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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 8 - "We Have a Thousand Coconuts. We Don't Need More""
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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

07-09-07, 11:06 AM (EST)
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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 8 - "We Have a Thousand Coconuts. We Don't Need More""

Survivor Live Excerpts: Rafe Judkins

The screen shows Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca, hosts of Survivor Live on a faux jungle background with a Survivor: All-Stars II logo.

Dalton: Helloooo again, Survivor fans, and we're back after a week hiatus for Survivor Live. I'm Dalton Ross, and once again, we have the lovely and talented Jenna Morasca.

Jenna: If we're seeing a trend this season, it's that the alliance on Fati seems to be four people, not five as they hoped, and that could be a problem come the merge. The only idol left in the game is not in the alliance's hands; it's in the hands of their swing vote.

Dalton: The 4-3 vote last night shows that tribal lines on Fati are still very strong, and if the seemingly underdog Ta'aroa tribe comes together, it can run the game.

Jenna: However, the remnants of Ta'aroa that switched to Fati are dropping one after another; only Jonathan and Maria remain. Joining us on today's show is Rafe Judkins, who was the second voctim of the new Fati tribe and the eighth to be voted out.

The camera pans back to show Dalton and Jenna along with Rafe, who's in a red polo shirt and khaki cargo pants.

Dalton: Rafe, it looked to us like a simple numbers game. Is that the case?

Rafe: I think so. Maria told us that the other alliance kept trying to flip her and everything, but I don't think they were successful.

Jenna: Why you? Why not one of the others?

Rafe: Danni knew I had a score to settle with her, and I think she wanted me out before I could. Aside from that, they were afraid I would find an idol if I stuck around too long.

Dalton: And Jonathan wasn't going to?

Rafe: That seemed to be their thinking. I watched the Cook Islands season and I saw how frustrated he was out there on Exile Island.

Jenna: Well, Yul had long since found the idol...

Rafe: I know, but it still left an impression on them.

Dalton: On your original season, you surprised everyone with how good you were in challenges. You beat out two strong Southern guys and a former quarterback. This time, it seemed like the competition was a lot stronger.

Rafe: I definitely wasn't in Guatemala anymore. The rough conditions there took their toll on most of the strong guys, and a zippy little guy like me hung in with the best of them. This time, I had to face the best of the best. I was expendable on my own tribe, since they had Tom and Charlie.

Jenna: Were you a threat? Is that part of the reason they voted you off?

Rafe: Sort of. I was more a threat to Danni, and as we all know, any threat to Danni is a threat to Charlie, and any threat to Charlie is a threat to the very fabric of the tribe.

Dalton: You say Charlie's pretty well in control. Is he a likely candidate to go all the way?

Rafe: If anyone can do it, he can. But honestly, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised by Cirie either. I can see her weaseling her way into the dominant alliance and riding it to the end. She's that good.

Jenna: Is it pretty safe to say that no winner will repeat?

Rafe: I don't see it. Tom, Danni, and Maria would all have to carry each other to the end; I don't see that happening.

The Show Begins - air date 04/04/2008

The camera shows an overview of the Gambier Islands; the camera shot appears to move quickly.

Jeff (voice-over): Previously on Survivor...Yau-Man and Paula recruited harriet for an apparent alliance of three.

Yau-Man (to Harriet): You, me, and Paula to the end.

(confessional) Harriet: Yau-Man's idea has merit.

Jeff (voice-over): The mood at Fati was sunny.

Maria: If we want our energy, we eat breakfast.

Charlie: What did you do, watch a bunch of educational videos under the water?

Maria: And Charlie, I'm sorry, but I just couldn't catch any beer.

Jeff (voice-over): But their performance at the reward challenge was anything but.

The camera shows Cirie and Danni being blown away by the cannon.

Jeff (voice-over): On the other side, Ta'aroa was on the money with every shot.

The camera shows several shots of Jeff.

Jeff: Terry scores!

Jeff: Yau-Man scores!

Jeff: Ozzy scores!

Jeff: Twila scores! Ta'aroa one away from victory and a shutout!

Jeff (voice-over): Though Fati got on the board twice, Ta'aroa still put it away.

The camera shows the winning shot by Paula.

Jeff: Paula scores! Ta'aroa wins reward!

Jeff (voice-over): Back at camp, Paula approached Ozzy about joining their alliance.

Paula: So the ways I see it, you did just fine in a group of four last time, and there's no way any of the three of us are beating you.

Jeff (voice-over): Ozzy wasn't sure, though.

(confessional) Ozzy: I've been approached about an alliance, and I'm thinking about it. It might be such a thing that we go all the wayt to the end and I have to face Yau-Man in the end. That's a close vote if I ever saw one.

Jeff (voice-over): At Fati, Charlie wasn't sure how open he should be about his relationship with Danni.

Charlie: You sure we should be so open about this?

Danni kisses Charlie on the neck and wraps her arm around him.

Danni: Relax, big guy; we have people begiing to be in an alliance with us.

Charlie: Now how the hell are we going to explain this to my son?

Danni: Simple, Charlie. Just tell him Dad has a new lady in his life. He's in college; he'll understand.

Charlie: You're overlooking one thing. My son loves Paula. He has his heart set on me marrying Paula.

Jeff (voice-over): But through his doubt, Charlie was still happy.

(confessional) Charlie: I could be voted out at the next Council, and I would still be on top of the world.

Jeff (voice-over): Tom was suspicious of the new union.

(confessional) Tom: Charlie and Danni are making no secret that there's sparks between them. On one hand, it's hard not to be happy for them. On the other hand, I'm not about to let them run the show.

Tom (to Charlie): Look, I know you and Danni are all over each other. Don't try to sit here and deny it. I just want to make sure you're good with me and Cirie.

Jeff (voice-over): And that forced Charile to defend his position in the game.

Charlie: At this point, my best interests are to go with you, Cirie, and Maria. We need five.

Tom: You know, you have a pretty good chance with Danni and Maria.

Charlie: I'm with you guys to the end, plain and simple.

Jeff (voice-over): At Ta'aroa, Twila turned on Harriet.

Twila: If we want to make the merge, we need to get rid of Harriet at the first opportunity.

Jeff (voice-over): Ozzy seemed to buy into it, and he sold the idea to Paula.

Ozzy: We need to make sure we're strong when the merge comes. I want to take the other tribe down one by one.

Paula: Don't you think we're better off flipping someone?

Jeff (voice-over): At the immunity challenge, Fati took an early lead on Charlie's well-placed spin move.

Jeff: Charlie makes Ta'aroa spin out! Fati in the lead!

Jeff (voice-over): But as the course got narrower, Fati lost their lead.

Tom: Charlie, move back!

Charlie: I can't, damnit; I'll walk into a pole!

Tom: Well, what the hell can we do?

Jeff: Fati getting stuck!

Jeff (voice-over): And they lost control, and eventually the challenge.

The camera shows Ozzy walking backwards to get his tribe across; Fati is behind.

Jeff: Ta'aroa wins immunity!

Jeff (voice-over): At the neutral camp, the alliance made it clear what their plan was.

Tom: The four of us have no room to mess around.

Cirie: The vote is Rafe, and we don't tell Maria.

Jeff (voice-over): But Charlie wasn't sold on keeping Maria in the dark.

Charlie: I'll tell Maria--

Danni: No, don't.

Charlie: If she's not told, she won't trust us.

Danni: If she is told, she might pass the idol and then we're split three-three.

Jeff (voice-over): Despite being told not to do so, Charlie told Maria.

Charlie: It's simple. You keep that idol of yours in your pocket, we all vote off Rafe, and then you, me, and Danni go to the final three together.

(confessional) Maria: Charlie's had a lot of time to plan this. Granted, I could probably beat Danni in the final, assuming the jury doesn't shoot themselves over having to vote between two previous winners.

Jeff (voice-over): At Tribal Council, Charlie and Danni were called out for their relationship.

Jeff: I don't think I've ever seen two people holding hands at Tribal Council.

Danni: It's not a secret that Charlie and I are close. He's my friend, my confidant, and if people want to say there's more to it, let them.

Jeff: I don't even remember Rob and Amber from the first All-Stars holding hands at Tribal Council. This is where you're held accountable for everything you've done; it's the most important part of the game. And here the two of you are telling everyone you're a couple.

Jeff (voice-over): The rest of the tribe weighed in on Charlie and Danni.

Tom: Yes, they're into each other. But I think they're here to play the game, and enjoying someone else's company out here is not a crime.

Jeff: Jonathan, is that pretty much true?

Jonathan: It's easy enough to look at them and say they're only out for themselves and each other.

Jeff (voice-over): The minority alliance sent the couple a message.

The camera shows a vote for Danni.

Jeff (voice-over): However, with no idols played, Rafe was out.

Jeff: Rafe, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Rafe's torch.

Jeff (voice-over): Twelve are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The camera shows a quick overview of the Gambiers as the Survivor theme begins to play. The first sequence appears to be out of the Japan opening spliced with the Vanuatu opening; a cannon appears in the background, and the music appears to be an amalgamation of the past seven themes with some imagery from each. Player intros are given in alphabetical order by tribe, with Fati going first and Ta'aroa going second. All screen shots of players in this intro are from the first episode, and all are wearing their tribes' buffs. As the intro comes to a close, images of the last seven settings centered around a pirate ship appear to fade as the Survivor: All-Stars II logo is superimposed over the center of the screen. The logo appears similar to the first All-Stars logo except it reads "All-Stars II" and the dominant background color is a bold red instead of blue. The green from the old All-Stars logo is replaced with a dark blue, and the text is silver.

At this point, the screen cuts to commercial.

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 Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 8 - ... Colonel Zoidberg 07-09-07 2
 Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 8 - ... Colonel Zoidberg 07-09-07 3
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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

07-09-07, 11:07 AM (EST)
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1. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 8 - "We Have a Thousand Coconuts. We Don't Need More""
REPORT: "Survivor" Returns to Big Ratings

UPI News Service, 04/01/2008

After two weeks on Wednesdays going head-to-head with "American Idol," the CBS reality stalwart "Survivor" once again won its time slot going away, earning a 21.4/35 rating.

"Survivor" easily defeated runner-up "Ugly Betty," which received a 10.9/18 rating. Long-running NBC comedy "My Name Is Earl," which showed Jason Lee's character making up for causing every toilet in town to explode, received a weakened 9.1/16 rating to finish third.

Experimental reality show "The Wall," debuted by FOX on Thursday, received a weak 6.5/11 share despite being the first major network show to have an entire season filmed within China. The concept involves a race from one end of the Great Wall of China to the other on limited food and supplies.

Incidentally, though no formal announcement has been made, "Survivor" producer Mark Burnett has scouted locations in China for a possible season within the communist nation.

Back from commercial.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, night 18. The tribe is returning from Tribal Council.

Maria (to Charlie): Sorry about that vote; I thought my tribe was voting a different way. I never asked.

Charlie: So wait, you just threw your vote away?

Maria: Exactly. The vote for Danni was a coincidence.

Charlie: Why not vote with us?

Maria: I wanted to keep up the illusion that I am with them.

(confessional) Maria: I voted for Danni tonight, but I am with the Fati alliance. I threw away my vote, but the way it worked out, I can tell Jonathan that I am with him, and maybe he won't flip over to the other tribe at the merge.

Charlie (to Danni): Maria threw her vote away.

Danni: She voted for me; how can you even think that?

Charlie: I talked to her. She's with us.

Danni: She's given no indication that she's with us.

(confessional) Charlie: Sure she has. If she were with Jonathan, she would have played the idol for Rafe. She kept her mouth shut.

Danni: I don't trust Maria one bit.

Charlie: Well, at this point, we really don't have much of a choice. Do you want to merge down 6-4?

Danni: No, but if we're counting on Maria to break a tie, we're in big trouble.

(confessional) Danni: I like Maria and everything. Normally, any friend of Charlie's is a friend of mine. But underneath that silver Fati buff, I have a feeling she's bleeding Ta'aroa blue. And with all three previous winners on this tribe, we're in big trouble.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, day 19. Ozzy returns from the ocean with two large fish.

Ozzy: Paula! I got breakfast! Help me out here!

Ozzy hands Paula the large fish, and she begins scaling one; however, as she begins, Terry takes a fish and tries to scale it as well.

Paula: Wait, Terry, what the hell are you doing?

Terry: Helping you scale the fish. What, I thought you'd appreciate the help.

Paula: You don't even know how to scale a fish!

Terry: Come on, how hard can it be?

(confessional) Paula: You mean, how hard can it be without real tools? Turns out it's pretty damn hard. It takes practice, and clearly Terry has none.

Terry is shown carving chunks of fish out with the scales, leaving the fish Ozzy caught looking disheveled and with little meat.

Paula: OK Terry, you can cut it out now. You're not doing it right at all.

Terry: What the hell are you talking about? I'm doing just fine, and I don't need you distracting me!

Paula: Look here, Terry. This is how it needs to look.

Paula shows Terry the fish, which has very little cut out of it.

Paula: Here's all you need to do to--

Terry: Don't tell me how to do my job. You're the bossiest woman I've ever met. Do you tell people how to play the game like this, too?

Paula: If you want to play like an idiot, that's fine with me, but don't screw up our food supply, too!

Terry: We have plenty here, and I can do this just fine!

Paula: You're doing it all wrong. Your stubbornness is a huge problem. Now just listen here and--

Terry (shouting): I'm not the problem here! I play an honorable game!

Paula (shouting back): Oh really, so it's honorable to sabotage the tribe? Is that it?

(confessional) Terry: Looking back, I probably should have stuck to catching the fish and carrying firewood, but what could I do at the time, anyway? Just say, "Oh, sorry Paula, I screwed up. Vote me out." Not a chance.

Paula: Just stop doing this and do something you're good at.

Terry: Really now. Why don't you tell me what I'm good at then, princess?

Paula: Princess? Do you know what happened to the last man who called me a princess?

Terry: Not much, since no one likes you.

(confessional) Paula: OK, so the last guy who called me a princess was pretty much in control of the game. This guy? Not so much. Either I want him out now or I want to go up against him in the end.

The camera switches to Manui Island, Day 19. The tribes arrive for the challenge, which is set over a muddy water pit.

Jeff: Come on in, Ta'aroa!

Ozzy leads Ta'aroa in; Terry is in the back, a greater distance from his tribe than normal.

Jeff: Come on in, Fati!

Danni leads Fati in; Tom is in back.

Jeff: Ta'aroa getting their first look at the new Fati tribe. Rafe voted out at the last Tribal Council.

The camera focuses on Paula, who appears slightly worried.

Jeff: Is there anyone that any of you want a shot at?

Terry: I know exactly who I want a shot at, and I think it's who everyone here wants a shot at.

Jeff: Who is it?

Terry: It's the head of the Fati Tribe.

Charlie: Well, take your shot; you guys kidnapped him at the last challenge when you won.

Terry: I'll wipe that sarcastic tone right out of your mouth, Forrest.

Charlie: I'd like to see you try, Deitz. Of course, I'd like to see you face-down crying to your mama, too.

Jeff: I'm guessing we have our first match of the challenge, then.

Charlie: Oh hell, sure.

Terry: You're going down, Forrest.

Jeff: First, let's get to today's challenge. It is for reward. Again, these matches are one-on-one, and you will be competing man against man and woman against woman. You will roll on this log to try to spin your opponents off. Whoever stays out of the water the longest scores a point for their tribe. Everyone will go twice, and the first tribe to seven points wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?

Charlie: Lemme guess - losing tribe shaves their heads?

Jeff: You wish, Forrest. So far, the rewards have been pretty basic. Today's reward is something with a little more power to it. The winning tribe will enjoy a movie night under the stars. You will sit in comfortable chairs, eat popcorn, hot dogs, candy, pretzels, and nachos, and be served bottled water, Pepsi products, and have access to an Icee machine. In addition, Fati, if you win this, Charlie and Danni can call tonight their first date.

The Fati membership laughs hard at that comment; even Ta'aroa is shown enjoying it as well.

Jeff: Since Charlie and Terry want a piece of each other, they will go first. Take your spots; wait for my go.

Charlie and Terry take their spots on opposite ends of the log.

Jeff: Terry, how bad do you want this?

Terry: This is bigger than Game 7 against the Yankees.

Charlie: Don't look at me, Deitz; I'm a Tigers fan.

Jeff: This is for reward and an awful lot of pride. Survivors ready? GO!

Both Charlie and Terry leap onto the log and begin spinning in the same direction, keeping pace with each other.

Jeff: Keep your balance, guys; it's your only hope.

Charlie speeds up the running, causing Terry to lose his footing but stay on the log.

Jeff: Charlie might outrun Terry.

The log spins a little faster, and Terry loses his footing and falls in.

Jeff: Charlie scores! Fati up one-nothing!

Terry frustratedly climbs out of the water as the camera switches to the next two Survivors taking their spots.

Jeff: We have Maria for Fati against Twila from Ta'aroa. Survivors ready? GO!

Twila begins running, and Maria follows; Twila's hat flies off, and she reaches up to her head to stop it, but she loses her footing.

Jeff: Twila more concerned about her hat than about the challenge!

Twila lands on the log and falls in quickly after.

Jeff: Maria scores! Fati now up two-nothing!

The next two Survivors take their spots.

Jeff: Up now are Jonathan for Fati and Yau-Man for Ta'aroa. Survivors ready? GO!

Yau-Man stands perfectly still but loses his grip and straddles the log.

Jeff: Yau-Man in trouble!

Yau-Man tries to climb back up, but Jonathan begins spinning it, and Yau-Man falls in.

Jeff: Jonathan scores! Fati running away with it at three-none!

The next tow Survivors take their spots on the platform.

Jeff: Cirie goes for Fati and Harriet for Ta'aroa. You two have some familiarity as well.

Harriet: We're not playing a puzzle game here, so it won't be easy.

Jeff: We'll see about that. Survivors ready? GO!

Cirie tries to balance on the log but cannot do so and quickly falls in.

Jeff: Harriet scores! Ta'aroa finally on the board!

The next two Survivors take their spots.

Jeff: Up next is Tom for Fati against Ozzy for Ta'aroa. Survivors ready? GO!

Ozzy moves the log from side to side; Tom tries to take it in one direction, but Ozzy moves it back.

Jeff: Ozzy and Tom have very different strategies here!

Ozzy spins the log back and forth, causing Tom to lose his footing and fall in.

Jeff: Ozzy scores! Ta'aroa within one!

The next two Survivors climb up to the log.

Jeff: Another possible rivalry match. We have Danni from Fati against Paula from Ta'aroa. Survivors ready? GO!

Danni climbs on the log but falls and has to wrap her long arms around the log for grip. Paula spins the log easily and forces Danni to hang on the underside, which she cannot do.

Jeff: Paula scores! We're all even at three apiece!

The next two Survivors are Charlie and Terry.

Jeff: Terry looking for revenge; Charlie looking to take the lead back. Survivors ready? GO!

Charlie begins moving the log back and forth steadily, but Terry charges the log in the same direction Tom had tried. Charlie loses his footing, and he goes in the water.

Jeff: Terry scores! Ta'aroa on top four-three!

Terry (shouting): Now that's what I'm talking about!

The next to Survivors are Maria and Twila.

Jeff: Twila can extend the lead with a little revenge. Maria can tie it up. Survivors ready? GO!

Maria moves the log in the same direction she did the last time. Twila is conspicuously not wearing her hat, but it doesn't help as she trips and falls in.

Jeff: Maria scores again! We're all even!

The next two Survivors are Jonathan and Yau-Man.

Jeff: Jonathan won the last time, but Yau-Man can take the lead back with a win. Survivors ready? GO!

Jonathan spins the log as fast as he had before, but Yau-Man manages to keep up with him, and Jonathan trips himself and falls in.

Jeff: Yau-Man scores! Ta'aroa on top five-four!

The next two Survivors are Cirie and Harriet.

Jeff: Cirie needs a win to prevent her tribe being pinned against the wall. Survivors ready? GO!

Harriet runs out on the log and spins it quickly, but she falls forward and tackles Cirie.

Jeff: There's no tacking in this challenge! Cirie scores by default!

Both women climb out of the water; Harriet kicks the water's edge.

Jeff: Next up is Tom for Fati against Ozzy from Ta'aroa. Survivors ready? GO!

Ozzy starts out the same way as before, rocking the log, but Tom hangs with him.

Jeff: This match could go on for a while!

Tom stops the log and begins spinning it. Ozzy responds but cannot keep up with Tom. Tom stays standing; Ozzy falls in.

Jeff: Tom scores! One more win for Fati give them reward!

The last two are Danni and Paula.

Jeff: Paula, if Danni beats you, she got a date with Charlie. How are you with that?

Paula: Danni can hang all over him all she wants, but she won't be doing it over a movie.

Jeff: Danni, can you take her down?

Danni: I can do anything, Jeff.

Jeff: Let's find out for sure. Survivors ready? GO!

Paula walks onto the log, slips, and loses her balance. She straddles the log.

Danni: OK Paula, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.

Paula leaps up and gets on her hands and feet on the log.

Paula: I pick the hard way, young lady.

Danni: OK then.

Danni spins Paula off the log before she can get her grip back.

Jeff: Danni scores! Fati wins reward!

Danni jumps down from the platform and joins her tribe to celebrate.

Jeff: Fati, tonight, a boat will pick you up and take you to Taravai Island, where the outdoor movie house has been set up. The weather looks clear, so enjoy the show. Ta'aroa, I can't say the same for you. Head on back to camp.

Images of the Fati tribe celebrating their victory dominate the screen as it cuts to commercial.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

07-09-07, 11:08 AM (EST)
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2. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 8 - "We Have a Thousand Coconuts. We Don't Need More""
REPORT: "Survivor" Accuser Under Investigation

UPI News Service, 04/05/2008

Chris Daugherty, presently charged with crimes including assault with a weapon, may be getting a reprieve.

James Reilly, the district attorney in charge of prosecuting Daugherty, is under investigation for possible ethics violations as well as obstruction of justice and misappropriation of public funds.

Reilly's increasingly bizarre case against Daugherty has included accusations that he has assaulted his wife Lorie and has evaded taxes; records indicate that neither charge is true. In addition, the man accusing Daugherty of assault with a weapon has told four different stories in court; however, despite the defense's discrediting of the accuser, Reilly has refused to drop the charges and has stated on public record that he intends "to do whatever is possible to ensure that Chris Daugherty is found guilty."

If convicted on all counts, Reilly could be disbarred and sentenced to prison. At this point, a conviction against Daugherty on any count is seen as extremely unlikely.

Back from commercial.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Day 19. The tribe is returning from the challenge in defeat.

Twila: I just wanted to tell everyone I'm sorry for losing the challenge.

Paula: Cut it out now. If anyone lost the challenge, I did. I should have kept my focus and just beat that girl straight up.

(confessional) Paula: We lost the reward challenge today, and I was looking forward to that movie night. Our tribe works hard, and we needed a nice reward.

Harriet: Look, I'm sorry about this whole thing, Paula. I shouldn't have tackled Cirie like I did; if I just kept my head, Charlie wouldn't be off cavorting with--

Paula: Will you shut up about Charlie? He's a competitor to me and nothing more. What he does over on the other tribe with other women is his business.

(confessional) Harriet: Either Paula really isn't an item with Charlie or she's doing a really good job of covering it up.

Ozzy (to Paula): Look, for whatever it's worth, I shouldn't have lost that second time to Tom. I had him beat.

Paula: There's plenty of blame to go around. I just wanted to do something nice.

Ozzy: It has nothing to do with Charlie and Danni?

Paula: I couldn't give a damn less.

(confessional) Ozzy: One thing I want to stay on top of with this tribe is everyone's mental state. We're all hard workers, and we can all do well in challenges if we need to. But if someone just checks out, then the entire tribe suffers.

Ozzy: So what's the deal with Charlie, anyway? You never explained that to me.

Paula: I went on two dates with him. The first time was because we were really interested in each other, and the other time was basically because we felt like we should. Charlie's a hell of a nice guy, but he's not exactly dating material.

(confessional) Paula: Charlie going out on a date is a little like Richard Nixon doing stand-up comedy. Let's just put it that way.

The camera switches to Taravai Island, Night 19, site of the movie reward. A leather couch, a recliner, two deck chairs, and two beanbag chairs are visible, along with an entire bar area full of refreshments and a popcorn maker.

The Fati tribe walks in to see all of this, and Jeff is waiting for them in front of the big screen, which is a large projection backdrop.

Jeff: Welcome to the Survivor Movie Theater. Behind you is all the popcorn you can eat, along with an assortment of candy.

The popcorn maker conspicuously has a Jiffy Pop label on it; among the candy shown are Hershey's chocolate bars, Reese's Pieces, Twizzlers, Zagnuts, Take 5, and Almond Joy.

Jeff: The refrigerator is full of bottled water and Pepsi products as well.

Jeff opens the refrigerator; the labels include Aquafina, Pepsi, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mug Root Beer, and Mountain Dew.

Jeff: And we also have nachos courtesy of Tostitos, pretzels courtesy of the Philly Soft Pretzel Factory, hot dogs with all the trimmings courtesy of Ball Park, and Icees to go around for everyone.

The bar has a grill where several hot dogs are grilling. Several condiments, including jalapeno peppers, are beside the grill.

Jeff: In addition, you will be seeing "Cast Away" on this big screen.

The Fati players are seen applauding happily; Maria is grinning more so than the others.

Jeff: As another part of the reward, courtesy of Wilson sporting goods, you will receive volleyballs and a net, which will be waiting for you back at camp. Enjoy the show.

Jeff departs from the area, and the film begins when Jonathan starts the reel.

(confessional) Tom: We got to see "Cast Away" as a tribe, and it was nice to be able to loosen up and enjoy life out here. The popcorn, the soda, and the junk food were great, but being relaxed was probably the biggest thing I enjoyed.

The screen shows the Survivors relaxing while the film plays an early sequence; Tom, Maria, and Cirie are on the couch, with Maria in the middle using a footstool. Jonathan is seated alone on the ground, back near the projector, keeping an eye on it almost as much as the movie or his tribemates.

(confessional) Cirie: Jonathan seemed more concerned that the projector was about to explode or something than about enjoying himself. I barely saw him eat anything, drink anything, and later on, I don't even think he knew what happened in the movie.

Maria (to Cirie): I've never actually seen this movie.

Tom (to Maria): Just don't tell me you've never had a hot dog and we'll all get along fine.

Maria: Of course I've had a hot dog. Just never with peppers on it.

(confessional) Maria: I think I was the only one in the group who had never seen "Cast Away." I heard all about it, sure, but I've only been rich for a couple of months now, and going out and seeing all those movies I missed isn't really a priority. But it was still nice to have that chance.

The camera focuses on Charlie and Danni sharing the recliner; Danni is in Charlie's lap, and Charlie has his arms wrapped around a relaxed Danni.

(confessional) Danni: If you want to count Tom and Cirie as a couple, tonight counted, I guess, as a double date, with Maria in it just for the experience and Jonathan seeming to think there was a nest of bees inside the projector that was more entertaining than the movie.

Danni wraps her arm around Charlie's neck and lays her head on his shoulder.

Danni (to Charlie): I'm having an amazing time.

Charlie: Me too.

The screen shows them kissing as it pans back to show a seemingly befuddled Maria looking on at them.

(confessional) Maria: All I can say is thank goodness Charlie kept his clothes on. Danni might have enjoyed that, but let's just say Charlie's not exactly my type.

Charlie (to Danni): I can't wait to merge. Maybe we can have a reward all to ourselves.

Danni: I will make it worth your while, big guy.

(confessional) Charlie: I guess the movie counted as my first date with Danni, and assuming that seeing the two of us all over each other doesn't cause my son to go into a murderous rage, I can say it won't be our last.

The screen shows the closing scene of the movie as Charlie and Danni continue to kiss and be intimate with one another as the screen cuts to commercial.

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3. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 8 - "We Have a Thousand Coconuts. We Don't Need More""
Blog Entry, 04/06/2008
Authored by: Laura Dean, sensitivenakedgirl

I'm writing today with a lot of mixed emotions. It's really hard to explain what's going through my mind.

I'm really happy to see Maria enjoying herself on the show. She's getting to do a lot of things she never got to when we didn't have money. Granted, if she had an ounce of ambition, we would have, but that's in the past. That's what I love about her - she only shows the "I'm just happy to be here" side of her at rewards and is all business the rest of the time.

But back home, we have barely been speaking for the past two weeks. Yes, Maria, I realize that you're not doing well right now. And yes, I realize you have the semester off. Get it back together like you had it on the show. My first move was into the guest bedroom. My next move is probably back home to Buffalo if you don't change your attitude.

On a lighter note, is it just me, or is CBS really kissing up to the sponsors this year? Yes, I know Hershey's, Pepsi, and whoever else was there paid lots of money to be featured. But honestly, was "Cast Away" really anything more than an excuse to plug Wilson sporting goods? And it was obvious Maria was the only one on the tribe who had never seen it. Well, at least they didn't get sent back with a replica of Wilson the volleyball with all the decorations. That would have been a bit much.

Maria, sweetheart, I'm begging you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get back in the game. Don't make me demand it.

No love,


Back from commercial.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Day 20. Five Fati are sitting around the fire chatting, while Jonathan is off by himself. The initial focus is around the fire, where Tom is eating some popcorn left over from the previous night.

Charlie: Now for the next reward, they can turn this fire here into a grill and we can have all our friends over for a barbecue.

Maria: I could do that. On my season, we never got anything good until the merge.

Charlie: Tell me about it.

(confessional) Maria: We got to take back a little bit of the reward from last night, which is nice, because, last season, we didn't get a single food reward until the merge. And considering it looks like the merge won't happen anytime soon, the food reward is definitely nice.

Maria (to Danni): So I have to ask, since I only caught a glance at you guys during the movie, how did your date go?

Danni: Date? I would hardly call it a date. It's just two good friends enjoying a movie together.

Maria: Right, and spooning, too.

(confessional) Danni: I guess I've made it obvious how into Charlie I am. I guess no amount of backpedaling will save me now.

The camera switches to Jonathan using a stick to knock down coconuts; the camera then flashes to a large pile of coconuts already collected by the tribe.

(confessional) Tom: I really don't know what's gotten into Jonathan. It's like he blew a fuse, and all he can think about is work that doesn't need to be done.

Tom (shouting to Jonathan): Hey, come have some of the snacks with us! We saved some for you!

Jonathan doesn't give an obvious response and continues to knock down coconuts with limited success.

(confessional) Cirie: Jonathan's showing some of the strangest behavior I've ever seen. It's like there's five of us here enjoying ourselves, winning as a tribe, and making the most of it out here, and then there's Jonathan, who can't seem to have fun at all.

Maria: He's like Debbie Downer or something.

Danni: More like Jonny Joke-Killer.

Charlie: What's with him and the coconuts? It's like he needs all the coconuts on this island to conjure up some sort of voodoo curse against all of us.

(confessional) Jonathan: I don't really fit in with this tribe, especially since Maria seems to enjoy hanging out with the other alliance, so what's really the point in trying to fit in? I'll just wait for Jeff to call a chance to mutiny and head back over.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Day 21. Paula is carrying water to the fire pot, Ozzy is shown in the distance fishing, and Harriet and Twila are taking turns chopping coconuts.

Twila: All work and no play makes Ta'aroa a winning tribe.

Harriet winds up and chops a coconut right down the middle.

Harriet: I hope they enjoyed their movie; the only show we'll give them is when we stomp on them in the next challenge.

(confessional) Twila: I'm happy to work with Harriet; she fits right in here with our ethic. But the minute it comes time for strategy, I don't trust her one bit.

Harriet places a coconut on a surface and winds up to chop it; she misses and hits herself in the knee with the machete instead.

Harriet cries out in obvious pain and clutches her knee.

Twila: Son of a bitch, Harriet! Are you OK?

Harriet: Just get me something to stop the bleeding already!

(confessional) Terry: I think Harriet cut herself with a machete, and the next thing I knew, Medical was here. My first thought was that we might finally be able to get rid of her without voting her out.

Survivor Medical Team arrives at Makaroa Island and locates Harriet. The lead medic speaks with a thick Australian accent as he puts pressure on the massive cut.

A quick glance at the medic's attire shows his name as "Robert Chase."

Chase: OK, Harriet, first I'm going to put pressure on your knee, and then I should be able to slow the bleeding down enough for stitches.

Harriet: Can I stay in the game?

Chase: I think so, but I don't want you getting this bandage wet.

Harriet: The tribes are even, Doc. What if the next challenge is in the water?

Chase: If there's any way to stay on land, do it. If there's any way you don't absolutely have to swim, then avoid it at all costs.

(confessional) Harriet: Now I can't get my leg wet or anything for a while. The medical team said I should be all right in a couple of days, but I really hate to think that my injury costs my team the game. I'm next anyway.

The camera switches to Akamaru Island, Day 21. The setup for the challenge appears based, at least partially, in the water.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

Both tribes file in; Ozzy and Twila are helping Harriet walk.

Jeff: Harriet, what happened?

Harriet: I nailed my knee with a knife cutting coconut. The medics stitched me up.

Jeff: Can you get it wet?

Harriet: Not if I can help it.

Jeff: This challenge does involve diving, but not everyone has to do it. On my go, from those platforms out there, tribe members will dive down and unhook puzzle pieces from underwater. Once all the puzzle pieces are unhooked, they can be assembled into a boat. Once you have the boat assembled and have retrieved the two paddles, the tribe will paddle to shore, where one tribe member from each tribe will race back into the woods along a marked path to retrieve the tribe's flag, a torch, and two more paddles. They will then light the torch and race back. Once that tribe member is back, the four people who did not row out will row back, and once the tribe is back at the platform, they will light their wok. The first tribe with a lit wok wins immunity and is guaranteed at least one more day out here in the Gambier Islands. In addition, the winning tribe will be allowed to kidnap one player from the losing tribe. That member will compete for them in the next reward challenge. Everything make sense?

The tribes nod excitedly.

Jeff: In addition, since Harriet's injured, we won't make you swim out. Climb in the boat and we'll take you out to your starting points.

The starting points are large, wooden platforms with woks in the back. There are places on each for a flag, but there are no distinguishing features of either one. Jeff stays in the boat.

Jeff: You will dive down one at a time. There are six pieces to the puzzle and one pair of paddles. Survivors ready? GO!

Tom dives down for Fati and Ozzy for Ta'aroa.

Jeff: Tom and Ozzy leading it off! Remember, you can go more than once, and not everyone has to go, but you can't go twice in a row!

Ozzy is the first up with a puzzle piece.

Jeff: Ozzy's up!

Immediately, Terry dives in after him. Tom comes up to surface empty-handed and dives back in.

Jeff: Tom having trouble! Remember, you can tag out if you can't do it!

Tom re-surfaces with the paddles; Charlie follows him in, but Terry re-surfaces with another piece almost immediately after.

Jeff: Terry makes sure Ta'aroa stays on top! Go, Ozzy!

Ozzy dives back in before Jeff tells him to "Go!"

Charlie soon comes back up with a piece.

Jeff: Fati even with Ta'aroa now!

Danni dives in the water, but after a few seconds, Ozzy re-surfaces with another piece.

Jeff: Ozzy back up with the tribe's third piece!

Twila dives in after Ozzy comes back up; pretty quickly after, Danni comes back with a piece.

Jeff: Fati pulls even!

Maria dives down immediately for the next piece; there is a short delay, and soon after, Twila comes back up with a piece.

Jeff: Twila keeps Ta'aroa on top!

Ozzy dives down immediately, and just as he does, Maria re-surfaces with a piece.

Jeff: Maria pulls Fati even again! Fati might be catching up!

Tom dives again, just a few seconds behind Ozzy. The camera watches the water on both sides carefully, and the two men re-surface with pieces at the exact same time.

Jeff: We're all even! Two more down! All Ta'aroa needs is one piece and the paddles! All Fati needs is two pieces!

Paula and Charlie dive down at the exact same time for their tribes; Ozzy prepares to dive next, as does Danni.

Jeff: Ozzy getting ready to put his tribe on his back again!

Charlie comes back up with a piece.

Jeff: Fati in the lead! Go, Danni!

Shortly after Danni dives, Paula retrieves the final piece.

Jeff: Fati has all their pieces! Once the paddles are up, you can start assembling!

Ozzy follows Danni into the water, and the focus is on the surface, where Danni rises first.

Jeff: Danni has the last piece! Start assembling, Fati!

Maria dives in along with Danni to help assemble; immediately, Ozzy surfaces and lays the paddles on the platform.

Jeff: Start assembling, Ta'aroa!

Both tribes struggle initially with assembly, with Maria and Tom working together to assemble the rear first.

Jeff: Fati might have a system! That puzzle's halfway done!

Just as Twila and Yau-Man are assembling the front of the Ta'aroa boat, Charlie helps to push the two ends of the Fati boat together and lock them.

Jeff: Fati has their boat assembled! Start rowing, two of you!

Tom and Charlie row for Fati, paddling furiously while Ta'aroa finishes their puzzle.

Yau-Man: Put it like that. Turn it all around and lock it together.

Jeff: Yau-Man thinks he has a system!

The boat comes together, but Fati is halfway to the shore.

Jeff: Go, Ta'aroa! You have a lot of ground to make up!

Paula and Twila are paddling for Ta'aroa; they are not nearly as powerful as Tom and Charlie, who reach shore before Ta'aroa gets any significant distance.

Jeff: Fati at shore! Start running!

Maria starts running into the woods while Ta'aroa steadily makes it to shore.

Jeff: Ta'aroa has a lot of ground to make up! Just barely halfway there, and Maria's already into the woods!

Maria arrives at the spot with the flag, torch, and four paddles; she has to untie all three from hanging ropes.

The camera switches back to Ta'aroa, which is paddling furiously but has no reached shore yet.

Jeff: Remember, Maria could be on her way back any second!

The camera shows Maria struggling with the knot that holds the torch; neither of the other two ropes are undone.

Ta'aroa arrives at shore and parks the boat; immediately, Ozzy takes off into the woods.

Jeff: Ozzy carrying Ta'aroa on his back! Will it be enough?

When Ozzy arrives at the ropes, Maria has undone the torch and is working on the flag, which is easier.

Ozzy begins to work on the flag first and finishes seconds after Maria does; Maria works on the paddles, which appear more difficult than the torch, while Ozzy undoes the torch almost effortlessly.

Maria (looking at Ozzy): No fair; I worked on that one forever.

Ozzy ties into the paddles, having about the same amount of success as Maria.

The paddles are in a bundle, and Maria undoes them before Ozzy can. They fall to the ground; she picks them up, lights the torch, and races back just as Ozzy is finishing. He does the same.

The camera focuses on the exit to the woods, where Maria comes out first, carrying a lit torch. She piles into the boat, hands the torch to Charlie, the flag to Tom, and paddles to Cirie and Jonathan.

Jeff: Maria back to the shore first! It's Fati's to lose now!

Ozzy dashes out of the woods, passes the flag to Paula, the torch to Twila, and paddles to Harriet and Yau-Man. The tribe takes off, propelled by Ozzy and Terry as well.

Jeff: Ta'aroa might catch up! This could be a photo finish!

Ta'aroa starts to gain ground on Fati, which paddles slowly; even with a bad knee, Harriet is still able to paddle furiously.

Jeff: Ta'aroa might catch up! Fati a little more than halfway there and Ta'aroa a little less!

At about the two-thirds point, Ta'aroa catches up to Fati; the tribes are neck and neck as Ozzy shows signs of exhaustion.

Jeff: Ozzy might be running out of gas! That's what happens when one tribe member goes too hard!

Terry: Come on, guys; pick up the pace.

Harriet: I'm going as fast as I can here.

Jeff: We're neck and neck! It might come down to who has the faster torch-bearer!

The tribes arrive at the platforms at almost the same time; Twila hands the torch to Yau-Man, who runs up without stumbling. Charlie takes the torch himself and begins to gain on Yau-Man.

Both flag bearers quietly put the flags in the holders; Yau-Man, in an effort to dodge Paula, leaps over her and appears to soar at the wok. Charlie is still on the ground but just out of reach of the wok as Yau-Man flies toward it.

He reaches his hand out and drops the torch in the general area of the wok.

It falls in, and the wok is set ablaze.

Jeff: Ta'aroa wins immunity!

Yau-Man flies into the water as Charlie lights Fati's work a mere second later. He stomps his foot and walks back onto the boat with his tribe.

Jeff: Ta'aroa, good work. That was incredible on Yau-Man's part. When he gets back to you guys, you will need to make your decision on who's coming back to your camp with you.

Yau-Man climbs into the boat, and immediately the tribe confers.

Jeff: Have you made a decision?

Yau-Man: We're taking Maria back with us.

Jeff: Maria, join Ta'aroa; you will stay the night with them, you will be safe from Tribal Council, and you will compete with them in tomorrow's reward challenge. Fati, I can't say the same for you. One of you will be going home tonight. Head on back; I'll see you tomorrow.

The shot of Yau-Man leaping toward the wok and lighting it dominates the screen as it cuts to commercial.

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4. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 8 - "We Have a Thousand Coconuts. We Don't Need More""

Call comes in to Charlie Forrest's cell phone, 615-555-3065. The call takes place on Sunday, 4/7/2008.

Charlie: Hello?

Caller: Yes, hello, this is Charlie?

The caller has a female voice and sounds middle-aged. The voice is similar to that of Martha Stewart, only a little deeper and less clear.

Charlie: Umm, yeah, who's this?

Caller: You know who I am, Charlie.

Charlie: No, no I really don't.

Caller: Of course you do, silly. It's me.

Charlie: You're going to have to be more specific than that. If you don't tell me who the hell you are, I'm hanging up.

Caller: OK, I understand; it's been a long time.

Charlie: What the hell's that supposed to mean? I'm counting to five, and if you don't ID yourself, I'm hanging up and calling the cops.

Caller: No, no cops. Please.

Charlie (angrily) One...

Caller: Please don't call the cops.

Charlie: Two...

Caller (panicked): OK, OK, it's me, your wife.

Charlie: I don't have a wife, dumbass. I've been divorced since 1997.

Caller: I know, and I'm sorry I did that. It's just...I couldn't take it being a military wife anymore.

Charlie: Right. If you're my ex-wife, who did you run off with?

Caller: Well, he was in the National Guard, and--

Charlie: Real good decision on leaving the military lifestyle then. You're such a hypocritical bitch that I don't know why I'm even bothering with you. Goodbye.

Caller: Now hold on there, you. If you hang this phone up, I'm going straight to our son.

Charlie: You never wanted him anyway, and you never wanted me. What the hell do you want with us now? Money? I don't owe you a damn thing.

Caller: I want something more than money. Now either you agree to meet me, or I'll call your son and force it to happen.

Charlie: Whatever feelings Derek has for you are of hatred and disgust. If you're trying to get back with me, you're barking up the wrong tree.

Caller: Meet me at the court house in Birmingham, Alabama, on April 14. Be there or be square.

Charlie: Go to hell.

Charlie disconnects the call.

Back from commercial.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Day 21. The victorious tribe is arriving back at camp with Maria of Fati in tow.

Paula: So what's going on over there?

Maria: Well, right now there is probably a frantic search for the idol, and they don't know...

Maria shows Paula the compass-style idol that she found during Episode 5, carefully so as not to tip anyone else off.

Paula: So no one over there has any idea?

Maria: A few people might have some idea, but I neither confirm nor deny anything.

Paula: So who's probably going?

Maria: Jonathan.

(confessional) Paula: First Danielle, then Rafe, and now Jonathan. If that doesn't tell me there's an alliance of four, nothing does.

Ozzy (to Maria): Have you learned anything new over there?

Maria: Charlie taught me how to catch fish.

Ozzy: But can you do it without a spear?

(confessional) Maria: What do I look like to these people, MacGyver? Give me a stick, a rubber band, and a pair of empty Coke bottles, and I'll come back with a sea full of fish and build you a Cadillac? I don't think so.

Paula (to Maria): Look, if we win the next challenge, play your idol if you have to. If you win, come back over with us.

Maria: Who's next over here?

Paula: Terry if Harriet gets better, Harriet if Terry's on his best behavior.

Maria: Why don't you come over with us?

(confessional) Paula: The idea has merit, assuming we can form a counter-alliance and take out Charlie and Danni. Or Tom and Cirie, I don't really care which. Whatever gets me to the final four.

Angakauitai Island, neutral camp, Day 21. The Fati tribe, without Maria, arrives at the neutral camp, and Jonathan immediately goes to look at the idol clue.

Jonathan (from the clue): If you want the idol, you will have to start over soon. What the hell does that mean?

(confessional) Jonathan: I can't figure out what the hell the latest idol clue means, and the other alliance is voting me out here. I really don't know what else I can do.

Jonathan (to Tom): Look, we need to split up Charlie and Danni sooner or later. Which one are you more attached to?

Tom: Well, Charlie's useful, but he's more of a threat. The bad thing is, if we dump Charlie, we might not win the next challenge. We need leadership.

Jonathan: Aren't you a leader? Doesn't the tribe see you as a leader?

(confessional) Tom: Vote off Charlie. It chould work, yes. Cirie would even go for it. Of course, if we do that, Danni will be mad as hell, and we might have to throw the next challenge and get rid of her. And then we're down 6-4. It's not an easy spot to get out of.

Jonathan: OK, I see your point about keeping Charlie. We might need him. But Charlie will get over losing Danni, and frankly, we need to break them up somehow.

Tom: Yeah, but what if Charlie runs over to the other tribe and joins them? I can see that just to get back at us.

Jonathan: He'll understand. He's with us.

Tom: He's with whoever he can work with.

Jonathan: He'll still understand that we need to get rid of the previous winners.

(confessional) Jonathan: Oops. That was not the best thing to say around Tom.

The camera shows a setting sun on night 21 as the tribe arrives at Tribal Council. The five Fati members file into Council; as they take their seats, Charlie and Danni are in the back next to each other, Jonathan is in front of them, and Tom and Cirie are on the far end, with Tom in back.

Jeff: Jonathan, your only ally is over on Ta'aroa right now. Does that make you nervous?

Jonathan: Even if she were here, I was going straight for the idol. It's really my only hope.

Jeff: Danni, is that accurate?

Danni: Really, it's a matter of convenience. We have five people here who fit in, and then we have Jonathan, who's off in his own little world.

Jeff: Cirie, is that true?

Cirie: When we were at the movie two nights ago, Jonathan acted like he didn't want to be there. All he did was sit and stare at the projector and off in the night sky, and he didn't talk to anyone, he didn't go up and get any snacks, and he didn't even sit in one of the comfortable chairs.

Jonathan: To be fair, the couch and the recliner were both taken.

Cirie: There was a deck chair, You even had both beanbag chairs to yourself. It's a lot nicer than sitting on the ground.

Jeff: Jonathan, why isolate yourself? Why not just enjoy with the rest of the tribe? You guys earned it.

Jonathan: I don't know. I guess I get a little antsy in situations like that, if for no other reason than that I'm married to a movie director.

Jeff: Still, they say you didn't even have any snacks.

Jonathan: I took a look at the snacks and decided I didn't want to eat them. Sure, they're full of sugar, but I didn't need a massive sugar buzz.

Jeff: Anyone here believe that?

Charlie: The next day, we hung out as a tribe just chatting around the fire. He was off knocking coconuts out of a tree.

Jonathan: There's nothing wrong with being productive.

Charlie: If the job needs to be done. We have a thousand coconuts. We don't need more.

Jeff: Jonathan, why cut yourself off from the tribe like that?

Jonathan: I really don't feel like I fit in. So I go off and try to make myself useful.

Danni: Jonathan, I rather like you. I think you're an all right guy. But chopping down coconuts when we have a lot already and staring at the projector instead of the movie isn't productive. It's just bizarre.

Jeff: Danni, you say you like Jonathan.

Danni: I do like Jonathan. But unfortunately, I don't think he fits into our plans.

Tom: I talked with Jonathan, and he's trying some way to stay in the game.

Danni: Tom! You didn't say anything about this.

Tom: Well, if you were about to be voted out, you would make moves to stay in the game, too. Not a lot of people take their dismissal lightly.

Jeff: Tom, is there any reason to believe it's you and not, say, Jonathan?

Tom: If Jonathan got to Charlie and Danni and made them a hell of an offer, it's possible.

Jeff: Danni, I take it Jonathan didn't approach you about an alliance.

Danni: Nope. This is the first I've heard that he approached anyone.

Jeff: Cirie, did he come to you?

Cirie: Not at all.

Jeff: Charlie, I'm guessing he didn't come to you, either.

Charlie: Not even close, Jeff.

Jeff: Jonathan, I take it you looked for the idol.

Jonathan: Well...

Jeff: And you're dodging the question.

Jonathan: Look, Jeff. I'm being voted out here. I knew that when we lost the challenge and Ta'aroa didn't kidnap me. My only chance was that damn idol.

Jeff: Well, did you find it?

Jonathan: We'll find out soon, won't we?

Jeff: Indeed we will. It is time to vote. Cirie, you're up.

Cirie gets up to vote; she votes quickly, but it is not shown.

After Cirie, Tom gets up to vote. His vote is not shown.

The next to vote is Jonathan; he votes for Danni.

Jonathan (to vote camera): This would be best for the tribe. Sorry about splitting you and Charlie up.

Jonathan pauses, appears to look in the urn's side pouch, and walks back to his seat.

After Jonathan, Charlie gets up to vote; his vote is not shown.

The last to vote is Danni; also, her vote is not shown.

Danni sits back down, and the camera switches to Jeff.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

Jeff walks back to tally the votes; while he does, a nervous Jonathan sits and cracks his knuckles while Danni looks around.

Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final; the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately unless someone plays an idol on their behalf. I'll read the votes.

Jeff reaches in and pulls out the first vote.

Jeff: First vote...Danni.

Jonathan's vote.

Jeff: ...Jonathan. One vote Jonathan, one vote Danni.

This is in Charlie's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Jonathan. Two votes Jonathan.

This is in Danni's handwriting.

Jeff reaches in for the fourth vote.

He pulls it out and unfolds it.

Jeff: ...ninth person voted out of Survivor: All-Stars II...and the first member of the jury...Jonathan. I will now check the side pouch for idols.

Jeff turns the urn to face the side pouch at the players.

He reaches up to unfasten the flap.

He lets it drop...

...the camera focuses...

...and the pouch is empty.

Jeff: That's all I need. Jonathan, you need to bring me your torch.

Jonathan gets up to hand over his torch to Jeff, placing it in the holder.

Jeff: Jonathan, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Jonathan's torch.

Jonathan: This time, I remembered my hat.

Charlie: See you later, Jonathan.

The camera focuses on the four remaining Fati.

Jeff: For the first time, Fati is a minority in this game, and it couldn't have come at a more key time. Jonathan will be on the jury that ultimately decides who among the finalists will win one million dollars. In seasons past, when we started the jury this early, there have been three castaways who faced the jury. Remember that. Grab your torches; head on back to camp. Goodnight.

The four Fati members file out of Tribal Council in a single-file manner as the credits begin to roll.

The screen cuts to commercial.


Katie: There but for the grace of strategic insanity go the members of the Fati alliance. Tom, Cirie, Danni, and Charlie were the most powerful people in the game up until just now, and right now, they're paper tigers. Maria's been kidnapped, she’s probably flipping back to Ta'aroa, and whoever doesn't win immunity between Tom and Charlie is going first after the merge.

It proves one thing - and that's that you have to be prepared for anything. Come on, guys. An alliance of four when the tribes were ten each to start out? An alliance of four barely cut it before All-Stars, and in my season, it took five. Obviously this foursome can't make any promises worth keeping, because if they were really that powerful, they would have made sure they had a fifth. As it stands? They're all out, and Maria will be in the final six along with everyone on Ta'aroa not named Harriet.

Dreamz: On my season when Rocky went to the jury, we thought something was weird, but we still thought there would be two people at the end. Having three there completely messed up our plans, and it ended up that Earl beat both me and my planned final two opponent in a sweep.

Now, Jeff wants people to think there will be three people at the end. I have to think there won't be, but what else can he do? Final four? Final five? Everyone is in the final right now, and Jonathan picks the winner single-handedly? It won't be like on my season. Maybe they will do a jury of ten at the end, and whoever wins the last challenge gets to take away one juror's vote, or they win automatically if there's a tie. I don't know.

All I know is this - Yau-Man, I'm sorry I took your truck, and I hope you win something nicer this season.

Candice: Well, goodbye Jonathan. With Yul and Parvati gone, it leaves Ozzy in a situation...well, that he probably recognizes. By the time it came down to picking the jury on our season, he was the only one left of his old tribe. Now he's the only one left on his old season. So I can't imagine that he's too far out of his element.

Also, it's nice that more people get to be on the jury again. This is All-Stars, and people really do value being on the jury. When they went back to the normal jury last season, I was a little concerned because a couple of potential firecrackers didn't make the cut. But now that they brought it back, it's shaping up to be a lot more fun this year.

I just hope it works out like it did in the Cook Islands, where it comes down to one vote. Nothing against Earl, but the minute Yau-Man was out, we knew he was winning, and we knew it would be a landslide, if not the shutout it was. If we have this build-up for the final vote, and nothing comes of it, fans won't be happy.

Rob: I feel like an old fart in this crowd of relative newbies. Back in my day, by cracky, we didn't have these fancy immunity idols that could keep people safe at Tribal Council. We didn't have these fancy nine-person juries, and if we made it to the end, we just had two choices.

If we wanted safety at the vote, we won challenges, dag nabbit! And we made sure people didn't vote for our friends, because we watched each other's backs! And we liked it!

No, seriously, I'm loving this season and the new idol twist. Exile Island was...well, just not working out, and the idol twist last season just wasn't enough. And I'm proud to say I suggested it to Mark Burnett himself.

Nah, just kidding. But I probably should have.

Back from commercial.

Jeff (voice-over): Next time on Survivor...Maria is forced to compete against her own tribe.

Jeff: Ta'aroa, you have three extra members; you're sitting three people out. You cannot sit out Maria.

Jeff (voice-over): And Paula tries to plan for the merge.

Paula (to Maria): You, me, and our alliance to the final six.

Maria: I could do that.

Voice-over: Stay tuned for an all-new CSI coming up next.

Jonathan (final words): I had a rough time out here, and the stress of the game can be too much to bear sometimes. I guess I'm just not cut out for this and I should stick to writing and movies. But it was a hell of a ride, and I'm glad I did it.

4 votes Jonathan: Charlie, Cirie, Danni, Tom
1 vote Danni: Jonathan
Kidnapped: Maria

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