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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 9 - “They’re Not Getting Into the Structure If It’s On Fire”"
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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

07-16-07, 11:58 AM (EST)
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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 9 - “They’re Not Getting Into the Structure If It’s On Fire”"

Survivor Live Excerpts: Jonathan Penner

The screen shows Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca, hosts of Survivor Live on a faux jungle background with a Survivor: All-Stars II logo.

Dalton: Helloooo again, Survivor fans, and welcome to another installment of Survivor Live. I'm your host, Dalton Ross, and with me as usual is the very talented Jenna Morasca.

Jenna: It looks like, for the third time in four seasons, they're going with the extended jury. It probably means a final three again, and that probably means it will end either like the Cook Islands finale, with two strong players going head-to-head, or like Fiji, where one strong player blows away two weak ones.

Dalton: With us today is the first person who makes that decision, a member of the first expanded jury, Jonathan Penner.

The camera pans back to show Dalton and Jenna along with Jonathan, who's in a light-blue button-down and navy blue pants. He's put on only a little weight from his ouster.

Jenna: Welcome to the show, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Thanks for having me.

Dalton: Jonathan, were you really as strange as they portrayed you, or was that just editing?

Jonathan: I interacted with the tribe a lot before that, and it saved me. But I knew I was going next, and there wasn't anything I could do about it, so I dropped the act.

Jenna: Still, you barely touched the snacks at the reward, you hardly watched the movie--

Jonathan: I felt shut out from the rest of the tribe. They were making it really clear who was going. Maria got the spot on the couch, Charlie and Danni were all over each other in the recliner, and I basically had nothing left.

Dalton: So the odd behavior was sort of a protest?

Jonathan: If you want to put it that way, yes. But what they didn't show was that I didn't eat any snacks that night because my stomach was upset. I wasn't comfortable, and I honestly felt more comfortable when I was detached from the whole situation.

Jenna: I see now, and you didn't want to make things worse by eating a bunch of junk.

Jonathan: Exactly. I looked around at the other Survivors, and they were munching on Reese's Pieces and hot dogs and everything, and I just couldn't bear to watch.

Dalton: What about back at camp? They brought back some snacks; why not enjoy them?

Jonathan: I looked at the snacks, and all I thought about was how much my stomach was bothering me at the time. I just couldn't bear to eat them.

Jenna: So why not talk about it? Why not just tell everyone you're not feeling well?

Jonathan: I didn't want to be a downer any more than I already was. I decided just to let them have their moment, and I would be miserable in silence. Besides, I think I made them curious about what kind of left-field question I might ask on the jury.

Dalton: I can't ask who you voted for on the jury, and I can't ask for a prediction, but I can ask what you thought would happen once you were voted out. When you were waiting to vote, and before you saw anyone join you, did you have a prediction?

Jonathan: Honestly, I didn't, really. I had a few ideas of what I thought might happen, but nothing of great significance. For one thing, I thought Maria would flip to the other tribe and immediately regret it. I pictured Tom and Charlie as gone soon after me. And then I saw Ozzy going on an immunity run. I wasn't sure how far he would make it, since everyone else had to get wise to him sooner or later, but he had a shot.

Jenna: Who from the early votes were you the most surprised to see kicked off?

Jonathan: Ami and Rafe. I saw both of them as having enormous potential. If we rand the game again from the start, neither of them would be kicked off by now; I guarantee it.

The Show Begins - air date 04/10/2008

The camera shows an overview of the Gambier Islands; the camera shot appears to move quickly.

Jeff (voice-over): Previously on Survivor...Maria tried to explain her vote to Charlie.

Charlie: So wait, you just threw your vote away?

Maria: Exactly. The vote for Danni was a coincidence.

Jeff (voice-over): And Danni didn't buy it.

Danni: She voted for me; how can you even think that?

Charlie: I talked to her. She's with us.

Danni: She's given no indication that she's with us.

Jeff (voice-over): At Ta'aroa, Terry and Paula threw down.

Terry: Don't tell me how to do my job. You're the bossiest woman I've ever met. Do you tell people how to play the game like this, too?

Paula: If you want to play like an idiot, that's fine with me, but don't screw up our food supply, too!

Jeff (voice-over): While Terry messed up big time scaling a fish.

(confessional) Terry: Looking back, I probably should have stuck to catching the fish and carrying firewood, but what could I do at the time, anyway? Just say, "Oh, sorry Paula, I screwed up. Vote me out." Not a chance.

Jeff (voice-over): At the reward challenge, Terry traded verbal jabs with Charlie.

Terry: I'll wipe that sarcastic tone right out of your mouth, Forrest.

Charlie: I'd like to see you try, Deitz. Of course, I'd like to see you face-down crying to your mama, too.

Jeff (voice-over): And their verbal jarring led to the most heated matches, with one win going to each of them.

The camera shows Charlie spinning the log faster than Terry can run, forcing him to fall in. Then it shows Terry doing the same thing to Charlie and making him fall in.

Jeff (voice-over): Everyone went against the same person twice, and in the end, only Maria was able to win both times.

The camera shows Twila losing her hat and then falling into the water twice.

Jeff (voice-over): Leaving Danni to gain the clinching win.

Danni: OK Paula, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.

Paula leaps up and gets on her hands and feet on the log.

Paula: I pick the hard way, young lady.

Danni: OK then.

Danni spins Paula off the log before she can get her grip back.

Jeff: Danni scores! Fati wins reward!

Jeff (voice-over): At Ta'aroa, Paula denied being rivals with Danni.

Paula: There's plenty of blame to go around. I just wanted to do something nice.

Ozzy: It has nothing to do with Charlie and Danni?

Paula: I couldn't give a damn less.

Jeff (voice-over): While the tribe shared the blame for the loss.

Twila: I just wanted to tell everyone I'm sorry for losing the challenge.

Paula: Cut it out now. If anyone lost the challenge, I did.

Harriet: Look, I'm sorry about this whole thing, Paula. I shouldn't have tackled Cirie like I did.

Jeff (voice-over): Meanwhile, Fati enjoyed the movie night.

(confessional) Tom: We got to see "Cast Away" as a tribe, and it was nice to be able to loosen up and enjoy life out here.

Jeff (voice-over): Charlie and Danni enjoyed their time together.

Danni wraps her arm around Charlie's neck and lays her head on his shoulder.

Danni (to Charlie): I'm having an amazing time.

Charlie: Me too.

Jeff (voice-over): While Jonathan didn't partake at all.

(confessional) Cirie: Jonathan seemed more concerned that the projector was about to explode or something than about enjoying himself.

Jeff (voice-over): And continued to behave strangely even back at camp.

(confessional) Cirie: It's like there's five of us here enjoying ourselves, winning as a tribe, and making the most of it out here, and then there's Jonathan, who can't seem to have fun at all.

Charlie: What's with him and the coconuts? It's like he needs all the coconuts on this island to conjure up some sort of voodoo curse against all of us.

Jeff (voice-over): At Ta'aroa, Harriet had an accident.

The camera shows Harriet trying to cut a coconut but hitting her knee instead.

Twila: Harriet! Are you OK?

Harriet: Just get me something to stop the bleeding already!

Jeff (voice-over): Terry wasn't sympathetic to her at all.

(confessional) Terry: My first thought was that we might finally be able to get rid of her without voting her out.

Jeff (voice-over): The medics told her to keep her knee dry.

Harriet: What if the next challenge is in the water?

Chase: If there's any way to stay on land, do it.

Jeff (voice-over): So Ta'aroa had to take special measures to keep Harriet from getting wet.

The camera shows Harriet staying on the platform while her tribemates dive in the water.

Jeff (voice-over): Fati took a big lead by using its most powerful rowers first.

The camera shows Tom and Charlie paddling the Fati boat far head of the Ta'aroa boat, which is paddled by Paula and Twila.

Jeff (voice-over): Ozzy caught up to Maria retrieving the necessary items, but Maria held Fati's lead.

The camera shows Maria getting out of the woods while Ta'aroa waits for Ozzy.

Jeff (voice-over): In the rowing, however, Fati was without its best paddlers, and Ta'aroa used Ozzy and Terry to catch up.

The camera shows Ta'aroa start to pass Fati and failing to due to Ozzy's exhaustion.

Jeff (voice-over): It came down to a race out of the boat between Charlie and Yau-Man.

Both Charlie and Yau-Man spring out of the boat, with Yau-Man stumbling over Paula but accelerating at the same time.

Jeff (voice-over): Yau-Man's flying leap and torch drop beat out Charlie by a mere second.

The camera shows Yau-Man wildly dropping the torch into the wok, setting it ablaze.

Jeff: Ta'aroa wins immunity!

Jeff (voice-over): As an added reward, Ta'aroa got to kidnap one member of Fati, keeping them safe from Tribal Council.

Yau-Man: We're taking Maria back with us.

Jeff: Maria, join Ta'aroa; you will stay the night with them, you will be safe from Tribal Council, and you will compete with them in tomorrow's reward challenge.

Jeff (voice-over): At the neutral camp, Jonathan tried to weasel his way into an alliance with Tom and Cirie.

Jonathan (to Tom): Look, we need to split up Charlie and Danni sooner or later. Which one are you more attached to?

Tom: Well, Charlie's useful, but he's more of a threat. The bad thing is, if we dump Charlie, we might not win the next challenge. We need leadership.

Jonathan: Aren't you a leader? Doesn't the tribe see you as a leader?

(confessional) Tom: The idea has merit, yes. Vote off Charlie.

Jeff (voice-over): But at Tribal Council, it became clear that he hadn't taken his plan up with anyone else.

Jeff: Danni, I take it Jonathan didn't approach you about an alliance.

Danni: Nope. This is the first I've heard that he approached anyone.

Jeff: Cirie, did he come to you?

Cirie: Not at all.

Jeff: Charlie, I'm guessing he didn't come to you, either.

Charlie: Not even close, Jeff.

Jeff (voice-over): Jonathan's only saving grace would be an immunity idol, since the rest of Fati voted him out.

Jeff: ...ninth person voted out of Survivor: All-Stars II...Jonathan.

Jeff (voice-over): Jonathan didn't find the idol, and he became the first member of the jury.

Jeff: Jonathan, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Jonathan's torch.

Jeff (voice-over): Eleven are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The camera shows a quick overview of the Gambiers as the Survivor theme begins to play. The first sequence appears to be out of the Japan opening spliced with the Vanuatu opening; a cannon appears in the background, and the music appears to be an amalgamation of the past seven themes with some imagery from each. Player intros are given in alphabetical order by tribe, with Fati going first and Ta'aroa going second. All screen shots of players in this intro are from the first episode, and all are wearing their tribes' buffs. As the intro comes to a close, images of the last seven settings centered around a pirate ship appear to fade as the Survivor: All-Stars II logo is superimposed over the center of the screen. The logo appears similar to the first All-Stars logo except it reads "All-Stars II" and the dominant background color is a bold red instead of blue. The green from the old All-Stars logo is replaced with a dark blue, and the text is silver.

At this point, the screen cuts to commercial.

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 Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 9 - ... Colonel Zoidberg 07-16-07 2
 Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 9 - ... Colonel Zoidberg 07-16-07 3
 Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 9 - ... Colonel Zoidberg 07-16-07 4

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

07-16-07, 11:59 AM (EST)
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1. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 9 - “They’re Not Getting Into the Structure If It’s On Fire”"
REPORT: "Survivor" Still Number One

UPI News Service, 04/05/2008

The latest installment of "Survivor" is no longer going up against "American Idol." However, it outclassed even the venerable "Idol" program, earning the highest rating of all shows for the first week of April.

The episode that saw Jonathan Penner ousted earned a 22.1/36 rating, with the show claiming over 37 million viewers. By contrast, even "Idol" was beaten by FOX medical drama "House" in the ratings; "House" earned a 19.0/29 share compared to "Idol" getting only a 17.7/27.

The closest Thursday night competitor to "Survivor" was, again, "Ugly Betty," which earned a 10.1/17 rating. The new FOX reality show "The Wall" earned a dismal 3.0/5 share, less than half of its already-weak premiere numbers; the show has been moved to Friday nights, and FOX is putting "24" on against "Survivor."

Back from commerical.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Night 21. The four remaining Fati are returning to camp; Maria is still not with them.

Cirie (to Tom): We could be in trouble.

Tom: We need to make sure Maria's on our side.

Cirie: Hopefully she's not comfortable over there, and she comes back glad to see us.

(confessional) Tom: We lost the immunity challenge, and the other tribe kidnapped Maria. We need Maria to make sure we have a strong alliance into the merge. None of us know when that will be, but if we stay strong and go into the merge even, we should be able to get someone to flip.

Charlie (to Danni): Maria's with us.

Danni: What? You're crazy; Maria's not with us at all.

Charlie: Don't worry; remember, we have a plan.

Danni: Well, if you say so...

(confessional) Danni: I've come to the realization that our entire strategy is dependent on Maria. If she's not with us, we're in big trouble come the merge.

Danni: Oh yes, and there is one more thing. Jonathan did come to talk to me right before Tribal, and I told him to stuff it because he was going home.

Charlie: Well, that's not very nice; why would you say that?

Danni: I didn't want him to waste his breath by telling us he was playing the idol.

Danni takes a turtle-like object out of her pocket; this object is clearly a hidden immunity idol.

Danni: Because I found it.

Charlie: Get out of town. This is our ticket back in the game.

(confessional) Charlie: Danni found the hidden immunity idol. Let me say this, it used to be all guys that found these things. I watch the show. But there's something about the group of women playing this game that is just special. I'm just glad Danni's on my side.

Charlie: You're the best.

Danni: You know it.

Charlie kisses Danni on the cheek and the two go back to camp.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Day 22. Paula is talking to Maria, who is still conspicuously wearing a silver Fati buff.

Paula (to Maria): You, me, and our alliance to the final six.

Maria: I could do that. Who all do you have as our alliance?

Paula: Ozzy, Yau-Man, and Twila are definitely in. On this tribe, Terry and Harriet are the most likely to flip. If we get you, they stay put, and then we kick them out in sixth place.

(confessional) Maria: My tribemates over on Fati consider me part of their alliance, but I know they won't hesitate to kick me off next chance they get.

Paula: At that point, we need to get Ozzy out of here as fast as we can, especially if it's another final three vote. And this season's looking a lot like there will be.

(confessional) Paula: My ideal final four is myself, Maria, Yau-Man, and Twila. Twila's too abrasive and Maria's a past winner, so if I don't have to face Yau-Man, I'm a shoo-in. Even if I do have to face Yau-Man, I have a pretty good shot.

The camera switches to Akamaru Island, Day 22. The tribes are greeted by a set with two lockboxes and two flagpoles.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

Ta'aroa is the first to enter, with Maria leading the way and Terry in back. Harriet's leg seems to have healed to the point where she is walking fairly comfortably.

Fati follows, with Charlie in front and Tom in back.

Jeff: Ta'aroa and Maria getting your first look at the new Fati tribe. Jonathan voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Maria displays an unsurprised look; the rest of Ta'aroa looks on in a neutral manner, with Paula slightly happy.

Jeff: One bit of business I should address before the challenge. Having been voted out last night, Jonathan became the first member of the jury. Keep that in mind when you go to Tribal next.

Some members of Ta'aroa, especially Terry and Twila react with shock.

Jeff: Let's get to today's challenge. It is for reward. You guys may notice that there are two chests here. The chest of your tribe color contains the other tribe's flag. Your job is to protect the chest that is in your tribe's color and make it impenetrable. There is rope on the ground. There are twigs, branches, big logs, and all kinds of things you can use to surround the box. There are rocks, and each tribe will be provided with a machete for cutting. You cannot open the box of your own color, but remember, the boxes themselves are pretty much indestructible from the outside. Do what you have to in order to keep the other tribe out. After 30 minutes of building up, you will then try to break down the barrier and grab your flag. The first tribe to raise their flag wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?

The tribes are no longer nervous and are happy to hear.

Jeff: The winning tribe will stay behind and enjoy a cookout. We have hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, potato salad, chips, and all kinds of Pepsi products, including Gatorade, to wash it down. Maria, if Ta'aroa wins, you will be allowed to stay with them and enjoy the reward; in addition, you will have a difficult decision to make. If Fati wins, they will enjoy the reward without you, and you will return to camp immediately. Oh, and one more thing.

The entire Ta'aroa tribe stares blankly at Jeff.

Jeff: Ta'aroa, since you have three extra members, you're sitting three people out. You cannot sit out Maria. You also cannot sit out the same people in the immunity challenge. Who will it be?

The tribe huddles up for a quick second.

Ozzy: I'll sit this one out.

Twila: So will I, and so will Paula.

Jeff: Ozzy, Paula, and Twila, take a spot on the bench. Everyone else, take your spots and wait for my go.

Both tribes stand next to their chests.

Jeff: This is for reward. You have 30 minutes to make these boxes impenetrable. Survivors ready? GO!

Tom and Charlie take off into the water to look for supplies there; Danni and Cirie stay on land and search for rope and twigs.

Jeff: Fati splitting up the work!

Terry and Yau-Man search for big logs to carry back; Harriet works on the knots while Maria searches for rocks.

Jeff: Both tribes have very different strategies!

Elapsed time is 5 minutes. Maria has several rocks and has them set atop the chest; Yau-Man is taking them and trying to make sparks.

Jeff: No idea what Yau-Man's up to!

By this time, Tom and Charlie have placed large logs around the silver chest while most of Ta'aroa's collection is a mess. Cirie has tied several knots in the rope plugging the chest shut.

Jeff: Cirie's knots might be the difference! All I can see is that there are lots of them!

Yau-Man finds a rock that seems to make sparks easily and sets it aside; Harriet begins trying to duplicate Cirie's work on the knots.

Jeff: Harriet trying to catch up to Cirie! Good luck, guys!

Elapsed time is 15 minutes. The silver chest has tall logs as well as many smaller branches bound together; the blue chest has knots and a partially organized pile of branches surrounding it.

Jeff: Ta'aroa's chest looking easy to break down! Terry might have the answer!

Terry arranges three logs in a tripod around the chest while Yau-Man helps him arrange them and tie them together.

Jeff: Terry and Yau-Man working together! Will it be enough?

Harriet ties some rope around the knots shutting the case, even threading some rope through the super-knots. The rope is long enough to wrap around the tripod.

Jeff: Harriet finally getting some pretty advanced knots.

Yau-Man and Terry raise the seemingly unorganized pile of sticks to surround the blue lockbox; Yau-Man works on bundling it together.

Jeff: Yau-Man, Terry, and Harriet working together! Ta'aroa's looking less beatable now!

Elapsed time is 23 minutes. For Fati, the silver chest is surrounded by many tangled logs, some with rope thrown over them in a tangled manner. For Ta'aroa, the blue chest is surrounded in a single layer of sticks and logs.

Jeff: Fati counting on being tangled up! Ta'aroa counting on the one layer!

Maria throws a few logs and twigs on one side of the structure; she also lays down a layer of loose brush and husk.

Jeff: Ta'aroa preparing more to start a fire than to make the box impenetrable!

At this point, Yau-Man begins trying to spark the structure.

Jeff: Yau-Man! What the hell are you doing?

Yau-Man: They're not getting into the structure if it's on fire!

Danni: They can't do that! They can't light it on fire! That's against the rules!

Jeff: There's no rule against lighting the structure on fire if they can do it! The chests are fireproof!

A small fire starts fairly quickly on the Ta'aroa structure, and it slowly spreads to some of the branches.

Jeff: Yau-Man's unorthodox strategy seems to be paying dividends for Ta'aroa!

Danni begins to try to spark the Fati structure without success; she then begins to try sparking the ropes on the inside. They singe at first, but the ones near the lock begin to melt, sealing it tighter.

Jeff: Both tribes putting the heat on! You have two minutes!

Yau-Man (to his tribe): We need to light the back! What can we do quickly?

Maria: Give me a branch.

Jeff: Maria taking a branch to the back of the structure! Can she light it?

Maria sets the still-flaming branch down on the structure and begins to take off her top. She puts the top over the flame and lights it on fire, tossing it across the back of the structure.

Jeff: Maria just burned her top! I've never seen anyone so dedicated!

She continues by dropping her blue Princeton shorts, torching them, and tossing them into the middle of the fire. All she has on now is her navy blue bikini.

Jeff: Maria doing the Full Monty!

Charlie: Hey Maria, light your bikini on fire!

Maria: You wish, tough guy.

Jeff: If Fati wants their flag, they had better get to work building a bucket for water! And if Charlie wants to see more, he had better keep dreaming!

The Ta'aroa structure is in flames on both sides; Danni crawls out of the Fati structure and helps Charlie load a large log over the top.

Danni: This should hold it.

Jeff: Fifteen seconds left, people!

The structures are far apart that Ta'aroa's fire does not catch Fati; however, Cirie and Tom have spent the fast couple of minutes fashioning a crude water-carrying system and a shovel-like device to throw sand on the fire.

Jeff: Three, two, one...change places! You are now trying to get into the other tribe's chest to retrieve your flag! Good luck, everyone! Fati, I think you're going to need it!

Cirie and Danni try to toss sand on the fire, having little to no success, as Terry clears into the Fati structure, hacking away the rope with a machete.

Jeff: Terry knocking the structure aside with ease! Fati having no such luck!

Tom comes back with the bucket-like device full of water, which seems to faze the fire partially; Charlie pours the water out of his shirt, and it stops part of the fire as well.

Jeff: Fati starting to kill that fire, but there's a lot of ground to make up!

The camera shows Tom and Charlie dousing the fire while Cirie and Danni pour sand on it. The fire almost goes out completely.

Jeff: Looks like Fati is beating that fire!

Soon, the fire goes completely out; the camera focuses quickly to Maria's clothes, which are destroyed, and then back to Charlie and Danni trying to knock aside an entry to the structure.

Jeff: Fati ready to open the lockbox!

However, Terry takes a few strokes with the machete at the Fati knots, and with his fourth stroke, he cuts away the massive knot tied by Cirie and opens the chest.

Jeff: Terry into the silver chest!

The camera pans back to see Charlie and Tom trying to get through the maze of knots while Terry tosses the flag over to Maria, who runs over to raise it. She spends a few quick seconds hooking it in and sends it up the flagpole.

Jeff: Ta'aroa wins reward!

The benched Ta'aroa members get up to join their tribe, including Maria, in celebration. The Fati tribe frustratedly walks out of the structure.

Jeff: Ta'aroa, and you as well, Maria, you get a cookout right here on this island. Maria, you're now faced with a decision, although you seem to have made a pretty drastic one.

Jeff takes the cover off a table, revealing four plates with plasticware.

Jeff: You have the option of allowing Fati to grab a quick plate and enjoy a few minutes with the Ta'aroa tribe. If you take this, you're going straight back to camp. Or you could stay and enjoy the feast. Either way, open this after you make your decision.

The camera focuses on Maria, who's staring at the Fati tribe.

Charlie: Maria, you earned it. Enjoy it.

Tom: Just remember, there could be consequences either way.

Maria: I really hate to do this, people, but I burned my clothes to win this reward. I'm enjoying it.

Jeff: Maria will eat with Ta'aroa. Fati, I've got nothing for you. Head on back.

Images of Ta'aroa lighting the fire and Maria burning her clothes dominate the screen as it cuts to commercial.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

07-16-07, 12:00 PM (EST)
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2. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 9 - “They’re Not Getting Into the Structure If It’s On Fire”"
REPORT: Someone Owes Mark Burnett $5 Million

UPI News Service, 04/12/2008

For only the second time in the show's history, "Survivor" producer Mark Burnett has filed a $5 million lawsuit against a member of his show's cast. It is not yet known which castaway has been sued or for what reason.

It is known, however, that two lawsuits were handed down for this amount, one for a castaway and one for a non-player also under contract; these are known to be stemming from the same incident. If both lawsuits are successful, Burnett's company stands to make $10 million.

A spokesman for Burnett replied only with, "The lawsuit is for a breach of contract. One of the Survivors did something that is forbidden by the contract, and we intend to do everything in our power to make sure it is known that the contract is not a bluff. People have taken liberties with the contract in the past. We intend to put a stop to that."

Only a handful of Survivors were available for comment, and all answered, "Well, it wasn't me." This list included Japan's Paula Stanley, Fiji's Yau-Man Chan, Guatemala's Rafe Judkins, and Vanuatu's Chris Daugherty, who recently faced other charges that have since been dropped.

Back from commercial.

Akamaru Island, Day 22. Jeff is operating a large grill while the tribe sits in lawn chairs and talks.

Paula: You made the right choice, Maria.

Maria: I really hope you're right.

Paula: Relax; you fit in better with us anyway. Enjoy it.

(confessional) Maria: I do fit in better with Ta'aroa, and I've become pretty good friends with Paula. But I know I betrayed my tribe, and karma kills. I just hope I did the right thing.

Ozzy: I'm enjoying being up three members. It's a fast track to the end of the game.

Yau-Man: As if you need any help, Superman.

The tribe laughs at Yau-Man's comment. Then Jeff turns around.

Jeff: I have some food ready, guys. Condiments are over there, and the coolers are full of drinks. Also, Maria, I have one more present for you.

Jeff reaches down and tosses Maria something that looks like a covered bundle.

She opens the bundle.

Inside is one blue Ta'aroa buff.

Jeff: You decided to stay here with Ta'aroa, and so you shall. You are now a member of Ta'aroa. Enjoy.

(confessional) Harriet: Well, we have another member, which is nice, but if we lose, it does me no good, since Maria's kind of with the big shots around here.

The camera shows the Ta'aroa members enjoying the food Jeff grilled; he seems to have taken his leave of them.

Terry: You know, Jeff cooks a pretty good bratwurst.

Maria: The hamburgers aren't bad either.

(confessional) Twila: At this point, I would have eaten dirt if they offered it to me as a reward. Hot dogs and brats? Hell yes I'm eating those.

Yau-Man: So Maria, how do you like your new tribe?

Maria: If I really liked my old tribe that much, I don't think I would be here.

(confessional) Yau-Man: We got Maria as a new member, and we actually have an advantage now. It's nice to be up three members; it really is.

Ozzy (to Maria): So you're good with Paula, right?

Maria: Of course I am. I'm with you guys.

Ozzy: Just making sure.

Maria: Just enjoy your hot dog.

Ozzy: So tell me. This reward or the movie with your other tribe?

Maria: Well, I don't have to watch Charlie and Danni make out here.

Ozzy: Who here would you rather watch make out?

Maria: Watch? Come on, Ozzy; I'm a do-er over here. Right, Paula?

Paula: Hey, you know what you have to do for that.

(confessional) Ozzy: I think Maria's very comfortable on our tribe. And she fits in with our plan, so it looks like we're final five right now.

Paula: So I have to ask, Maria. Why burn your clothes?

Maria: I wanted to win. I wanted to make sure we could win.

Paula: But the bikini stayed.

Maria: Oh, if you insist...

Maria undoes her bikini top and then slides down her bottom. All of Ta'aroa, even the reserved Terry, cheers.

(confessional) Paula: It just isn't Survivor if Maria doesn't get naked.

The camera switches to Jeff coming back in.

Jeff: Hi guys.

Paula: Well, fancy seeing you here.

Jeff: I see the party's already underway, right, Maria?

Maria: Well, if it were really a party, we would all be naked.

Harriet: Hey, that's for you, Maria.

Jeff: Maria, how do you like your new tribe?

Maria: I love these guys.

Jeff: What would you say if I sent you back to Fati right now?

Maria: I would probably cry.

Jeff: I won't be sending anyone to Fati.

The tribe cheers loudly.

Jeff: However, Maria, you will. Someone on this tribe is joining the other tribe. Who is it? You have one minute to give me a name.

Maria: Everyone do a quick rock-paper-scissors with me. Whoever I beat goes to the other tribe. One three. One, two, three.

Maria throws scissors. Ozzy and Paula throw rock, while Twila, Harriet, and Yau-Man throw scissors. Terry throws paper.

Maria: Terry, it looks like you're going to the other tribe.

Jeff: Terry, I have your new Fati buff. Come with me.

Terry walks off to a motorboat carrying his new silver buff.

Everyone on Ta'aroa: Bye Terry.

Terry waves back to them and is soon gone. Jeff comes back.

Jeff: The party's over for you guys. Head on back to camp.

The tribe gets in their boat and heads back. Conspicuously, Maria has her bottom on but has tied her top around her waist. Ozzy is shirtless for the first time outside a challenge, and Paula has shed her outerwear to reveal a black one-piece bathing suit.

The tribe paddles back to their campsite as the screen cuts to commercial.

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3. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 9 - “They’re Not Getting Into the Structure If It’s On Fire”"
Blog Entry, 04/12/2008
Authored by: Laura Dean, sensitivenakedgirl

For the last few weeks, Maria and I have not been happy with one another. We pretty much don't even talk when we're both home, and we might not even cross paths most nights. There's only one thing we really do together, and we did it last night. We sat down and watched Survivor together.

Maria covered her face the whole time the reward was shown. I was the happiest girl on Earth. Not only is she finally loosening up out there, she's actually pulling out all the stops to win. Burning her clothes? That's genius! Sure, maybe Princeton won't like having their stuff burned, but it's more publicity.

I teased the poor girl about it for the rest of the evening. She got mad, then she cried, and then we made up. I spent this morning unpacking my suitcases, and when I went to put them away, I tripped and twisted my ankle. I called Maria for help, but all she could do was exactly what I've done to her for the past few weeks - "Come on! Get up and get back in the game! Don't let this stop you! Come on! Get up! Wimp!"

When the ankle stopped hurting, I started laughing myself purple. If Maria can keep that up on the island, she shouldn't have any trouble at all.

Love again,


Back from commercial.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Day 23. The normally hard-working tribe is relaxing.

Paula: I guess today's my day off.

Ozzy: Hey, I went out and caught food; I think we're good after all we had yesterday.

Yau-Man: Hey, did anyone sneak back any chips?

Maria: Well, of course; I kept them in my clothes.

(confessional) Yau-Man: After the reward win, we sent Terry away and picked up Maria. The mood around here is different. We're all relaxed, and no one feels like they have to go out and work. We'll just take it easy and save our energy for the biggest challenge so far.

Twila: What do you think the challenge is?

Maria: Who looks best naked, of course.

Ozzy: Yeah, that's what I thought. We win again.

(confessional) Maria: This is the first time I really feel like I can let my hair down and enjoy life out here. Yes, I proved I'm not a slacker and I'm not here on vacation. That doesn't mean I can't take a day off.

Yau-Man (to Paula): So we have the five, right?

Paula: To hell with it. Worry about it tomorrow.

Yau-Man: Well, what about Terry on the other tribe?

Paula: He's on the other tribe, Yau. Now shut up and get busy relaxing.

(confessional) Ozzy: Paula's actually the one taking it the easiest out here. She's usually the drill sergeant, and she doesn't want to do anything.

Maria (sunbathing nude): I just hope the reward tears them down as much as it lifts us up.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Night 23. All five Fati are hard at work. Terry and Tom are carrying firewood while Charlie and Cirie are working with the fish.

Terry: OK people, keep up the good work.

Charlie: Lift that barge, tote that bale.

Tom: Shut up, Forrest.

(confessional) Danni: Ever since Terry got sent here, he's been mad as hell at the other tribe. We've done nothing but work from sun-up to sun-down and into the night, and we hope we can use that discipline against the other tribe.

Terry (to Tom): Right now, the other tribe's probably trying to order margaritas and nachos. They're probably coming into the next challenge with their heads in the clouds, and we're coming at them like a ton of bricks.

Danni is shown knocking down coconuts while Cirie brings in more fish. Charlie is using bamboo and palms to expand the shelter.

(confessional) Cirie: Here at Fati, it's all work and no play right now. Last time, we came into immunity with a devil-may-care attitude and no strategy, and they won in the end. This time, they're getting a big head, and we're coming back and taking them down.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Day 24. The tribe is once again hard at work when Danni comes back from the woods carrying something on top of a pile of firewood!

Danni: I got more wood, and I got treemail!

Danni drops the wood near all the other wood and picks up the treemail to unfurl it.

Danni (from Tree Mail): One will lead, four will follow, navigate the maze. Finish once in every spot, or this may be the end of your days.

Charlie: Let's rock.

The camera switches to Manui Island, Day 24. There is no obvious maze, but there are two large stations covered with large tarps.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

Charlie leads the new Fati tribe; Cirie is in the back. Ozzy leads the Ta'aroa tribe with Yau-Man in the back.

Jeff: Terry, how do you like the new tribe?

Terry: I'm a lot happier here; I'll say that.

Jeff: Maria, what about you?

Maria: We work hard and we play hard. On the old tribe, we worked hard and then watched Charlie and Danni play hard.

Danni (quietly to Charlie): I told you she wasn't on our side.

Jeff: Today's challenge is less about hard work and more about teamwork.

Jeff takes off the two tarps to reveal coconut mazes in the mold of the Marquesas mazes.

Jeff: In today's challenge, four people will pull the maze up and down using levers, and one person will call. The object is to get a ball from one end of the maze to the other into a basket. After you succeed, everyone will rotate one spot. Everyone will be a caller once if you complete the maze successfully. The first tribe to finish the maze five times wins immunity and is guaranteed a one-in-ten shot at the million dollars. Ta'aroa, since you have one extra member, you're sitting someone out. Keep in mind, Ozzy, Paula, and Twila sat out last time. Who's sitting out now?

Harriet: I am.

Jeff: OK, Harriet's sitting out. Everyone else, take your first spots and wait for my go.

Everyone takes their spots. The maze is about eight feet by eight feet and is suspended by levers and pulleys.

Jeff: Calling first for Fati is Terry. Calling first for Ta'aroa is Ozzy. Survivors ready? GO!

Terry and Ozzy each drop a ball in their mazes; Fati's is in silver paint while Ta'aroa's is in blue paint.

Terry: Charlie, bring it down. Westman. bring it up a bit.

Ozzy: Paula, down just an inch.

Jeff: Both tribes think they have a system!

Terry: Charlie, back up. Danni, down.

Ozzy: Yau-Man, bring your end up.

Jeff: Fati in the lead by a bit!

The camera shows Fati nearly halfway through the maze while Ta'aroa is close on their heels.

Terry: Tom, down. Cirie, you need to go up.

Jeff: Terry working very efficiently!

Ozzy: No, Maria, bring your end down.

Maria: Which way is down?

Jeff: Maria doesn't know which way down is!

Terry: We're almost there, guys. Charlie, up a bit. Danni, back down. Cirie, down.

Jeff: Fati almost through one time!

Terry: Tom! Down just a bit.

The ball drops in Fati's catch net.

Jeff: Fati scores! Trade places!

The next caller is Cirie. The camera then shows the Ta'aroa tribe close behind.

Jeff: Ta'aroa needs to catch up! Cirie gets Fati going!

As Cirie begins calling out to Fati, the ball drops in Ta'aroa's catch net.

Jeff: Ta'aroa scores! Trade places!

The next caller for Ta'aroa ia Yau-Man.

Cirie: Terry, bring your end down. Charlie, you need your end up.

Jeff: Cirie has Fati moving!

Yau-Man: Paula, go down. Ozzy, go up. Maria, go up.

Jeff: Ta'aroa catching up to Fati!

Cirie: Charlie, bring it down; get through to the halfway point. Tom, on my go, pull down as fast as you can.

Jeff: Cirie thinks she has it all figured out!

Fati's ball passes the halfway point; Ta'aroa's is stuck not far from the beginning.

Jeff: Fati with a big lead!

Yau-Man: Maria, bring it down fast.

Jeff: Yau-Man trying to get Ta'aroa back in this!

The Ta'aroa ball passes the halfway point, but Fati's is near the end.

Cirie: Danni, bring your end down a bit.

Jeff: Fati near another score.

The ball drops in the catch net for Fati.

Jeff: Fati scores! Trade places!

The tribe shuffles again; Tom is now the caller. At the same time, Ta'aroa is nearing the end.

Jeff: Ta'aroa needs to catch up! Tom starts the ball rolling for Fati!

Tom begins to make quick work of the maze. At the same time, Ta'aroa gets it in.

Jeff: Ta'aroa scores! Trade places!

The next caller is Maria. Meanwhile, Tom has Fati out to the halfway point already.

Jeff: Maria has a lot of catching up to do!

Maria: Yau-Man, drop! Drop now!

Yau-Man pulls down, but the ball gets stuck.

Jeff: Maria getting Ta'aroa stuck! Fati working very well!

Tom: Terry, pull your end down. Danni, down just a bit.

Jeff: Tom wasting no time! His tribe is near the end!

Maria: Ozzy, keep going down!

Jeff: Maria trying to erase the damage!

The camera shows Fati's ball dropping.

Jeff: Fati scores! Trade places!

The next caller for Fati is Danni. Meanwhile, Maria finally gets Ta'aroa past the halfway point.

Jeff: Maria might have something going, but Ta'aroa still on their third time through the maze! Fati already on their fourth!

Danni: Tom, bring it down. Cirie, ease off. Charlie, go down all the way. Terry, down just a bit. Tom, back up.

Jeff: Danni completely in control!

Maria: Yau-Man, go up. Paula, bring it down.

Jeff: Maria almost there!

Danni: Charlie, ease off. Cirie, ease off. Tom, I need you all the way down.

Jeff: Danni gets Fati going very efficiently!

The Fati ball is already past the halfway point. At this time, the Ta'aroa ball falls.

Jeff: Ta'aroa scores! Trade places!

The next caller is Twila. Meanwhile, Danni has Fati most of the way through.

Jeff: Twila has a lot of catching up to do!

Danni: Cirie, down more. Charlie, ease up. Tom, down just a bit.

Jeff: Fati almost there. Ta'aroa just getting started.

The Fati ball drops.

Jeff: Fati scores! Charlie the last caller!

Charlie takes his place and drops the last Fati ball. Twila directs Ta'aroa toward the halfway point.

Jeff: Twila moving along for Ta'aroa!

Charlie: Tom, down. Cirie, up. Danni, all the way down. Terry, down. Tom, up, Cirie, down.

Jeff: Charlie working even faster than Danni did!

Twila: Maria, let go. Yau-Man, all the way down.

Jeff: Ta'aroa nearing the end. Still a lot of catching up to do.

Charlie: Danni, down. Tom, ease off. Cirie, down. Terry, up. Danni, all the way down.

Jeff: Fati passing the halfway point with ease!

The Ta'aroa ball drops.

Jeff: Ta'aroa scores! Paula the last caller!

The Ta'aroa tribe changes places quickly and Paula drops the ball. However, Charlie has Fati near the end of the course, but the ball gets stuck.

Jeff: Charlie stuck! Get it loose and it probably means the match!

Charlie: Cirie, down. Terry, up.

Jeff: Charlie thinks he has it! Paula getting Ta'aroa going!

Paula: Yau-Man, let go. Twila, down. Ozzy, up.

Jeff: Paula leads Ta'aroa past the halfway point!

Charlie: Danni, down.

Jeff: Charlie thinks he has it.

The camera shows Ta'aroa getting past the halfway point and goes back quickly to Fati's, which gets unstuck.

The Ta'aroa ball passes the halfway point and goes near the end. Back to Fati, where it gets to the last part.

And the ball drops in.

Jeff: Fati wins immunity!

Paula and Ta'aroa finish out the course seconds behind Fati while the victorious tribe celebrates. Jeff hands them the immunity idol.

Jeff: Fati, nice work. No Tribal Council for you guys. Ta'aroa, I can't say the same. Head on out; I'll see you tonight.

Images of Fati's winning maze run and celebration dominate the scene as it cuts to commercial.

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4. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 9 - “They’re Not Getting Into the Structure If It’s On Fire”"

Call comes in to Derek Forrest's cell phone, 734-555-2827. The call takes place on Sunday, April 14, 2008 in the evening.

Derek: Hello?

Caller: Yes, hello, Derek.

The caller is the same caller from the last recorded conversation, the one who claimed to be Charlie's ex-wife.

Derek: Who the hell is this?

Caller: It's me, your mom.

Derek: I don't know who the hell you think you are, but my mother left when I was 10 and ran off with some hot-shot Guard deserter.

Caller: That man never deserted the guard, and I'll have you know he was an honorable man who was a good father.

Derek: Wait, father? He didn't have--

Caller: To your brother, Derek.

Derek: Wait a tick. So you married the Guard guy?

Caller: Yes, George and I are separated now, unfortunately. Your brother--

Derek: Half-brother. Unless you decided to be ironic and cheat on this George guy with Dad.

Caller: OK, fine, your half-brother. And I have a bit of business.

Derek: Look, I don't want to see you, and I don't want to buy any magazines.

Caller: Your father was supposed to meet me in Birmingham this afternoon.

Derek: Have you even watched the show? Dad's with Danni now.

Caller: I read your blog, too. Trust in me, and I will see to it that your father stays away from Danni, and she's all yours. All you have to do is make sure he comes back to me. Meet me at the site of the old penitentiary in Columbus next Sunday.

Derek: Look, this is obviously a crank call. You're not my mother. My mother didn't give a damn.

Caller: And I have 21 years to make up for, and I still love your father.

Derek: Yeah, now that he's famous and beloved, you love him. Enjoy hanging out in Columbus next Sunday. Get lost on the way back.

Derek hangs up.

Back from commercial.

Angakauitai Island, neutral camp, Day 24. The defeated Ta'aroa tribe arrives at the neutral camp.

Harriet (to Paula): I have an idea.

Paula: Go on.

Harriet: You, me, and Maria in what should at least be an alliance for a day.

Paula: Who's the target?

Harriet: I'm not stupid enough to go after Yau-Man, but Twila doesn't fit into our plans.

(confessional) Paula: Harriet recommended voting off Twila. Twila's good and all, but I'm torn. If we vote off Harriet, we have a solid alliance. If we vote off Twila, Harriet could flip. But at the same time, Harriet will have to do whatever we tell her to stay in the game. Twila's a loose cannon.

Paula (to Ozzy): Harriet suggested kicking off Twila.

Ozzy: Harriet's just trying to save herself.

Paula: Can you blame her?

(confessional) Ozzy: Voting off Twila instead of Harriet is a bit of a hard sell. Everyone respects Twila. Harriet's too devious.

Paula (to Yau-Man): What do you think of kicking out Twila?

Yau-Man: Why?

Paula: Because she's a loose cannon.

(confessional) Yau-Man: Paula makes a persuasive argument for voting off Twila instead of Harriet. The fact remains, Harriet is not a threat to us with anything other than lying, and no one believes her. If we can keep her on a short leash, Harriet will be very useful to us.

Maria (to Paula): I don't think it's a good idea.

Paula: What?

Maria: Last time, you lost to Harriet.

Paula: Last time, you beat everyone.

Maria: She's on the outs here. If we merge soon, we need everyone on board. It's looking like an all-out battle between us and the other tribe, and if we vote out someone who's loyal, Harriet flips and we're screwed.

(confessional) Paula: Wow. In the entire Japan season, Maria hardly ever said anything even remotely strategic. It's like she thinks she didn't actually win, like that million bucks in her bank account is some kind of error. If I didn't know any better, and we didn't need her so damn bad, I'd say she's a threat to us.

Paula (to Harriet): Look, Twila's a loyal soldier. Voting her off's a bad idea.

Harriet: Don't do this to me.

Paula: But Maria's a danger, and I have no problem blindsiding her.

Harriet: I'll talk to the others.

(confessional) Harriet: If getting Maria out saves my skin, I'll do it. If getting Twila out saves my skin, I'll do it. If getting Paula out saves my skin, well, sorry, Paula.

The camera shows a setting sun and the entrance to Tribal Council with the Ta'aroa membership filing in. Everyone lights their torches and sits down; Ozzy and Yau-Man are in the back row with Harriet.

Jeff: We will now bring in the jury. Jonathan voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Jonathan walks into the jury area wearing a long-sleeved blue polo shirt and khakis; his hairline appears to be receding a little more than it did at the start of the season.

Jeff: Maria, you're the newest member of the tribe. At what point do you have to ask yourself, "Hey, there are five of them and one of me. What can I do about this?"

Maria: The second I joined the tribe, I knew it was a big risk. But I'm happier over here, I've made plans with the tribe, and I just can't imagine that they would vote me out.

Jeff: A lot's been made of your transformation out here, yet when I came back to end the cookout, you were completely naked again. What side of you are we seeing?

Maria: If I say here in front of everyone that I'm just having fun, then I'm lying to myself and to everyone, and it's a detriment to my standing in the game. It's also a detriment to the tribe. I am here to play the game, to help my alliance, and to go as far as I can. But that doesn't mean I can't kick back and enjoy myself when we win a nice reward.

Jeff: Paula, what's the mood like back at camp?

Paula: I think we got a little carried away with taking it easy after the win. Last time, we were the hard-working underdogs, we went into that challenge with the floating puzzle boat, and we won. This time we took winning for granted, and we lost.

Jeff: Yau-Man, is it fair to say that the tribe that's the most disciplined tends to win?

Yau-Man: I absolutely agree with that statement, Jeff. Ozzy was the one who turned the old Ta'aroa from losers into champions. In the beginning, we couldn't win against a bunch of junior Survivors. Then he fired us up, got us into shape, and we started winning.

Jeff: Ozzy, you're getting a lot of credit for being the leader.

Ozzy: There is no one leader around here. It seems like we all take turns. Paula's the leader when it comes to getting stuff done back at camp. I'm the leader when it comes to physical challenges.

Jeff: Who led at the last challenge?

Yau-Man: I led. But I don't think the tribe seemed to speak the same language. I think communication was our downfall.

Jeff: Twila, should Yau-Man suffer the consequences for the tribe's loss?

Twila: Yau did the best he could. He's right, though; we went into this as a team, and no one individual could really lose it unless they were just really out of sync with what the rest of the tribe did.

Jeff: You mean if the caller gave instructions, and they just didn't follow them?

Twila: Or if they called out bad instructions.

Jeff: Harriet, how's your knee?

Harriet: Seems to be healing. I still have some pain, but it's not really that bad.

Jeff: Is the tribe justified in voting you out because of your knee?

Harriet: The tribe's justified in voting me out because they think my name's too long. Just as we're justified in voting out Twila for wearing a straw hat or Maria for going naked.

Jeff: What are you basing your vote on?

Harriet: Whatever strengthens this tribe after the merge strategically.

Jeff: You said "merge." I certainly didn't give any indication that we're merging anytime soon.

Harriet: Well, it has to happen sometime.

Jeff: Well, after tonight's council, those of you who survive will find out. That said, it is time to vote. Paula, you're up.

Paula gets up to vote; her vote is not shown.

After Paula, Yau-Man votes; like Paula, his vote is not shown.

Next to vote after Yau-Man is Harriet, who votes for Maria.

Harriet (to voting camera): You got your million already. I'm after mine.

Harriet sits back down; the next to vote is Twila, whose vote is not shown.

After Twila votes, Maria gets up to vote; she votes Harriet.

Maria (to voting camera): If we want to stay five strong, you have to go. Sorry.

Maria looks at her idol for a quick second but does not play it. The last to vote is Ozzy. His vote is not shown, but his speech is heard.

Ozzy (to voting camera): We're five against five now. We can't take any chances.

Ozzy sits back down, and the camera switches to Jeff.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

As he goes to tally the votes, the camera focuses on Harriet, who is rubbing her wounded knee, and Maria, whose compass-like idol is slightly visible. Jeff comes back with the urn.

Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final; the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Jeff takes out the first vote.

Jeff: First vote...Harriet.

This is Maria's vote.

Jeff: ...Maria. One vote Maria, one vote Harriet.

Harriet's vote.

Jeff: ...Maria. Two votes Maria.

The camera focuses on Paula.

Jeff: ...Harriet. Two votes Harriet, two votes Maria.

The camera focuses back on Paula, who seems a little shocked.

Jeff: ...Harriet. Three votes Harriet, two votes Maria, one vote left.

Jeff reaches into the urn.

He takes out the vote.

He unfolds it.

The camera focuses quickly on the Survivors, then at a distance, and back to Jeff.

Jeff: ...the tenth person voted out of Survivor: All-Stars II and the second member of the jury...Harriet. I will now check for idols.

Jeff turns the urn to have the side pouch face the Survivors.

He unfastens the flap.

The flap drops...

...the camera watches...

...and the side pouch is empty.

Jeff: The vote stands; Harriet, you need to bring me your torch.

Harriet hobbles up and grabs her torch; she places it in the holder.

Jeff: Harriet, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Harriet's torch.

Harriet walks off with some difficulty, waving goodbye to the rest of the tribe.

Jeff: Right now, the tribes are even. Remember, though, that everyone who's on Fati was on Fati at the start of the game, and the current Ta'aroa membership is all old Ta'aroa except for Twila. A battle down tribal lines may be shaping up. Grab your torches; head back to camp. Goodnight.

The five remaining Ta'aroa walk out of Council in single file with torches lit as the credits begin to roll.

Jeff (voice-over): Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.

The screen cuts to commercial.


Abdullah: Bravo. Bravo. Good show. Finally, we show the world that Harriet Holden's entire game is based on lies and deceit, and when she doesn't fit in, she's history.

It's no secret that Harriet and I haven't exactly gotten along since the Japan season. Granted, I appreciate the vote for me, but I wasn't counting on it, and I had myself down as a 5-2 loser to Maria from the moment we walked into the Ed Sullivan Theater. For that matter, I wasn't even counting on Billy's vote, so it could have been 6-1.

Since then, though, I saw her vote, and she said she voted for me despite the fact that she hated me. I wanted a rematch, even though I won against her. I never got it, so I choose to be bitter.

Bruce: My season came down to a battle between the tribes. I was on the outs with my tribe, but it was in my best interests to stay put, since the other tribe wasn't offering me anything better.

The irony of this, I think, is that Terry is one of the potential swing votes. Clearly, on Fati's side, we have Charlie, Cirie, Danni, and Tom, and that alliance is staying put. On Ta'aroa's side, we have Ozzy, Twila, and Yau-Man, with Paula and Maria as likely to stay put. Paula's vote for Maria calls a lot of things into question, however. Why would she do that, knowing Maria wasn't going and that she had the idol?

Terry had the experience of trying to sell an alliance last time. This time, it looks like he's a buyer. And in even greater irony, Cirie may have to persuade Terry to vote with her. Imagine the tough sell for that proposition.

Earl: The first immunity challenge after the merge is usually endurance, and I remember Yau-Man coming away with a big win when we did that in Fiji. Granted, going up against the likes of Stacy, Boo, and Mookie isn't quite as daunting as going against the likes of Tom, Terry, Charlie, Danni, and Ozzy, so Yau's got his work cut out for him.

And even if Yau keeps winning, the funny part will be that he won't be considered a threat. His tribe targets Tom and Charlie while the other tribe goes after Ozzy before they even touch him. The same thing happened in Fiji. Yes, I was the big, strong guy, but he was the challenge master, and late in the game, everyone started to fear him.

This means one of two things. Either Yau-Man gets targeted late in the season or he skates by while someone stronger is targeted, and if he reaches the final vote, whether it's final two, three, or seven, he wins.

Scout: Well, it's about high time they merged. Nine episodes in, and this season's finally getting to the really good part. And thankfully, there's still at least someone left from Vanuatu. We don't want everyone to think our season was a total wash.

From a physical standpoint, getting rid of Harriet didn't make much sense. She's weak already, she can't play strategy games, and she doesn't seem to be great at puzzles. Throw in a knee injury and you have someone who can't possibly win a challenge. Twila could win a challenge, and even Paula might have it in her if the strongest players are gone. Voting one of them out would have made more sense. I could even see voting out Ozzy if they wanted to take their chances with taking immunity from the strength of Fati.

But it does make this much true - we're looking at some of the most hotly-contested challenges on record. I can't name a favorite. Everyone, with the possible exception of Cirie, could pull one off. Everyone except Paula, Maria, and Cirie has won at least one immunity challenge, and even they could surprise some people.

Back from commercial.

Jeff (voice-over): Next time on Survivor...the tribes merge.

Jeff: For the duration of the game, you will live right here where it all began.

(confessional) Yau-Man: I know all about starting over in the middle of the game. Watch and learn, everyone.

Jeff (voice-over): The two alliances go head-to-head.

(confessional) Tom: We're going all out getting someone to flip, and so are they. A sixth vote is absolutely crucial.

Jeff (voice-over): And two Survivors have it out.

Paula (shouting): You don't know what the hell you're doing! Just go do something else!

Charlie (shouting back): I can build this shelter all by myself without your help, princess!

Voice-over: Stay tuned for an all-new CSI coming up next.

Harriet (final words): I'm not at all upset about being out before the merge or to losing to a lot of the folks still left in the game, but it still hurts being the first Japan castaway voted off. I was hoping to prove that I could hang with all of them again, but I guess I didn't fit in, or I was a threat or something. Good luck to my new tribe and my old one; may the best Survivor win.

4 votes Harriet: Maria, Ozzy, Twila, Yau-Man
2 votes Maria: Harriet, Paula

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