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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 6 - "I Did This Last Time, Too""
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Original message

Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

06-25-07, 09:35 AM (EST)
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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 6 - "I Did This Last Time, Too""
LAST EDITED ON 06-25-07 AT 09:35 AM (EST)

Survivor Live Excerpts: Parvati Shallow and Danielle DiLorenzo

The screen shows Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca, hosts of Survivor Live on a faux jungle background with a Survivor: All-Stars II logo.

Dalton: Hellooooooo again, Survivor fans, and welcome to a special edition of Survivor live. With us today are the two latest castoffs from Survivor: All-Stars. Last night's episode featured a tribal switch as well as two Tribal Councils. That's a lot to pack into sixty minutes, but they did it.

Jenna: At this point, the weight of the world is on the shoulders of Charlie and Ozzy, at least as far as the game goes. I was in a situation like that, where I had to help pick out new tribes, and you always second-guess yourself. There's not always a right move.

Dalton: Also, the episode was like no other in that both tribes, right after switching up, had to go to Tribal Council. There didn't seem to be a lot of discussion of who was going, especially on Fati, leading to one of the more memorable Tribal Council showdowns in recent history.

Jenna: And joining us is Danielle DiLorenzo, who was the tiebreak's victim; ironically, she won a tiebreak on her season in the exact same manner. Also joining us is Parvati Shallow, who didn't seem like she had a chance on her new tribe.

The camera fades back to show Dalton, Jenna, Danielle, and Parvati.

Dalton: You first, Parvati. The show made it looks as if your only chance was an idol. Was that really true?

Parvati: When I said I needed a miracle, that was the truth. The old Ta'aroa people targeted me because I was the outrageous flirt and they thought I wasn't very useful. My own tribe saw it the same way. They wanted me gone.

Jenna: Did you actually ask Maria to give you the idol?

Parvati: I saw two sides to Maria out there. On one hand, she could be her usual fun-loving self. On the other hand, by the time the switch happened, she turned into Miss Responsibility out there. That's why I couldn't get through to her to pass me the idol.

Dalton: Would that have made any strategic sense if she had?

Parvati: None whatsoever. But she was thinking strategically. She was also turning into a hard worker and a leader out there. I couldn't believe it.

Jenna: Was Maria really as level-headed as we've seen out there? On her own season, she was a carefree nudist who made fun her number one priority. Even she said it was like a vacation for her. Out here in All-Stars, even with the million already won, she seems to believe she has something to prove.

Parvati: That's the honest-to-God truth. Believe me, I pulled her aside and begged for the idol. I offered her everything I could think of. I even pledged to take her on every reward I won. It was sad, really. She didn't bite.

Dalton: So your offers to Maria didn't make the air.

Parvati: It was shameful. It really was. First, I tried blackmail, and she didn't bite. So I tried buttering her up. I don't even think I got her to crack a smile.

Jenna: What sort of things did you say to her?

Parvati: I used a few pet names out there for her. I tried to act sexy and talk sweet to her. I even did a striptease for her to try to sway her.

Dalton: Wait a minute - and this didn't make the air?

Parvati: There's a good reason it didn't make the air, though. I already looked like enough of an idiot. The strategy failed miserably, and I barely started into the tease before Maria asked me to stop.

Danielle: I saw the whole thing. They were back in the woods a bit, and Parvati got her top off before Maria told her to stop.

Dalton: Was that pretty much it for her?

Danielle: At that point, honestly, we thought she was pretty pathetic. She stripped for someone on the other tribe for an idol. If it worked, we might have given her a pass because we figured she would play the idol, but it failed miserably, and she was just getting desperate.

Parvati: I was grasping at straws. I honestly think the Maria in Japan would have gone for it. But she's changed completely, and the fun-loving devil I was counting on to help me was replaced with someone who was all business.

Jenna: Wow. Did any of that come up at Tribal?

Parvati: A couple of times. My frustration with the failed tease coupled with how hard the tribe was on me just crushed me. I really hope there arenít any hard feelings about it; I know there's nothing like that on my end.

Dalton: Danielle, I wonder a little bit about your situation as well. You went head-to-head with Cirie in a challenge you beat her at the first time. This time, you lost. What changed?

Danielle: You saw me knock over my own fire. I'm so absent-minded sometimes. If I were that absent-minded in Exile Island, Cirie probably would have won the whole thing.

Jenna: Is there any reason you still had your machete in hand?

Danielle: I thought I was going to start more sparks with it. I didn't need them, but I decided to get as much flame going as I could.

Dalton: On your way out, Cirie said something to you, and you didn't say anything back. Why not?

Danielle: I was upset and I thought she was taunting me. I didn't realize she was genuine until I saw it on TV.

Jenna: Are there any hard feelings between you and Cirie now?

Danielle: I wouldn't say that.

The Show Begins - air date 03/13/2008

The camera shows an overview of the Gambier Islands; the camera shot appears to move quickly.

Jeff (voice-over): Previously on Survivor...Cirie was upset over the alliance's vote being split.

(confessional) Cirie: Yul managed to be voted off last night with just four votes. Clearly the alliance didn't do its job.

Jeff (voice-over): Danni wasn't happy about Parvati's vote.

Danni (to Parvati): What the hell is wrong with you? That was no time to screw around with your vote!

Parvati: Oh, come on; it did nothing.

Danni: I swear you're too much of a loose cannon.

Jeff (voice-over): And Parvati turned her back on her alliance.

(confessional) Parvati: I'm through with that alliance. To hell with it. Danni steps on my toes now? I joined because it was security in case Terry got something together, but they don't have a chance now, so I'm out.

Jeff (voice-over): At Ta'aroa, Ozzy and Paula gushed over Maria's newfound work ethic.

Ozzy: You're doing incredible. And here I was thinking you were just here for the experience and didn't care if you did any work or laid around on the beach all day.

Paula: Naked, I might add.

(confessional) Maria: I'm here to show that Maria Savovic is not a lazy, naked bimbo.

Jeff (voice-over): Before the reward challenge, the tribes revealed that they thought of Charlie and Ozzy as the tribes' leaders.

Maria: Ozzy gave this rousing speech before the challenge.

Parvati: Well, Charlie's kind of our unofficial mascot. He's probably the most vocal leader we have.

Jeff: So Charlie and Ozzy are pretty much the leaders out here?

Jeff (voice-over): The tribes were stunned to see that their leaders were being taken from them for the time being, and that they would have to compete for reward without them. But the bigger shock was still waiting.

Jeff: No matter what happens, both tribes are going to Tribal Council.

Jeff (voice-over): During the challenge, Parvati's body couldn't take any more.

The camera shows Parvati dropping to her knees in exhaustion.

Jeff (voice-over): And her body gave out, helping Ta'aroa win the reward.

The camera shows Rafe and Danielle overpowering Tom.

Jeff (voice-over): The reward came with the ability to play for individual immunity back at camp, and Yau-Man used his knowledge of the events on the islands to secure immunity for himself.

The camera shows Yau-Man opening the safe and taking out the turtle-shape idol.

Yau-Man: It's a turtle! And it comes with instructions!

Jeff (voice-over): On their own, Charlie and Ozzy were instructed to form new tribes.

Charlie (from the board): Today, each of you will be the tribe's captain. You will send four members of your own tribes to the opposing tribes.

Ozzy: Wait, so I have to give up tribe members?

Jeff (voice-over): In the trade, Charlie secured his alliance with Tom, Danni, and Cirie, and Parvati was sent to Ta'aroa.

Ozzy: So you want to send me Twila, Harriet, and Parvati along with Terry?

Jeff (voice-over): Charlie tried to get Ozzy to part with Yau-Man, but Ozzy wasn't biting.

Charlie: And you're not willing to part with Yau-Man.

Ozzy: He's our guy.

Jeff (voice-over): Back at the neutral camp, Charlie and Ozzy announced the new tribes.

Charlie: Tom, get over here. Cirie and Danni, you too.

Ozzy: Yau-Man, Ian, and Paula, you're all still on my tribe.

Charlie: Maria, Danielle, Rafe, and Jonathan, you're all on my tribe now.

Ozzy: Harriet, Parvati, Twila, and Terry, you're all coming with me.

Jeff (voice-over): Parvati was pleased with her new tribe.

(confessional) Parvati: I've been waiting for a tribe switch since Day 7, and now I've finally got it. It's too bad that buzz kill Terry's coming, too.

Jeff (voice-over): But her new tribe wasn't pleased with her.

Parvati: So wait a second. It's like this - if you stick with me and help me keep around, I'll watch your back.

Harriet: I think there are only a few things you're any good at watching around here.

Parvati: Oh, come on. I'm done flirting.

Harriet: And I'm done with you.

Jeff (voice-over): Parvati tried to save herself with a bold move.

Parvati: I want that immunity combination. I want you to find it for me.

Jeff (voice-over): But Maria shot her down.

Maria: What am I, your bitch? Get the hell out of here.

Jeff (voice-over): At Tribal Council, Parvati was raked over the coals.

Ian: I can honestly say I have no idea what the hell is going through Parvati's mind. I'm dumber for having listened to it.

Jeff (voice-over): Parvati turned on the waterworks.

Parvati (sobbing): Like I said, all I wanted was to play around. I'm all business, but business is tough. I had to lighten up.

Jeff: If I were here to accuse, I would almost wonder if you really do have feelings for Maria.

Parvati (still in tears): No. Of course not. She loves her girlfriend. I would never come between them for real.

Jeff (voice-over): The tribe was merciless, though, and Parvati was voted out.

Jeff: Parvati, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Parvati's torch.

Jeff (voice-over): Yau-Man stayed behind to designate immunity for a Fati member.

The camera shows Yau-Man in the voting booth putting his idol in the side pouch.

Jeff (voice-over): Charlie was called out by his new tribe as the leader.

Jeff: Is that to say Charlie's kind of in charge?

Cirie: If Charlie flaunted his power and everything, he would definitely be in trouble. Whoever he's aligned with would have to find someone else.

Jeff (voice-over): The new Fati membership was scared for its survival.

Danielle: Four of us old Ta'aroa here who still have loyalty to our own group against four Fati who don't take too kindly to outsiders.

Jeff (voice-over): The voted ended with a tie between Danielle and Cirie, and for the first time, the tiebreak was determined at random.

The camera shows Cirie going to pick up an envelope and open it.

Jeff (voice-over): The tiebreak was the same one that faced Danielle and Cirie in Exile Island - a fire-building contest.

The camera shows both women trying to build fires.

Jeff (voice-over): Danielle took an early lead.

The camera shows Danielle's fire seeming to catch.

Jeff (voice-over): But she got careless and put out her own fire.

The camera shows Danielle knocking her fire over with a machete and it going out.

Jeff (voice-over): Because of Danielle's costly error, Cirie was able to win the challenge.

The camera shows Cirie's fire burning through her rope.

Jeff (voice-over): Leaving a frustrated Danielle out of the game.

Jeff: Danielle, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Danielle's torch.

Jeff (voice-over): Fourteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The camera shows a quick overview of the Gambiers as the Survivor theme begins to play. The first sequence appears to be out of the Japan opening spliced with the Vanuatu opening; a cannon appears in the background, and the music appears to be an amalgamation of the past seven themes with some imagery from each. Player intros are given in alphabetical order by tribe, with Fati going first and Ta'aroa going second. All screen shots of players in this intro are from the first episode, and all are wearing their tribes' buffs. As the intro comes to a close, images of the last seven settings centered around a pirate ship appear to fade as the Survivor: All-Stars II logo is superimposed over the center of the screen. The logo appears similar to the first All-Stars logo except it reads "All-Stars II" and the dominant background color is a bold red instead of blue. The green from the old All-Stars logo is replaced with a dark blue, and the text is silver.

At this point, the screen cuts to commercial.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

06-25-07, 09:36 AM (EST)
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1. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 6 - "I Did This Last Time, Too""
REPORT: "Survivor" wins its time slot again easily

UPI News Service, 03/08/2008

On a night when both "Survivor" and "American Idol" were down to their top 16 contestants, the venerable CBS series won in the ratings yet again, collecting a 20.9/32 rating to a flagging "Idol"'s 19.4/29.

The steadily improving "Survivor" ratings come on a show in which two contestants were eliminated and the tribes were swapped; the slightly-decreased ratings of "Idol" came in a week in which controversial performer Malachi Sands performed "Hollaback Girl" while dressed in clothing reminiscent of Kriss Kross.

Sands was passed through, though equally-controversial "Survivor" flirt Parvati Shallow was not. Shallow's attitude, as well as a striptease that was not aired, convinced her new tribemates to vote her out unanimously.

Because of the NCAA Tournament, "Survivor" will air on Wednesdays for the next two weeks, including a recap episode showing bonus footage of the first six shows. Both of these episodes will air opposite "Idol"; this is the last time the two shows are scheduled to go head-to-head.

Back from commercial.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Night 13. The tribe is arriving back from Tribal Council. Tom, Danni, Cirie, and Charlie are sticking close together; Rafe, Jonathan, and Maria appear to be shut out.

Charlie: I'm getting really sick of Tribal Council.

Cirie: I wonder what's next.

Tom: We'll be fine.

(confessional) Danni: Our alliance went head-to-head with their alliance, and we won. Cirie's the hero for right now, and we're in control of our half of the game. At least now we are.

The camera switches to Maria talking to Rafe.

Maria: I have the idol.

Rafe: That's great; now I just hope we can survive until the merge so we can take this idol back to Paula.

Maria: The hell with that, if we don't need her.

Rafe: So Parvati asked for the idol?

(confessional) Maria: I won't go into all Parvati tried to do to get the idol or at least a security guarantee off of me, but it was sad. I don't have anything against her, but I wasn't about to screw up my game just to protect her. I have better things to do.

Maria (to Jonathan): Just so you know, I found the idol.

Jonathan: Just so you know, I'm not planning on selling you out like I tried to do to Paula. That didn't work either.

(confessional) Jonathan: I have to believe I'm the next to go in my alliance, so either I need to help my half of the tribe play the idol the right way or I need to deflect the vote.

Maria (to Danni): Look, I want to change things up.

Danni: Can you offer me a better deal than what I have going?

Maria: I know you're close to Charlie, so here's the plan. You, me, Charlie, Jonathan, and Rafe.

Danni: You're counting on two of us to flip over?

Maria: For good. I want this alliance past the merge as well.

(confessional) Danni: She does make a good point. If we merge at 10, an alliance of five is pretty strong. The only problem is that they're three and we're two at that point. I may be better off where I am.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Day 14. The tribe is waking up to find that their most recent reward items are gone.

Paula: I worked hard to put that tarp up there, and now it's gone? Who took the damn thing?

(confessional) Paula: I was too tired last night to notice that the tarp was gone. But the rain jackets and everything are gone, too. It's like we got razed by bears. Even the crate with our wood's gone. But hey, at least they were nice enough to leave the wood.

Ian: Don't tell me we don't have anything.

Ozzy: I can only hope the other tribe's in the same situation we are. At least I made pointy sticks to catch fish. They got spoiled by their sling; I'm sure.

(confessional) Yau-Man: It's a little like my first tribe in Fiji. We had nothing. I can do this.

The camera shows Harriet talking to Twila.

Harriet (to Twila): Do you have a good feeling about this tribe?

Twila: I have a better one than the last one. Everyone here has their heads somewhere other than up their asses.

(confessional) Harriet: I need to find some way to weasel my way into this tribe. I need to be important.

The camera shows Terry coming back from the water with a large fish on a pointy stick. Ozzy is waiting for him at shore.

Ozzy: What, you're trying to take my job now?

(confessional) Terry: You're damn right I was taking his job. The sooner we make Ozzy less useful, the less competition I have once the merge hits. We can even get rid of him now if we want.

The camera switches to Manui Island, Day 14. There appears to be some tables with dish coverings.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

Both tribes file in at the same time; Cirie leads Fati while Paula leads Ta'aroa. Rafe and Twila pull up the rear for their tribes.

Jeff: Both tribes getting their first looks at the new tribes. Parvati voted out of Ta'aroa and Danielle voted out of Fati.

The camera shows Ozzy in an early stage of panic.

Jeff: Yau-Man, how do you like your new tribe?

Yau-Man: I think we're a winning tribe. I think we're good for a while.

Jeff: Cirie, same?

Cirie: I'm as comfortable with this tribe as I can be.

Jeff: We'll see how well you're doing today. You're going to be competing against some of your old mates. Let's get to today's challenge. It is for reward. It's all strategy. Players will sit at these tables opposite one another. You will have three items - a gun, a bullet, and a shield. When I give the command, you will put one of those into your holder. When I say to reveal, you will pick up your holder to reveal your choice. Here's how it works. If you pick the gun, you are firing a bullet. If you pick the bullet, you are reloading. If you pick the shield, you are blocking. The only way you can eliminate your opponent is to use the gun while they use a bullet. Once you are eliminated, you're out of the challenge. Oh, and there's one more thing. If you have six bullets, you can use a cannon, which eliminates your opponent no matter what they use, unless it's also a cannon. The first tribe to eliminate the other tribe's entire membership wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?

The tribes are a little confused by indicate that they do.

Jeff: Well, a few of you probably noticed that all your reward items are missing from camp. Well...

Jeff uncovers a basket; all the rewards are there.

Jeff: ...they're here, and the winning tribe gets everything. We've replenished the soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. The fishing gear, the tarps, the rain jackets, and even the waterproof matches are all here. The winner takes everything. The loser will go back to camp without a reward until next time. Everyone decide where you're sitting and wait for my go.

Everyone takes a seat at a table.

Jeff: The first round will be Tom against Paula, Cirie against Harriet, Jonathan against Twila, Maria against Ian, Charlie against Yau-Man, Danni against Ozzy, and Rafe against Terry. Everyone starts off with one bullet. Everyone place in your holder.

The camera shows everyone placing in their holders; the items are underneath the table's surface, and the players have a wall blocking the opponents' views of them.

Jeff: Everyone reveal.

Everyone does so. It is shown that Paula has a shield while Tom has a bullet.

Jeff: Paula playing it safe.

The flash is to Rafe, who played his gun; Terry played a bullet.

Jeff: Rafe gets Terry. Terry, you're out.

Terry: You got me.

Jeff: No one else is out, but Twila and Danni are out of bullets.

The camera shows everyone making moves again. Next to Charlie and Yau-Man's table, it is shown that Charlie now has three bullets to Yau-Man's two.

Jeff: Reveal.

Charlie plays a bullet; Yau-Man plays a shield.

Jeff: It looks like we have a real shootout between Charlie and Yau-Man.

Next to Danni is a bullet; across the table is Ozzy, who has a gun.

Jeff: Ozzy just knocked Danni out of the game.

Danni: I just had to get Ozzy, didn't I?

Charlie: Count your blessings, babe; I'm over here with this mastermind.

Yau-Man: Eat my dust, sailor.

The camera shows everyone placing in their holders again.

Jeff: Reveal.

Both Charlie and Yau-Man reveal bullets.

Jeff: We're all even at three bullets apiece in the dogfight.

Cirie has a shield while Harriet has a bullet.

Jeff: Harriet out of bullets. Cirie still with two. Careful when your back's against the wall.

Everyone places again.

Jeff: Reveal.

Harriet reveals a gun.

Jeff: Harriet, you're out of bullets. You can't use a gun; you're out.

Harriet: Son of a bitch. I did this last time, too.

Harriet kicks the dirt before walking off.

Jeff: Everyone watch your bullet count. If you have zero, you can't shoot. Don't be like Harriet.

Harriet: Twice in two seasons.

Jeff: In that case, don't be half Harriet.

The camera again shows everyone placing.

Jeff: Reveal.

Tom has a gun to Paula's bullet.

Jeff: That kill was legal; Paula, he got you.

Paula: And to think my kids play this all the time.

The camera focuses on Charlie and Yau-Man; Yau-Man has five bullets to Charlie's four.

Jeff: Reveal.

Yau-Man uses a shield; Charlie shoots.

Jeff: Charlie tries to off Yau-Man but fails.

The camera focuses on Ian, who played a gun to Maria's bullet.

Jeff: Maria, he got you.

Maria: Why are all the people from my season losing?

Twila did the same thing; Jonathan used a bullet and Twila a gun.

Jeff: Jonathan, she got you.

Jonathan: Like a Jew from the big city really has a chance against Twila.

Twila is shown chuckling at that comment.

Jeff: We're down to Charlie and Yau-Man. Charlie down to two bullets to Yau-Man's five.

The two are shown placing items in their holders.

Jeff: Reveal.

Charlie plays a gun; Yau-Man plays a shield.

Jeff: Reveal.

The same result.

Jeff: Charlie is out of bullets. Yau-Man has five.

Yau-Man: That's just what I wanted. I bleed you dry, and now I can reload and use a cannon, and you can't stop me.

Charlie: Can you at least give me a car?

Yau-Man: Ask me later.

Jeff: Charlie's out without a car. Ta'aroa has one extra person; you're sitting someone out this round. Keep in mind that whoever sits out now must go in the next round.

Ian: I think Yau-Man needs to sit this one. That round was too long.

Yau-Man: I bored him into letting me win.

Jeff: Yau-Man, are you out this round?

Yau-Man: Sure, why not?

Jeff: Everyone else, take a spot and get ready.

Jeff: We have Tom going against Ian in a rivalry match. We also have Cirie against Ozzy and Rafe against Twila. Whenever you're ready, go ahead and place.

Everyone does so.

Jeff: Reveal.

Both Tom and Ian use bullets. Cirie uses a gun while Ozzy uses a bullet. Rafe uses a shield, Twila a gun.

Jeff: Cirie takes down Ozzy in one shot. Tom and Ian might be this round's long match.

Everyone places again; Rafe has a bullet while Twila does not.

Jeff: Reveal.

Tom and Ian both use bullets again; Rafe uses a bullet while Twila uses a shield.

Jeff: Tom and Ian at three bullets each. Rafe up to two. Twila, you need a bullet.

Everyone places again.

Jeff: Reveal.

Tom uses a shield, Ian a bullet. Rafe uses a shield, Twila a bullet.

Rafe: Damn.

Jeff: Rafe wastes a window of opportunity.

Rafe: Wait, why did I use a shield?

Twila: To be sporting?

Everyone places again.

Jeff: Reveal.

Tom uses a gun, Ian a bullet.

Jeff: Ian not getting away with anything that time; Tom takes him down.

Rafe uses a bullet as well; Twila uses a gun.

Jeff: Twila also takes out Rafe.

Rafe: Damnit again. I do so many stupid things.

Jeff: We're at two apiece. This could be the last round very easily.

Tom takes his spot opposite Yau-Man; Cirie is opposite Twila.

Jeff: The four best players in this challenge are still alive. Place whenever you're ready.

Everyone does so.

Jeff: Reveal.

Tom and Yau-Man both use bullets. Cirie uses a gun, Twila a bullet.

Jeff: Cirie wins in one shot again.

Twila: What happened?

Cirie: You lost.

Tom and Yau-Man place again.

Jeff: If Yau-Man is eliminated, Fati wins. Reveal.

Tom uses a bullet, Yau-Man a shield.

Jeff: Tom might have Yau-Man right where he wants him.

Yau-Man: You think so, Jeff?

Jeff: You're down a bullet.

Both players place again.

Jeff: Reveal.

Tom uses a shield, Yau-Man a bullet.

Jeff: Yau-Man gets the tie back.

Tom: Well, there goes that idea.

Tom and Yau-Man place again.

Jeff: Reveal.

Tom uses a gun, Yau-Man a bullet.

Jeff: That sinks Yau-Man; Fati wins reward!

The victorious Fati gather around Tom and Cirie to celebrate.

Jeff: Fati, everything here is yours. You now have every reward item. Unfortunately for you, Ta'aroa, I've got nothing for you. Head on back to camp.

The victorious Fati tribe hauls their reward back to their boat as the screen cuts to commercial.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

06-25-07, 09:37 AM (EST)
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2. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 6 - "I Did This Last Time, Too""
Blog Entry, 03/15/2008
Authored by: Rachel Johnson, imabulldognow

Hey everyone, it's Rachel from Japan. Yes, the one who whined all through the first four episodes, the one everyone was happy to kick off. The one who actually had a popularity rating of 0.0% right after I was kicked off. That's me. And I'm not the same bitchy princess I was before.

First off, let me say I'm a huge fan of Paula. I like the way she's playing. She's to the merge easily at this rate, and then probably well into the later rounds of the game. She's probably Final Six. I can almost picture her joining forces with Charlie's alliance at the merge, and the five of them take Maria and eliminate everyone else. Unfortunately, she won't win a jury vote doing that.

It does seem like she's influencing people, though. It was Paula who helped me get back on track. And it seems to be Paula who's cleaning up Maria's act. Here's to hoping she keeps it that way while she's on the other tribe.

Back from commercial.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Day 14. The tribe returned to its beach with every reward item previously won.

Tom: I just want you guys to know, I wasn't parting with this fishing gear.

Charlie: I would have gone over to the other tribe and stolen it back.

(confessional) Danni: Today, we won every reward item from the entire game. We have everything, and the other tribe has nothing. If this doesn't get tribe morale up, I don't know what will.

The camera switches to Rafe talking to Jonathan.

Rafe: So wait a second. They're getting rid of you, then me, then Maria.

Jonathan: Something has to change with that.

Rafe: I wish we had an idol or something.

Jonathan: I'd bounce out someone from their side and we would have the tie back.

Rafe: It's hard to predict, though; they could just change their vote.

(confessional) Jonathan: Rafe and I are trying to figure out a way to get the tie back on this tribe. We might have to do something desperate, like flip someone over.

The camera shows Rafe talking to Danni.

Rafe: Really, we think you're on the outs with your alliance. Tom's a provider and so is Charlie. We want you to come over with us.

Danni: Uh-huh. That makes sense. You guys already have a winner, so I wouldn't be left out.

Rafe: Exactly. Besides, we've been allied since the first time we were out here.

Danni: I suppose I owe you one.

(confessional) Danni: I don't owe Rafe jack-s---. I was sitting there like I bought his story, but I have an alliance. I don't need Rafe's alliance. He has nothing I want.

Danni (to Charlie): Rafe tried to recruit me.

Charlie: That guy has no idea how tight we are.

Danni: In more ways than one.

Charlie: Hello, final four at this rate.

(confessional) Charlie: The other side of the tribe is getting awfully desperate. They'll do anything to keep their fate from coming.

The camera switches to Charlie talking to Maria.

Charlie: So we can take you with us if we reach the merge at five-five.

Maria: So my alliance is gone, but you're sparing me?

Charlie: I'd rather have you as a fifth.

(confessional) Maria: I don't mind being in the final five with Charlie's alliance on one condition. Tom, Danni, and I are overthrowing him and we're going to the final three together. How lame would that be if someone who won already wins again? That would teach them.

Maria: So I have to ask, are you ever going to let me fish?

Charlie: You ever use a sling?

Maria: I never learned. Teach me.

The camera shows Charlie and Maria leaving behind their normal clothes; Charlie is just in a pair of shorts, while Maria has on a navy-blue bikini underneath her normal clothes. The shot of her clothes in a pile on the beach while Charlie's shirt is farther back; the two take off with Maria carrying the Hawaiian sling.

Charlie: So just dive down with the thing pulled back, and then, when you want to spear a fish, let it go in the right direction.

(confessional) Maria: Charlie taught me how to catch fish. I caught on pretty well. It's not something I can imagine myself doing all the time, but he taught me how to provide. I think he really wants me in the alliance.

Maria resurfaces with a fish; Charlie is holding up another one.

Charlie: Let me take these back to shore real quick.

Charlie hands the fish to Cirie on shore and heads back; the camera flashes to the other end of the beach, where Charlie's shirt is still there, but Maria's clothes are gone.

(confessional) Maria: My fishing lesson seemed to last all evening; it was dark before I came back.

The camera shows Charlie grabbing his shirt and Maria looking around.

Maria: Wait a minute, I had these right here.

Charlie: I guess you're just down to your usual look.

(confessional) Maria: Last time I was out on the island, I came fully dressed but came back without some of my clothes. This was on purpose. I was there to show off. Now I am actually disappointed that my tank top and shorts washed away. I guess it's OK, though; the tribe will just have to enjoy the view.

The camera shows Maria walking into the ocean with her bikini behind her; soon after, the screen cuts to commercial.

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3. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 6 - "I Did This Last Time, Too""
REPORT: 'Fiji' Truck Totaled in Wreck

UPI News Service, 03/16/2008

Police in Wilmington, North Carolina report that the Ford F-350 licensed to Andria "Dreamz" Herd of the "Survivor: Fiji" cast was recently totaled in a traffic accident involving two other cars.

Herd received the truck as a gift from fellow Fiji castaway Yau-Man Chan, who asked that Herd give him immunity at the Final Four if he won it. Herd reneged on the deal, Chan was immediately voted out, and in the final vote, Herd received no votes as Chan's ally Earl Cole won in the first-ever "Survivor" shutout.

Reports indicate that one of Herd's friends was driving the truck; the friend, Harris "Apollo" Norton, had a blood-alcohol content of .15, nearly double the legal limit in North Carolina. Norton suffered bruises and a broken hand; Herd was uninjured in the accident.

When asked about the incident, Herd told police, "I guess it's karma. I should have given the necklace to Yau-Man." Uanmused, Wilmington police issued Herd a $500 fine for the accident.

The officer in question reported, "Mr. Herd was the owner of the car and is therefore responsible for the accident. He will serve no jail time, but it will go one his record." The officer followed with, "And it has nothing to do with his appearance on the show. Besides, I was an Earl fan anyway."

Rumors have floated since then that Herd will star in a reality show called "My Name Is Dreamz" in which he plays a real-life Earl Hickey of NBC sitcom fame, going and righting past wrongs. No major network has verified these rumors.

Back from commercial.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Night 14. Maria is arriving back on shore to discover that the bikini she had left there is now gone. She looks inquisitively.

Maria: What happened here? I could have sworn I left it here...there were maybe some waves, but I would have known about it...I think...

(confessional) Maria (still naked): I went for a skinny dip for the first time out here on the island. When I came back, all my clothes were gone. I don't think anyone took them, and I don't think any animals got them...I guess they just washed away and I have to play the game without clothes.

Maria walks back to camp slightly embarrassed.

Charlie: Well, fancy having you back. How's the water?

Maria: It's fine; I enjoyed it. I better have, because it looks like the rest of my time out here will be like this.

Charlie: Like what?

Maria: The tide took all my clothes. I'm naked, and I'm stuck like this.

(confessional) Charlie: And here comes Maria back to shore naked as she always was on our season, and she actually looks worried about it.

Maria: When I was out here before, I never worried about it; I could always put things back on if I wanted.

Danni: So what took you so long this time?

Maria: I wanted to show I wasn't just out here to hang out and be naked. I wanted to prove I was tough and I could handle it.

Danni: You proved that the first time.

(confessional) Danni: I really felt bad for Maria. Here was this poor girl without anything to wear.

Danni begins taking off her outerwear, a red tank top and shorts, before Maria stops her.

Maria: I don't need them, but thank you. I will be fine.

Danni: Listen, I think you don't understand. Go back that way and look in the grass.

Maria: Why?

Charlie: It's time we came clean. Danni and I hid your clothes. We just did it to play a joke.

Charlie has a big, bold smile on his face; Danni is visibly laughing.

Maria: Oh, come on; that wasn't very nice.

Charlie: Come on; you had it coming.

(confessional) Maria: Yes, I had it coming. No, I didn't have to like it.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Day 15. Ozzy and Paula are scaling some fish and placing them into the pot.

Paula: This would be so much easier with all that stuff the other tribe won.

Ozzy: Don't worry about that. We're fine with what we have.

(confessional) Paula: Of course I'm worried about not having everything the other tribe has. It's rough out here. It's not easy to get along sometimes.

Ozzy: Hey, give it some time and maybe we'll have a chance to take out some of that frustration.

Paula: Believe me, I'm looking forward to it.

The camera flashes soon to Terry, who is carrying tree mail.

Terry: Everyone come on in; we got tree mail!

The tribe gathers around to view it.

Terry (from Tree Mail): Once again, it's one-on-one, but the challenge is for everyone. Fight with everything you've got, or for one, you'll lose your shot.

Twila: I hope it's physical.

The camera switches to Aukena Island, Day 15. Both tribes paddle in to a challenge set that's out on the water.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

Both tribes take their places on opposite sides of the Survivor: All-Stars II flag.

Jeff: First thing's first - Terry, hand it over.

Jeff takes the immunity idol from Terry, as Ta'aroa was the last to hold it.

Jeff: Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. How's everyone liking their new homes? Ozzy?

Ozzy: The only thing that's missing is all the stuff we won in that reward.

Jeff: Danni, is that stuff coming in handy?

Danni: Sorry guys, but we've made very good use of your tarps.

Jeff: Unfortunately for you, Ta'aroa, those things are not up for grabs. But something more important is. Let's get to today's challenge. It is for immunity, and it's straight out of the Palau season.

The camera shows the Survivor: Palau flag.

Jeff: On my go, one member of each tribe will climb out to the platform and try to push his or her opponent off. You will carry a blocking pad, which you must hold onto with both hands. You may not kick or knee your opponent. Other than that, use whatever you can to get your opponent off the platform. If you do so, you score a point for your tribe, The first tribe to seven points wins immunity and is guaranteed at least one more day in the Gambier Islands. For the losers? Tribal Council tonight, and someone will be the next person voted out. In addition, every match will be man vs. man or woman vs. woman. Everyone has to go at least once. Take your spots; wait for my go.

Two figures take their places on top of the platform.

Jeff: The first match is between Charlie for Fati and Ozzy for Ta'aroa. Survivors ready? GO!

The two men charge each other, hitting with blockers head-on. Neither falls back and both continue to push, neither gaining any ground.

Jeff: We have a deadlock right off! Neither one giving an inch!

Charlie moves his blocker a little lower and pushes Ozzy back; Ozzy pulls down and charges Charlie back.

Jeff: Charlie has an idea! Ozzy not giving up!

Charlie drops to his knees while Ozzy pushes him hard. Suddenly, Charlie springs forward and Ozzy falls back, nearing the edge of the platform.

Jeff: Charlie gets a good push in!

Charlie rushes Ozzy before he can get his balance and pushes him in.

Jeff: Charlie scores! Fati's up one to nothing!

The next two Survivors take their places.

Jeff: The next match is Danni for Fati against Twila from Ta'aroa. Survivors ready? GO!

Twila runs at Danni, who absorbs the blow; Danni falls back and lands while Twila continues to apply pressure.

Jeff: Twila taking a big lead!

Danni is on her back as Twila continues to push her. Danni tries to get her footing but Twila pins her down and attempts to knock the blocker out of her hands.

Jeff: Hang on to those blockers! If you drop it, you lose automatically!

Danni does a backward somersault and lands on her feet; Twila charges her before she can get her balance. Danni pushes her off to the side and she goes in.

Jeff: Danni scores! That was an incredible comeback! Fati up two-nothing now!

The camera shows two more on the platform.

Jeff: We have two old rivals. Tom for Fati against Ian for Ta'aroa. Tom, you did this before; you think you can take him?

Tom: Ian, you're a hell of a guy, but you're going down.

Jeff: Survivors ready? GO!

Ian comes at Tom right away; he drops to one knee and absorbs the blow, stunning Ian. Tom then gets back up and charges Ian, who is unprepared for it.

Jeff: Tom trying something just like what we saw!

Tom pushes Ian's feet; Ian tries to kick back.

Jeff: No kicking, Ian!

Ian ignores Jeff's warning and continues to kick Tom's blocker.

Jeff: Ian's disqualified! Tom scores! I said no kicking!

Ian throws down the blocker angrily. The next two Survivors come up.

Jeff: We have another pair of rivals. Maria for Fati against her old tribemate and castmate Paula for Ta'aroa. Survivors ready?

Maria: I learned a lot, like how to beat you.

Jeff: GO!

Paula dashes at Maria and uppercuts her with the blocker; Maria goes flying into the water.

Jeff: Paula scores for Ta'aroa!

Paula (down at Maria): I'm still the master, bitch!

The next two Survivors take their places.

Jeff: We have Rafe for Fati against Terry for Ta'aroa. Survivors ready? GO!

Rafe throws a block up at Terry with his blocker; Terry pushes him around the ring, and he ends up near the edge.

Jeff: Rafe looks like he's hanging on for dear life!

Terry forces Rafe to his knees; Rafe gets back up, but Terry pushes him in easily.

Jeff: Terry scores! Fati's lead down to just one point!

Te next two Survivors take their spots.

Jeff: We have Cirie for Fati against Harriet for Ta'aroa. Survivors ready? GO!

Cirie grabs her blocker and heads at Harriet very quickly; Harriet doesn't have time to react, and she is bowled over and goes stumbling into the water.

Jeff: Cirie scores for Fati, who's up four-two now!

The next two Survivors get on the platform.

Jeff: Next up, we have Jonathan for Fati against Yau-Man for Ta'aroa. Survivors ready? GO!

Jonathan tries to push Yau-Man back, but Yau-Man dodges the blow and turns around and pushes Jonathan from behind.

Jeff: Yau-Man trying something different!

Jonathan takes his blocker and smacks Yau-Man with it; Yau-Man stumbles to the platform's surface.

Jeff: That had to hurt! Yau-Man, you OK?

Yau-Man appears unresponsive at first.

Jeff: We need medical!

Jonathan looks over Yau-Man, who doesn't appear to move. He kneels down at the platform's edge, and Yau-Man then lifts his blocker and hits Jonathan over the face with it. Jonathan, disoriented, falls into the water.

Jeff: I don't believe it! Yau-Man's not only OK, but he scores a point for Ta'aroa!

Yau-Man: Watch where you throw that thing.

The next two Survivors take their spots.

Jeff: We're back to Danni for Fati against Twila for Ta'aroa. Remember, Fati leads four-three. Survivors ready? GO!

Danni uses the same technique as before, charging Twila; she gets on her knees and forces Danni up and over. Danni lands on her hands and knees; a resilient Twila pushes her in from behind.

Jeff: Twila scores for Ta'aroa! We're dead even!

The next two Survivors take their spots.

Jeff: Once again, we have Charlie for Fati against Ozzy from Ta'aroa. Survivors ready? GO!

Just like before, it's a deadlock; neither player gives an inch. Charlie tries to push hard against Ozzy with short charges.

Jeff: No one giving an inch! This match could be crucial!

The match continues, with the players changing angles just a bit; Charlie tries to charge Ozzy, but he gets nowhere.

Jeff: It looks like this one's coming down to who gets tired faster!

Ozzy picks up his blocker higher and hits Charlie in the face with it; Charlie is a bit disoriented, and he falls back.

Jeff: Ozzy going for the face! There's no rule against that!

Ozzy keeps popping Charlie's blocker with his own, further causing him to lose ground; Charlie falls in soon after.

Jeff: Ozzy scores! Ta'aroa's in the lead!

The next two Survivors take their places.

Jeff: Next up is Maria for Fati against Paula from Ta'aroa. Survivors ready? GO!

Paula starts off by charging Maria again; this time, the uppercut misses, and Maria pushes Paula back.

Jeff: Maria not falling for the same trick twice!

Maria forces Paula to the edge, and soon after, she lands a stunning blow that forces Paula over.

Jeff: Maria scores! We're all even again!

Maria (down to Paula): You taught me too well.

The next two Survivors take their places.

Jeff: We have Tom going against Ian again. Ian, how badly do you want to take down Tom?

Ian: I want revenge, Jeff.

Jeff: We'll see if you can get it. Survivors ready? GO!

Tom charges at Ian as he did before; he uses the same uppercut move Paula had used before, and Ian gets knocked back. Tom gets to him again, and after two more blocks, Ian falls in again.

Jeff: Tom scores! Fati up six-five now!

The next two Survivors take their places.

Jeff: Cirie, if you win this match, you win immunity. Harriet, you need this to stay alive. Survivors ready? GO!

Cirie makes the same charging move at Harriet, but she seems to miscalculate and Harriet gets out of the way. Harriet turns around and pops Cirie from behind; she falls in face-first.

Jeff: Harriet saves her tribe's chances! We're tied at six-all!

The final two Survivors take their spots.

Jeff: For Fati, we have Rafe. For Ta'aroa, we have Terry. Whoever stays on the platform wins immunity for his tribe. Survivors ready? GO!

Rafe runs at Terry fast and actually tosses him back. Terry shoves Rafe back as well, and Rafe loses ground.

Jeff: Terry taking his lead back!

Rafe regains the ground, and the two are at the center of the platform. The two deadlock until Rafe appears to start losing his strength.

Jeff: We're all even! Rafe trying his best to avenge the last loss!

Rafe uses his blocker to pop Terry in the stomach, forcing him back. Rafe then uses the blocker to hit Terry in the face, and Terry soon falls in.

Jeff: Terry's down! Fati wins immunity!

Rafe tosses his blocker behind him and does a fancy dive into the water. The rest of the Fati tribe appears joyous.

Jeff: Fati, once again, no Tribal Council for you. Ta'aroa, I'm afraid I can't say the same. Head on back; I'll see you tonight.

Images of Rafe pushing Terry over the edge and the victorious Fati tribe celebrating dominate the screen as it cuts to commercial.

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4. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 6 - "I Did This Last Time, Too""
Blog Entry, 03/14/2008
Authored by: Laura Dean, sensitivenakedgirl

I think this show gets better every week. It started a little rough, sure, but it looks like Maria's grown out of needing an arch-rival the way she seemed to in Japan and has turned into a very mature player and a genuinely enjoyable person. And her previously easy-going, to-hell-with-everything attitude has nothing to do with it. She's grown up.

Like I said in a previous blog, Maria used to be very immature and irresponsible. She went through that phase after being a straight-A student in college. She went from being the girl who never missed a day of class and got good grades to the girl who couldn't handle medical school; then she went from job to job for little pay. I think she figured out I would work hard enough for both of us; she didn't have to do a thing.

She listed herself as a "medical assistant" her first time out. That was her last job, which was over a year before she left for the show. She got fired for never going in. And then she sat on the couch, ate chips, drank wine coolers and Coke, and watched TV naked all day. I got fed up with her and told her she had to do something.

I can't believe she talked me into auditioning for that show "The Amazing Race." I just couldn't get into it, and I was so mad at her for the fact that CBS now owns a video of me and her in the nude. But, even if she never worked for that year, it led to her being cast for "Survivor," buying us a house, going back to school, and the two of us falling in love and starting a life together. And she's continuing to grow up out there.

That's not to say I didn't think Charlie and Danni's hiding of her clothes wasn't the funniest thing I've ever seen. I laughed myself purple at that. And Maria was watching with me and she gave me this look like I just turned into a five-eyed alien.

If Maria weren't already a winner, she would be on the fast track to winning. But as it is, she's already on the fast track to growing up, getting her MBA, and working hard. So I can take a few months off and enjoy life.

Back from commercial.

Angakauital Island, neutral camp, Day 15. After the narrow immunity defeat, the Ta'aroa tribe arrives at the beach.

Ian: It's just like on my season, I swear.

Paula: What gives you that idea?

Ian: My first tribe won because we had a gay hairdresser who beat an Alabama steelworker in this challenge. This time, a gay wilderness guide beats a Navy pilot.

(confessional) Paula: The irony wasn't lost on me at all, but the fact remains, if Ian had won just one match, we wouldn't be in this situation. I won a match. Ozzy won a match. Even Yau-Man won a match. Ian was winless.

The camera shows Ozzy looking at the immunity idol clue.

Ozzy (from idol clue): The efforts of many have gone into concealing it. Well, that could mean anything.

The camera switches to Ozzy talking to Paula and Yau-Man.

Ozzy: So just so we're clear, who needs to go?

Paula: I hate to say it, but we might need to be afraid of Ian a bit.

Ozzy: What? Ian? Are you crazy?

Yau-Man: Ian had a rough challenge, but he's with us.

(confessional) Paula: Correction, guys; he's with you. Once we merge, I'm flipping to the other tribe. That's why I want Ian out.

Yau-Man: We can't vote just based on who does well in challenges. There are people we need around here and people we don't.

Paula: Well, let's be perfectly honest; everyone here works.

Ozzy: That's what makes it so hard to get rid of someone.

(confessional) Ozzy: I know who I want gone, and I know I could do it. I don't know if we'll win a challenge with them gone, though.

The camera switches to Terry talking to Twila.

Terry: So what can we do here? Four of them, three of us.

Twila: I've been in worse situations. All we need is at least one person to cave. Or maybe we can just turn the mood against someone on their alliance.

(confessional) Terry: And at that point, I had a really good idea.

The camerea shows Terry talking to Ozzy and Yau-Man.

Terry: We all know who the weakest member of the tribe is.

Ozzy: Really?

Terry: It's Paula. If we want to win a challenge, we need her gone.

Ozzy: Careful, though. I'm in, but there's just one thing.

Terry: What's that?

Ozzy: Paula has an immunity idol. It has to be a blindside.

Terry: No problem. Tell her I'm going.

Ozzy: What do you suppose we were doing?

(confessional) Yau-Man: The plan right now is to get Paula out. She's the weakest member of the tribe, and she has an immunity idol. Also, she has allies on the other tribe. She's dangerous.

The camera switches to Paula talking to Yau-Man.

Paula: So the plan is to vote Terry?

Yau-Man: Yes, we vote Terry.

Paula: I just hope the next few immunities aren't pure strength.

Yau-Man: Relax; we just did a strength one. Next up is probably a puzzle. I can handle those.

(confessional) Paula: It's a bold move cutting Terry loose, but I'm prepared for it.

The camera shows Yau-Man talking to Ozzy and Ian.

Yau-Man: So I made her believe we're going after Terry. She doesn't suspect a thing.

Ozzy: For real, you did?

Yau-Man: Honest. Why would I lie about that? It doesn't make sense. We need Terry.

(confessional) Ian: Yau-Man is a bit shady sometimes, like with the second vote, but there's an idol involved, and I know he's with us.

Yau-Man: You understand it's in my best interests to keep her going.

(confessional) Yau-Man: It's also in my best interests to be the only one in the tribe with an immunity idol. So once that idol's gone, I'm off to look for another one.

The camera shows the sun setting on Night 15 and the tribe walking into Tribal Council. Everyone takes a seat, with the men in the back row and the women in the front.

Jeff: Ian, I guess it comes up that you were the only one not to win a match at the immunity challenge.

Ian: Don't remind me. Tom's a tough man, and I dare anyone to go against him on that platform.

Jeff: Ozzy, do you think you could take Tom?

Ozzy: I don't know. I managed Charlie one time out of two; I always thought they were pretty evenly matched.

Jeff: Terry, Rafe doesn't look anywhere near as strong as you. How did you lose that match to him?

Terry: Rafe's a lot tougher than he looks, and he learns quickly. I know it's not as hilarious as if I talk about how he's been at the gym all the time, but--

Terry's speech is interrupted by the rest of the tribe's laughter.

Jeff: Harriet, is Cirie tougher than she gives herself credit for?

Harriet: Cirie's possibly the smartest player out there. I sure as hell wouldn't want to go up against her in the final vote.

Jeff: Does playing a tough opponent excuse losing to her in the reward as well as losing once to her in immunity?

Harriet: Cirie beat everyone she faced in the reward. I actually went the longest with her.

Jeff: Still--

Harriet: Look over at Ian, thank you very much.

Ian: Hey, I won in the reward one time. I might not be able to take Tom, but I would say that's almost a reason to keep me around. There are stronger people who carry us to the merge, and I'm not a threat.

Jeff: Do you really think you're not a threat, Ian?

Ian: Name me one threatening thing I've done out here.

Paula: You mean besides threatening to trade shorts with Chris?

Ian is temporarily unable to respond due to laughter.

Jeff: Yau-Man, does anyone around here not pull their weight?

Yau-Man: There's no room for laziness in this tribe. Fortunately for the tribe, there is none. Unfortunately for the voters, that's making it a lot harder to find reasons to vote.

Jeff: Paula, you're arguably the hardest worker out here. Do you agree with that?

Paula: This is the hardest-working group of people I've ever seen. Being a hard worker counts for nothing out here. I've made a worker out of a lazy bimbo on the other tribe. Laziness just does not fly out here.

Jeff: Do you think you're helping the tribes' work ethic?

Paula: I sure as hell ain't hurting it.

Jeff: Ozzy, is that a pretty accurate statement?

Ozzy: We all have our roles. Terry keeps us stocked full of firewood and makes sure the fire's burning, Twila and Harriet make sure the shelter stays intact, Yau-Man does whatever it is he does to keep coconuts coming in, Ian seems to be a master with the rice, and Paula and I keep the fish coming in.

Jeff: Terry, is this tribe pretty well-fed?

Terry: Everything here works. Sometimes we trade duties and everything, but everything gets done.

Jeff: You're in a tough spot here just because you're in a minority. Is that making it hard to get what you want done to be done around here?

Terry: Not at all. We came here to vote someone off tonight, and we're doing it in such a way that it strengthens the tribe.

Jeff: Paula, who would you say is the weakest out here?

Paula: There's no weakest member. I know a lot of people see me as the weakest member, but there is none.

Jeff: Harriet, are you the weakest?

Harriet: Not even close. I'm clever and determined; that's all you have to be.

Jeff: Ian, what about you?

Ian: I'm not the strongest, but I'm certainly not the weakest.

Jeff: What you're saying here is that the decision is looking very tough. We'll see if you're really torn or if your minds are made up. It is time to vote. Paula, you're up.

Paula gets up to vote and goes behind the curtain; she writes down Terry's name.

Paula (to voting camera): I hate to get rid of a strong player, but you just don't fit in.

The camera also shows her looking at her immunity idol as if to determine whether she needs to play it or not; she appears to put it back in her pocket before leaving.

Next to vote after Paula is Harriet, whose vote is not shown.

After Harriet, the next to vote is Ozzy; he votes Paula.

Ozzy (to voting camera): Just doing what I have to in order to make sure we've seen the last of that idol.

Ozzy goes back to sit down; after he does, Twila gets up to vote. Her vote is not shown.

The next to vote is Ian; his vote is not shown.

After Ian, Terry votes; his vote is not shown.

The final person to vote is Yau-Man; his vote is not shown, but his speech is heard.

Yau-Man (to voting camera): This is the ultimate blindside vote.

Yau-Man sits back down, and the camera switches to Jeff.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

The camera focuses on a nervous Paula immediately before going back to Jeff.

Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final; the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately unless an idol is played on their behalf. I'll read the votes.

Jeff reaches in and takes out a vote.

Jeff: First vote...Terry.

Clearly in Paula's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Paula. One vote Paula.

The handwriting give no clue to who wrote it.

Jeff: ...Paula. Two votes Paula.

This is Ozzy's vote.

Jeff: ...Paula. Three votes Paula.

The camera shows Ian immediately.

Paula sits uneasily in her seat.

Jeff takes out another vote.

He opens it.

Jeff: ...Ian. One vote Ian.

The look on Ian's face is of total shock.

Jeff reaches in and takes out another vote.

The camera shows Yau-Man giving no expression.

Jeff opens the vote.

Jeff: ...the seventh person voted out of Survivor: All-Stars II...Paula. I will now check the side pouch for an idol.

Jeff turns the urn so the pouch is toward the players.

He reaches up to unfasten the top.

The flap falls...

...and the camera focuses on Paula...

...who appears to take out something from her bag...

...but comes up with nothing.

The side pouch falls, and an idol is present.

Jeff: There is one idol in here. I will now open it up and see who it is played for.

The idol is a voodoo doll; Jeff opens the mouth and pulls out a small roll of parchment.

He unfurls it for the tribe.

The name on the parchment... not seen at first...

...Jeff turns the paper...

...grabs it at the corners...

...and turns it around...

...and the name "Paula" is written on it.

Jeff: The immunity idol was played on behalf of Paula. All votes cast against Paula do not count.

The camera focuses on an uneasy Ian.

Jeff: There is one vote each for Terry and for Ian. We will go to a tiebreaker. One of you needs to come forward to determine what tiebreak will be used. Please select an envelope.

Terry takes an envelope and opens it.

He begins to read from it.

Terry: This tiebreaker is brand new. It has never been done on a show or even been a season's tiebreaker. Anyone who has immunity retains it.

There is a pause.

Terry: You will compete in a head-to-head rendition of today's reward challenge. The same rules apply. In addition, it will be head-to-head involving every member of the tribe who does not have immunity already.

Jeff: There are six of you who are eligible to be dismissed. You will compete head-to-head. If you lose, you will compete in two simultaneous games against the others who lose. I will explain the rules to that once we get that far. Everyone draw for spots.

Everyone takes a seat in makeshift setups.

Jeff: We have Ian against Yau-Man, Ozzy against Harriet, and Terry against Twila. You each start with one bullet. Whenever you're ready, place your first item.

All six players are shown placing items.

Jeff: Reveal.

Everyone plays a bullet with the exception of Terry, who plays a shield.

Jeff: Terry playing conservatively; everyone else taking chances. Go again.

Everyone looks to place items.

Jeff: Reveal.

This time, everyone places a bullet except Harriet and Ian, who place shields.

Jeff: Looks like paranoia might be setting in for some. Go ahead and place again.

Everyone places an item.

Jeff: Reveal.

Ian plays a bullet, trying to catch up; Yau-Man plays a gun.

Jeff: Yau-Man just eliminates Ian; Yau-Man is safe. Take a seat back in your spot, Yau-Man.

Ian stays put; Yau-Man returns to the contestants' area. In addition, both Ozzy and Harriet played bullets.

Jeff: We have one match here that looks like it could go a while...

Terry played a shield and Twila a gun.

Jeff: ...with another that might be over at the next careless move. Everyone left in the matches, place.

All four remaining players place their items.

Jeff: Reveal.

Ozzy plays a bullet to Harriet's shield.

Jeff: Ozzy up to five bullets; Harriet at three.

Terry plays a gun to Twila's bullet.

Jeff: Twila's just been eliminated. Terry, take a seat on the sideline.

Terry walks over and sits next to Yau-Man.

Yau-Man (to Terry, subtitled): I voted Ian.

Terry (to Yau-Man, subtitled): Thanks.

Jeff: Ozzy, Harriet, you need to place.

Both do so.

Jeff: Reveal.

Harriet uses a bullet...

...and so does Ozzy.

Jeff: Ozzy, you have six bullets.

Ozzy: Sorry Harriet, but I'll be using a cannon next.

Jeff: Harriet, you're still able to be eliminated. Ozzy, take a seat on the side.

Ozzy sits in the back row.

Jeff: OK, here's how it works. Each of you will play two games at the same time, one against each of the other two players. Whoever gets a kill first is safe. At that point, it's between whoever is left. Whoever gets the last kill is also safe. Twila and Harriet, you can still be eliminated despite not receiving a vote. Twila, you have yet to receive a vote in the game. No one is safe.

Everyone sits around the table and places two items.

Jeff: Reveal.

Twila and Ian both use bullets in both matches. Harriet uses a gun in both.

Jeff: Harriet, you look like you might just have mastered the game. Take a spot on the side.

Harriet sits next to Ozzy.

Jeff: Ian and Twila, you each have two bullets. The game is on. Reveal.

Ian uses a bullet and Twila a shield.

Jeff: Twila down a bullet now. Reveal.

Ian uses a bullet.

Twila lifts her item box.

There's a gun in it.

Twila pumps her fist in victory.

Jeff: Ian, that's the match. You're the only one left. You need to bring me your torch.

Ian, without a word, takes his torch and gives it to Jeff.

Jeff: Ian, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Ian's torch.

Ian: Thanks to whoever threw that odd vote at me.

Yau-Man: No problem, man.

Twila takes her place next to Harriet.

Jeff: Well, it's been 15 days and the most chaotic tiebreak ever, and the person you voted out is still sitting here because she had an immunity idol. It just goes to show that your safety can never be guaranteed. Watch your back. Grab your torches; head on back to camp. Goodnight.

The tribe files out of Tribal Council as the screen begins to roll credits.

Jeff: Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.

The screen cuts to commercial.


Becky: Well, if they did that tiebreaker in the Cook Islands, things might have turned out very least I wouldn't be embarrassed for never learning to make fire. Seems to me that they're really emphasizing challenge strength, and it comes from a lot of people we never expected it from. I expected Cirie against Harriet to be a pillow fight. Not even close to what i was expecting.

A lot of strategy and a lot of brainpower is needed for this season's challenges. The reward this time was all mind power. Even immunity was won by the clever and not always the strong. I had to ask about the ruling for Yau-Man's move, and what I was told is this: "Since he did it before Medical arrived, it's legal. If the medical staff were checking him out and he clobbered Jonathan in the face, it would have been a violation and he would have risked being expelled from the game." Also, they edited that sequence to make it look longer than it really was; Jonathan dropped to his knees pretty immediately, and Jeff called for Medical at the same time as Yau-Man hit Jonathan with his blocker.

The ruling was a correct one, although Jeff was probably more shocked at the events that took place than he's ever been. And he's sat through dead grandmas, marriage proposals, and unrequited love.

Candice: I think Jeff was the only person more stunned than me at Billy's statement about being in love with me, so I know what Becky means. Billy and I have since become pretty good friends, though as far as dating goes, he's not my type. Since I was so close to that situation, I consider it a bit more of a shocker than Yau-Man's ploy, which was good simply for the shock value.

I feel a little bad for Ian, though. He lost to Tom again in what seems like every way possible. Tom just thrashed him in the immunity challenge, and then he managed to lose the tiebreaker for immunity and he's out now. It's a shame. It really is. I saw him going far. And it all ends because of an odd vote from Yau-Man.

I'll tell you what I think happened. Yau-Man spilled to Paula about the plan to blindside her. She played the idol, and Yau-Man didn't want Terry to go, so he voted Ian, which is who he really wanted out. And his one vote was the deciding vote. Anyone who had a doubt that Yau-Man came to play hard is deluded.

Catharine: I'm still cracking up at Charlie and Danni's prank. I can only imagine how long they waited to be able to pull that. And I have a small confession to make, and maybe I'm not really that innocent in this whole situation here.

I inspired that prank.

No lie. At the start of Japan, we were separated by gender, and it was the only time I was on a tribe with Maria. She told me in confidence she was a nudist, but she never displayed it until she was on Minamoto. I had an idea at one point, in the event we became tribemates again. I would take whatever clothes she had and bury them when she went for a skinny dip. And she would freak out and wonder where they went, probably going insane by the time I started doubling over laughing at the whole situation.

I never got to do it. But I talked to Charlie about it after the Japan reunion, and he thought it was the funniest thing he'd ever heard. He didn't think he could bring himself to do it, though, and I had a bad feeling he wouldn't be tribemates with Maria. But he was, and he pulled it off. And for that, he should be given a medal.

And I seriously doubt if Maria takes off anything for the rest of the show.

Rob: Oh sure, put the challenge I can do in this season, where I'm not. That reward challenge is right up my alley. I do strategy games and geeky stuff all the time. It's my life. And I would have been a hero. And I would never have been in danger at that insane Tribal Council. I know, it's tough when people actually have to use their brains, isn't it?

It's even better than a lot of those puzzle challenges we're used to seeing. And it's a lot easier to play than those big-board chess-type games. And there wasn't a lot of cutting that had to be done. This challenge should become a mainstay. And Rob Cesternino would be the champion.

And I promptly would have gotten my ass kicked in the immunity challenge. No lie.

Back from commercial.

Voice-over: Join us next week as we recap the first six episodes and show you never-before-seen footage. In her Survivor Live interview, Parvati admitted to shameless attempts to get an immunity idol. What really happened?

The camera shows a disinterested Maria sitting in the woods with Parvati pleading.

Voice-over: How close have Charlie and Danni really gotten?

The camera shows Charlie and Danni holding hands and getting close.

Voice-over: And what was behind some of the surprise votes?

The camera shows Jeff snuffing Yul's torch.

Voice-over: Join us next Wednesday at 8/7 Central for a Survivor recap, and for our next all-new episode at Survivor's regular time, Thursday at 8/7 Central on March 28.

Different voice-over: Stay tuned for an all-new CSI coming up next.

Ian (final words): I have no idea what happened tonight; I'm completely puzzled. I thought the plan was in place, and I think someone told Paula to play the idol. Even so, I never thought it would be me. I didn't get the chance to prove I'm a great player, and I'll never let myself live down giving up the chance to play for a million in Palau after this.

5 votes Paula: Harriet, Ian, Ozzy, Terry, Twila
1 vote Terry: Paula
1 vote Ian: Yau-Man
Paula played an immunity idol and Ian lost a tiebreaker

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5. "RE: Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 6 - "I Did This Last Time, Too""
...what the hell?

Goodbye purple rock, hello silver bullet.

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6. "RE: Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 6 - "I Did This Last Time, Too""
Goodbye purple rock, hello silver bullet.

At least he finished tied for second in the vote...and honestly, I determined this tiebreak the same way I determined the Danielle-Cirie tiebreak - random numbers. The fact that it was the same as the Exile Island tiebreak was coincidence.

If I have an idol, it has to come into play sometime...

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