my plans really don't involve Cirie, and as far as I'm concerned, she's expendable. And frankly, I don't know how much I really trust her.

Jeff (voice-over): Ozzy was felling alone.

Paula (to Ozzy): Hey, how's breakfast coming?

Ozzy: It's coming along like it's my only hope.

Jeff (voice-over): And Paula was on trial for voting against Terry.

Paula: I don't have anything against Terry.

Ozzy: Then why vote for him twice? What message are you trying to send?

Jeff (voice-over): At the reward challenge, the Survivors were stunned to see they would be working with their loved ones.

The camera shows Charlie's son, Cirie, husband, Danni's brother, Ozzy's mother, and Terry's wife emerging one-by-one from behind the trees.

Jeff (voice-over): Paula was upset to learn that her sister was in the hospital, and her visitor was her step-dad Jim, with whom she hadn't spoken in years.

The camera shows Paula on her knees crying into Derek's shoulder as a confused Jim looks on.

Jeff (voice-over): Jim was quick to explain their falling out.

Jim: There was a large sum of cash that Paula's mother had left to her family when she died. I thought it was only fair that we split the money three ways. I wanted a third, and Paula and her sister could each have a third. Paula wasn't happy with that; she said she deserved more because she had four kids to raise. I offered her some more, but we never found a figure we were both happy with, and ultimately, she never took any of the money. I had a very spirited fight with her about it, and after some name-calling and object-throwing, we decided it was best if we didn't talk for a while.

Jeff (voice-over): Paula relaxed, however, and agreed to compete alongside Jim.

Paula: Oh, what the hell.

Paula lifts herself up and embraces Jim, who clearly is not expecting it. He seems to mouth the words "Can't breathe."

Paula (to Jim): I'm so sorry.

Jeff (voice-over): The reward challenge was a race between Charlie and Danni, however.

The camera shows a few shots of Charlie and Derek connecting and lowering their bucket; Danni and Drew do the same and are ahead of the others.

Jeff (voice-over): In a photo finish, Charlie won the right to spend the day with his son.

The camera shows Derek's torch lighting.

Jeff: Charlie and Derek win reward!

Jeff (voice-over): Charlie and Derek got to pick two other Survivors to spend the afternoon at camp. Charlie avoided a political decision.

Charlie: Danni's brother. They finished second; they earned it.

Jeff (voice-over): While Derek gave Paula and Jim a chance to heal old wounds.

Derek: There's no question here. Paula and Jim.

Jeff: Jim will be joining the tribe as well

Jeff (voice-over): Those who didn't get visits received only two minutes to say goodbye to their loved ones while Charlie, Danni, and Paula went back to camp with their loved ones in tow.

The camera shows Derek, Drew, and Jim wearing red Maui buffs.

Jeff (voice-over): The tribe kept quiet about Charlie and Danni's relationship because Derek was also attracted to Danni.

Danni: What's the matter, Derek? You love me or something?

Derek immediately starts laughing at the comment.

Paula: He better not; Danni's already made up her mind about--

Charlie: Paula!

Paula looks at Charlie with a confused look.

Charlie: Be cool, will ya?

Jeff (voice-over): Paula and Jim made it clear they had made up.

Paula (to Jim): I'll call you once I get back.

Jim: I'd love that. Let's go get a steak sometime.

Paula: I'll bring the kids.

Jeff (voice-over): As a reward for coming in first, Charlie got to have dinner at an island house with Derek.

Charlie (with his mouth full) So how do you like it out here?

Derek: It's a hell of a lot better seeing you here than in a hospital.

Charlie: It's a hell of a lot better seeing you in most places than a hospital.

Derek: Except maybe jail.

Jeff (voice-over): They played pool and chatted.

Charlie: You want me to go easy on you?

Derek: Have I ever asked you to?

Charlie: Yeah.

Derek: When I was eight, yeah.

Jeff (voice-over): And Charlie learned the full value of the trips he won as a reward in addition to his son's visit.

(confessional) Charlie: There were four week-long trips and a couple of bonus trips. I got one trip to Japan, one to Brazil, one to Australia, and one to Panama. And they threw in a few added bonuses, like a week-long cruise and a couple of short stays in the south Pacific. I'd rather have this reward than the car.

Jeff (voice-over): Charlie and Derek decided to share their dinner with the rest of the tribe the next morning.

Derek: There are ribs in the basket, enough for all of us. We thought we shouldn't have all the fun.

Charlie: Come on, son, you ruined it.

Derek: As if I'm really keeping perfectly good food from Paula.

(confessional) Charlie: I've never seen Derek so attached to anyone. Usually he doesn't trust anyone who shows interest in me.

Jeff (voice-over): The next morning, Derek learned that his father had given up a car.

Charlie: Yau-Man and I are the only ones who never won a car in Survivor, so he tried to give the car he won to me.

Derek: I assume you said no.

Charlie: How crazy do you think I am?

Derek: We don't need a big, ugly truck anyway. It's not like you turned down an Escalade or anything.

The tribe gets eerily silent.

(confessional) Derek: My dad said no to a f---ing Escalade. And now Yau-Man, who's the only guy out here who looks dumber in an Escalade than my dad does, owns it.

Jeff (voice-over): When he left, Derek offered some encouragement to Paula.

The camera shows him saying goodbye to Paula; Charlie is standing to Paula's right. Derek is holding Paula tightly.

Derek: You and Dad go all the way. I love you guys.

Jeff (voice-over): Derek didn't know about his father being close to Danni. However, no one knew about the bombshell Charlie dropped in a confessional.

(confessional) Charlie: The whole thing between me and Danni is an act. We're both just pretending to be a couple.

Jeff (voice-over): And the surprises didn't end there.

(confessional) Charlie: The other part of the act is that I was just pretending about my dates with Paula being a failure. We're very much in love, and I know it kills both of us to put on an act like this.

Jeff (voice-over): Charlie continued to put on the act with Danni and Paula, and his obvious alliance with Cirie took a new turn when she decided to target Ozzy.

Cirie: I think it's time to cut Ozzy loose.

Charlie: I really hate to do that.

Cirie: If we don't, he keeps winning immunity, and he steps all over our final four.

Jeff (voice-over): Paula wanted to target Terry, however.

Paula: I have nothing against Terry, but if he wins the next few immunities, we're in trouble.

Cirie: And he goes to the end with one of us, and we win.

Danni: Honestly. He's my best shot, so I'm happy to keep him around.

Jeff (voice-over): While Ozzy was wary of Cirie.

Ozzy: She's the best player left, and if she reaches the end, she wins.

Jeff (voice-over): At the immunity challenge, two targets dropped quickly.

The camera shows Cirie and Terry dropping out of the challenge.

Jeff (voice-over): While the other hung on to win.

Charlie: Damn, my hand--

Charlie releases with his left hand, falls down the pole, and lands on the ground.

Jeff: Charlie gave out; Ozzy wins immunity!

Jeff (voice-over): Back at camp, Charlie and Danni decided to oust Cirie.

Charlie (to Danni): Cirie or Terry?

Danni: Terry isn't beating anyone.

Charlie: Cirie then?

Danni: Sounds good.

Jeff (voice-over): But Paula pushed for Terry to go.

Paula: Cirie won't win anything. All we have to do is get Terry out and beat Ozzy, and we're in the final three without a fight.

Jeff (voice-over): Ozzy agreed with Paula despite having plans of his own.

(confessional) Ozzy: OK, so no one's voting out Charlie. No one ever wants to vote out Charlie. I guess they want to vote out Terry. I'd say it's OK as long as it isn't me, but it won't be me; I have immunity.

Jeff (voice-over): Terry believed that the idol was his only chance to stay in the game.

(confessional) Terry: I get a pretty good idea I'm next, just as the odd man out. Paula's ready to sell me down the river, Charlie and Danni have nothing to do with me, Cirie's tight with Charlie and Danni, and Ozzy has immunity.

Jeff (voice-over): At Tribal Council, all the frustration against Terry came to a head.

Paula: You did at first, but you stopped. I can't figure that out.

Terry: I resent that.

Paula: You resent everything. I tried to bond with you earlier, and all you do is act like a total weirdo. It's like it's not even worth it to try to be friends with you.

Jeff (voice-over): And Terry let it get to him.

Ozzy: It's as clear as day that Terry's not exactly Mr. Popularity out here.

Jeff: Terry, are you aware of this?

Terry: People say that to me all the time, sure. Terry, you're hard to relate to. Terry, you're lazy. Terry, you're bossy. Terry, I don't like your political views.

Jeff (voice-over): When the tribe voted Terry out unanimously, he had only one saving grace.

Jeff: Someone played an idol.

Jeff (voice-over): However, the idol was played for Cirie...

Jeff unrolls the parchment and reveals Cirie's name.

Jeff (voice-over): ...and Terry was sent to the jury.

Jeff: Terry, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Terry's torch.

Jeff (voice-over): Five are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The camera shows a quick overview of the Gambiers as the Survivor theme begins to play. The first sequence appears to be out of the Japan opening spliced with the Vanuatu opening; a cannon appears in the background, and the music appears to be an amalgamation of the past seven themes with some imagery from each. Player intros are given in alphabetical order by tribe, with Fati going first and Ta'aroa going second. All screen shots of players in this intro are from the first episode, and all are wearing their tribes' buffs. As the intro comes to a close, images of the last seven settings centered around a pirate ship appear to fade as the Survivor: All-Stars II logo is superimposed over the center of the screen. The logo appears similar to the first All-Stars logo except it reads "All-Stars II" and the dominant background color is a bold red instead of blue. The green from the old All-Stars logo is replaced with a dark blue, and the text is silver.

At this point, the screen cuts to commercial.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

08-20-07, 08:08 AM (EST)
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1. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 14 - "So What Could Be Bigger Than the Car?""
REPORT: Authorities Identify Burnett's Blackmailer

UPI News Service, 05/15/2008

Authorities in Virginia are prepared to drop all charges against former Survivor Tom Buchanan after opening up Verizon DSL's database and discovering that Buchanan is not and never was a customer of Verizon. This knowledge also led them to the identity of the real blackmailer.

"Survivor: Japan" early boot Steve Shankman, known to be an enemy of injured Survivor Maria Savovic, was identified as Red 14 in a trace of his online activity that was broken early Thursday morning.

Shankman has eluded police custody and was last seen to be headed north on Interstate 81 in his maroon Ford Expedition, perhaps headed for the Canadian border. No further information is available at this time about his whereabouts; however, police have tried to track him down.

Shankman is recently divorced from Shannon Foster, to whom he often referred in confessional on Survivor. Sources state that the split was a bitter one and stemmed from extreme philosophical differences.

Back from commercial.

Angakauitai Island, Maui camp, Night 33. The five remaining Maui are arriving back at camp, and Ozzy is hanging up his immunity necklace.

Ozzy (to Paula): I need a miracle.

Paula: Or immunity.

Ozzy: I don't know what the next challenge is, but I might have a shot at running the table.

Paula: Don't feel like you have to count on it.

Ozzy: I do, though.

(confessional) Ozzy: Charlie, Danni, and Cirie are pretty unbeatable at this point, and if Paula's with them instead of me, I'm in big trouble. All I can hope for is to win immunity or find an idol; otherwise, I'm history.

Paula (to Charlie): We're one away from the final three.

Charlie: And we have two chances to do it.

Paula: This one's the hard one. Ozzy might find an idol.

Charlie: When we get back from the challenge, one of us needs to find it and keep it away from him.

Paula: And Cirie, in case Ozzy wins again.

(confessional) Charlie: Danni, Paula, and I are a majority now. This is what we came in hoping for, even if we planned it more as a surprise. Really, it's working out pretty well, except that Ozzy's still around, and he's tough.

Angakauitai Island, Maui camp, Day 34. The tribe is wide awake.

Danni (to Cirie): If Ozzy doesn't win immunity, he's gone.

Cirie: Tell me something I don't know.

Danni: I think Charlie's son's hot.

Cirie (taken aback): What?

Danni: That was something you didn't know.

(confessional) Cirie: Charlie's son Derek came for the family visit, and it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that he has a major crush on Danni. And now Danni's playing around like she likes him back? That's crazy talk.

Ozzy returns from the sea with a spear full of fish; Paula runs up to take some from him to help prepare them.

Paula: Hey, at the very least, I want another car.

Ozzy: They gave the car away already; what could possibly be better than that?

Paula: Hey, whatever it is, it can't be bad.

Ozzy: Assuming there is anything; they might start the end game at five like they did on my season.

Paula: Still, there are six days left.

Ozzy: Assuming they don't cut it short.

(confessional) Paula: Come on, Ozzy; you're not doomed, and there's still fun to be had. Enjoy the ride and make the most of it; don't try to be a downer. Jeez, you sound like Terry.

The tribe is sitting around the fire eating the fish that Ozzy and Paula prepared.

Paula: So what could be bigger than the car?

Charlie: I got some vacations, but there's no way those are worth as much as the car.

Danni: Maybe it's a house or something.

Cirie: A house? Like a vacation home? That's more of a punishment than anything unless they pay the taxes on it like they did with Yau-Man's car.

Ozzy: And the insurance.

Danni: And the airfare to get there.

(confessional) Danni: No one's expecting a huge reward of any kind this time. In fact, no one's expecting any reward. Some food might be nice, but that's it. Unless the winner sleeps at the Hilton on Tahiti, I doubt it's that great.

The camera switches to Aukena Island, Day 34. The tribe rows in to the side of five floating platforms.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

The tribe takes its place on the red tribal mat.

Jeff: It's Day 34, and we've already given away the car and the family visit. You're probably asking yourself how we can possibly top this one. Well, we did. I'll tell you how after I explain the challenge. It is, of course, for reward, and it is in stages.

The camera shows an overview of the floating platforms.

Jeff: Starting from those platforms, you will dive down and unhook four puzzle pieces and two paddles. You will then assemble the puzzle pieces into a small boat and paddle to shore. The first four to reach shore move on to the next round.

The camera shows the overview of a maze.

Jeff: The next round is a maze. We took the maze you did for immunity before the merge and shrank it. The first three to complete the maze move on to the next round.

The camera shows three empty bowls on a table.

Jeff: The next part of the challenge re-visits the Survivor Smorgasbord. The first two to finish a serving of one type of food move on to play for the reward.

The camera then switches to a row of targets with a cannon.

Jeff: The two players left will alternate shots with a cannon, and the first to break four targets wins reward. This is even bigger than the car challenge. This makes the car challenge look weak.

Jeff uncovers another Cadillac Escalade identical to the one given to Yau-Man, except that this one is white.

Jeff: It's another 2008 Cadillac Escalade just like Yau-Man's. But this one's different. Instead of keeping this car, you will trade it in after four years and get a new GM car worth up to $35,000. The available price will adjust with the rate of inflation every four years for the rest of your life. It's a lease that lasts as long as you're alive. And, just like with Yau-Man and Charlie's rewards, all the taxes are covered on these prizes. We're also not sure if this reward is cursed or not.

The camera switches to a very excited tribe, particularly Charlie, who never won a car from Survivor.

Jeff: In addition, the winner will spend the night aboard a luxurious yacht, sleep in a king size bed, and be treated to steak, seafood, champagne, beer, and other fine food and drinks. Swim out to your spots; wait for my go.

The camera shows everyone swimming out to the floating platforms; Cirie is the last to arrive.

Jeff: This is for the biggest reward in Survivor history. Survivors ready? GO!

Everyone dives in quickly, and there is no clear leader.

The first to emerge is Ozzy, who has unfastened a puzzle piece, which he sets on his platform.

Jeff: Ozzy first to the surface!

Danni and Charlie surface at the same time, with Paula soon behind. All three have puzzle pieces as Ozzy dives back down.

Jeff: Danni, Charlie, and Paula back up with pieces! Ozzy going for his second! Cirie falling behind!

Cirie resurfaces without a piece and dives back in exhausted; Ozzy soon comes back up with another piece, which he sets next to his first piece.

Jeff: Ozzy way out in front!

Cirie emerges with her first puzzle piece about the time Charlie surfaces with his second.

Jeff: Charlie in second place! Cirie a full piece behind Charlie!

The next to surface is Danni with her second piece; Paula surfaces with her paddles soon after.

Jeff: Paula gets her paddles! You need five things, guys!

Ozzy comes back up with two pieces and begins assembling his boat.

Jeff: Ozzy working on his boat, but he has to dive for his paddles unless he wants to blow his way to shore!

Charlie comes up with his third piece; a delay between him and Danni is apparent, but she has her third piece.

Jeff: Charlie has his third piece! Danni has her third piece!

Ozzy comes up with his paddles as Paula gets her third piece and Cirie has her second.

Jeff: Ozzy can head to shore now! Cirie has her second piece! Paula has her third piece!

Ozzy paddles at a hasty pace to shore as Charlie comes up with his last piece and dives back down.

Jeff: Ozzy way out in front! Charlie has his last piece and needs his paddles!

Danni comes back up with her fourth piece and assembles her boat; before she finishes, Charlie gets his paddles and Paula gets her fourth piece.

Jeff: Danni taking Ozzy's route! Charlie needs to assemble!

Ozzy arrives at shore and crosses the finish line.

Jeff: Ozzy moving on!

Charlie finishes assembling his boat and starts paddling to shore.

Jeff: Charlie in second place!

Danni resurfaces with her paddles as Paula does; Cirie has her fourth piece as Paula quickly assembles.

Jeff: Charlie almost done! Danni on her way! Paula in fourth, just hanging on! Cirie needs to catch up!

Danni paddles quickly away from her platform as Paula follows behind. Cirie is still underwater.

Charlie paddles to shore and crosses the finish line.

Jeff: Charlie moving on!

Danni gets closer to the shore as Paula catches up to her; Cirie surfaces and begins to assemble.

Jeff: Danni and Paula closing in! Cirie's not out of it yet!

Danni reaches the shore as Cirie is finishing her puzzle.

Jeff: Danni moving on!

Cirie takes her paddles and tries to get in the boat, but at the same time, Paula reaches shore and crosses the finish line.

Jeff: Paula moving on!

Cirie smacks her boat and frustratedly swims back to shore.

Jeff: Cirie's not happy about it, but she's out of the challenge.

The camera switches to the four remaining Survivors standing in front of a covered maze.

Jeff: On my go, you will uncover the maze, put the ball at the start, and solve it, The first three to do so move on. Survivors ready? GO!

Everyone whips their maze covers off and places their maze balls; Paula's hands work very quickly, as do Ozzy's. Ozzy has an early lead.

Jeff: Ozzy out in front again! Danni may have some catching up to do!

Paula takes the lead back quickly from Ozzy, who drops to second place and backs himself into a corner.

Jeff: Ozzy struggling! Charlie and Danni can catch up!

Charlie passes the halfway point a few seconds behind Paula as Danni starts to catch up to Ozzy.

Jeff: Ozzy getting nowhere fast!

Paula nears the end of the maze and navigates around a corner near the hole.

Jeff: Paula almost done!

The ball drops into the end for Paula.

Jeff: Paula moving on!

Charlie finishes the maze right behind her.

Jeff: Charlie moving on!

Danni gets near the end, but Ozzy starts to catch up to her. She moves around the last tricky corner, which snags Ozzy.

The ball drops into a maze's end hole.

The camera pans back to show Danni in front of that maze.

Jeff: Danni moving on!

Ozzy walks away angrily from the maze.

Jeff: Ozzy is now joining Cirie among those who won't be winning the car.

The camera focuses on Charlie, Danni, and Paula in front of the table with one covered dish.

Jeff: In here is three servings of what you will have to eat in order to go forward. The first two to get it down and show me an empty mouth move on.

Jeff uncovers the dish.

There are three bowls of fafaru under the dish.

Danni: Oh hell no.

Paula: If you guys can stomach it, enjoy.

Charlie: Yummy.

Jeff puts a dish of fafaru in front of each of them.

Jeff: There is about six ounces in here. Survivors ready?

Paula: No.

Jeff: Well, I'm sorry, but it's part of the game.

Paula: Doesn't mean I have to like it.

Jeff: No, it doesn't. Anyway, Survivors ready? GO!

Paula looks at the fafaru nervously as Charlie takes out the piece and shoves it into his mouth, holding his nose with his other hand.

Jeff: Charlie taking it any way he can! Paula not even the least bit interested!

Danni starts to follow Charlie's strategy, holding her nose and nibbling off chunks of it from her other hand.

Jeff: Danni catching up! Paula, dig in!

Paula tries to do the same thing and eat one chunk at a time, but she starts to gag.

Jeff: Paula not doing well at all!

Charlie swallows the last bit of fafaru and opens his mouth for Jeff.

It appears empty.

Jeff: Charlie moving on!

Paula still appears to be gagging, while Danni is tentatively choking down the last of the fafaru.

After an excruciating few seconds, Danni opens her mouth.

It appears empty as well.

Jeff: Danni moving on!

Paula walks away from the fafaru as quickly as possible.

Jeff: Paula can't do fafaru and doesn't win the car.

Paula: I'd rather walk everywhere than eat that.

The camera switches to a cluster of eight targets, four blue ones and four silver ones arranged alternately from left to right.

Jeff: Danni and Charlie, you will shoot alternately; Danni, you will aim for the silver targets, and Charlie, you will aim for the blue ones. The first to hit all four wins reward. Danni, you're up first.

Danni stands behind the cannon and lines up her shot.

Jeff: Ready, aim, fire.

Danni's shot hits the leftmost target directly.

Jeff: Danni on the board right away. Charlie, try and match it.

Charlie lines up his shot.

Jeff: Ready, aim, fire.

Charlie's shot hits the rightmost target.

Jeff: We're tied at one apiece. We're playing to four. Danni, your turn.

Danni lines up her next shot.

Jeff: Ready, aim, fire.

The shot appears to curve but takes out the upper right corner of the centermost silver target.

Jeff: Danni up two-one now. Charlie, your turn.

Charlie does not adjust the aim much.

Jeff: Ready, aim, fire.

His shot takes out the centermost blue target as well.

Jeff: Charlie also very systematic. We're tied at two. Danni, you're up.

Danni adjusts toward the leftmost remaining silver target.

Jeff: Ready, aim, fire.

Danni shoots down the middle of this target.

Jeff: Danni one away from reward. Charlie, you need to tie her.

Charlie adjusts to the leftmost remaining silver target.

Jeff: Ready, aim, fire.

The shot misfires and goes wide, not hitting a target.

Jeff: Charlie can't stay even. Danni can wrap it up with one shot here.

Danni aims directly for the last silver target.

Jeff: Ready, aim, fire.

The shot rips down the middle of the silver target.

Jeff: With that shot, Danni wins reward.

Danni drop to her knees and pumps her fist as the tribe congratulates her.

Jeff: Danni, you just won the biggest reward in Survivor history. There's just one order of business left.

The camera focuses on Danni, who looks at Jeff inquisitively.

Jeff: One person is coming with you on the yacht. You will spend the night and return to camp in the morning. Who will it be?

Danni: Charlie.

Jeff: Danni and Charlie, the boat's waiting to take you to the yacht. Everyone else, head on back to camp.

Images of the winning shot and Danni's celebration dominate the screen as it cuts to commercial.

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2. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 14 - "So What Could Be Bigger Than the Car?""
Blog Entry, 05/15/2008
Authored by: Laura Dean, sensitivenakedgirl

I really hate to laugh at another person's misfortune, but Mark Burnett is looking worse and worse every day. His first problem was casting that sociopath Steve for the Japan season. Granted, his ex-wife is a nice lady, but he's an idiot.

His next mistake was letting the authorities arrest Tom Buchanan. Come on, that was the most desperate move I've ever seen. Here's a goat farmer who probably never used a computer in his life and thinks "blackmail" is offered by the U.S. Postal Service, and supposedly he's the one making Burnett's life a living hell? And mine? Arresting Elmer Fudd would have made more sense.

And then he calls me this afternoon trying to apologize for nearly ruining my life and Maria's. He's so desperate, he wants to settle out of court. I didn't even hear the terms before I told him to go to hell and hung up. I hope I run him out of business. I re-filed the suit for $52 million. Burnett's going down.

And I'm still not sure who's hosting the reunion. At this rate, there are hobos in the gutter sucking back big bottles of malt liquor who wouldn't host the reunion for a cool million bucks. I wouldn't do it for every beach house on the entire island of Maui. Hell, I wouldn't do it if he gave me the island of Maui.

Back from commercial.

Angakauitai Island, Maui camp, Day 34. Cirie, Ozzy, and Paula are arriving back at camp after losing the reward.

Paula: Why did it have to be fafaru? I would have eaten anything else.

Ozzy: I was glad I didn't have to touch that.

Paula: Tell me honestly, did you throw the challenge?

Ozzy: No, but if I knew it was fafaru, I probably would have.

Paula: I definitely would have.

(confessional) Ozzy: For the most part, I can handle gross food. Pig snouts, insects, and bizarre-looking sea creatures are usually not a problem. But I can't handle fafaru, and I don't think I'm alone.

Cirie (to Paula): So wait, what seasons haven't they done for immunity yet?

Paula: They haven't done Japan, and frankly, I can't imagine what challenge might be used from my season. Logrolling's been done already, and that challenge where they ask us a bunch of questions about each other is pretty unworkable. Did they do your season yet?

Cirie: They did that challenge with the ring toss. The one Yau-Man won.

Paula: Right, of course. I wish I knew what hadn't been done already.

(confessional) Cirie: Paula and I were trying to figure out what the next challenge was so we could see what chance we might have at beating Ozzy. I hope it's something simple and puzzle-based.

Cirie: Whatever it is, I hope it isn't gripping. Charlie can't do that, and I'm screwed, too. Danni's our only prayer.

Paula: Danni winning might not be a bad thing. She won't beat any of us in the final now that we voted off Terry.

Cirie: I know I can beat her. I know Ozzy and Charlie can beat her. And I see no way she beats you. She's too valuable not to keep around. I would almost suggest keeping Danni and ditching Charlie at the first opportunity once Ozzy's gone.

(confessional) Paula: Cirie's grasping at straws. I know she's gone if Ozzy wins immunity, and she does too. It's not bad to have other options, but Cirie just doesn't fit with my plans.

The camera switches to a luxury yacht between several islands; the focus is quickly on Danni and Charlie, who have arrived on the yacht. Charlie is presently in the shower while Danni waits outside.

Danni (shouting): Come one, I won here! When do I get to shower?

Charlie: When I don't smell terrible.

(confessional) Danni: I just won a car lease that's good for the rest of my life, and considering I'm only 33 and in good shape, I probably have about fifteen more cars ahead of me. I just hope I don't outlive General Motors.

Charlie comes out of the shower wearing a towel and still appearing a bit damp.

Charlie: OK, your turn.

Danni: Well, get out of my way then, hot shot.

Charlie: Hey, just because this whole couple thing is an act doesn't mean I don't like to look.

Danni: I bet you do. Now move it.

(confessional) Charlie: I wasn't about to watch Danni shower, but I didn't mind making her think I was.

After Danni dries off, she has on a white, fluffy bathrobe while Charlie has on only a pair of shorts. The two then go into their suite, which has a vase with roses on each nightstand, candles burning, the bed turned down, and a view of the ocean through a window. There is also a staircase leading upward.

Danni (shocked): Oh my God!

Charlie: Great. It's all girly stuff.

Danni: Lighten up, Charlie; it's nicer than what we've been getting.

Charlie: I don't even sleep like this at home.

Danni: I bet you don't eat like what we're eating at home, either.

(confessional) Charlie: No, I really don't. Sure, I eat steak now and then, but never anything gourmet.

Danni opens the closet and discovers that there are two outfits hanging; one is a nice evening gown and the other is a black suit with a dark-red shirt.

Danni: Hey look, they're even letting us dress up!

Charlie: Is this a Survivor reward or a cocktail ball?

Danni: Hey, we earned it.

Charlie: What the hell did I do to earn it?

Danni: You ate that fafaru, didn't you?

Charlie: Yeah, and there's not enough mouthwash in the world to get the taste out of my mouth.

Danni: Just have a good time this evening, will you?

Charlie: I never said I wouldn't.

(confessional) Danni: Charlie seems to think all this stuff on the yacht is just way too much. They brought his nice suit for him, they're serving dinner, and he's not sleeping on a bed made out of bamboo. What more does he want?

The scene changes to Charlie and Danni sitting down to dinner. In front of them are various hors d'oeuvres. Danni is drinking white wine, and Charlie is drinking Budweiser beer from a cold bottle.

Danni: Hey, if we really were a couple, I would call this our second date.

Charlie: And at least we could be alone and not have Jonathan weirding us out.

Danni: I wasn't really paying attention to him.

Charlie: I saw it a little bit.

Danni: I was having too good a time. I really think you're a hell of a guy, and I know Paula is a lucky girl to have your heart.

Charlie: Her lucky to have me? I'm an old stiff who relates to my dog better than I do to women.

Danni: And I helped you work on that.

Charlie: You tried. There's a long road ahead for me.

Danni: You took the first steps. That's what matters. Give yourself a little credit.

(confessional) Danni: Part of the deal before we came out here was that I would help Charlie and Paula get to the end, and I would help Charlie loosen up and be a little less rigid. In return, they got me as far in the game as they could carry me, and once we got to the car challenge, I got the car. Charlie missed that target on purpose.

The night sky is completely dark, and a waiter comes to serve Charlie another beer.

Danni: Hey, I've wanted to ask something for a few days now.

Charlie: Really. What brought this out?

Danni: Nothing, but a couple of days ago when Derek came, I noticed something.

Charlie: Really. I didn't say anything about our little pretend relationship because I knew he wouldn't understand, and if he got the wrong idea, it might mess up our game.

Danni: I don't believe that for a second. You didn't tell Derek about our pretend relationship because Derek has a crush on me.

Charlie: Derek has what? Come on. That's the craziest thing I've ever heard. How much older are you than him? Derek doesn't even watch the show anymore after Rob and Amber.

(confessional) Charlie: She said that about Derek, and instantly, the alarm goes off in my head. Mayday, mayday, mayday, all men to their battle stations, we have to lie our heads off here.

Danni: I kind of thought so when I met him at the reunion for your season, but when he was so nervous talking to me, I--

Charlie: Derek wasn't nervous at all.

Danni: Oh, be serious, Charlie.

(confessional) Danni: Here's Charlie trying to cover his own ass and his son's. It's not a big deal; the guy thinks I'm hot. I thought the same of him, even if he is a lot younger than me.

The waiter serves Charlie another beer; Danni is working on her white wine slowly and is sipping ice water with it.

Danni: Hey, are you all right? Slow down.

Charlie: It's only my fourth. More than I normally have, but I'll stop after this one.

Danni: Whatever you want to do.

(confessional) Danni: A drunk Charlie is an honest Charlie. I'll pile on the beer until he starts spilling his secrets.

Danni (to the waiter): Another Budweiser, please.

Charlie (a little buzzed): Hey, I'm good. No more.

Danni: Oh, come on, Charlie; it's good for you. Just like old times.

Charlie: What old times?

Danni (forcefully): Listen to me. You're going to drink this beer. I went to the trouble of getting it for you.

Charlie: OK, come on already.

(confessional) Danni: I wanted him drunk. I wanted him to spill his game plan. And if he was keeping Cirie over me, he and Paula were history.

Danni is helping Charlie back to the room; Charlie is having difficulty walking and appears somewhat ill.

Danni sits him down in a leather chair.

Danni: Now listen here. You're not going anywhere until I get some answers.

Charlie: I need to go to the bathroom.

Danni: Uh-uh. I need to know if I'm in your final three or if Cirie is.

Charlie: What? What kind of stupid question is that?

Danni: Answer me.

Charlie: I don't...damn, my head hurts.

Danni (angrily): I said answer me, damn you!

Charlie: I need to lie down. I don't want to talk about this. I'll tell you about it in the morning.

(confessional) Danni: I didn't like Charlie's answer. It wasn't definitive for me. And frankly, I think Paula's on the beach now plotting to stab me in the back.

The camera shows Danni putting Charlie in bed, and as he falls asleep, removing his clothing so he's in only his boxers.

(confessional) Danni: I'm doing something about this. Mark my words.

Images of Charlie lying in bed passed out while Danni looks on dominate the scene as it cuts to commercial.

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3. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 14 - "So What Could Be Bigger Than the Car?""

This call was recorded on 5/16/2008; Mark Burnett placed this call to 804-555-5423, the cell phone of former Survivor Steve Shankman.

Shankman: What the hell do you want?

Burnett: Yes, hello, Steve.

Shankman: Who the hell are you?

Burnett: It's me, Mark Burnett. Look, if you agree not to violate your contract, I will drop the conspiracy charges.

Shankman: That's not the point! The bottom line is that I had a chance to be happy until that naked bitch stole it!

Burnett: No one stole anything. And she's injured, so she won't be bothering anyone.

Shankman: My wife left me because that whore told her to!

Burnett: I happen to know that isn't true.

Shankman: That's a total lie! She gets away with everything! I went into the game and stood by my principles and I got nothing for it. She went in and acted like a whore and won the damn game, plus she got invited back! Where's the justice in that?

Burnett: Take a look at your popularity ratings sometime, Steve, and then take a look at hers.

Shankman: That's the worst part! America loved her! And they loved that smarmy asshole Charlie, too! I set this whole thing up just to make them feel as horrible as I do. And now look what it's gotten me!

Burnett: Pull off to the side of the road and turn yourself in, and I will drop the charges.

Shankman: No! I don't have to do anything! I don't have to follow my contract! I'm Maria Savovic! I can do whatever I want!

Burnett: This isn't helping, Steve.

Shankman: Maybe if I'm Maria and I'm a naked bimbo with a speech impediment, I can get what I want! Oh look, I'm Maria Savovic! I was born in another country! Feel sorry for me!

Burnett: Knock it off, Steve.

Shankman: No way! I'm not knocking anything off! I'm Maria Savovic! I feel great! I think I'll go have my friends film me falling off a skateboard in a park! I can sue the state for millions and retire to Maui because I'm Maria Savovic!

Burnett: Damnit, Shankman, pull over or I'll have the border patrol stop you!

Shankman: I'll just get past them by getting naked like I always do! Look, I'm taking my clothes off while I'm driving, but it's OK because I'm Maria Savovic!

Burnett: Jesus, and you wonder why I drink...

Shankman: Hang on, Mark. I need to go pick up my best friend and make out with him! Hopefully someone will give me a million bucks to do it! Of course they will! I'm Maria Savovic! Look how easy it is!

Burnett: Are you even steering your car anymore?

Shankman: Nope! No need to steer, Burnett! Someone else will do it for me because I'm Maria--oh no.

The next sounds heard are those of Steve Shankman's car going over the grassy median and into oncoming traffic, where experts believe that it was struck by a semi going south on Interstate 81 near the I-90 West onramp. A pile-up of seven cars ensued, injuring three people, though not seriously. Shankman was pronounced dead on the scene.

When reached for comment, Shannon Foster, his ex-wife, responded with, "What a dumbass."

Back from commercial.

Luxury yacht, Day 35. Danni is already awake, and Charlie is slowly waking up out of his alcohol-induced sleep.

Charlie looks down and sees that he slept in his boxers.

Charlie: Wait, what the hell? I don't remember falling asleep like this.

Danni comes out of the shower at this time.

Charlie: Oh God. Tell me we didn't do it.

(confessional) Danni: Well, I suppose I could tell him that, but why ruin the fun of a hung-over Charlie desperate to protect his position in the game?

Danni: How much do you remember last night?

Charlie: All I remember was up to you talking about Derek. I seriously hope we didn't have sex.

Danni: Well, I was in the bathroom this morning getting ready. The evidence of our activities last night is pretty overwhelming.

(confessional) Danni: I got the idea when I woke up in the middle of the night, OK? I filled the condom with liquid soap, messed it up a little bit, and convinced Charlie that he had sex with me. Really, it's just a game move. Honest.

Charlie: Look, I can't have had that much. If I had sex with you, I would have remembered it.

Danni: Well, the evidence is clear, and I hate to do it, but I think we both had a little too much to drink last night.

Charlie: Then how come you feel good?

Danni: Mine wore off in the middle of the night. I was up sick.

Charlie: Look, if I pressured you into this, I'm sorry.

Danni: Relax; it just sort of happened.

(confessional) Charlie: I don't know why I let her talk me into drinking so much. But I would think that I might actually remember sex. I can't imagine fabricating that, so I think it happened.

Angakauitai Island, Maui camp, Day 36. Charlie and Danni are on separate ends of the camp, with Ozzy, Cirie, and Paula in the middle.

Paula: What's going on with Charlie and Danni?

Cirie: I don't know; they won't talk to me.

Paula: They're both acting really weird. I don't understand it.

(confessional) Cirie: I think Charlie and Danni are just unable to tell me they're cutting me loose tonight. It's OK with me; at this point, my alliance is done with me, and I'm done with them.

Cirie (to Ozzy): I'll watch your back if you watch mine.

Ozzy: What changed?

Cirie: Danni's acting really weird, and so is Charlie. They don't need to be in the final three.

Ozzy: Fine by me; it gets me farther in the game. Are you in?

Cirie: Hell yes.

Ozzy: What about Paula?

Cirie: She might get rid of Danni, and then I think we can force Charlie out.

(confessional) Ozzy: I might have gotten a reprieve. Cirie's done with her alliance, and I think we can talk Paula into voting off Danni.

Danni comes back into camp while Charlie is still off gathering sticks.

Paula: What the hell's going on with you and Charlie?

Danni: What do you mean?

Paula: You've been acting really weird. You barely talk to us, and the two of you haven't even glanced at each other.

Danni: Look, I need to talk to you in private.

(confessional) Danni: It wouldn't be private for long. I knew it, and when she knew it, so would she. And the only person who can prove me wrong doesn't remember anything. Game, set, match, Danni.

Danni: Look, this is really hard to explain, and I've been holding it in since the reward.

Paula: Well, come on. Out with it.

Danni: Well, OK. Charlie and I had a few too many on the yacht.

Paula: Uh-huh. Go on.

Danni: And when we got back to the room...

There is a look of apparent concern on Paula's face.

Danni: ...we had sex.

(confessional) Paula: Oh, hell no. Hell f---ing no, Danni. If I didn't stand to make a million dollars off this game, I would have punched her teeth out right there.

Paula storms off and makes a direct path toward Charlie without taking a moment to calm down.

Paula: Charlie! Damnit, get over here now!

Charlie looks up somewhat confused but does not move; Paula gets in his face.

Paula: What the hell is this with you and Danni gettin' naked on the yacht? Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?

(confessional) Charlie: I don't think there's anything I could have said at that point that would have saved me, so I just didn't say anything.

Charlie: Look, I don't want to talk about it--

Paula (shouting): You don't want to talk about it? Is that right?

Charlie (resigned): That's right.

(confessional) Danni: This was too perfect! Even Charlie thinks he had sex with me, and now Paula wants him gone! The minute she gets a little too possessed, she's gone at the next vote, and then I'm off to a million bucks.

Paula walks up to Cirie and Ozzy.

Paula: Look, I'm done with them. I had a secret alliance with Charlie and Danni from the start, but it's done.

Cirie: Wait, how did they have an alliance with you?

Paula: That whole couple thing between them is just a charade. Charlie's with me. Or he was, anyway; I'm through with him.

(confessional) Cirie: Holy hell. That opens my eyes. I was afraid Charlie and Danni weren't exactly trustworthy, but this cements it.

The camera switches to Akamaru Island, Day 36. The tribe rows into a challenge set with five rows of poles.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

The tribe takes its place on the red tribal mat. Charlie and Paula are standing at opposite ends of the mat.

Jeff: First thing's first - Ozzy, give it up.

Ozzy hands over the immunity necklace.

Jeff: Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. Let's get to today's challenge. We're going back to Survivor: Guatemala for this one.

The camera focuses on the Survivor: Guatemala flag.

Jeff: You will be shackled at the hands and feet, and you will have a rope around your waist. On my go, you will unwrap yourselves by running around the poles and by unlocking the locks that keep your ropes bound to the poles.

A close look at the locks on the poles reveal that there are small blotches of different colors on each lock.

Jeff: You will have a large chain full of keys; you must try them until you get the right key, at which point that key will not work for any lock on that pole again. The object is to retrieve a flag at the end of the course. You will have to give yourself enough slack to reach it. The first person who grabs their flag wins immunity and is guaranteed a one-in-four shot at a million dollars. Ozzy, you still have that immunity advantage. Do you want to use it?

Ozzy: I think it's time that I did.

Jeff: Let's see what your advantage is.

Jeff opens an envelope, and inside the message reads "KEYS ARE COLOR-CODED."

Jeff: Ozzy, your set of keys is color-coded to match the paint on the locks. Everyone else is not so lucky. Get into position; wait for my go.

The camera switches to an aerial view of the challenge quickly before switching to having all the Survivors shackled and carrying keys.

Jeff: This is for immunity. Survivors ready? GO!

All five Survivors begin trying to unhook their locks; everyone except Ozzy is guessing, and he has hus first lock undone quickly.

Jeff: Ozzy in the lead! That advantage is really coming in handy!

Soon, Ozzy has three locks done before Cirie has one done; she is the first of the rest to be out of one lock.

Cirie (to herself): Of all the challenges to be good at.

Jeff: Cirie a very respectable second, but nowhere near Ozzy!

Ozzy is working on his eighth lock and is almost done with the first pole. Meanwhile, Danni is done with her second lock, Cirie with her second, Paula and Charlie with their first.

Ozzy is through his first pole and onto his second far ahead of everyone else.

Jeff: Ozzy to his second pole completely finished with the first!

Paula begins to catch up, finishing with her fourth and fifth locks quickly and taking command of second place.

Jeff: Paula might be getting somewhere! Everyone else far behind!

Paula gets through the last few locks, but Ozzy is halfway done with his second pole locks. Ahead of the other three, Paula gets to her second pole.

Jeff: Paula to her second pole! Still lots of work to do to catch up to Ozzy!

Charlie struggles to unlock his fourth lock; Cirie is up to her sixth, and Danni is just behind Cirie.

Jeff: A big crowd still on the first pole! Ozzy and Paula dominating!

Ozzy finishes up the last lock on the second pole and dashes toward the third and final pole.

Jeff: Ozzy to the third pole! Paula still has some catching up to do!

Ozzy makes quick work of the first two locks as Paula gets done with some locks toward the end of the second pole. Behind her, Cirie moves on to the second pole.

Jeff: Cirie onto the second pole!

Charlie unlocks his last lock on the first pole, and he heads to the second pole.

Jeff: Charlie onto the second pole!

Ozzy is done with six locks already on the third pole, and he lunges toward the flag. He falls short by about two feet.

Jeff: Ozzy can't reach his flag! Remember, you probably don't need all the locks undone to reach your flag!

Ozzy rushes back as Paula begins undoing her locks, getting through one before Ozzy makes another attempt.

Again, he falls short by about six inches.

Jeff: Ozzy still can't do it!

Ozzy rushes back; by this time, Paula is through three locks and on her fourth.

As she unlocks her fourth, Ozzy makes another attempt.

He runs up to the flag and reaches out.

He grabs it.

He raises it.

Jeff: Ozzy wins immunity!

Ozzy drops to his knees in celebration. Charlie throws down his keys and kicks the pole in frustration.

Jeff goes over to Ozzy to put the necklace on him.

Jeff: Congratulations, Ozzy. This is your third immunity win. You can't be voted out tonight. As for everyone else, I remind you that tonight's Tribal Council is the last one where an idol can be used. There is one at camp. If you have it, I suggest playing it tonight. Head on back; I'll see you tonight.

Images of Ozzy's quick work as well as his grab for the flag dominate the screen as it cuts to commercial.

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4. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 14 - "So What Could Be Bigger Than the Car?""
REPORT: 'Survivor' Stalker Escapes Jail

UPI News Service, 05/16/2007

As if things could appear worse for "Survivor: All-Stars II" castaway Charlie Forrest. Not only did fellow castaway Danni Boatwright fabricate a story about a sexual relationship between them, but his ex-wife, recently indicted on charges of stalking, menacing, and failure to pay child support, has escaped from jail as of Friday morning.

Dena Goodman escaped during breakfast on Friday when other inmates began fighting; the motivation for the fight was not clear. Goodman escaped custody and has yet to be seen.

It was recently uncovered that Steve Shankman, former castaway on "Survivor," intended to reunite Goodman with her estranged husband and force him to marry her at gunpoint as an act of revenge for his popularity on the show. Shankman was killed in a car accident on Thursday, May 15, and it is unclear if Goodman is still motivated to remarry her first husband.

If captured, she faces a charge of escaping custody; she may be in prison for up to 15 years.

Back from commercial.

Angakauitai Island, Maui camp, Day 36. Ozzy is arriving back at camp with the immunity necklace; Charlie is arriving with a distraught look.

Charlie (to himself): I guess this is my only chance.

Charlie looks at the idol clue, and it reads, "Parsley, sage, rosemary, and ten paces from life."

Charlie: I don't know what the hell any of this means.

(confessional) Ozzy: At this point, we're just looking to make sure Charlie doesn't get the idol. If he doesn't get it, he's going home, and if he does, we're probably sending Danni home.

The camera focuses on Charlie pacing from the water source.

Cirie (to Paula): That dumbass doesn't even know what life is.

Paula: Remember, his definition of life is drunken sex with Danni.

Cirie: I know just what to do.

(confessional) Cirie: So I decided to distract Charlie while everyone else looked for the idol.

Cirie (to Charlie): Look, I think you're getting a raw deal here. I know what kind of guy you are, and I think Danni's screwing you over. I think you, me, and Ozzy should vote her out.

Charlie: Will Ozzy go for it?

Cirie: I'll talk to him; I think he will.

Charlie: I'm his biggest competition, supposedly. I've been off my game ever since the yacht reward. The crazy thing is, I don't remember anything happening.

(confessional) Charlie: And when I was talking to Cirie, I put one and one together.

Cirie: That girl is just too damn greedy, trying all this fake couple stuff, getting you wasted, claiming it "just happened" and then washing her hands of you when she's this far in the game.

Charlie: I'd like to wash her mouth out.

Cirie: Me too. Do we still have any soap?

(confessional) Charlie: And for some reason, that one word "soap" just set off my memory. Danni just stuffed a condom full of soap and used it as evidence that we had sex. I should have known. Danni's a liar and a dirty bitch, and I am making it my mission to take her down.

Charlie: Hey, thanks, Cirie.

Cirie: No problem.

Charlie walks over to Paula, who appears disinterested.

Charlie: Hey, I need to talk to you.

Paula: Go to hell.

Charlie: No, this is important. Danni's lying.

Paula: Why the hell should I believe you, and why the hell should I give a damn?

Charlie: Look, I admit I got a little drunk, but that was her pushing me to do so, and--

Paula (shouting): You're a grown man, Charlie! Take some responsibility for your actions! Just man up and admit you had sex with her! I'm sick of looking at you and knowing that you lied to me like this!

(confessional) Paula: At this point, I really couldn't have cared less what he did with Danni. He got drunk knowing full well that it's completely irresponsible. I should know; I've been down that road before.

Paula: I have nothing more to say to you. It's over and done. We're voting you out tonight. Goodbye.

Charlie throws his arms up and walks away.

(confessional) Charlie: Well, I tried. But no one believes me anymore. I don't get how I went from the most respected person on my tribe to a pariah just because of one lie.

Charlie is shown digging away from the rest of the tribe; he is about twenty-five feet from the fire source, where the rest of the tribe is sitting.

The screen then cuts to a sunset, and the tribe is then shown carrying their torches into Tribal Council. Everyone takes their seats; Charlie is on one corner, and Paula is on the other.

Jeff: We will now bring in the jury. Jonathan, Harriet, Tom, Twila, Yau-Man...and Terry, voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Terry has shaved his beard, fixed his hair, and is wearing a clean polo shirt with jeans.

Jeff: Ozzy, you won immunity again, and this is the last night that anyone can use an idol. Is there any part of you going, "I better keep winning or else"?

Ozzy: I went into today's challenge with that exact attitude. If I didn't win, I was going home.

Jeff: Cirie, is that attitude true?

Cirie: Ozzy seems to have that competitive spirit, and if it works for him, great. But I think he's a lot better at the game than he gives himself credit for, and if he were going home, he would find the idol.

Jeff: Paula, you look pretty unhappy. What's on your mind?

Paula: I'll tell you exactly what's on my mind. I've just been stabbed in the back by the two people I trusted more than anything in this game.

Jeff: And those two people are?

Paula: Danni and Charlie. I had an alliance with them since the start of the game. In fact, that whole business with the two of them being a couple was just a bunch of show. They're no more a couple than me and Ozzy.

Jeff's jaw drops and his face falls forward with a completely speechless expression.

Paula: And to make it juicier, Charlie and I really were a couple until I found out today that he had sex with Danni on the yacht.

Jeff has to brace himself to keep from falling off his seat.

Jeff: Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up. Are you telling me that Charlie and Danni were not really a couple, but they had sex on a reward? How do you know this?

Danni: Charlie came onto me, and then I came forward.

Charlie: And lied about it.

Jeff: Lied about it?

Charlie: Danni's making it up. Me having sex with her after seven beers doesn't make a lick of sense.

Jeff: Does anyone believe Charlie?

Paula: Not for a minute. He's trying to cover his own ass, and I, for one, am sick of hearing it.

Jeff: Cirie, do you believe Charlie?

Cirie: I really don't know what to believe anymore. Frankly, I thought we got past this in high school.

Jeff: Ozzy, what's your take on this?

Ozzy: Really, I've heard so many stories that I don't know what happened. I don't really care, to be honest. It doesn't involve me, and it's their lives. All I care about is that I'm in the final four.

Jeff: Is that really how you feel, or are you just trying to dodge the question?

Ozzy: That's really how I feel. (pause) OK, and I really don't want to answer.

Jeff: Paula, I assume that this means that any relationship you might have had with Charlie is over.

Paula: I don't want to be in the same game with him. I don't want to go out with him, I don't want his friendship, and I don't even want to be in the same state as him. He's absolutely dead to me. I wish him a miserable life, and the minute that kid of his sees what a screwup his father is, I hope he packs up and leaves for good.

Jeff: Charlie, how do you respond to this?

Charlie: We'll see how she feels about saying that when she figures out I didn't do anything wrong.

Paula: You're an irresponsible drunk, and your worthless son would have been better off with his mother.

Charlie: I don't have to listen to this. Shut the hell up.

Cirie: Paula, I know you're upset, but please leave his son out of this. Derek didn't do anything to you, and it looks to me like he loves you as much as he loves his dad.

Paula (crying): I know. I'm sorry I said that about Derek. He really is a good kid, and it's a damn shame his father's a screwup. He deserves a mom, and he'll never have that, and he can thank his father for it.

Jeff: Paula, how do you think Derek's going to take this?

Paula (still sobbing): Hopefully he doesn't hold it against me too much.

Jeff: Danni, I've heard from Charlie, and I've heard from Paula. Straight up, did you have sex with Charlie on the yacht?

Danni (after a pause): Yes.

Jeff: I know we're looking at a fallout from this. This is easily the biggest betrayal in Survivor history, if it happened the way I'm hearing. That said, it is time to vote. Charlie, you're up.

Charlie gets up to go vote; he writes down Danni's name.

Charlie (to voting camera): I don't even think Derek will be able to stand you after what you did.

Charlie goes back to sit down; the next to vote is Cirie, whose vote is not shown.

After Cirie, Danni gets up to vote; her vote is not shown.

Danni sits down, and Ozzy goes to vote; his vote is not shown.

The last to vote is Paula, who writes down Charlie's name.

Paula (to voting camera): Get out of my game, and get out of my life.

Paula sits back down still with a furious look on her face; the camera switches back to Jeff.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

Jeff goes to get the votes; Charlie's expression is one of defeat while Danni's is very self-satisfied.

Jeff sets down the urn.

Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final; the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Jeff takes out the first vote.

Jeff: First vote...Danni.

Charlie's vote.

Jeff: ...Charlie. One vote Charlie, one vote Danni.

This is Paula's vote.

Jeff: ...Charlie. Two votes Charlie.

This appears to be Danni's vote.

The camera switches to Cirie.

Jeff: ...the fifteenth person voted out of Survivor: All-Stars II and the seventh member of the jury...Charlie. I will now check for idols.

Jeff turns the voting urn to face the side pouch toward the Survivors.

Jeff undoes the flaps.

He lets them go...

...the camera focuses on a worried Charlie...

...and there is one idol, a compass, in the urn.

Jeff: Someone played an idol. If it is for Charlie, Danni is out; if it is for anyone else, Charlie is out.

Jeff opens up the compass and pulls out the rolled-up piece of parchment.

He unfurls it, facing himself.

He grabs the corners.

He turns it around to face the Survivors.

The name "Paula" appears on it.

Jeff: This idol was for Paula. The vote stands; Charlie, you need to bring me your torch.

Charlie grabs his torch and walks up without a word to place it into the holder.

Jeff: Charlie, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Charlie's torch.

Charlie turns to the other Survivors, pointing to Danni.

Charlie: And to think I wasted all this time worrying about keeping you in the game.

Danni appears defiant; the others appear disinterested.

Charlie: You're going down, Boatwright.

Charlie walks off without a word.

Jeff: Charlie says nothing happened on the yacht. I'm hearing differently from you guys. Either he got what was coming to him, or someone here has just made Jonny Fairplay look like a Boy Scout. I don't know what happened. All I know is that you are the final four. The final three days will see three Tribal Councils and two immunity challenges. Two people will be left, and the jury will vote one person one million dollars. Grab your torches; head on back to camp. Goodnight.

The four remaining Maui walk out of Tribal Council with their torches as the credits begin to roll.

The screen cuts to commercial.

Blog Entry, 05/17/2008
Authored by: Derek Forrest, bigblueclassof2009

The first thing you need to know is that I'm typing this blog from a hotel room in New York City. The second thing you need to know is that I'm mad as hell, and frankly, if anyone who doesn't have a Y chromosome walks through that door, she is taking her life into her own hands. Especially if her name is Paula or Danni.

I don't think my throat could handle all the times I would have to call Danni a cowardly, backstabbing bitch for it to do even a hint of justice toward what she just did. Never mind that she pretended all this time to be Dad's friend or to be attracted to me or what-not. I know she had this planned just as some sort of way to spring herself to victory at the expense of my father.

I watched the show with him last night. We're lucky we don't owe the hotel a new TV set. Never mind that I just lost $3,000 when he got voted out. I lost the only chance I will ever have at having a mom, and frankly, I don't really want one anymore. There's a reason my own mother left. It taught me that a man just can't trust women. They lie to you, they cheat on you, and they just want one thing - well, two things. They want your money, and they want to crush your still-beating heart with golf spikes while you watch in agony.

Why the hell should I believe any differently? My own mother carried on with God-only-knows-how-many guys when she was married to Dad and then abandoned me to go marry a man ten years younger than she was. And now she's doing the same thing to that guy.

I've dated two different girls in college, and both of them ended up cheating on me. The woman I've idolized for almost three years turns out to be every bit as horrible as all the rest of them. And then even Paula showed her true colors last night. I saw where Danni's story changed. One minute it "just happened," and the next it was all Dad's idea?

At least this came out soon enough, so Dad didn't do anything stupid like get married to one of them. I take back every good thing I ever said about Paula, and I hope Child Services takes her kids away and shoots her. Paula, if you're reading this, how does it feel to have something uncalled for said about you? Choke on those words until you die, bitch.

I will never trust another woman again. And Dad's an idiot if he does. When he gets back here, he'll read my blog and stay, "Amen." And then we'll have a beer. And after that--ah hell, I just got a text message from Dad. Bad news two blocks from here. I better get going. It looks like life or death.

Back from commercial.

Voice-over: On the two-hour season finale of Survivor: All-Stars II...only four remain.

Cirie (voice-over): It's do or die.

Voice-over: With three days left, will it be Cirie, the quiet, calculating mother?

(confessional) Cirie: I came this far on an alliance. I'm on my own now.

Voice-over: Danni, the devious liar and former winner?

(confessional) Danni: I broke up two good friends to get where I am. I'm not backing down.

Voice-over: Ozzy, the Survivor warrior?

(confessional) Ozzy: I have to win. It's my only hope.

Voice-over: Or Paula, the sly, heartbroken social butterfly?

(confessional) Paula: I've seen people's true colors. And I will crush them for it.

Voice-over: Stay tuned for the season finale of CSI coming up next.

Charlie (final words): I'm here now because I was stabbed in the back by a paranoid, scum-sucking bitch. She'll get hers in the end, but the saddest part is that every effort I've made to trust people is gone. It's one thing to be voted out by a game move. It's another to lose like this. I'll see you in hell, Danni.

4 votes Charlie: Cirie, Danni, Ozzy, Paula
1 vote Danni: Charlie
Paula played an idol, though she received no votes

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