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"Survivor: All-Stars II Recap - "Trying to Reason With a Traitor Is Useless""
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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

06-26-07, 12:07 PM (EST)
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"Survivor: All-Stars II Recap - "Trying to Reason With a Traitor Is Useless""
Survivor Live Excerpts: Ian Rosenberger

The screen shows Dalton Ross, host of Survivor Live, along with guest host Stephenie LaGrossa on a faux jungle background with a Survivor: All-Stars II logo.

Dalton: Hellooooooo again, Survivor fans, and welcome to yet another edition of Survivor Live. I'm your host, Dalton Ross, and with me is special guest host Stephenie LaGrossa. And it looks like, for the third season in a row, there will be an idol bounce.

Stephenie: When I played, there was no such thing as an immunity idol, at least not like this. If the immunity idol in our season had been like the one we just played, we definitely would have been in a lot more trouble, and I might not have lasted. I'm a little glad it wasn't, for obvious reasons, but I think I understand why they included it. It's not just for people who are in danger to save themselves. It's for an entire group.

Dalton: When it's played right, it is. We've seen how it's played masterfully; Paula's play in the most recent episode is the best example since Yau-Man's idol play in Fiji. Both of them needed it, and both of them ended up getting rid of a person who didn't fit in with their plans.

Stephenie: And I like that they changed it back from the Japan format. Yes, the twist of playing it while you vote is nice; I like the dramatic moment after the vote where they show if there's been an idol played. But when Billy played it in Japan, he got all this power to vote out anyone who voted for him. That makes an idol holder a bit too powerful, in my opinion.

Dalton: Even this idol makes Paula too powerful for some, including recent cast-off Ian Rosenberger, the idol's first victim.

The camera fades back to show Dalton and Stephenie as well as Ian, who's wearing a polo shirt, jeans, and glasses.

Stephenie: Ian, we competed against each other in Palau. When I went on Guatemala, I learned a lot and did better. What did you learn from your last time?

Ian: Well, I can't say I did better or anything...

Stephenie smiles uneasily at this.

Ian: ...but I learned to make sure I cut my powerful allies at the right time. Granted, I didn't get that far, but if I had, I would have made sure to go into the heart of the game as the most powerful person.

Dalton: Is that why you lost Palau? Tom was too powerful?

Ian: Exactly. I couldn't beat the man. And even when I could, I had no chance of getting him out. I didn't even want him out until it was too late. And if those players aren't careful, he'll do the same thing to them. Even with the competition he has, Tom could run the table.

Stephenie: So you think Tom could repeat as Survivor winner?

Ian: If anyone can do it, Tom can.

Dalton: What made Paula play the idol? It looked like a sure thing that she was gone with a blindside vote.

Ian: Someone told her that she was going, so she played the idol. Honestly, I'd put my money on Yau-Man, since I can't see anyone else doing it. Harriet, Twila, and Terry wanted Paula gone just because she was out of the alliance, Ozzy wanted her out because she had thei dol, and I know I didn't tell her anything. Plus Yau-Man voted for me, and it ended up being my downfall.

Stephenie: What was with the challenge tiebreak? Involving everyone in the challenge like that was like nothing we've ever seen.

Ian: We were told to be prepared for anything this season; it looks to me like tiebreaks could involve everyone or they could involve just two. I was a little surprised that the tiebreak was as elaborate as it was and that they didn't just tell me to play Terry.

Dalton: Was your tribe usually the weaker tribe? A lot was made of the fact that your Ta'aroa tribe was an underdog. Was that really true? Was that true after the switch, too?

Ian: We hung in there with the other tribe most of the time. When we lost, we lost close, so we knew we could do it. Every immunity we lost was down to the wire, and either a careless mistake or just an inability to beat a tough opponent, like in my case, was what cost us the challenge. If Ta'aroa got their act together, I wouldn't be here.

Stephenie: How hard was that to be the only Ta'aroa not to win a sumo match?

Ian: It would have been a lot harder if not for going against Tom. Tom's a Superman, and if I were to lose to anyone, I guess I'm glad it's him.

The Show Begins - air date 03/20/2008

The camera shows an overview of the Gambier Islands; the camera shot appears to move quickly.

Jeff (voice-over): Fifteen days ago, twenty American began the adventure of a lifetime for the second time.

The camera shows all 20 members of the All-Stars II cast in the boat shown in the first episode.

Jeff (voice-over): They were playing a familiar game, but the game's turns were not always familiar. A new twist with how the immunity idol works has kept players guessing since the first day they heard about it.

Jeff: For the remainder of the day until Tribal Council, you will be able to search for a hidden immunity idol somewhere in the campsite.

Jeff (voice-over): The immunity idol is buried in a neutral campsite, and so far, it has been discovered twice.

The camera shows varying shots of Paula and Maria uncovering the idols.

Jeff (voice-over): In this look back at the first fifteen days, we take a look into the new dynamic of two familiar twists playing out in one episode. We also look at the inter-tribal dynamic that led to a memorable meltdown at Tribal Council, and we look closer at the events that led up to it.

The camera shows Parvati in the woods talking to a disinterested Maria; the footage is from Episode 5.

Jeff (voice-over): We look at two dramatic tiebreakers at Tribal Council as well as one of the most unexpected boots in the history of the show. Furthermore, we look at the dynamic of a budding relationship and the reactions from an old flame of one person in that couple.

The camera shows Charlie and Danni in Episode 1 talking while Paula is off in the distance.

Jeff (voice-over): And we'll explore how this experience is changing one castaway's outlook on life. Join us for a special hour of Survivor.

The camera shows a quick overview of the Gambiers as the Survivor theme begins to play. The first sequence appears to be out of the Japan opening spliced with the Vanuatu opening; a cannon appears in the background, and the music appears to be an amalgamation of the past seven themes with some imagery from each. Player intros are given in alphabetical order by tribe, with Fati going first and Ta'aroa going second. All screen shots of players in this intro are from the first episode, and all are wearing their tribes' buffs. As the intro comes to a close, images of the last seven settings centered around a pirate ship appear to fade as the Survivor: All-Stars II logo is superimposed over the center of the screen. The logo appears similar to the first All-Stars logo except it reads "All-Stars II" and the dominant background color is a bold red instead of blue. The green from the old All-Stars logo is replaced with a dark blue, and the text is silver.

At this point, the screen cuts to commercial.

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 Survivor: All-Stars II Recap - "Try... Colonel Zoidberg 06-26-07 1
 Survivor: All-Stars II Recap - "Try... Colonel Zoidberg 06-26-07 2
 Survivor: All-Stars II Recap - "Try... Colonel Zoidberg 06-26-07 3
 Survivor: All-Stars II Recap - "Try... Colonel Zoidberg 06-26-07 4

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

06-26-07, 12:08 PM (EST)
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1. "Survivor: All-Stars II Recap - "Trying to Reason With a Traitor Is Useless""
REPORT: "Survivor" Loses Ground, Ties "Idol" Again

The temporary move of "Survivor: All-Stars II" to Wednesday should have spelled ratings doom for the long-running season; the fact that the Top 12 were performing on "American Idol" opposite the show should have crushed it. However, all that the self-proclaimed "number-one show on TV" could do to its rival's ratings was push it down into a virtual tie.

"Survivor" and "Idol" both finished with an 18.9 rating, a drop for both shows from their most recent Thursday episodes, earning a 31 share each.

Part of the reason for the decline in ratings from the last episode was the knowledge that controversial performer Malachi Sands would be dismissed for a rules violation. He shaved a lightning bolt into his head, wore a white tank top and blue workout pants, and, despite being told not to do so repeatedly by the producers, chose to sing Afro Man's "Because I Got High" while all other performers, including odds-on favorite Cindy Majors, chose safe, non-controversial songs.

Those who normally tune in to an otherwise-dramatic results show instead switched to "Survivor," where outsider Paula Stanley staved off certain doom by playing an immunity idol, leading to tribemate Ian Rosenberger's ouster with a single vote, that of Yau-Man Chan.

Back from commercial.

The camera shows an overview of the South Pacific, in which a large rowboat carrying the 20 Survivors is about three-quarters of a mile from the nearest island.

Jeff (voice-over): Fifteen days ago, the game began for twenty Survivors who had no idea what was in store for them. All they knew was that there were others who had played the game before just as they had.

The camera focuses on the introductory scene.

Jeff: Twenty players, one big boat, and no idea what's going on. Well, I'm about to tell you. Behind you is your beach. Waiting for you there is a pot, a machete, and a map. And that's it.

Jeff (voice-over): In seasons past, players had been given no clue what to do besides how to live off the land; the game would again take that form, with minimal instruction being given.

Jeff: There are two necklaces waiting for you. One will go to the first man, and one to the first woman, who can reach shore and claim them. From this point, you are about three-quarters of a mile from the beach. You can get to shore by any means necessary.

Jeff (voice-over): From that point, the race for the necklaces was on. Charlie couldn't wait any longer, and he jumped out first.

The camera focuses on the boat about a hundred yards from shore.

Charlie: I'm out of here.

Jeff (voice-over): Tom quickly followed.

Ian: How's the water, Charlie?

Charlie: Aw hell, get in here; it's nice!

Tom: Sure, why not.

Jeff (voice-over): And the race for the necklace proved to be a barnburner.

The camera shows three men reaching for the necklace, with Tom's hand grabbing it while Charlie and Ian fall to the ground out of breath.

Jeff (voice-over): For the women's necklace, Ami and Maria fought hard.

The camera shows Maria revealing the necklace and Ami slapping her knee in frustration nearby.

Jeff (voice-over): And the two competitors for the necklace became rivals right off the bat.

(confessional) Ami: When that annoying little bitch gave me hell, it was on.

Jeff (voice-over): People got an idea of what might happen and planned accordingly.

The camera focuses on Charlie talking to Danni and Maria.

Charlie: So on the season they did this twist on, two people got eliminated right off, and we picked for tribes.

Maria: Charlie, if we do that, you're my first choice.

Charlie: And we need to make sure Tom doesn't take you, Danni. I want us on the same tribe.

Danni: So it's us three, and we need two more. Paula's a sure thing; we need a guy.

Jeff (voice-over): The plan was set for an alliance of five when Maria included Yul.

Yul: So wait a second. If they do a pick 'em, you want me on your team?

Maria: Exactly.

Jeff (voice-over): Maria expressed her desire for a tight alliance and considered the possibility that there would be no immunity idols.

Maria: What makes you so sure we have an idol this season?

Yul: What do you mean?

Maria: We had just the one idol. It barely got any use.

Jeff (voice-over): Ami plotted right away to get rid of Chris, who beat her in Vanuatu.

The camera focuses on Parvati talking to Ami.

Ami: If we can arrange it, that guy should be Chris.

Parvati: What if we all go to Tribal together?

Ami: Then we have to arrange it so that Chris goes.

Jeff (voice-over): On Day 3, everyone learned their tribal assignments.

The camera shows Jeff talking to Maria, Ami, Danielle, Paula, Sandra, Ian, Jonathan, Ozzy, Rafe, and Yau-Man. He hands each player a blue buff.

Jeff: You guys are Ta'aroa.

The camera switches to Tom, Charlie, Chris, Terry, Yul, Cirie, Danni, Harriet, Parvati, and Twila. Jeff hands each player a metallic silver buff.

Jeff: You guys are Fati.

Jeff (voice-over): And headed straight for the challenge.

The camera shows everyone piling into a motorboat big enough for everyone.

Jeff (voice-over): This unaired scene shows some of the trash talking between the two newly-formed tribes.

The following scene was unaired.

The camera focuses on the tribes in the motorboat; Fati is on the left with Ta'aroa on the right.

Danni: You guys have Ozzy and that's it. You're dead.

Ami: Laugh all the way to Tribal Council, Bony.

Danni: At least I don't go around fighting over nothing just to hide the fact that I secretly want to sleep with my tribemate.

Ami: Yeah, that's rich. This coming from the hat-wearing string bean that can't get enough of the old guy in the tribe. Maybe if he loses a leg, you'll do him right here.

The camera immediately focuses on Charlie's left hand, which is missing two fingers.

Danni: That's over the line, bitch! And don't come crying to me when we beat you’re asses in the challenge and your so-called friends send you back home to Denver crying!

Danni looks over at a stunned Maria.

Maria: Don't look at me, Danni.

Danni sits back down, clearly fuming. Charlie leans over and appears to comfort her. Maria glares at Ami as the screen cuts to the challenge.

Jeff (voice-over): In the challenge, in this also-unaired footage, Danni's tirade at Ami seemed to rattle her enough to forget a crucial hook.

The following scene was unaired.

The camera shows Ami swimming to unhook the raft; she doesn't get it unhooked and returns to the surface seeming to think she did.

Jeff (voice-over): And Ta'aroa self-destructed long enough to give Fati an edge.

Jeff: A problem with Ta'aroa! One hook was still latched! Make sure you have it!

Rafe: I got mine! Don't look at me!

Maria: Just get ready to paddle.

Jeff (voice-over): And Fati was victorious in the first challenge of the season.

The camera focuses on Fati crossing the finish line.

Jeff: Fati wins immunity!

Jeff (voice-over): And the idol rules were spelled out for everyone.

Jeff: For today, you will go back to where you just came from. For the remainder of the day until Tribal Council, you will be able to search for a hidden immunity idol somewhere in the campsite. The first clue to the whereabouts of the idol will be waiting for you there. Head on back.

Jeff (voice-over): The losing tribe would be sent back to the neutral campsite for the day after losing to search for the idol. And when they got there, everyone was a target.

(confessional) Maria: I am making it my mission to get Ami out. She's nothing but trouble.

Ami: So I think the plan at this time is to vote off Yau-Man.

Paula: I don't know...Sandra's a better bet to get rid of.

Ami: I want to keep Sandra.

Paula: Don't tell me you're going after the guys.

Ozzy: I was thinking we need to cut out Rafe. He lost us the challenge.

Jeff (voice-over): The plan to get out Yau-Man was quickly forgotten, and Paula continued to push for Sandra's ouster.

The camera focuses on Paula talking to Ozzy.

Paula: That loss was Sandra's fault; she's completely helpless.

Ozzy: If we vote off Sandra now, we lose a lot of leadership.

Paula: What leadership? You're not making any sense.

(confessional) Paula: We need Rafe, and we don't need Sandra. I want Sandra gone, and I'm working on Yau-Man and Ian.

Jeff (voice-over): Paula considered voting Ami out.

Paula: Is Ami in an alliance with Ozzy?

Yau-Man: I don't know. I can find out.

Ian: She won't tell us straight out, you know.

Paula: What if we just vote for Ami?

Jeff (voice-over): But in the end, it was Sandra, the Pearl Islands winner, whose torch was snuffed first.

The camera focuses on Jeff after Sandra brought him her torch.

Jeff: Sandra, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Sandra's torch as the screen cuts to commercial.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

06-26-07, 12:08 PM (EST)
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2. "Survivor: All-Stars II Recap - "Trying to Reason With a Traitor Is Useless""
REPORT: "Survivor" loved on in hockey tournament

"Survivor" contestant Charlie Forrest, known to have been a single father, has yet another reason to be a proud dad - his son Derek, a junior at the University of Michigan, is on the school's top-seeded hockey team.

Derek Forrest plays left wing on the varsity team's checking line and is appearing in his first NCAA Tournament; he missed the team's 2007 first-round exit to North Dakota because of a hand injury.

Derek Forrest has not been a scoring threat for the Wolverines hockey team but is described as "a pure physical player" by observers and leads his team in assists over the course of the last 10 games. He has battled with a shoulder injury that has kept him out of some games, but he describes it as "healed enough."

Derek's father Charlie was available for comment, saying, "I'm glad I can talk about something and not risk one of those damn fines. I'm incredibly proud of Derek, and my brother and I have encouraged him from the beginning. He's already made a fine man, and he's turning into a hell of a hockey player. I look forward to seeing him in the tournament."

Michigan opens the tournament against the University of Denver; the first game takes place on Saturday, March 22, 2008 at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Back from commercial.

The camera shows an overview of Makaroa Island on Night 3. The once-defeated Ta'aroa tribe is arriving at their beach for the first time.

Jeff (voice-over): After the first defeat, the Ta'aroa tribe tried to remain optimistic.

The camera focuses on the tribe returning from Tribal Council.

Rafe: Well, none of us were the first one off.

Ozzy: Hey, none of us will be second off either.

Jonathan: I've been on an underdog tribe before. Any tribe is beatable.

Jeff (voice-over): But the tribe's divisions came out almost immediately.

Ami: I'm for building the shelter now.

Maria: I don't like the idea.

Ami: That's because you're a whining crybaby who won't do any work.

(confessional) Maria: I was not about to stand there and let that tramp Ami question me.

Yau-Man: We need rest.

Paula: Hey, I feel fine.

Yau-Man: Give it a little time and you won't.

Jeff (voice-over): Living conditions at Ta'aroa never seemed to get any better.

The camera shows the Ta'aroa tribe waking up after a rough night.

Rafe: Well, we need a floor, but we need energy to get to building that.

Danielle: I don't know how I slept, but I did.

(confessional) Ozzy: We slept on the ground last night with no shelter, and I don't intend to do that again. Well, OK, we had a shelter...sort of.

Jeff (voice-over): At the reward challenge, the Survivors' stomachs were tested right off with a variety of food items seen in past seasons.

The camera shows various things from pig snouts to insect larvae to cow's blood being uncovered.

Jeff (voice-over): Ta'aroa hung with Fati, but Ami wouldn't touch the cow's blood and lost by default to Twila.

The camera shows Ami looking disgusted at the cow's blood in front of her while Twila drinks it.

Jeff (voice-over): It came down to the wire, and Ami's refusal to try the challenge along with Ian's sympathy for Danni's choking led Ta'aroa to another defeat.

The camera shows Danni beginning to gag, and Ian pauses.

Jeff: Ian getting a little nervous! Danni might be getting sick!

Danni then resumes chugging, and before Ian knows what hit him, Danni sets her glass down and opens her mouth.

Jeff: Danni's done! Fati wins reward!

Jeff (voice-over): Despite the important win for Fati, there was dispute over fishing duties.

The camera shows Terry on the beach with Charlie; Charlie is holding the fishing spear.

Terry: Give that over here.

Charlie: Uh-uh, Hawkeye. That fishing gear's mine. I'm a Navy man and I know the water.

Terry: Hey, I was in the Navy too.

Cirie: If you two don't quit bickering, I'll take the fishing gear and make both of you useless.

Jeff (voice-over): While Tom took the fishing gear and provided for Fati, Terry and Charlie's dispute turned personal. This partially-unaired footage shows just how personal it got.

The following scene contains unaired footage.

Terry: I deal with enough people to know when I'm right. I was right about the war, and I'm right about--

Charlie: Excuse me? The war? Don't even get me started on--

Terry: Don't tell me you're one of those damn peaceniks that think we need to get the hell out of--

Charlie: I know a bad idea when I see one--

Terry: And yet you still want to go fishing?

Charlie: Damn right I do. I provided on my season--

Terry: Oh right, what did you do, walk up and surrender to the fish and let your tribe starve? That seems to be your M.O. for everything else.

Charlie: That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. What's next, wise guy? Why don't you crack a few French jokes? That's really original, assh---.

Terry: I don't need to be original, you damn coward; I'm right.

Charlie: Yeah, I'm a coward. I'm such a coward that I actually saw combat.

Terry: What did you do? Go up and surrender to the Iranians?

Charlie: I didn't go to Iran, dumbs---.

Terry: Oh, right, it's some other third-world hellhole where your kind got us sent back in a bunch of pine boxes.

Charlie: I served honorably, damnit, and only a Bush-worshipping fascist like you would ever question that. One day you'll figure out Bush isn't the god you claim he is.

Terry: The hell with this. Trying to reason with a traitor is useless. F--- you, assh---.

Terry storms off and Charlie stares him down as he does.

Jeff (voice-over): The immunity challenge seemed to go better for the Fati tribe despite the frustrations expressed at camp.

The camera shows Charlie, Danni, and Yul doing battle with Ian, Paula, and Danielle.

The camera shows the ongoing battle between the two sides, in which Danielle falls out of the boat, Ian tumbles onto Paula, and the blue Ta'aroa boat sinks.

Jeff (voice-over): The undisciplined behavior by Ta'aroa led to yet another Fati win.

Jeff: Ami helps sink her own boat! Fati wins immunity!

Jeff (voice-over): Back at camp, Paula read over the clues and solved them right away.

(confessional) Paula: Charlie and I did a lot of talking when we went out, and he explained the whole military alphabet. Two Hotels and one Oscar is really two H's and an O, meaning a water source.

Jeff (voice-over): With that clue, Paula quickly found the idol.

The camera shows Paula finding the idol.

Paula: Hello, final four.

Jeff (voice-over): She couldn't keep it a secret, so she told a few allies.

The camera shows Paula revealing the idol to Maria.

Maria: Get out of town.

Paula (to Jonathan): So we want Ami out.

Jonathan: Who's 'we'?

Paula: Me, Maria, Rafe, and my fourth.

Jonathan: You have a fourth? Who?

Paula shows Jonathan the idol.

Jonathan: Well, I'll be damned.

Jeff (voice-over): But Jonathan told the news to Paula's enemies.

Jonathan (to Yau-Man): Paula has the idol.

Yau-Man: Don't play games with me.

Jonathan: No, she really has the idol.

Jeff (voice-over): Or so he thought.

(confessional) Yau-Man: I know Paula, and I know she told Jonathan in confidence, and pretty soon, it will be all over camp.

Yau-Man (to Paula): Jonathan spilled the beans.

Paula: That son of a bitch.

Jeff (voice-over): A movement to kick off Paula began, and in this unaired scene, the plot involves six Ta'aroa looking to blindside Paula and control the game.

The following scene was unaired.

Yau-Man: So I'm in with the blindside vote. The six of us.

Ian: No one tell her we're kicking her off. Divert it so they think we're kicking off someone else.

Danielle: We'll tell them Maria's going. She's next anyway.

Jonathan: Does anyone want to make Paula play the idol for herself and then vote Maria out anyway?

Danielle: That idea has merit, but Paula's a threat. Get her out now.

Ozzy: Hey, I have a good idea. We need to keep those guys from taking us out and splitting us up, and the only way to do that is the make them mistrust each other.

At this point, it's clear Ami is not in the picture.

Ozzy: I'll vote Ami. The rest of you vote Paula, and it's a five-four vote. They'll be so busy trying to figure out who among us is a traitor that they'll never overthrow us.

Jeff (voice-over): The idea was well-received by Ozzy's tribemates, but there was one person who wasn't in on it.

The camera shows Yau-Man talking to Paula.

Yau-Man: Don't play your idol. Ami's going.

Paula: Wait, what? How do you figure?

Yau-Man: Ozzy's done something stupid. They're voting for you, but they think they can break the other alliance up with a mistrust vote against Ami. The idea is, Ami goes out five-four. Ian, Ami, Danielle, Jonathan, and I all vote you, and you go.

Paula: And why are you telling me this?

Yau-Man: Because I'm telling them I'm in on it, but I'm really voting Ami. She goes, and you get to keep your idol.

(confessional) Yau-Man: Paula and I have been very close allies since the first day out here. Again, who would have thought that the older Malaysian guy would be close friends with the single mom from Tennessee?

Jeff (voice-over): At Tribal Council, Yau-Man played up his role as deceiver of Paula.

Jonathan: I'm sorry Paula, but I'm with Ami. You showed it to me, and then I described it to Yau-Man.

Yau-Man: Apparently I was sleeping when he described it to me, because I don't remember that conversation at all.

Jonathan: What, did you black out or something?

Yau-Man: I have a perfect memory, and you're full of crap.

Jeff (voice-over): While Ami and Maria continued to tear into each other.

Maria: The first challenge, we lost because Ami forgot to unhook the raft. The next one we lost because Ami wouldn't touch the cow's blood. And now we lose--

Ami: You can shut your damn mouth anytime now. You lost to a woman in her fifties eating pig snouts. I could have beaten her with one hand tied behind my back.

Maria: At least I tried. I lost with an effort. You lost pitifully.

Jeff (voice-over): Unaware that Yau-Man was defecting, Ozzy went ahead with this plan.

The camera shows Ozzy voting for Ami.

Ozzy (to voting camera): This vote is for you, Ami, not against you. I'm just stirring up trouble. The six is solid.

Jeff (voice-over): The six was only four for Ami, though, and she was voted out of the game.

Jeff: Ami, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Ami's torch.

Jeff (voice-over): At camp, Ian was under fire for the vote despite being innocent.

Jonathan: Look, are you saying you didn't vote for Ami?

Ian: That's the honest-to-God truth. I voted Paula just like the plan was. I don't know who voted Ami besides the four in the other alliance.

Danielle: You better be telling us the truth.

Ian (exasperated): I am! If I were screwing you, you would know it!

Jeff (voice-over): And the fire situation at camp got desperate.

The camera shows Rafe and Paula trying to make fire by rubbing sticks together.

Rafe: This will never work.

Paula: Just keep at it; the wood's dried out mostly, and I saw Charlie do it on my season this way.

Rafe: Charlie's superhuman, though.

Jeff (voice-over): And they tried a trick Yau-Man's tribemates from Fiji used to start a fire.

Yau-Man walks over to Paula and Rafe's fire pit.

Paula: Do whatever you did in Fiji to get a fire going.

Yau-Man: Is it bright enough?

(confessional) Yau-Man: In my season, I didn't actually make fire.

Jeff (voice-over): Paula used a tool never before seen for this purpose to start the fire.

Paula takes out her immunity idol; the idol has something small and reflective on it.

Paula: This ought to help out.

Paula bends the small, reflective stone on her immunity idol; Yau-Man uses his glasses at the same time. A larger spark is generated, and immediately, the tinder starts burning.

Jeff (voice-over): At the reward challenge, the Ta'aroa tribe was rewarded for their industriousness with flint to make fires.

The camera shows Jeff tossing flint to the Ta'aroa membership.

Jeff (voice-over): And the tribes got a chance to interact.

Danni: Rafe, do you have a sponge?


Danni: You're so cute when you lie.

Jeff: Danni scores a point for Fati.

Rafe: Sorry, Danni; you're not my type.

Jeff (voice-over): Charlie pretended to be dumb to trick the other tribe.

Maria: Charlie, do you have a bar of soap?

Charlie: What the hell's soap?

Maria: It's the little square thingy.

Charlie: Nope, nothing square in here.

Jeff (voice-over): And Parvati decided to flirt with Maria.

Parvati: Maria, I want your soap.

Maria: What will you give me for it?

Parvati: Find out when we're tribemates.

Jeff: I think that's an invitation, Maria.

Jeff (voice-over): Parvati even offered her only clothing as a gift to Maria.

Parvati undoes her bikini top and hands it to Maria.

Parvati: That's yours to keep, baby.

Jeff (voice-over): Parvati's wild behavior as well as Charlie's feigned cluelessness were Fati's ticket to the win.

Charlie: Yau-Man, I need your pumice.

Yau-Man: I'll 'pumice' you into the ground.

Jeff: That's the last match; Fati wins reward!

Jeff (voice-over): At Fati, Terry was unhappy with the show put on by Parvati.

(confessional) Terry: I was a little uncomfortable with the whole show between Parvati and Maria. It was a pretty major distraction.

Jeff (voice-over): Tom was pleased with both Parvati and Charlie's ploys, since they led to a win.

Tom: You're a pretty sharp guy, Forrest. Please tell me you were just playing dumb at the challenge.

Charlie: I can't believe they actually went for it. Maybe Parvati distracted them enough.

Tom: Well, if that helped, then I encourage you to put on the dumb act and her the naked act as much as you guys want.

Jeff (voice-over): And the group decided to extend an invitation to Parvati into their alliance.

Danni (to Parvati): I already have Charlie, and we're kind of close to Tom and Cirie. If you come with us, I will do what I can to get you, me, and Charlie to the final three.

Parvati: You're the first to offer me a deal like that. Just don't cramp my style and I'm in.

Danni: You got it.

Jeff (voice-over): And at Ta'aroa, the division within the tribe was made obvious when each alliance sent someone to flip an opposing member.

Ian: You know you're number four in their alliance.

Rafe: I was about to say the same to you.

Ian: So wait, your alliance sent you to swing me?

Rafe: I take it yours sent you to swing me.

(confessional) Rafe: Ozzy sent Ian to convince me to vote with them. At the same time, Paula sent me to swing Ian. And naturally, we got some ideas of our own.

Jeff (voice-over): Before the immunity challenge, Ozzy gave a rousing speech, and the Ta'atoa tribe went in ready to tear Fati apart.

Ozzy: Today...we're no longer the loser tribe. We're no longer winless. We turn the tide and we make them choke on their arrogance. We're not going down this time! the day we end the losing and we go out and WIN! the day we wipe that smirk off Parvati's face and tell her to take her naked ass back to her own beach! We make Tom use that immunity necklace the way Maria had to use hers! We make them scramble for that immunity idol! We come back home after the challenge and we enjoy the evening while they get their asses grilled by Probst! Today we kill Fati!

Entire tribe (in perfect unison): KILL FATI!

Jeff (voice-over): At the immunity challenge, Ta'aroa started off strong, but Fati crawled back to even the score.

The camera shows Tom stopping Jonathan in an Attack Zone.

Jeff: Tom looking to take down Jonathan!

Tom takes down Jonathan with one throw.

Jeff: Tom dunks Jonathan! Ta'aroa can't take a bigger lead!

Terry gets back through the other Attack Zone.

Jeff: Terry pulls Fati even! We're at five-all!

Jeff (voice-over): After that, though, Fati got undisciplined, and it started losing members.

The camera shows Terry grabbing Paula by the throat.

Jeff: NO CHOKING, Terry! You're OUT! Paula gets a free pass!

The camera switches to Parvati punching Maria.

Jeff: I said NO PUNCHING! Fati getting very undisciplined! Ta'aroa up seven-five now!

Jeff (voice-over): Chris and Tom got into it as well.

The camera shows Chris grabbing Tom's ankle and both falling into the water; they climb out and start shouting at each other.

Tom (shouting): Watch where you grab already!

Chris (shouting back): Come on, man; gimme a break!

Jeff: Clear the course, guys!

Chris (also ignoring Jeff): Give it a rest already! We'll get those back!

Jeff: Chris! Tom! You've been warned! You're both out! Get back to the boat!

Jeff (voice-over): Down four members, Fati couldn't catch back up, and Ta'aroa won their first challenge.

The camera shows Maria getting past Yul and scoring her tribe's tenth point.

Jeff: That's ten! Ta'aroa wins immunity!

Jeff (voice-over): At camp, Tom wanted revenge for Chris' actions.

Cirie: Well, you can't go, but there's a few people around here who screwed us.

Tom: Yeah, I should have let it go, but come on; I want Chris gone after that.

Jeff (voice-over): Chris had other plans, however.

Chris: That challenge was a joke. I tripped Tom on accident, and we weren't winning anyway. I want Parvati out.

Yul: Trust me, I saw her antics on my season, and it's not fun.

Jeff (voice-over): Terry was in on that idea as well.

Terry: Parvati needs to go. Plain and simple.

Tom: She just wants to bring Maria over here. Flirting is what she does, and she found a willing target.

Terry: Well, it's a problem. She needs to go.

Jeff (voice-over): At Tribal Council, Parvati defended herself.

Parvati: I did what the situation called for. I tried to distract the other tribe and joke about tribe switches during an easy-going challenge. At the immunity challenge, I wanted to fight.

Jeff (voice-over): Terry and Charlie made it clear they weren't fighting anymore.

Terry: A few days ago, I had a heated argument with Charlie that really shouldn't have gone anywhere. I brought up some things that really should have been kept quiet.

Charlie: That's dead and buried, Terry; give it a rest.

Jeff (voice-over): Chris tried to state his case to the tribe.

Chris: It was a complete accident; I acted on reflex.

Jeff (voice-over): But they didn't buy it, and Chris became the first person voted out of the tribe.

Jeff: Chris, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Chris' torch as the screen cuts to commercial.

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3. "Survivor: All-Stars II Recap - "Trying to Reason With a Traitor Is Useless""
REPORT: 'Survivor' contestant arraigned

UPI news service, 03/22/2008

An Ohio Grand Jury has formally decided to bring forth a trial against Survivor: Vanuatu winner Chris Daugherty on charges of contempt of court, failure to appear in court, failure to pay a fine, and assault with a weapon stemming from an incident in a bar.

The patron who claims to have been attacked by Daugherty in a bar fight and that Daugherty attacked him with a beer bottle. The unidentified man is also suing Daugherty for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages stemming from having missed work due to the fight.

Daugherty's wife Lorie indicates that her husband intends to plead not guilty to all charges and, if necessary, use the money won by Daugherty on the show to pay his legal bills. According to a source, Daugherty's 18th-place finish earned him $35,000, and at the reunion, should he be able to attend, he will receive a $25,000 payout.

Back from commercial.

The camera focuses on Makaroa Island; Paula and Maria are talking.

Jeff (voice-over): On Day 10, Paula and Maria began thinking of their end-game.

Paula: Listen, if he did, that's great, but we need to make sure we have all our bases covered. I want you, me, and Yau-Man in the core of the alliance.

Maria: So we just cut Rafe and Ian loose for flipping?

Paula: Yeah, what are you going to do?

Maria: It's so...evil. I like it.

Jeff (voice-over): And pretty soon, the first all-new challenge of the season began.

Jeff: You guys will be playing an old-fashioned game of dodgeball.

Jeff (voice-over): Fati started off strong, taking the first match after getting Ta'aroa down to just one player.

The camera shows Charlie's elimination of Maria.

Jeff (voice-over): In the second match, Ta'aroa was in a similar situation; Yau-Man was against Twila, Harriet, and the juggernaut of Tom and Charlie.

The camera shows Yau-Man alone on his side of the court.

Jeff: Yau-Man all that stands between Fati and victory!

Jeff (voice-over): But Yau-Man didn't go out without a fight, dodging balls and blocking hard throws by the stronger Fati while taking out the weaker members.

The camera shows his eliminations of Harriet and Twila.

Jeff (voice-over): Yau-Man faced off against Tom and Charlie, and a catch reversed Ta’aroa's fortuned for good, as Ozzy came back in with Tom's ouster and the two took out Charlie together.

Ozzy and Yau-Man fire shots at Charlie at the same time. Ozzy's shot misses, but Yau-Man connects with his shin.

Jeff: Charlie out! Ta'aroa wins the match! Yau-Man is incredible!

Jeff (voice-over): The last match seemed to go Ta'aroa's way throughout, with Fati playing around too much.

Maria: I can't take you out, Parv; I love you too much.

Parvati: I love you too Maria--

Ozzy's cannon takes out Parvati.

Ozzy (impersonating Ben Stiller): Joanie loves Chachi!

Jeff (voice-over): And a bounce sealed Fati's fate.

Charlie throws a rocket at Maria, who's laughing too hard to play; however, the ball bounces in the air and Rafe catches it.

Jeff: That's a catch, not a kill! Maria's still alive! Charlie, you're out!

Charlie: Are you f---ing kidding me?

Jeff (voice-over): Down to just Tom, Fati was finished.

Ozzy throws a screamer at Tom that he can't catch.

Jeff: Tom's down! Ta'aroa wins reward!

Jeff (voice-over): At camp, the hard-working Ta'aroa tribe found a good use for everything, including the crate that brought their supplies.

The camera shows Paula and Maria working on the shelter and storing wood in the crate and then it pans to Jonathan and Yau-Man. Yau-Man is making a spear.

Yau-Man: I call it Superpole 3000. A thousand times better than Superpole 2000.

Jonathan: I hope it's better; Superpole 2000 didn't catch anything.

Ozzy immediately washes up on shore with four fish.

Jonathan: You need any more of those things?

Ozzy: Knock yourself out.

Jeff (voice-over): At Fati, Charlie opened up to his tribe.

Terry: I know it's probably a sensitive subject, but what happened to your hand, Charlie?

Charlie: Well, if you must know...(sigh)...I lost these fingers in battle. I got shot in Grenada. Until now, only Paula, my son, and a few people I work with knew what happened to me.

Danni (to Charlie): You're the strongest man I know.

Danni places her head on Charlie's shoulder. Charlie wraps his arms around Danni; she does the same.

Jeff (voice-over): And the next day, after things heated up between Charlie and Danni, it all came to a head. This partially unaired scene shows how it all came out.

Charlie: Promise me that we're still allies and still in this together and everything--

Danni: You have my word.

Charlie: I just want to make sure this doesn't drive a wedge between us.

Danni: Come on, Charlie; nothing could do that. It's not like you're in love with me or anything.

Charlie looks up at Danni with a semi-worried look.

Danni: Oh my God...

Charlie: I really hated to tell you out here.

The following scene was unaired.

The camera switches to Charlie and Danni talking away from camp. The two are holding hands.

Charlie: It's been a long time coming for me, honestly. I know you could get any guy you wanted--

Danni: Relax, Charlie. You're all that's on my mind.

Charlie: I'm just so nervous and so...unhinged. I should be stronger than this.

Danni: Relax; it's normal.

Charlie: I fought in Grenada, I raised my son on my own, I've given and taken orders, and I even got my degree in engineering. And I even saw my own sun take up hockey, and that's a dangerous sport. And a beautiful lady like you brings me down.

Danni: Well, I did win a few beauty pageants, you know--

Charlie: You're not helping, Danni.

Danni: I'm just trying to make you loosen up a bit.

Charlie: And you're doing the exact opposite. Do you know how many dates I've been on since my wife left me?

Danni: Counting Paula?

Charlie: Counting Paula, four. Not counting her, two. And one of those was as a wingman for a buddy.

Danni: What happened? Why didn't they work?

Charlie: The one I went on as a favor was with a girl who talked too damn much, and the other one couldn't get past my missing fingers.

Danni reaches over with her right hand and clutches Charlie's left; even without his ring or little fingers, he clutches her hand back.

Danni: I still think you're a very attractive man.

Charlie: My life should be over. My son's in college, I'm 44 and divorced--

Danni: I'm divorced too, Charlie. Stop being so hard on yourself and loosen up. When was the last time you kissed a woman?

Charlie: Paula wouldn't let me get that close.

Danni: I will.

Danni leans in to kiss Charlie but stops when she sees how shocked he is.

Danni: If you let me.

Charlie: Fourteen years. Even before my wife left me, there was no romance.

(confessional) Danni: I look at a guy like Charlie, and knowing his experiences, he should have a different woman on his arm every night, or he should be with a loving wife who makes him the happiest man on Earth. He's had terrible luck in love, and if I have to turn him into the ultimate lover, I will.

The camera shows Danni kissing Charlie on the lips; he seems prepared but a little uneasy. Danni breaks the kiss.

Danni: Come on now, big guy.

Charlie: It's nice and everything; it's just been so long...

Danni: You're going to loosen up, Mister, or else. You're so easy to get along with when you're telling jokes or war stories, but when a woman says she loves you, you freeze up!

Charlie: I guess you have your work cut out for you.

The camera switches away from them walking back hand-in-hand to camp laughing.

Jeff (voice-over): The immunity challenge was another blast from the past.

The camera shows the Survivor: Exile Island flag as well as the course.

Jeff (voice-over): The tribes started off pretty even until Twila couldn't hold on.

The camera shows Tom and Terry trying to hoist Twila; she falls and hobbles up.

Jeff (voice-over): Everyone got over the wall, including Twila and Cirie, who struggled as well; because of Fati's problems, Ta'aroa had the lead.

The camera shows Ta'aroa arriving at shore just before Fati does.

Jeff (voice-over): Fati took the lead back in the digging portion after Yul found the ring before Ozzy did.

The camera shows Yul passing the ring off to Terry and watching him throw it while Ozzy just barely gets it.

Jeff (voice-over): Terry struggled with the ring toss, but Yau-Man tried something unusual, and it worked.

Yau-Man is shown twirling around and releasing the ring as if he were throwing a Frisbee; it connects, and he releases the flag.

Jeff: Ta'aroa wins immunity!

Jeff (voice-over): At the neutral camp, no one found the idol or even tried because they didn't understand the clue.

Tom: Take A Little Leap, Gather 'Round, And Search Slowly.

Charlie: Wait a minute, does this mean anything to us?

Danni: I don't know.

(confessional) Parvati: Obviously, the clues they're giving us are too hard to solve on their own, and there's pretty much no way anyone's found the idol.

Jeff (voice-over): And it seemed like everyone was a target.

The camera shows various shots of people talking.

Tom: I'm almost afraid to let Terry stick around.

Charlie: Fine with me; as far as I'm concerned, he and Yul are the biggest threats.

Parvati: I want to get rid of Tom.

Yul (to Harriet): Any chance we can get out Parvati?

Harriet: Oh, sure.

Jeff (voice-over): Tom and Cirie weren't having any of it.

Cirie: Harriet's telling me Parvati wants to get rid of you.

Tom: Well, we need to get rid of Parvati then.

Cirie: We need Harriet out. She's trouble.

Jeff (voice-over): Parvati's anti-Tom crusade was just a smokescreen, though.

Parvati: Just so you know, I'm just directing attention away from what I really want to do.

Danni: What's that?

Parvati: I want Yul gone.

Danni: I hope this isn't a crusade against the winners.

Parvati: No, not at all. I'm cool with you and Tom.

Jeff (voice-over): The vote looked scattered, and a lot of hard feelings were coming out.

Parvati: I need to go easy on the cross-tribal flirting.

Danni: And stick to flirting within your own tribe? Like that's any better, you dirty bitch.

Jeff: Terry, you don't look too pleased.

Terry: It's nothing against Charlie. It's everything against him being so exalted.

Jeff: So, if you don't mind me asking, what's the vote based on?

Charlie: Whatever annoys Terry the most without getting rid of him.

Terry: One of these days, Forrest...

Jeff (voice-over): It looked like the target was Harriet...

The camera shows Harriet's third vote being revealed.

Jeff (voice-over): ...but it was Yul who was blindsided.

Jeff: Yul, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Yul's torch.

Jeff (voice-over): When they got back to camp, the Fati alliance was confused.

Cirie: I voted Harriet. No one told me we were going after Yul.

Tom: No one told me the vote was so split, either.

(confessional) Cirie: Yul managed to be voted off last night with just four votes. Clearly the alliance didn't do its job.

Jeff (voice-over): And it splintered the dominant force of the tribe.

Danni (to Parvati): What the hell is wrong with you?

Parvati: Oh, come on; it did nothing.

Danni: Don't go acting like it's no big deal.

(confessional) Parvati: I'm through with that alliance. To hell with it.

Jeff (voice-over): At Ta'aroa, Paula and Ozzy were impressed with Maria's budding work ethic.

Ozzy: You're doing incredible. And here I was thinking you were just here for the experience and didn't care if you did any work or laid around on the beach all day.

Paula: Naked, I might add.

(confessional) Maria: I'm here to prove them wrong and show that Maria Savovic is not a lazy, naked bimbo.

Jeff (voice-over): And the tribes' leaders were put to the test.

Jeff: So Charlie and Ozzy are pretty much the leaders out here? Anyone think otherwise?

The tribes are noticeably silent.

Jeff: Charlie and Ozzy, you need to come with me this way.

Jeff (voice-over): Charlie and Ozzy were sent away to draw new tribes.

Charlie (from a large board in front of them): Today, each of you will be the tribe's captain. You will send four members of your own tribes to the opposing tribes.

Ozzy: Wait, so I have to give up tribe members?

Jeff (voice-over): They decided to even out the tribes, but there were sticking points.

Ozzy: So you want to send me Twila, Harriet, and Parvati along with Terry?

Charlie: And you're not willing to part with Yau-Man.

Ozzy: He's our guy.

Jeff (voice-over): At the same time, the old tribes were doing battle.

The camera showed the battle between a Terry-Twila Fati squad and a Rafe-Maria Ta'aroa squad.

Jeff (voice-over): Ta'aroa's hot streak continued.

The camera shows Rafe and Danielle overpowering Tom while an exhausted Parvati kneels on the court.

Jeff: Ta'aroa wins reward!

Jeff (voice-over): But even before the challenge, the tribes were shocked to hear of the game's next twist.

Jeff: No matter what happens, both tribes are going to Tribal Council.

The tribes are in obvious shock over this.

Jeff (voice-over): During their last moments as a tribe, the Ta'aroa membership enjoyed a feast that they earned for reward.

The camera shows Rafe, Jonathan, and Danielle enjoying grilled chicken, bread, and Gatorade. The Fati membership is not shown.

Jeff (voice-over): After the feast, everyone gathered at the beach where the game began for a chance to be immune from that night's Tribal Councils, but first, Charlie and Ozzy divided up the tribes.

Charlie: Tom, get over here. Cirie and Danni, you too.

Charlie hands all three new silver Fati buffs.

Ozzy: Yau-Man, Ian, and Paula, you're all still on my tribe.

Ozzy hands the three of them new blue Ta'aroa buffs.

Charlie: Maria, Danielle, Rafe, and Jonathan, you're all on my tribe now.

All four former Ta'aroa join the Fati tribe.

Ozzy: Harriet, Parvati, Twila, and Terry, you're all coming with me.

The four former Fati join their new tribemates.

Jeff (voice-over): The old Ta'aroa membership had the chance to play for individual immunity by unlocking a combination safe to which the numbers were in reference to game events.

Yau-Man: Let's see...number of people thrown out of the Attack Zone challenge is four. The number of nights we spent on this island is two. And the number of matches that Ta'aroa lost the second reward challenge by...five? Let me try this number.

Jeff (voice-over): Yau-Man unlocked the safe and earned immunity for himself. Meanwhile, Maria went idol hunting.

(confessional) Maria: I solved the idol clues. There was one that had all the first letters of each word spelling out "Tall Grass," so I went for it.

Maria uncovers the idol, a compass, and stashes it.

Maria: And no one's finding out about it.

Jeff (voice-over): But Parvati followed her and immediately knew she had it.

(confessional) Parvati: I wasn't biting. I knew she had it. She got caught in the act, and just because I've spent the last few days flirting with her didn't mean I was keeping her secret without a price.

Jeff (voice-over): Parvati tried to get immunity by blackmail, but Maria didn't bite.

Parvati: I want that immunity combination. I want you to find it for me.

Maria: What am I, your bitch? Get the hell out of here.

Jeff (voice-over): Parvati came back and tried something a little more dramatic. In this unaired scene, the tricks Parvati tried to charm Maria were never done before on the show.

The following scene was unaired.

Parvati: Come on, I need that idol.

Maria: I'm not giving you anything, and I would appreciate being left alone.

Parvati: Look, I don't want to threaten you. I like you. I really like you.

Maria: And I'm glad you like me. But I would appreciate if you could stop being obsessed with me. We're not tribemates.

Parvati: I wish we were. Come on, what it going to take to get that out of you?

Maria: Just stop, OK?

Parvati: Come on, maybe turn the charm on a little? I think you like some of this, don't you?

Parvati flips her head back and runs her fingers through her hair in a flirtatious manner.

Maria: What, you think I'm going for that? I have eye candy at home.

Parvati: That's way back there; we're out here. Come on. Let me show off for you and then you save me, OK?

Maria: No.

Parvati slides her hand under her bikini top as if to do a striptease; she starts dancing, though there is no music around. Maria looks back at her out of obvious boredom; Parvati reaches up to undo the tie of her top, and it comes down.

Parvati: You want to see more--

Maria (abruptly): Just stop, OK? Please just stop. I don't want to see more, and I'll be very happy when you're gone. Just go the hell away. I have a game to play and a tribe to work with.

(confessional) Maria: Parvati did the most ridiculous move to try to get me to give her my idol. I don't want to see her strip. I don't want her around. I shouldn't have led her on earlier, and I guess that's my fault, but I'm in love with someone, and she deserves better.

Maria heads back to camp sullen as Parvati stands stunned in the woods; the screen cuts to commercial.

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4. "Survivor: All-Stars II Recap - "Trying to Reason With a Traitor Is Useless""
Blog Entry, 03/21/2008
Authored by: Laura Dean, sensitivenakedgirl

So I'm watching last night's recap, and I'd heard the story that Maria told me about the striptease Parvati did to try to get the idol off her. I liked it that Maria shot Parvati down. I like seeing her in control, confident, and taking charge. And I like to see her make other people sweat. But now I'm seeing it from a different ankle.

I'm not happy. I'm not happy at all with this, and Maria knows it. She's turning into everything she ever hated on her season. She was harassed on her season for her naked habit by someone who went out about the same time Parvati did. All he did was talk about how his fiancée at home would be so upset about him being around her. And all I hear from Maria is how upset she thinks I'll be for her being around Parvati.

First off, I'm the one who told Maria to go wild. Part of it was I wanted her to get it all out of her system before I had her all to myself. Part of it is that I know it worked for her last time. She liked to remind everyone that the uptight Steve from last season was out quickly and that she hung loose and won. I hate to compare to someone so obnoxious, but she's this season's Steve. And I never saw it coming.

Maria, I won't be with someone who's like that. And I hate to make threats, but remember that I made it just fine supporting both of us in Buffalo. I can do it on my own. And that's where you'll end up, just like Steve did after Shannon divorced him. I hate to have it come to that, especially with how rough the show has been on you, but I just reach the point sometimes where I just can't take it anymore.

Love still,


Back from commercial.

The camera shows the new Ta'aroa tribe at Tribal Council.

Jeff (voice-over): After Parvati's attempts to assure herself safety, she went into Tribal Council unsure and a victim of her new tribe's attacks.

Paula: Parvati will try anything she can think of to save her skin. Including the desperate attempt to get Maria to hand over the idol.

Ian: I can honestly say I have no idea what the hell is going through Parvati's mind. I'm dumber for having listened to it.

Jeff (voice-over): Parvati played up her strategy of flirtation, even disregarding the fact that Maria is spoken for.

Parvati: I want her to be charmed by me. I want her to see me and forget about everything else.

Jeff: Wait a second, do you actually see a connection between yourself and Maria?

Parvati: Wait--what? A real connection? I'm just thinking of the merge out here. I flirt, I charm, I play around like that, and she does the same.

Jeff: So it's completely unimportant to you that she has a girlfriend back home?

Parvati: I honestly couldn't care less. Even if it's not my goal to get Maria to come home with me, I want her to think it is.

Jeff (voice-over): No one understood Parvati's strategy, and people began to question her motives.

Jeff: Parvati, do you have an issue with Maria's girlfriend?

Parvati: What? No. God no. Like I said, it's all strategy.

Jeff: Twila, are you buying this?

Twila: This takes a good-old Missouri "hell" no.

Paula: Twila said it better than I could.

Harriet: I think we say the same thing in Texas that they say in Missouri.

Yau-Man: If she's thinking strategically, then I'm Robin Williams.

Terry: I haven't believed her since the first time she told me.

Ian: I just can't say I believe her with a straight face.

Jeff: Ozzy, I don't suppose you're buying it either.

Ozzy: Not a chance, Jeff.

Jeff (voice-over): And finally, Parvati broke down.

Parvati: It was just a joke, people. I never thought you guys were so serious.

Paula begins to tear up, and her voice is showing her frustration.

Jeff: Parvati, this is really getting to you.

Parvati (sobbing): Like I said, all I wanted was to play around. I'm all business, but business is tough. I had to lighten up.

Jeff: If I were here to accuse, I would almost wonder if you really do have feelings for Maria.

Parvati (still in tears): No. Of course not. She loves her girlfriend. I would never come between them for real.

Jeff (voice-over): Yau-Man had the individual immunity from the safe, and without that or the idol she coveted from Maria, Parvati was out.

Jeff: Parvati, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Parvati's torch.

Jeff (voice-over): But she made it very clear she was still bitter.

Ozzy: I'm sorry, Parv. I didn't mean to come down so hard on you.

A sullen Parvati raises a blurred-out middle finger to Ozzy as she walks out slowly.

Jeff (voice-over): When Fati came in, Yau-Man played the idol on someone's behalf while Charlie and Tom were called out.

Charlie: My old tribe picked me. I have to wonder why.

Tom: Well, who else were we picking? I'm hardly leader material--

Maria: Oh, come on; we're talking about the guy who single-handedly ran the show on his season.

Jeff (voice-over): Both Tom and Charlie tried to deflect claims that they were in charge.

Tom: Hey, I had a lot of help. Look at Ian over on the other tribe. He's a hell of a guy. Charlie would have had to offer me, three of us here, and an immunity idol to be named later just to get him.

Charlie: I spent 17 years in the Navy having to give orders. I know full well that it's different in the civilian world, and I treat everyone around me accordingly.

Jeff (voice-over): Danielle was worried about a split vote.

Danielle: All I can say is that tribal lines will be a big factor here.

Jeff: How so?

Danielle: I can see a tie vote, even. Four of us old Ta'aroa here who still have loyalty to our own group against four Fati who don't take too kindly to outsiders.

Jeff (voice-over): But Danielle was right, and the vote was tied.

Jeff: ...Cirie. We have a tie. Four votes each for Danielle and Cirie.

Jeff (voice-over): Yau-Man gave immunity to Rafe, who received no votes, so a tiebreak was selected at random. Ironically, it was the same tiebreak Danielle and Cirie faced in Exile Island.

The camera shows Danielle and Cirie trying to make fire; Danielle seems to have the early lead.

Jeff (voice-over): Danielle made a costly mistake that put her fire out, though, and Cirie ran with it.

The camera shows Danielle knocking her fire over accidentally with a machete; it then flashes to Cirie's fire burning through the rope.

Jeff: Danielle, unfortunately, that means the game is up for you. You need to bring me your torch.

Danielle goes over without a word and grabs her torch; she put it in the holster the same way.

Jeff: Danielle, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Danielle's torch.

Jeff (voice-over): Cirie commended Danielle on her efforts, but Danielle wanted nothing to do with it.

Cirie: Good game, Danielle. Good game.

Danielle doesn't even turn around as Cirie says this.

Cirie (under her breath): Sore loser.

Jeff (voice-over): Back at camp, the old Ta'aroa noticed that their reward items were gone.

Paula: I worked hard to put that tarp up there, and now it's gone? Who took the damn thing?

(confessional) Paula: The rain jackets and everything are gone, too. It's like we got razed by bears.

Ian: Don't tell me we don't have anything.

Ozzy: I can only hope the other tribe's in the same situation we are.

(confessional) Yau-Man: It's a little like my first tribe in Fiji. We had nothing. I can do this.

Jeff (voice-over): But at the reward challenge, some light was shed on the subject.

Jeff: A few of you probably noticed that all your reward items are missing from camp. Well...

Jeff uncovers a basket; all the rewards are there.

Jeff: ...they're here, and the winning tribe gets everything.

Jeff (voice-over): Harriet broke the rules again.

Jeff: Harriet, you're out of bullets. You can't use a gun; you're out.

Harriet: Son of a bitch. I did this last time, too.

Jeff (voice-over): Tom and Cirie stuck it out for Fati and won the challenge.

Tom uses a gun, Yau-Man a bullet.

Jeff: That sinks Yau-Man; Fati wins reward!

Jeff (voice-over): At camp, Rafe tried to get an alliance with Danni.

Rafe: Really, we think you're on the outs with your alliance.

Danni: Uh-huh. That makes sense. You guys already have a winner, so I wouldn't be left out.

Rafe: Exactly. Besides, we've been allied since the first time we were out here.

Danni: I suppose I owe you one.

Jeff (voice-over): Danni played along but wasn't buying it.

(confessional) Danni: I don't owe Rafe jack-s---. I was sitting there like I bought his story, but I have an alliance. I don't need Rafe's alliance. He has nothing I want.

Jeff (voice-over): Charlie took in Maria as the new fifth member of the alliance, and he secured her loyalty by teaching her how to fish.

Charlie: You ever use a sling?

Maria: I never learned. Teach me.

Charlie: So just dive down with the thing pulled back, and then, when you want to spear a fish, let it go in the right direction.

(confessional) Maria: Charlie taught me how to catch fish. I caught on pretty well. My fishing lesson seemed to last all evening; it was dark before I came back.

Jeff (voice-over): But after a productive day, Maria went back to her old habits and shed her clothes for the first time this season.

(confessional) Maria (still naked): I went for a skinny dip for the first time out here on the island.

Jeff (voice-over): At the same time, her clothes went missing.

Charlie: Well, fancy having you back. How's the water?

Maria: It's fine; I enjoyed it. I better have, because it looks like the rest of my time out here will be like this.

Charlie: Like what?

Maria: The tide took all my clothes. I'm naked, and I'm stuck like this.

Jeff (voice-over): Danni offered to lend Maria some of her own clothes.

Danni begins taking off her outerwear, a red tank top and shorts, before Maria stops her.

Maria: I don't need them, but thank you. I will be fine.

Jeff (voice-over): But she then told Maria that her clothes were hidden in the woods as a joke.

Maria: Oh, come on; that wasn't very nice.

Charlie: Come on; you had it coming.

(confessional) Maria: Yes, I had it coming. No, I didn't have to like it.

Jeff (voice-over): At the immunity challenge, the tribes had a chance to take out some more frustrations.

Jeff: You will carry a blocking pad, which you must hold onto with both hands. You may not kick or knee your opponent. Other than that, use whatever you can to get your opponent off the platform.

Jeff (voice-over): Tom took out old rival Ian twice.

The camera shows Tom pushing a somewhat overmatched Ian into the water.

Jeff: Tom scores!

Jeff (voice-over): But it was an upset by Rafe over a more powerful Terry that sealed the win for Fati.

Rafe uses his blocker to pop Terry in the stomach, forcing him back. Rafe then uses the blocker to hit Terry in the face, and Terry soon falls in.

Jeff: Terry's down! Fati wins immunity!

Jeff (voice-over): Back at camp, Ian took some heat for losing twice when everyone else on his tribe won once.

(confessional) Paula: If Ian had won just one match, we wouldn't be in this situation. I won a match. Ozzy won a match. Even Yau-Man won a match.

Jeff (voice-over): But the decision was still tough for the tribe.

Yau-Man: We can't vote just based on who does well in challenges.

Paula: Well, let's be perfectly honest; everyone here works.

Ozzy: That's what makes it so hard to get rid of someone.

Jeff (voice-over): So Terry decided to make a bold move and get rid of Paula.

Terry: We all know who the weakest member of the tribe is.

Ozzy: Really?

Terry: It's Paula. If we want to win a challenge, we need her gone.

Jeff (voice-over): Yau-Man told the rest of the tribe he was in on the blindside vote.

Yau-Man: So I made her believe we're going after Terry. She doesn't suspect a thing.

Ozzy: For real, you did?

Yau-Man: Honest. Why would I lie about that? It doesn't make sense. We need Terry.

(confessional) Ian: Yau-Man is a bit shady sometimes, like with the second vote, but there's an idol involved, and I know he's with us.

Yau-Man: You understand it's in my best interests to keep her going.

(confessional) Yau-Man: It's also in my best interests to be the only one in the tribe with an immunity idol. So once that idol's gone, I'm off to look for another one.

Jeff (voice-over): But just like before, Yau-Man was in Paula's pocket and told her everything in this unaired scene.

The following scene was unaired.

Yau-Man: They're voting you out, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Paula: So use the idol?

Yau-Man: Use the idol.

Paula: I'll vote Ian.

Yau-Man: Sounds good.

(confessional) Paula: Yau-Man's my spy. He helps keep both of us in the game. If I needed to pass him the idol, I would, though.

Jeff (voice-over): At Tribal Council, Terry was on the spot for losing to Rafe.

Jeff: Terry, Rafe doesn't look anywhere near as strong as you. How did you lose that match to him?

Terry: Rafe's a lot tougher than he looks, and he learns quickly. I know it's not as hilarious as if I talk about how he's been at the gym all the time--

Jeff (voice-over): And the shots were soon fired at Ian.

Jeff: Does playing a tough opponent excuse losing to her in the reward as well as losing once to her in immunity?

Harriet: Cirie beat everyone she faced in the reward. I actually went the longest with her.

Jeff: Still--

Harriet: Look over at Ian, thank you very much.

Jeff (voice-over): It was never explicitly stated, but the plan to vote off Paula was carried out.

Jeff: ...the seventh person voted out of Survivor: All-Stars II...Paula.

Jeff (voice-over): Paula and Yau-Man's counterplan went into action, however, and Paula was spared elimination.

Jeff: The immunity idol was played on behalf of Paula. All votes cast against Paula do not count.

Jeff (voice-over): Paula broke her word about voting out Ian, however, casting a vote for Terry. This led to a tiebreak that turned out to involve the entire tribe.

Terry: You will compete in a head-to-head rendition of today's reward challenge. The same rules apply. In addition, it will be head-to-head involving every member of the tribe who does not have immunity already.

Jeff (voice-over): Yau-Man was quickly safe despite being endangered by Paula's bold move; the tiebreak came down to Twila, Ian, and Harriet.

The camera shows Twila and Ian playing bullets while Harriet plays guns.

Jeff: Harriet, you look like you might just have mastered the game. Take a spot on the side.

Jeff (voice-over): With Harriet safe, the last battle came down to Twila and Ian.

Jeff: Twila down a bullet now. Reveal.

Ian uses a bullet.

Twila lifts her item box.

There's a gun in it.

Twila pumps her fist in victory.

Jeff (voice-over): With only Yau-Man's vote, Ian was the seventh person voted out of the game.

Jeff: Ian, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff (voice-over): Ian exchanged some disappointed words with this tribemates upon leaving.

Ian: Thanks to whoever threw that odd vote at me.

Yau-Man: No problem, man.

Jeff (voice-over): There are thirteen people left in a game that still has unknown twists and turns, some of which are never-before-seen in the game of Survivor. Join us next Thursday at 8:00 pm/7:00 Central as Survivor returns to its normal time.

The screen cuts to commercial.

Blog Entry, 03/22/2008
Authored by: Billy Duster, thepeoplesallstar

Hello again fans, Billy from Japan here. You know, the guy with the idol...yes, yes, if I hear another "Billy Idol" crack, I think I might kick my computer screen in. And if I hear two girls walk up and act like they want to kiss each other again, I'll probably go jam that immunity idol where the sun don't shine. But that's not what I'm here for.

I can't believe that the naked bimbo from my season's playing a perfect game. That's two people who have messed with her, and that's two people who have gone out before their time. Honestly, I had Ami in the final four, and I think most fans did. How it is she went out second is still the work of forces I don't understand. But we're looking at a new, improved, all-business Maria. You know, the side she showed after I got voted out.

For everyone not in Charlie's alliance, I have this word of warning - scramble while you still can. Charlie's unstoppable. I tried and I couldn't do it. I guarantee that a healthy Charlie would have won Japan, and if he stays healthy here and doesn't get screwed, he's on the fast track to being the sixteenth person to get a million out of CBS for the game. Sorry, seventeenth, counting Rupert. Maybe the eighteenth if he goes far and wins another one of those damn America's Vote things.

Now that Maria turned to Charlie's alliance, he's damn near unstoppable. Give him an idol and he's going all the way.

Back from commercial.

Voice-over: Join us as Survivor returns to its normal day next week and for the rest of the season, where things heat up between Charlie and Danni.

The camera shows the two getting very cozy underneath a tree near the woods' edge.

Voice-over: And a revelation so shocking that not even the host saw it coming.

Jeff (in daylight under a hot sun): You have got to be kidding me.

Different voice-over: Stay tuned for an all-new Jericho coming up next.

The camera shows a few clips of early attempts to make fire, starting with Charlie's use of sticks, rocks, and Yau-Man's glasses and finishing with Paula's use of her immunity idol. None of the attempts involve flint.

As the screen shows Paula's fire lighting ablaze, it cuts to commercial and the show is ended.

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