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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 4: "Joanie Loves Chachi!""
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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

06-11-07, 10:20 AM (EST)
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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 4: "Joanie Loves Chachi!""
Survivor Live Excerpts: Chris Daugherty

The screen shows Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca, hosts of Survivor Live on a faux jungle background with a Survivor: All-Stars II logo.

Dalton: Helloooo again, Survivor fans, and welcome to the third installment of Survivor Live. I'm Dalton Ross and I'm joined by the lovely and talented Jenna Morasca.

Jenna: If that episode last night proved anything, it's that a tribe that doesn't keep its head can't possibly win. I've seen it firsthand, and I've seen it from the viewers' end as well, and, in fact, the first time that challenge was run in Thailand, it ended up much the same way. A favored tribe completely lost control and blew the challenge.

Dalton: Yeah, a lot of people thought that was a turning point for that season. It could be the same here; the previously undefeated Fati tribe went down hard last night. Is this what Ta'aroa needed to get back in it, Jenna?

Jenna: They needed something; that's for sure. And the first Fati to go down is joining us live in the studio today. Chris Daugherty, the winner of the Vanuatu season, was out last night. Welcome to the show, Chris.

The screen pans out to show Chris sitting in a chair similar to the ones used by Dalton and Jenna.

Chris: Thanks for having me.

Dalton: A lot of people thought you should have been out first on your season, and you ended up winning it all. This time, you're the first out of a very strong tribe. What happened?

Chris: Obviously there's an alliance on my tribe, contrary to what Cirie said. I didn't have the same chance to get into an alliance like that mainly because the people I wanted to work my way into an alliance with were already either in an alliance or prejudiced against me based on my first performance.

Jenna: You mean because you lied your way to the end?

Chris: That's awfully blunt of you to say. But yes, I weaseled my way to the end in Vanuatu. I didn't really have a choice. Here, I probably could have done the same, or I could have spent a lot of time looking for the idol, but I doubt I was getting to the merge simply because of what I did the first time.

Dalton: You're the second person from your season to leave, and only Twila's left. How do you think she'll do?

Chris: Maybe someone will take her along the way I brought her, and she'll finish in a good position because of that. Or she could be next off; I don't know.

Jenna: What happened in that immunity challenge? You actually took out your own tribemate!

Chris: I just fell and grabbed the first thing I could reach, and sadly, it was Tom's ankle. It might have been that Tom deliberately went off on me ot make me look bad, too; he had immunity at that Council, and he wanted to make sure his alliance had a majority.

Dalton: It could have been. It could also have been that he just got fed up and lost it.

Chris: Either way, we both lost our heads. It might have cost us.

Jenna: You weren't the only one to do so, though.

Chris: Terry needed to take a chill pill out there. It was like he had some kind of vendetta against everyone out there. I think Parvati reminded him of Danielle, and that's why they didn't get along.

Dalton: Parvati did the same thing in that challenge.

Chris: I couldn't figure her out. One minute she was a happy-go-lucky flirt, and the next she punched someone.

Jenna: Look, I'll be the first to admit I went a little crazy in the Amazon. Parvati did the same in her season. Was she playing that up again?

Chris: I think so. I never thought she would lay it on so thick with the other tribe, though. I looked at the makeup of the other tribe. Jonathan, Yau-Man, and Rafe are lost causes as far as flirting goes, Ian doesn't seem like he's receptive to flirting, and Ozzy's dealt with her before, so I guess I can't be too surprised that Parvati's only successful flirting was with one of the girls on the other tribe.

Dalton: Is that all it was? She actually took her clothes off and gave them to Maria.

Chris: She wasn't going to let Maria keep them, and Maria wasn't about to do so; they didn't show the fallout of this on screen. Jeff wouldn't have cared one way or another if Parvati wanted to give her clothes up, but we would have liked her to at least have them, and the other tribe thought they would be too much of a distraction.

Jenna: Are there any real sparks between those two girls?

Chris: You're asking the wrong guy. I know Parvati will probably continue to flirt, but I have no idea who her targets are.

The Show Begins - air date 02/28/2008

The camera shows an overview of the Gambier Islands; the camera shot appears to move quickly.

Jeff (voice-over): Previously on Survivor...Ta'aroa got sick of not having fire, so they decided to get a little creative.

The camera shows Yau-Man trying to make a spark with his glasses.

Jeff (voice-over): Paula used her secret weapon to make fire.

(confessional) Paula: My kids started a little fire with a magnifying glass in their rowdier days, and I remembered that I had the idol and it had a little monocle-type thing with it.

Jeff (voice-over): And come the reward challenge, their fire-making abilities earned them flint.

Jeff: Well, since you guys made fire on your own--

He reaches into his pocket.

Jeff: guys get flint for fire.

Jeff tosses flint to a receptive Paula.

Jeff (voice-over): At the reward challenge, Charlie played dumb.

Maria: Charlie, do you have a bar of soap?

Charlie: What the hell's soap?

Maria: It's the little square thingy.

Jeff (voice-over): And Parvati got flirtatious with an unlikely target.

Maria: Parvati, do you have pumice?

Parvati: Come see for yourself.

Maria walks over to Parvati's box; as she arrives, Parvati shuts it.

Parvati: Not so fast, sugar. You'll have to wait until we're tribemates.

Maria: I don't mind a bit.

Paula: I'm just amazed they both still have their clothes on.

Jeff (voice-over): And they didn't both still have their clothes on for long.

Parvati: I think someone wants to see more.

Parvati undoes her bikini top and hands it to Maria.

Parvati: That's yours to keep, baby.

Jeff: Does anyone have a problem with that?

Paula: No, I guess not.

Jeff: Parvati, is that bikini all you brought to wear?

Parvati: Yes.

Jeff: Wow.

Maria: I've been usurped.

Jeff (voice-over): The flirting between the two girls continued.

Maria: Parvati, do you have a bikini bottom...I mean, toothpaste?

Parvati: For you, anything.

Parvati walks over to Maria's box, drops her bikini bottom, and hands her toothpaste over. Before Maria leaves, Parvati leans in to kiss her.

Maria: Easy, girl; not until we're tribemates.

Jeff: Maria just shot down Parvati.

Jeff (voice-over): And Charlie, having played dumb before, sealed the win for his tribe.

Charlie: Yau-Man, I need your pumice.

Yau-Man: I'll 'pumice' you into the ground.

Jeff: That's the last match; Fati wins reward!

Jeff (voice-over): Back at camp, Terry wasn't happy with Parvati's antics.

(confessional) Terry: I was a little uncomfortable with the whole show between Parvati and Maria. What I won't keep to myself is that it was a pretty major distraction.

Terry (to Parvati): I don't think we want any more shows like that.

Parvati: Oh come on, Terry; I'm just having fun.

Terry: I don't want our performance to turn into a farce.

(confessional) Parvati: We're winning, and I don't see a problem with flirting a bit.

Jeff (voice-over): At Ta'aroa, Rafe and Ian were sent by their alliances to get fifth votes.

Ian: You know you're number four in their alliance.

Rafe: I was about to say the same to you.

Ian: So wait, your alliance sent you to swing me?

Rafe: I take it yours sent you to swing me.

(confessional) Rafe: Ozzy sent Ian to convince me to vote with them. At the same time, Paula sent me to swing Ian. And naturally, we got some ideas of our own.

Jeff (voice-over): Before the immunity challenge, Ozzy gave a rousing speech to try to unite the divided Ta'aroas.

Ozzy: We turn the tide and we make them choke on their arrogance. We're not going down this time! Today we kill Fati!

Entire tribe (in perfect unison): KILL FATI!

Jeff (voice-over): At the immunity challenge, a fired-up Ta'aroa took and early lead.

Jeff: Danielle and Ian score! Fati has some catching up to do! They're down three-one!

Jeff (voice-over): But they did catch up, and they tied the score at five.

The camera shows Terry carrying a basket into his tribe's boat.

Jeff (voice-over): Fati lost their cool, however, and lost players.

Jeff: NO CHOKING, Terry! You're OUT! Paula gets a free pass!

Jeff: I said NO PUNCHING! Fati getting very undisciplined! Parvati's out!

Jeff (voice-over): Chris even took out his own tribemate Tom, and the two got into it.

Tom (shouting): Watch where you grab already!

Chris (shouting back): Come on, man; gimme a break!

Jeff: Clear the course, guys!

Jeff (voice-over): Despite repeated warnings, Chris and Tom failed to clear the course in a timely manner and were both thrown out.

Jeff: Chris not happy with the decision, but if he doesn't get back soon, Fati forfeits!

Jeff (voice-over): Maria sealed the deal for Ta'aroa by taking down Yul in an Attack Zone.

Jeff: Yul's down! Nothing stopping Maria now!

Maria scampers to the end and places the basket in her boat.

Jeff: That's ten! Ta'aroa wins immunity!

Jeff (voice-over): Before Tribal Council, there was a lot of animosity toward the people who were thrown out of the challenge.

Chris: That challenge was a joke. I tripped Tom on accident, and we weren't winning anyway. I want Parvati out.

Jeff (voice-over): At Tribal Council, Parvati took Terry to task.

Parvati: There better not be. Terry ripped me for what I did during the reward.

Terry: Oh, come on. What is this, bash Terry day? It's like everyone has a problem with me.

Jeff (voice-over): Parvati and Terry exchanged votes for each other, but in the end, it was Chris whose time was up.

Jeff: Chris, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Chris' torch.

Jeff (voice-over): Seventeen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The camera shows a quick overview of the Gambiers as the Survivor theme begins to play. The first sequence appears to be out of the Japan opening spliced with the Vanuatu opening; a cannon appears in the background, and the music appears to be an amalgamation of the past seven themes with some imagery from each. Player intros are given in alphabetical order by tribe, with Fati going first and Ta'aroa going second. All screen shots of players in this intro are from the first episode, and all are wearing their tribes' buffs. As the intro comes to a close, images of the last seven settings centered around a pirate ship appear to fade as the Survivor: All-Stars II logo is superimposed over the center of the screen. The logo appears similar to the first All-Stars logo except it reads "All-Stars II" and the dominant background color is a bold red instead of blue. The green from the old All-Stars logo is replaced with a dark blue, and the text is silver.

At this point, the screen cuts to commercial.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
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06-11-07, 10:21 AM (EST)
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1. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 4: "Joanie Loves Chachi!""
REPORT: 'Survivor,' 'Idol' in virtual tie

All five anticipated head-to-head battles between the current installments of "Survivor" and "American Idol" were expected to go to "Idol" in a walk. However, in a shocker, both shows ended with very similar ratings, and the number one show on TV is in for a challenge from an old favorite.

Both "Survivor" and "Idol" averaged a 19.7/29 rating for the evening of February 21, 2008. Both shows are long on fan favorites, with the "Survivor" cast favorites including the immensely popular Charlie Forrest, Tom Westman, and Cirie Fields.

"Survivor" won the first half-hour of the competition, with more people seeming to tune into "Idol" toward the end. "Idol" claims more viewers, though, with 28.3 million to "Survivor"'s 27.9 million, indicating 400,000 fewer people caw the ouster of Chris Daugherty and the meltdown of the heavily-favored Fati tribe than saw the surprise dismissal of "Idol" judges' favorite Ron Mayweather, a soul singer in the mold of Taylor Hicks.

The two shows will go head-to-head again on February 28, a night in which pop star Fergie will make an appearance.

Back from commercial.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Night 9. While it wasn't shown on screen, Tom is without his immunity necklace, having turned it in after Tribal.

Tom: Well, it's good to be home.

Cirie: Hey, did anyone find the idol?

Danni: With clues like that? We couldn't find that idol if we followed Judd.

(confessional) Tom: My season was without immunity idols, but I spent most of the time immune anyway because that was a big part of my game plan. So far, I haven't been able to be voted out yet, and unless I find the idol and play it the next time I'm at Tribal, that will change soon. I don't like going into the vote knowing my name could be written down.

Charlie: I know this much; I hope we don't have another meltdown like that again.

Parvati: Sorry about that at the last challenge, guys.

Charlie: It's not really all your fault, either. We blew it completely.

Parvati: Hey, you did pretty well.

(confessional) Charlie: She's right, which is either a really good thing or a really bad thing. On one hand, they look at my performance in challenges and say, "Hey, even when we lose, he's good. We better keep him." Or they look at me and say, "Hey, Charlie's a threat. We better get him out soon."

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Day 10. The tribe is getting up after having no Tribal Council the night before.

Maria (to Paula): Hey, do we have a fifth? I think Rafe got Ian over to our side.

Paula: Listen, if he did, that's great, but we need to make sure we have all our bases covered. I want you, me, and Yau-Man in the core of the alliance.

Maria: So we just cut Rafe and Ian loose for flipping?

Paula: Yeah, what are you going to do?

Maria: It's so...evil. I like it.

(confessional) Paula: Yeah, so the plan is that we have Ian in tow now, and if he thinks he's pulling something off where he overthrows me and Maria, he's got another thing coming.

Maria (to Yau-Man): I just want to make it clear that you and I are going to the end with Paula.

Yau-Man: And then what about the end?

Maria: Well, if we have a challenge with three left, then we'll figure something out then. We could just leave it completely up to whoever wins and decide not to interfere.

(confessional) Yau-Man: I'm in an alliance to the end. At least I think I am. Last time I was in an alliance with one of the strongest people out there. Now I'm against them. Maybe we need to rope Ozzy in.

Yau-Man (to Ozzy): I think we need to stick together.

Ozzy: We all need to stick together. When we win, we all get along a lot better and I have more time to fish. We're better fed, we're happier, and we don't do stupid things like split the tribe in half.

Yau-Man: I am still enjoying that win yesterday.

Ozzy: I need to get some more frustration out, though.

The camera switches to an overview of Akamaru Island, Day 10. Inland from the beach is a walled-in sports court of some sort divided into two halves, one in each tribe color.

Jeff: Come on in, Ta'aroa!

Ozzy leads the Ta'aroa tribe in; Ian is the last to enter.

Jeff: Come on in, Fati!

Harriet leads the Fati tribe in; Terry is the last to enter.

Jeff: Ta'aroa getting their first look at the new Fati tribe. Chris voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Parvati: Sorry guys; I'm still around.

Jeff: Is that accurate, Ta'aroa?

Maria: She can stay as long as she wants.

Jeff: You guys have had a challenge that encouraged flirting and social interaction, and then yesterday you had on that was sheer brute force. The challenge you have today is more of the latter. This challenge is all new, and it's perfect for you guys. Within this court, you guys will be playing an old-fashioned game of dodgeball.

The tribes both clap nervously.

Jeff: Here's how it will work. On my go, six players from each team will dash toward the center line from your own back edges and try to pick up four balls. You will use these balls to attack one another. If you hit an opponent with a ball before it bounces, they're out. However, if they catch that throw, you're out and they get to bring someone eliminated back in. Remember to stay on your own half of the court, though; if you step over, you're out.

The camera shows the starkly divided center line in red separating a silver half and a blue half.

Jeff: Remember, any ball that hits two or more teammates without going dead eliminates everyone it hits. However, any ball that bounces off a wall or the floor is dead, and any blow to the head doesn't count. You need to keep those balls moving either by passing or throwing them. In addition, you cannot grab a ball from your opponents' half of the court; if you do so, you're out. Also, if you drop or set down a ball, you cannot pick it back up; either a teammate or an opponent must touch it next. If you throw a ball out of the court, play is whistled dead and the other team gets a penalty shot. Whichever team still has players in the game after the other team is out wins the match; the first tribe to win two matches wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?

The tribes anxiously say that they do.

Jeff: Well, it's awfully rough out here, so it's time you got a little bit of protection from that. To the winners, you're looking at--

Jeff pulls the cover off of a large crate.

Jeff: ...rain tarps, waterproof matches, and rain jackets for everyone. Should keep you guys and your shelters dry. Fati, you have one extra member; you're sitting someone out. Remember, that person cannot sit out the immunity challenge.

Cirie: I'll sit out.

Jeff: Cirie sitting out. Everyone else, head on into the court and take a spot on the court or the bench.

Six members of each tribe are shown at the court's edges while two of each sit on the benches.

Jeff: On the bench for Fati this match are Terry and Yul; on the bench for Ta'aroa are Paula and Jonathan. Remember, the same person cannot be on the bench in two different matches. Survivors ready? GO!

All six members of each tribe dash toward the center; the first to arrive to claim balls are Ian, Tom, Ozzy, and Charlie.

Jeff: We have all four balls in play! Use them carefully!

Tom fires his directly at Danielle; it hits her in the foot.

Jeff: Tom gets the first kill! Danielle, you're out!

Charlie throws his at Maria; but Ozzy intercedes and deflects it with his ball.

Jeff: Fati uses theirs right away and only gets one kill!

The ball bounces back to Fati, but as Twila picks it up, Ozzy hits her in the back.

Jeff: Watch your back, Twila! You're out!

Parvati picks up the ball and tosses it hard at Ian; it hits him in the hand.

Jeff: Parvati with a kill! Fati's up by one!

Parvati (shouting): I'm taking you guys down one-on-one, and the cute one's coming back with me. Right, Ozzy?

Ozzy: Sure, why not?

Ozzy tosses a side-arm shot at Charlie, who catches his throw.

Ozzy: Twila! You're back in! Ozzy's out!

Twila runs back on the court, picks up a ball, and flings it at Rafe, but she misses.

Rafe picks it back up, tosses it at Parvati, and connects.

Jeff: Rafe trying to get his tribe back in it!

Yau-Man stands with a ball in his hands, tosses it back to Maria, and Maria fires it at Tom. Tom knocks it away.

Jeff: Yau-Man and Maria trying to mix it up! Not working, guys!

Twila tosses the ball underhanded right in Yau-Man's direction; he tries to catch this softball throw, but he fumbles it, it goes off of Rafe, and it lands.

Jeff: Twila's eephus pitch takes out two Ta'aroa! It's Maria against the world!

Maria picks up on of the balls and fires it hard at Twila; she connects.

Jeff: Fati down to four players! Maria has one ball left!

Maria takes the ball, fires it at Danni, and scores a direct hit.

Jeff: Maria not going down without a fight! Danni gone now!

Tom fires a cannon at Maria but misses; Charlie immediately follows suit and hits her in the arm.

Maria: Watch it! That's my bad arm!

Jeff: Charlie his Maria in the bad arm! Fati wins the first match!

Both tribes head to their respective benches as six emerge, some of them the same as before.

Jeff: Sitting out for Fati are Danni and Parvati; sitting out for Ta'aroa are Rafe and Maria. Survivors ready? GO!

All twelve Survivors make a mad dash for the center; once again, Tom and Charlie get them for Fati, as does Terry. Only Ian gets one for Ta'aroa, and he misses completely with the first throw.

Jeff: Ian leaves his tribe in big trouble!

Yul takes that ball for Fati, and all four throw at the same time. They connect with Ian, Paula, and Jonathan; the other shot, from Terry aimed at Ozzy, misses.

Jeff: Fati in total control! Only Ozzy, Danielle, and Yau-Man remain!

Ozzy, Danielle, and Yau-Man pick up balls while the fourth one bounces away. Ozzy fires at Terry and takes him out.

Jeff: Terry lasts a very short time as well!

Yau-Man puts a very hard-to-predict spin on an underhanded toss aimed for Yul; Yul drops it.

Jeff: Yau-Man's unusual trick pays off this time!

Danielle throws at an aggressive Twila, but it hits her in the head.

Jeff: Careful, people! Head shots don't count!

All four balls are in Fati's court; Tom, Charlie, Harriet, and Twila fire them. Tom's shot and Charlie's shot both hit Ozzy. Harriet's shot misses wildly while Danielle gets hit in the foot by Twila's.

Jeff: Fati within one kill of reward! Yau-Man all that stands between Fati and victory!

Yau-Man picks up on of two balls still on his side. Tom fires hard at Yau-Man, but he blocks it. Charlie does the same; it misses. Yau-Man throws that ball at Harriet and hits her in the knee.

Jeff: Yau-Man hangs in there!

Each Fati remaining has a ball; Yau-Man does as well. Tom and Charlie try a simultaneous attack; Yau-Man blocks Charlie's while Tom's goes wild. Yau-Man takes that ball and fires it at Twila.

The ball is deflected, but the ball Twila was using for defense drops. Yau-Man's ball hits Twila in the foot.

Jeff: Yau-Man has to take out both Tom and Charlie! No small feat!

Tom fires a rocket at Yau-Man; it bounces off his chest, in the air near Yau-Man, and Charlie fires one at him as well. Charlie misses, and Yau-Man catches Tom's throw.

Jeff: Yau-Man just completely changed the face of this challenge! Ozzy now back in for Ta'aroa!

Ozzy and Yau-Man fire shots at Charlie at the same time. Ozzy's shot misses, but Yau-Man connects with his shin.

Jeff: Charlie out! Ta'aroa wins the match! Yau-Man is incredible!

Both tribes head to their respective benches; six Survivors emerge from each.

Jeff: Sitting out for Fati are Twila and Harriet; sitting out for Ta'aroa are Danielle and Yau-Man. Interesting move by Ta'aroa sitting out the last challenge's hero. Survivors ready? GO!

Everyone dashes out; this time, Ozzy, Ian, and Rafe get balls for Ta'aroa while only Charlie gets one for Fati.

Ozzy takes out Yul right away.

Ozzy: That's for the Cook Islands finale, bro!

Yul: I hope you enjoy your car.

Jeff: Ozzy takes out an old rival!

Tom picks up the ball Ozzy threw and fires it at Paula; he misses.

Charlie does the same; he connects.

Jeff: Charlie takes out Paula!

Paula: And it's the last time he's ever taking me out!

For Ta'aroa, Ozzy, Ian, Maria, and Rafe all fire at the same time, they connect with Danni, Terry, and Tom, but Parvati catches Ian's throw.

Parvati: Tom, stay in here; I caught it.

Jeff: Tom sticking around!

Tom picks up a ball and immediately fires it at Jonathan, connecting.

Jeff: Just like that, we're at three to a side! Tom, Charlie and Parvati are taking on Ozzy, Rafe, and Maria!

Charlie fires at Rafe but misses.

Parvati picks up a ball and stands a few feet from Maria.

Maria: I can't take you out, Parv; I love you too much.

Parvati: I love you too Maria--

Ozzy launches a cannon at Parvati; hitting her in the side. She goes down like a ton of bricks.

Ozzy (impersonating Ben Stiller): Joanie loves Chachi!

Maria immediately doubles over laughing at this; Charlie lobs one and knocks her out.

Charlie: I thought it was funny too.

Before the ball lands, however, Rafe dives and catches it.

Jeff: That's a catch, not a kill! Maria's still alive! Charlie, you're out!

Charlie: Are you f---ing kidding me?

Charlie storms off the court while Ian comes back in for Ta'aroa.

Jeff: Tom's all alone with just a ball and a prayer! Can he pull a Yau-Man?

Ozzy: NO!

Ozzy launches his ball at Tom and hits him in the arm; Tom can't catch it in time.

Jeff: No indeed; Tom's down! Ta'aroa wins reward!

The benched Ta'aroa rush their teammates in celebration; Tom walks off the court dejected.

Jeff: Ta'aroa, the rain supplies are all yours, and in three days, you've gone from having no fire to having it in all weather. Fati, I can't say the same for you guys. Head on out.

The Ta'aroa tribe continues to celebrate at center court while the screen cuts to commercial.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

06-11-07, 10:22 AM (EST)
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2. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 4: "Joanie Loves Chachi!"" Jeff Probst Speaks

To all those fans bringing Survivor back, I want to give a warm, heartfelt thanks. I love doing this show, and I am hoping to talk CBS into picking us up for at least two more seasons. Your viewership is a step in that right direction, and I want to encourage it.

I'm not counting on equaling the Borneo finale's ratings anytime soon, and maybe we won't come close to the ratings from after the Super Bowl, but I promise that those who hang in there, and even those who come back to the show or who never watched it in the first place, will be rewarded for tuning in this season. Because there's something big going on here. Something that floored even us here in Production. And something I never saw coming.

We had no idea that Jonny Fairplay was lying about his dead grandmother, or that Boston Rob would betray Lex with a kiss in the first All-Stars, or that Billy would fall in love so publicly, and we were as floored by the car challenge in Fiji as you were, but this one came from further out of nowhere.

And as far as we know, Parvati didn't break up Maria and her girlfriend, and Ozzy isn't with her, so it isn't that. Stay tuned.

Back from commercial.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa Camp, Day 10. The tribe is now in possession of rain gear and a crate to keep it in.

Paula: This is real good for me. Now I get to put this on the shelter and all y'all can help me with that.

Maria: Not so fast; I just thought of something.

Puala: Oh yeah?

Maria: This crate is good for storing wood. If we need to start a fire after the rain, we need wood as well as these matches.

(confessional) Paula: I am really impressed with Maria. The first time out, she acted like the game was a big naked vacation. She's for real now. I like her attitude.

Jonathan: I just wish we had a sling or something that we could use to fish.

Yau-Man: Just use your hands; it's what I do.

(confessional) Jonathan: Don't get me wrong; I like having Ozzy help out the way he does. But I don't want him to be irreplaceable, because he was irreplaceable the last time and he ended up going on an immunity run.

The camera shows Jonathan and Yau-Man carving a sharp stick, presumable to use while fishing.

Yau-Man: I call it Superpole 3000. A thousand times better than Superpole 2000.

Jonathan: I hope it's better; Superpole 2000 didn't catch anything.

Ozzy immediately washes up on shore with four fish.

Jonathan: You need any more of those things?

Ozzy: Knock yourself out.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Night 10. The entire tribe is sitting around the fire talking. Charlie and Danni are conspicuously close.

Terry: I'm a little old for skydiving, you guys.

Charlie: You know, in my 22 years in the Navy, I never got that chance. Everything I did was with computers and radar detection.

Terry: That's a shame, man. You don't know what you're missing.

Charlie: I'll take that experience over mine any day.

(confessional) Charlie: It got to the point where people started wondering what happened to my hand. (Charlie holds up his left hand, which is conspicuously missing the little and ring fingers.)

Terry: I know it's probably a sensitive subject, but what happened to your hand, Charlie?

Charlie: Well, if you must know...(sigh)...I lost these fingers in battle. I got shot in Grenada.

Harriet: I wondered that, but I was scared to ask.

Charlie: I only told Paula, and that was after we got back from Japan. Until now, only Paula, my son, and a few people I work with knew what happened to me.

(confessional) Charlie: I don't really talk much about my battle experience because it's (gulp) difficult. I lost my best friend right in front of my own eyes.

Danni (to Charlie): You're the strongest man I know.

Danni places her head on Charlie's shoulder. Charlie wraps his arms around Danni; she does the same.

Charlie: When I had my heart attack in Japan, I was glad I didn't know what was going on at the time. If I knew it was a heart attack, it might have been worse, and my first thought would definitely have been the others seeing me die the way I saw my Navy buddy die.

(confessional) Danni: Ever since the Japan finale, Charlie and I have been pretty close. But now I see him in a whole different light. He's probably the strongest man I know in more ways than one.

Danni (to her tribe): And don't forget, this man's a single dad, too.

Harriet: I won't forget it. I don't want to have to suffer like Paula did in Japan.

Charlie chuckles a bit at that, as do the other members of Fati.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Day 11. Charlie and Danni finish gathering firewood; they sit down together and start preparing what appears to be a pot half-full of rice.

Charlie: Hey, I've been meaning to talk to you.

Danni: Really? What's on your mind?

Charlie: Danni, you are my number one ally out here.

Danni: Wow. You don't hear that out of the mouth of Charlie Forrest that often.

Charlie: I have to be honest, and I don't want this to come between us or anything. Promise me that we're still allies and still in this together and everything--

Danni: You have my word.

Charlie: I just want to make sure this doesn't drive a wedge between us.

Danni: Come on, Charlie; nothing could do that. It's not like you're in love with me or anything.

Charlie looks up at Danni with a semi-worried look.

Danni: Oh my God...

Charlie: I really hated to tell you out here.

Danni: And it's weird to find out like this.

(confessional) Danni: All I can say is that I'm glad this didn't come out at Tribal Council.

Danni: The truth is, I've been scared to approach you about this. I just broke up with a guy before I came here.

Charlie: You mean that guy that plays for the Chiefs.

Danni: That's the one.

Charlie: It's just as well. Now if he played for the Bears, I'd tell you to--

Danni: Hey, watch it, Forrest.

(confessional) Charlie: I've gone on a grand total of four dates since my wife left me eleven years ago. And two were in the last year with Paula. I'm not really the dating type, and I was nervous talking to Danni.

(confessional) Danni: Charlie's been in battle, seen his best friend die before his own eyes, raised his son on his own, survived a heart attack, gotten a college degree at 44 years old, and, by all accounts, took a lot of hell from his boss. If there's one thing that scares him, it's telling a younger woman how he feels about her.

The camera shows Charlie and Danni from a distance continuing to talk; noticeably, they are holding hands.

(confessional) Danni: It helps when I feel the exact same way. It wasn't really love at first sight when I met Charlie, but it was definitely love at first chat.

The camera shows more of Charlie and Danni talking from farther away as the screen cuts to commercial.

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3. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 4: "Joanie Loves Chachi!""
Blog Entry, 03/01/2008
Authored by: Derek Forrest, bigblueclassof2009

First, before you read this, I want to let everyone know I'm not in a good mood. Yes, I had a rough morning and got back my Japanese test. To anyone thinking about a third year of Japanese, I make the following suggestion: Don't.

But that's a piddling complaint to when I was watching the show last night. I have this to say: Dad, get a damn grip. The perfect woman is over on the other tribe and you pummel her with a dodgeball. The wrong woman is sitting right next to you and you're all over her? I don't have anything against Danni. I like Danni. But I liked Danni a lot better when she had a boyfriend. I don't like Danni being all over my dad.

And it's nothing against her personally. It's nothing against her personality, her life experiences, or even her football team, and hell, I root for the Lions, so I thank God hockey season start a month after football season. It's this, and I'll be perfectly frank. I want a mom. Even when my mother was still around she did a #####-poor job of mothering. My aunt did better than she did, and she worked two jobs most of the time. And when I say I want a mom, I want the best mom I know, and that's Paula.

Any woman who raises four kids by herself and contends with a deadbeat husband the way Paula did is worth my time. Frankly, Dad did the same, even if I'm not four kids. But Dad, you blew it. Danni's a fine big sister. But she's not the mom I want. I might be 21 and should get over it, but I have a lot of life left, and I intend to be close and stay in touch, Dad. And as much as you deserve to be happy, you could be just as happy with either of these women. I suggest taking the one who's a better fit for both you and me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go drown myself in junk food and Xbox Live.

Back from commercial.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Day 12. Charlie emerges from the ocean with a spear full of fish while Terry and Twila carry in water.

Charlie: I got breakfast!

Parvati: Looks like we have us a he-man! I bet you could eat all those fish, Charlie!

The camera shows Danni staring daggers at Parvati.

Terry: You ever scale one of these things before, Forrest?

Charlie: Why don't you ask me if I've ever made a ham sandwich, Deitz?

(confessional) Terry: On one hand, I'm happy to be fed. On the other hand, I'm expendable now. The tribe's basically all over Charlie, and I'm getting a little jealous. All a guy like that has to do is tell a few war stories and the rest of the tribe swoons. Well, I'm not going for it.

Tom walks in with a little firewood and sets it at the base of the fire pit.

Tom: Looks like we have breakfast. Good; we'll need it. Those guys on the other tribe actually have heart now.

Charlie: You ever scale one of these before, Westman?

Tom: What do I look like, some guy who's never fished?

Charlie: Hey, Terry asked me the same question.

(confessional) Tom: It's not hard to miss that Charlie's basically the king of Fati. The women love him, and the guys either respect or fear him.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Day 12. Paula is working on the shelter alongside Yau-Man.

Paula: Hey, I had a crazy thought.

Yau-Man: Yeah?

Paula: If the vote is tied and someone plays the idol, the other person's out, right?

Yau-Man: That's how I remember it, yes.

Paula: As far as I know, I'm the only one with an idol. All we need is to figure out who they want to vote for and pass them the idol to play it.

Yau-Man: Isn't it safer just to get a fifth vote?

(confessional) Paula: I at least wanted a security measure in case the other side wanted us out. I love the winning and the having stuff, but the minute we lose a challenge or we have to go back to Tribal, we're four-on-four again. I don't want to lose the advantage we have just because we don't think ahead a couple of moves.

The camera shows Ozzy scaling a fish; Maria walks up behind him.

Maria: Hey, big guy. What's up?

Ozzy: Breakfast. You want to help?

Maria: What do I do?

Ozzy: You have to scale the fish like this--

Ozzy shows Maria how to scale a fish. Maria hangs over Ozzy's shoulders and does the same thing.

Ozzy: You got the hang of it.

Maria: You like that?

(confessional) Maria: I don't think Parvati can flirt with Ozzy, but I know I can. If I can charm him, I might have a guaranteed fifth vote, or at least enough time to save our alliance.

Maria: You're good here and in challenges, just like me. Makes me think we should just cut out the dead weight and you can come over to us.

Ozzy: Now that you say it, I think you're just what we need around here.

(confessional) Ozzy: Right now I'm playing along with Maria because I don't know how good her offer really is. So I can at least make her think I'm in until I make up my mind.

The camera shows Yau-Man bringing back what appears to be treemail.

Yau-Man: We have tree mail, guys!

Everyone gathers around to read it.

Ian (from Tree Mail): This challenge may be designed for four, but eight of you will run. Be the first to finish, or your time here may be done.

Jonathan: What the hell does that mean?

The camera switches to Akamaru Island, Day 12. Both tribes are shown rowing in.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

Both tribes arrive at the mats of their colors.

Jeff: First thing's first - Ozzy, give it here.

Ozzy hands over the immunity idol.

Jeff: Once again, immunity back up for grabs. If you look behind you, you see Survivor: Exile Island's flag. Now, we haven't done Exile Island for a couple of seasons now, but the challenges are always worth a look back. And that brings us to today's. This challenge was originally run in tribes of four. You will run it in two tribes of eight. On my go, you will scale a wall on those floating platforms out there, with the last person over having to dive down and unhook your raft. Once the raft is unhooked, you will paddle it to shore and hitch it to a post on shore. Once it's hitched, you will solve a coordinate puzzle that will lead you to a large ring. The ring will be on a rope. Your last task will be to throw the ring around a grappling hook, pull on it, and cause a flag to rise. The first tribe to raise its flag wins immunity and is guaranteed at least one more day here in the Gambier Islands. Fati, since you have one extra member, you're sitting someone out; Cirie sat out last time, so who is it this time?

Harriet: I'll sit out.

Jeff: Harriet's sitting out. Everyone else, swim out and wait for my go.

The tribes are shown taking their places.

Jeff: This is for immunity! Survivors ready? GO!

Ozzy leaps up the wall right away for Ta'aroa.

Jeff: Ozzy wasting no time at all!

For Fati, Charlie leaps up the wall and grabs the top; he pulls himself over with a little boost from Yul.

Jeff: We're even at one apiece!

Ian and Rafe begin helping people over for Ta'aroa; when they see this, Terry and Tom begin doing the same for Fati.

Jeff: Fati doing the same as Ta'aroa! There's a little ground to make up, guys!

The first to land on the other side for Ta'aroa is Jonathan; Yul follows for Fati.

Jeff: Fati keeping up with Ta'aroa!

Yau-Man goes up and over for Ta'aroa effortlessly; Tom and Terry struggle with Twila, who's not as sure-footed. Twila takes a spill after falling.

Jeff: Twila, are you all right?

Twila gets up and hobbles for a second, then walks normally. Tom and Terry switch to Parvati while Ian and Rafe lift Paula over.

Jeff: Ta'aroa an entire person ahead now! Twila might still be feeling the effects of that fall!

After Paula, Maria goes up and over for Ta'aroa; Danni follows for Fati. Danni is quicker over than Maria, so Twila tries again and gets almost all the way over before Danielle reaches the other side for Ta'aroa.

Jeff: Just Ian and Rafe need to be over for Ta'aroa; Fati still needs Cirie over!

Cirie is less sure-footed than Twila was; she doesn't fall, but it's a delicate balancing act for Tom and Terry, who make a lot of use of the wall. Cirie makes it over, but Danni and Charlie have to help her land.

Jeff: Cirie lands over the wall! Just two more for Fati! You're still in it!

Rafe gets over with a boost from Ian.

Jeff: Ian will be unhooking the raft for Ta'aroa!

Terry climbs the wall right behind Rafe.

Jeff: It's Tom for Fati still on the other side of the wall!

Ian lands on the other side just seconds before Tom does and dives in to unhook the raft.

Jeff: Ian ahead by a nose! Tom on his heels!

Ian emerges just a couple of seconds before Tom.

Ian: Go! Go!

Ta'aroa immediately begins paddling their raft.

Jeff: Ta'aroa's off! Fati not far behind! It might be a rowing competition!

The two tribes are neck and neck. Ian is swimming behind the raft trying his best to push while Ozzy is calling out "Row" every two seconds. The Ta’aroa, minus Ian, row furiously.

Jeff: Ta'aroa in perfect unison! Fati just on their heels!

Ta'aroa arrives at the shore; Ian swims around and hitches the raft to a Ta'aroa-blue post.

Jeff: Ta'aroa hooked up first! Start solving!

Right as Ta'aroa unfurls their puzzle, Tom hooks the Fati raft to a Fati-silver post.

Jeff: Start solving, Fati!

Paula and Danielle place the ropes for their puzzle in what appears to be a strategic spot; Ozzy and Yau-Man begin digging. Soon after, Charlie and Yul start digging for Fati.

Jeff: It's a digging race now! Ta'aroa in the lead by a bit, but that could all change!

Ozzy is digging in a manner that resembles a large dog, with sand flying behind him; Yau-Man is a bit more methodical.

Jeff: Ozzy tearing into that hole!

Yul reaches in and pulls out the ring first.

Jeff: Fati in the lead with Yul getting that ring!

Yul hands the ring to Terry, who begins tossing it. It falls short.

Terry: Damn, and this was my season, too.

Jeff: It's coming down to the ring toss!

Ozzy grabs the ring and pulls it out; Yau-Man grabs it, runs forward, and faces in the opposite direction. He twirls around and tosses the ring as if to throw a Frisbee.

As Terry's falls short again, Yau-Man's lands just around the grappling hook. He pulls, and the blue Ta'aroa flag rises.

Jeff: Ta'aroa wins immunity!

Terry looks at Yau-Man in utter disbelief while the victorious Ta'aroas celebrate.

Jeff: Ta'aroa, you're not the underdogs anymore. Immunity is again yours. Fati, once again, you have a date with me at Tribal Council, and one of you will be going home.

The Ta'aroa tribe continues to celebrate around a frustrated Fati tribe as the screen cuts to commercial.

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4. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 4: "Joanie Loves Chachi!""
REPORT: "Survivor" Contestant In Jail?

UPI News Service, 03/01/2008

It is reported that "Survivor" contestant Chris Daugherty is in jail on charges of contempt of court, failure to appear in court, and failure to pay a fine, as well as a new charge - assault with a weapon.

Chris Daugherty, who was recently shown to be voted out of "Survivor: All-Stars II," is in an Ohio state prison on the above charges stemming from an incident in which a warrant for his arrest was issued for failing to appear in court to pay a traffic ticket. Daugherty and his wife, Lorie, insist that the fine was paid in advance of the court date.

"I have no idea where this other charge stems from," says Lorie, who was visibly shaken. "My husband is being railroaded. He would never physically hurt anybody."

The person who filed the charges was a patron at an Akron-area bar on the night of February 27, 2008, and recognized Daugherty. According to the patron, who asked to remain anonymous, Daugherty reacted negatively to comments made about his "Survivor" appearance and punched him. Both Daugherty and his wife insist that nothing of that nature took place.

The trial is set to begin on March 21, 2008.

Back from commercial.

Angakauitai Island, neutral camp, Day 12. The defeated Fati tribe arrives at camp, which still appears half-completed.

Tom: Well, here we go again. It's no more fun than it was the last time.

Parvati: Hey, we're not going back.

Tom: Let's see what we have for the idol clue.

Tom unrolls it, and a few members of Fati gather to see it.

Tom: Take A Little Leap, Gather 'Round, And Search Slowly.

Charlie: Wait a minute, does this mean anything to us?

Danni: I don't know.

(confessional) Parvati: Obviously, the clues they're giving us are too hard to solve on their own, and there's pretty much no way anyone's found the idol. We thought maybe someone on the other tribe found it, but that's pretty unlikely.

The camera shows Cirie talking to Tom and Charlie.

Cirie: So wait a second. Who's next on the list?

Tom: I'm almost afraid to let Terry stick around.

Charlie: Fine with me; as far as I'm concerned, he and Yul are the biggest threats.

Cirie: I know Terry, though, and as good as he is in challenges, he's useless with strategy. He's dead meat after the merge if we can contain him. Yul worries me.

(confessional) Charlie: That's two winners in a row gone if we vote off Yul. I'm a little concerned if Danni's next; there goes my right-hand woman.

The camera shows Yul talking to Parvati.

Yul: So wait a second. Are you telling me that there's an alliance?

Parvati: Yes.

Yul: But it's four, and they're voting off one of us?

Parvati: Well, the alliance wants to vote off Terry, but I want to change things up and get rid of someone else.

Yul: Who?

Parvati: I want to get rid of Tom.

(confessional) Yul: Hold your horses there. We're getting rid of Tom? That makes no sense. If anyone's weighing us down, it's Parvati, really.

Yul (to Harriet): Any chance we can get out Parvati?

Harriet: Oh, sure.

Yul: For real?

Harriet: I'm for it.

(confessional) Harriet: And I'll do whatever I have to in order to get her out.

Harriet (to Cirie): At this point, Parvati's gone turncoat on your alliance. But I want to be the fifth person in it. She wants Tom out.

Cirie: Wait a second. She wants Tom out?

Harriet: That's what she told Yul. Yul told me everything.

(confessional) Cirie: I don't trust Harriet. No one here does. And she's playing a lot of games. If she's lying, or if we even think she's lying, she's gone. We won't lose to Harriet.

Cirie (to Tom): We need to switch the vote.

Tom: What happened?

Cirie: Harriet's telling me Parvati wants to get rid of you.

Tom: Well, we need to get rid of Parvati then.

Cirie: We need Harriet out. She's trouble.

Tom: I think we're looking at a tribe switch here in a couple of rounds. If Harriet does what we tell her, she should stay.

The camera focuses on Parvati and Danni talking.

Parvati: Just so you know, I'm starting a movement to get Tom out, but I know it won't fly and I'm just directing attention away from what I really want to do.

Danni: What's that? And I mean besides get in a hot tub with Ozzy and Maria.

Parvati: I want Yul gone. He's dangerous, and he's really not that useful in challenges.

Danni: I hope this isn't a crusade against the winners.

Parvati: No, not at all. I'm cool with you and Tom.

(confessional) Parvati: Eventually, I want Tom and Danni gone, but not right now. For right now, Yul is not friendly to my style of play, and he has to go.

The camera shows a setting sun and the Fati tribe walking into Tribal Council single-file. All of them get fire and take their seats.

Jeff: Parvati, the tribe's lost three challenges in a row. But it seems like you're your old chipper self. Even in the reward challenge, you carried your devil-may-care attitude throughout.

Parvati: I cared. I was trying to psyche Maria out, and it failed.

Jeff: Anyone here believe that?

Twila: It's not my damn fault one of us here's more concerned about getting a hot girl in bed than about winning.

Jeff: That's some pretty strong words, Twila.

Twila: I liked this tribe because I thought we would all be focused. Tom and Terry are married and sharp competitors, Charlie's here to win, Yul was born without a sex drive...

Yul cracks up at that comment.

Twila: I never thought I'd have to worry about a girl chasing tail on the other tribe. Parvati needs to get the message. This is All-Stars, not the damn Amazon.

Parvati: Oh really, like I'm that much of a problem. For someone who's been all hot-shot military strong, Terry hasn't done s--- for us.

Terry: I do my part, thank you. Charlie, Tom, and I split the fishing duties, and we all perform in challenges.

Jeff: If you were performing in challenges, you guys wouldn't be here.

Terry: In all fairness, Jeff, that last loss was close.

Jeff: You could argue that the other two weren't, though. You guys acted like a bunch of punks in the Attack Zone challenge, and Parvati spent her time trying to bed Maria instead of throwing dodgeballs.

Parvati: Like I said, Jeff, it was just a ploy. It didn't work. I need to go easy on the cross-tribal flirting.

Danni: And stick to flirting within your own tribe? Like that's any better, you dirty bitch.

Jeff: Wow. And Danni, you're usually the nice one.

Danni: I've gotten awfully close to Charlie lately.

Parvati: Don't get too cozy, Danni; we're all close to Charlie.

Jeff: So Charlie's somehow the official mascot of the tribe?

Charlie: If they want to put my name on the flag and parade me around as the king of Siam, I don't have any problem with that. Just making it known.

Jeff: Why Charlie? Why not, say, Cirie or Yul?

Danni: The other night, Charlie told us a few stories about his battle experience. He's a very brave man who's done a lot for the people around him. If he liked to brag, I'm sure his next story would be about giving a close friend the shirt off his back, and I guarantee the story would be true.

Charlie: Just for the record, in every story I tell, I keep all my clothes on. Sorry, ladies.

Parvati and Tom double over laughing at that; Terry looks mildly amused.

Jeff: Terry, you don't look too pleased.

Terry: It's nothing against Charlie. It's everything against him being so exalted.

Cirie: Give Charlie a break, Terry. You of all people should appreciate less focus on you because it means there's no target on your back.

Parvati: Cirie's right, but she forgets one thing. If it's not all about Terry, it's wrong. Terry is only about Terry, no one else.

Terry: I thought 'bash Terry night' was the last Tribal Council, people. Give me a break.

Charlie: People. Give the man a break. It's bad enough he doesn't get credit for keeping you guys fed. You don't have to tear into him for every one of his opinions.

Jeff: Is Charlie usually the peacemaker at camp?

Charlie: Nope. Tom is.

Tom: Hey, don't look at me.

Charlie: Tom's the real heart and soul of this team. He's the strongest one here, he's patient, he respects everyone, but the minute you pay him a compliment, he's shy about taking it, like you're on national TV and he's in some sort of Witness Protection Program. Right, Tom? If that's your real name...

Tom chuckles at Charlie's quote.

Jeff: So, if you don't mind me asking, what's the vote based on?

Charlie: Whatever annoys Terry the most without getting rid of him.

Terry: One of these days, Forrest...

Jeff: Well, we're about to find out. It is time to vote. Danni, you're up.

Danni immediately gets up to vote; her vote is not shown.

The next to vote is Terry; his vote is not shown.

After Terry, the next to vote is Twila; she votes Parvati.

Twila (to voting camera): I hope to hell you find whatever it is you're looking for.

After Twila, the next to vote is Charlie; his vote is not shown.

Charlie sits down and Parvati votes next; she votes Danni.

Parvati (to voting camera): I'm just having fun. And you're a bitch.

After Parvati votes, the next to vote is Yul; his vote is not shown.

Yul sits down; Cirie gets up to vote. She votes Harriet.

Cirie (to voting camera): Sorry, it's nothing personal, but I just can't believe a word you say.

After Cirie sits down, Tom gets up to vote. His vote is not shown.

The last to vote is Harriet; her vote is also not shown.

The camera shows Jeff at the table where he counts votes.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

Jeff goes to get the votes; the camera shows Terry, Parvati, Danni, Harriet, and Tom.

Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final; the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Jeff takes out the first vote.

Jeff: First vote...Danni.

Parvati's handwriting. Danni gives her coldest stare to Parvati.

Jeff: ...Harriet. One vote Harriet.

Cirie's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Harriet. Two votes Harriet.

It is unclear whose handwriting it is.

Jeff: ...Parvati. One vote Parvati.

Parvati returns the cold stare; Danni gives an innocent look.

Jeff: ...Harriet. Three votes Harriet.

The camera focuses immediately on Yul.

Jeff: ...Yul. One vote Yul.

Very obviously, this is Harriet's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Yul. Two votes Yul.

Danni's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Yul. We're tied at three votes apiece for Harriet and Yul.

Charlie wrote this one. It is clear now that Terry wrote the second vote for Harriet and that Tom's vote will break the deadlock.

Jeff: ...the fourth person voted out of Survivor: All-Stars II...

The camera shows Yul and Harriet at a distance.

Jeff opens the ballot.

He turns it to reveal...

Jeff: ...Yul. That's four votes; that's enough. You need to bring me your torch.

Yul puts his arms up helplessly and grabs his torch and slides it in the holster.

Jeff: Yul, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Yul's torch.

Yul: What? No jury spot?

Yul walks into the night after that.

Jeff: You guys started off winning the first four challenges and going up two members. You're even with the other tribe now. One of your assumptions is that you're going to be competing as tribes for a while. Remember that. Grab your torches; head back to camp. Goodnight.

The remaining Fati file out of Tribal Council with their torches as the credits begin to roll.

Jeff (voice-over): Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.

The screen cuts to commercial.


Katie: I don't get it. Why in heaven's name did the producers sit on a character like Charlie for so long? They recruited a bunch of pinheads for Cook Islands and Fiji, and then for Japan, they break out this superhuman yet incredibly human guy who was running everything...right up until he was medivac'd out. So instead of the leader, he became some sort of martyr for everyone, and the casting people knew they just had to have him back no matter the price.

Why couldn't they have dropped this guy in Fiji? Come on. If Charlie were on Ravu, they would have won immunity at least once. The guy made fire with nothing more than old-fashioned perseverance. Be real here. Japan's cast may not have had much more of a clue than Fiji's, but at least they had Charlie. And now he's the best of the best. And he's a war hero. And he's a single dad. And he's had his heart broken. And now he has Danni all over him. Rob and Amber, step aside. And I assure you, if the Race would take them, Charlie and Danni would make everyone aware of what their dust tastes like very quickly. As it is, they'll just have to settle for a nice career in professional poker. And judging by the Japan season, Charlie has that down as well.

Becky: I'm a little saddened. My big brother from Cook Islands just got voted off, and I know he didn't see it coming. I don't even think he saw it coming; that had "Harriet boot" written all over it.

This season's looking like a big camera-fest for the people from Cook Islands, though. Ozzy's turned into Superman once again, Parvati's...well, her usual insane self, and even Jonathan hasn't turned into a total spaz. It's too bad for Yul, though. He might have at least made the jury if his tribe kept him around, but maybe he gave another one of his speeches about why field mice can't fly or something and everyone got confused.

I went in hoping to see Yul go far, but I'm an Ozzy fan now. All due respect to Charlie, the obvious star of the season and a combat veteran, but we can't all be Charlie fans. Someone has to root for the other people as well. I just hope the Parvati fans like her for a better reason than "she got naked and kissed another girl." Like that hasn't been done before.

Bruce: My commendations for the new challenge used for reward. I never imagined too many schoolyard games working in Survivor...can you imagine the difficulty of Red Rover in Survivor...but it worked perfectly. My guess is that it goes down as one of the more memorable challenges in Survivor history, along with the first time they did the Attack Zone challenge.

I was completely taken aback by that vote, though. Yul wasn't even on my radar as going home, but the minute Jeff read the first Yul vote, I knew we all got snowed. Harriet wasn't going home, and Harriet managed to save her own skin by turning this supposed alliance into a bunch of fools. Come on. There's an alliance of five on a tribe of nine. If you want something, just do it. Yul was voted off by four votes. One didn't even come from the alliance. This is perhaps the sloppiest alliance I've ever seen. I hope they all have contingency plans for their sake, or else they're not going to last long in this game.

Dreamz: I'm still frustrated. I booked a motivational speaking tour for a time that overlapped with the All-Stars filming schedule, and I lost my spot. And this season's looking like it's a lot of fun. I missed out on a hell of an experience. But I got my experience in Fiji, and even if I wasn't the most respected castaway, sometimes you don't have to be respected universally to win. I know not everyone liked Maria, but she's actually looking like a better player than last season.

I was homeless, so living out in the elements in Fiji was nothing new to me. Charlie was in the military, and he says that Japan was business as usual. I guess I saw a little of myself in Charlie, even if he was never homeless and would probably look goofy as a street performer. I didn't catch him at the Japan finale, but I see someone else who did - and I think they'll take it all the way to the end. I picture Charlie, Danni, and some goat they drag along as the final three, and Charlie wins the vote going away. I have no idea if he gets the girl or not.

Back from commercial.

Jeff (voice-over): Next time on Survivor...the tribes learn the value of leadership.

(confessional) Paula: It means a lot to be a leader, and if that means I have to stick my neck out, fine with me.

Jeff (voice-over): Everyone's in for a bit of a shock.

Jeff: No matter what happens, both tribes are going to Tribal Council.

Jeff (voice-over): And the search for the hidden immunity idol heats up.

(confessional) Parvati: I need this idol, and I need it now.

Voice-over: Stay tuned for an all-new CSI coming up next.

Yul (final words): They say there wasn't a crusade against the winners, and maybe I believe them. The fact is, I know there's an alliance of at least four controlling this tribe, and they outworked me, plain and simple. I just came out here to have fun and see what I could do, and I'm happy with the chance to play the game one more time. I hope Fati does their best out there, and I hope everything goes well for them. Good luck, guys.

4 votes Yul: Charlie, Danni, Harriet, Tom
3 votes Harriet: Cirie, Terry, Yul
1 vote Danni: Parvati
1 vote Parvati: Twila

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AyaK 8129 desperate attention whore postings
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06-11-07, 11:00 AM (EST)
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5. "RE: Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 4: "Joanie Loves Chachi!""
None of the Japan peeps have been booted? VERY suspicious....
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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
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06-11-07, 11:38 AM (EST)
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6. "RE: Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 4: "Joanie Loves Chachi!""
None of the Japan peeps have been booted? VERY suspicious....

I only had one winner out of that crowd, and, well, I have far worse things in mind for her...**taps fingertips a la Mr. Burns**

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06-13-07, 08:20 AM (EST)
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7. "RE: Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 4: "Joanie Loves Chachi!""
Personally, I'm very patiently waiting for Harriet to compete in something where she

1. Might have to make an effort.
2. Could get hurt.
3. Would have to move.

And it looks like the mediocracy is back in action. 'Hey, we would have voted Will out first!'

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06-13-07, 10:40 AM (EST)
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8. "RE: Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 4: "Joanie Loves Chachi!""
Personally, I'm very patiently waiting for Harriet to compete in something where she

1. Might have to make an effort.
2. Could get hurt.
3. Would have to move.

I will say this as a preview of next week's episode:

The challenge is physical. Very physical. And since the tribes are even...

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9. "RE: Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 4: "Joanie Loves Chachi!""
LAST EDITED ON 06-17-07 AT 08:42 PM (EST)

this bores me.. who cares who loves jeff!?

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